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Hearth's Warming Con (HWCon) 2015

Discussion in 'Event Feedback' started by Alteran, 27 February 2015.

  1. Alteran

    Alteran Horse Noises

    18 December 2011
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    It's been nearly a week since we had this now, so I figured I'd put up a feedback thread for the few Brits that I saw attend. @anthony rothstein was definitely there, so he might be of some help here...

    I felt that it wasn't bad for a first-year con, all things considered. They had some European guests - fitting, given that it was a European con. The other con-goers were pretty friendly, plus, I saw some faces I recognised from GalaCon, including the Czech bronies.

    The biggest issue was probably the hour delay to the con starting, coupled with the tight and/or clashing scheduling. This meant that you could not see a lot of the things that you might have wanted to see. The venue was also pretty unfriendly for disabled visitors or indeed anyone with a walking impediment - there was no lift and the steps were those of the old Dutch variety - very steep and an effort for even the most able-bodied people to climb.

    I do have some other points, but I'm not sure they're worth mentioning.
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  2. anthony rothstein

    5 February 2012
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    I think it was an excellent first year convention. Think one of my favourite panels was the Fallout Equestria game panel, it's not something i've ever really looked at but the amount of work Overmares Studio have put into that game is incredible, really excited to see where it goes. It's also great to see that the entire Overmares Studio team are made up of people from all over the world and seeing some of them come together for an event was nice.

    Was a nice surprise to see Andrea Libman doing a Skype call, I actually enjoyed this a little more than her live appearance at Galacon 2013, oddly enough.

    I was maybe expecting a little more music towards the evening. Maybe next year they can extend the day a little longer and have few more brony musicians. It was a shame the CCG tournament was on the Friday, but it does make sense I guess since if it was the main day it might distract people from the other events.

    The venue was fairly good, though obviously as @Alteran mentioned, something I did miss myself but it was certainly true, there was no way for disabled people to get to the upper floors, which is a shame. Though generally it was a good venue, nice big stage area and two upper floors for vendors, karaoke and other panels. The location was good, sadly not many places to eat nearby though. The chicken served at the venue was very tasty though.

    Timing was good when the events got underway and I think we all caught up pretty well from the early morning delay.

    All the staff seemed friendly and professional.

    I think i'll be quite likely to attend again in the future. It'll be interesting to see where they take the event if it does happen again. I think it's quite an easy place for many European Bronies to get to, especially since they can just drive there, so we did see many German and other EU bronies about.

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