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Other Happy Hippy Lovey Dovey Island

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Mista Squishy, 28 August 2014.

  1. Mista Squishy

    Mista Squishy (ThatSquishyGuy)

    16 December 2013
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    This is a normal RP but without grim/dark themes or negative activities, this also is a rp where Romance is very welcome and advised (but not required).

    note: no triple X pls or you will be given a warning point.

    • no negative actions from characters/posts, keep it happy and fun. (if you need to graze by a negative thing to fit in with your OC's back story then message me it for approval.)
    • no violence.
    • no drugs (even tho it's got "hippy" in the title, so don't be a smart flank).
    • no raves or loud parties, this is a damn vacation/relaxing holiday get away island not a "leaving home" holiday in Ibiza! (normal parties are allowed though.)
    • if anyone causes trouble or disrupts the peace of the RP then i will have you removed from this RP by a Mod (yes i can do that).
    • you MUST ask permission of the other person before RP with them in A PURELY ROMANTIC way. You are allowed to RP with your own characters in a romantic fashion also.
    • i am some what of an "Admin" for this RP as it's a rather special RP with more rules that usual and doesn't require you to interact in a huge group, just one other person.... or nobody. so if you have Q's about this RP or what is/isn't allowed in this RP then ask me, and the fact that i'm a kinda of Admin means if you disturb the peace in the RP/OOC or break any rules, i have the authority to ban you from this RP, you will have three warnings (it's up to the mods if you get warning points, and for post removal/editing)
    • another rule is that if you are not in this RP then DO NOT post in the OOC (other than mods/admins or unless you're requesting to join, though you don't need permission) as i would prefer it not to be spammed up.
    • drinking is allowed (unless that's against the overall RP rules) just don't excessively drink.... tipsy or giggly (or both) at most.
    • you are allowed to interact with other RPers who aren't the decided spouce/partner or aren't being romantic towards one of your characters, just note that you do not need to if so desired.
    NOTES: this RP does not affect your future RPs or Experiences of your characters (as some of you like to develop your Characters as you go through the RPs) this is purely to allow you to RP romantically and keep your romantic hearts burning.

    If you chose to make your couple a couple out of this RP the you are free to do so.

    so here's the basic back story/my cannon for this island (it's not called happy hippy lovey dovey island, it's just to test that you're reading through this and not being lazy and skimming through. :p) :

    this island is just off the coast of Equestria (south coast) and is a tropical island with long sandy beaches around it, nice lagoons dotted around just inland of the island, some big lakes with waterfalls and a rain forest surrounding closer to the center, and in the center there is a nice volcano (doesn't erupt obviously) for those dragon lovers to go, also there are many caves high up in the cliffs/waterfalls of the island for those who prefer a more natural and higher up view... but aren't dragons :p (i will be adding to this list as i or you come up with more ideas) there are bars and bamboo cottages dotted around the island in very romantic spots (the volcano doesn't have bamboo ones obviously) and several more industries in which you can enjoy the spoils of the tropical island, if you wish to add a biome or structure that isn't on the list please ask me and i shall confirm/decline your suggestions :D
    (you arrive by boat/flying.... travel by boat is free and the flying you can only do if you're a pegasus or dragon (or riding a dragon/pegasus) submarines and airplanes do not exist in Equestria!!!)

    - OMG there's nopony here, so good to see that! :D -

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    @Mista Squishy

    #1 Mista Squishy, 28 August 2014
    Last edited: 7 October 2014

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