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Upcoming Con Hearth's Warming Con 2018 - Haarlem, the Netherlands

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by Woelzy, 11 May 2017.

  1. Woelzy

    Woelzy New Pony

    11 May 2017
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    I hope this is the right forum to post a topic about this.
    If not, please let me know. :)


    After a one year break, the Dutch convention Hearth's Warming Con is back in 2018 on February 17th and 18th! Ticket sales have started for everypony who wants to support the convention at an early stage and wants to get their hooves on the unique sponsor perks. Our theme this year are the Olympic Winter Games, which will also be held in February of 2018.


    The venue
    We have stepped up our game from last edition and were able to arrange a bigger location that is more accessible by public transport. HWCon 2018 will take place in Haarlem, a historic city surrounded by nature and only a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. Haarlem’s central train station is a fifteen minute train ride away from Amsterdam central, and a forty minute bus ride away from Schiphol airport. From the Haarlem central train station it’s a seven minute bus ride to our venue (or a thirty minute walk).

    Hosting HWCon 2018 will be the Schoter Scholengemeenschap:
    Sportweg 9
    2024 CN Haarlem
    the Netherlands

    The Schoter is a high school just outside of the Haarlem city centre, bordering one of Haarlem’s bigger city parks. Inside the school you’ll notice it’s spacious and sporty. Most events will take place on the main stage and in classrooms which are perfect for the many (often creative) workshops and lectures Hearth's Warming Con has to offer. Outside there will be plenty of place to sit down and relax on the school square or in the park. It’s the perfect location to go with our Winter Olympics theme, and we hope you’ll be just as excited about it as we are.
    By the way: we apologise for the name of our venue. But hey, it’s a step up from Fokker, right?

    The date
    Just like the two previous two editions, HWCon 2018 will take place in February. The main event will take place on February 17th and 18th. Just like last year, we’ll organise a cozy social dinner gathering the Friday before (February 16th), so in case you are into meeting up early with our guests and visitors, be sure to book at least a three day stay from February 16-18.

    Staying overnight
    There are a few cheap hostels and hotels in the near vicinity of the convention. In case you’re coming with a party and don’t mind sharing a room, there’s a small Stayokay on the opposite side of the park from our venue. It is not a big hostel, so in case you want to have an affordable room in the hostel nearest to the venue (with free wifi), you should definitely consider booking your overnight stays there as soon as possible. Another affordable option is the Bastion Hotel Haarlem Velsen. This hotel is a few bus stops away (or a two kilometer walk) from the venue. For a more luxurious stay you can also book your nights at one of the hotels in the Haarlem city centre.

    Ticket sales
    Ticket sales are now open! Just like last year, there will be several tiers of tickets you can purchase, ranging from between €24 for just the Sunday to €230 for the ever exclusive Fire of Friendship sponsor ticket plus Friday evening dinner. To keep the convention as accessible possible, we haven't increased the prices of the regular tickets. And just like last year, sponsor tickets will have exclusive rewards. Depending on what tier of sponsor ticket you purchase, these rewards can include anything from limited edition buttons, to towels, headbands and wristbands, exclusive T-shirts or even a 3D Ember figurine. Check out the tickets page to find the ticket that fits you most!

    Will you be there? Let us know via Twitter (@HWConvention) or on Facebook!
  2. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    I am taking serious consideration in attending this.

    Problem is I got to deal with Christmas and stuff first.. I use to work in Holland on a weekly basis so would love to go.

    Not guaranteed but once Christmas is out the way I shall see how I'm doing financially and may have to go.

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