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Previous Con Griffish Isles: Manchester, UK 19th May 2018

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by HypnoHooves, 8 January 2018.

  1. HypnoHooves

    HypnoHooves Habitual Pony

    23 November 2016
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    1 week to go! we just annunced our 2nd show guest and our premeet on friday. so pop on down!
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  2. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    So..... I just booked tickets for this event as I wont be working on Saturday ;D

    Which means I shall be making the journey from Gillingham in Kent all the way up to Manchester... Having made the Journey twice in the past for Buck. Both times were a complete nightmare taking nearly 10 Hours with none stop traffic.. and that included leaving at a decent time.

    This year I shall begin my journey Thursday night and stay somewhere half way.

    Then hopefully get there at a decent time and should be able to attend the meet etc and ofcourse Griifith Isles on Saturday ;D

    I wont be able to stay the whole time mind you as I will have work Sunday and hopefully can make it back home just shy of 4 hours.

    Still I'm glad I can do this and I will see you all there this weekend :D
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  3. Patrick Rowberry

    Patrick Rowberry waits for series 9 of robot wars

    24 September 2013
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    here is a pro's and con's list of this amazing convection

    -elly ray was a ball and a amazing guest
    -karaoke is always a win
    -the creation panels were a lot of fun to take part in
    -it was a decently sized venue not to big but not to small never got packed but never looked empty
    -seeing the amazing cosplays
    -lots of good merch
    -lee was a lot of fun to talk to over the skype
    -free food and drink
    -the pre meat was a blast
    -seeing friends
    -mostly all the panels I went to especially ellys second panel were very well done
    -good parking

    -the lack off or the ability to get to any atm (ran out of money quickly and there were non in any of the funds or around the area baring one that was a bit to far off in a Tesco's)
    -the gaming room needed more games the ccg game and having the card were great but very few people stayed to play them nobody played the game of life game and the room was too dead at points of the con
    -the gaming at the power league bar felt a bit to unplanned and it was far to easy to find you self not in a game, the karaoke at the power league bar was to short lived and the mic quality could been better as many of us struggled to hear much

    for a first con it was very well done only a few hiccups but if they did a second one these are easily fixed things.
    fyi there is vlog of the con on my channel check it out
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  4. ponePete

    ponePete Habitual Pony

    28 October 2016
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    Here's a link to Patrick's vlog

    Thank you for coming mate and for your feedback; so glad to hear you enjoyed your time at Griffish Isles :)

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