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Heartless Angel - Unicorn Machinist/Illusionist

Discussion in 'Declined/Inactive Characters' started by Aethelberdia, 26 October 2013.

  1. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    Name: Heartless Angel

    Race: Unicorn

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: young stallion (about 23 in human years)

    Physical Description: Heartless Angel is a unicorn of around the height of Queen Chrysalis. His rear left leg is a prosthetic animated by a friend's magic. His eyes are a deep dusky red, as is his mane. His coat is a very dark red, almost black. A main feature is a small set of scars running the length of the side of his face, from an injury received after his magic backfired and caused him to become temporarily blind, and subsequently having a machine explode in his face.

    He tends to walk with a low, limping gait, but despite this facade he is very agile. In private, he walks with a relaxed air.

    Special Talent: His special talent is a form of magic based on illusions. With the help of his own then-quite-weak magic, he infiltrated a Changeling hive by dying himself black, getting a doctor to surgically modify his own horn, and then using his own magic to fill out the details. Unfortunately, the dye never quite came out, so his coat and mane are the dark shades described earlier. He also has a brilliant mechanical mind, oftentimes using his magic along with it to create useful tools and other constructs. His Cutie Mark is a Changeling horn and a unicorn horn crossed over a gear.

    Primary Residence: Heartless Angel, using his illusionary powers and his magical machinery, has concealed a passage to a sealed off wing in Canterlot castle, which he uses as a workshop, home, and 'base of operations'.

    Personality: Heartless Angel is quite cold and aloof outwardly, but to those he deems friends or trustworthy, he is open and even could be described as happy go lucky. However, he is very aggressive under pressure, a point he tries to conceal.

    He is quite apprehensive of dragons and pegasi but is perfectly friendly to them.

    Past/History: Heartless Angel grew up as a member of a small nomadic tribe of unicorns. His family had mastered healing magic, but he had always been interested in Changelings and their magic. After leaving home, he left in the direction of Canterlot and eventually gained a small room there, as well as access to the library, in exchange for a few menial duties. It was here that he gained his mechanical knowledge and began learning illusion magic as well as Changeling lore. After a few years, he decided that the best way to learn is to experience. Dying himself black and modifying his own horn, he set out to infiltrate the changeling hive. It was at that point he learned a few things - that Changelings aren't actively hostile, and that some of them might even fall in love with you. Hollow Soul, a Changeling who knew much about the workings of illusions, found him to be the exact type of person she liked, not to mention the large amount of time she spent teaching him took up most of her day. Despite himself, Heartless Angel found himself growing fond of her and eventually falling in love himself. He ended up lengthening his week-long visit to one OT two years. However, the time came for him to return, and one night he slipped off unnoticed. Hollow Soul found a note telling her the truth about himself in her room. Heartless Angel had a feeling she'd still love him, although he'd probably never see her again. He now lives in a sealed off wing in Canterlot Castle so that his fellow ponies will never find out what went on whilst he was gone.

    Written Sample:

    Chaos Dance was sitting at a table in a shady corner of the cafe with a bowl of a dark green substance that was giving off copious amounts of black smoke. Whatever it was, Heartless Angel didn't want any. He limped toward the table, which with all the smoke was easy to find. He sat down and poked the substance with a spoon. It wobbled. He poked Chaos Dance with the same spoon. He wobbled too, but with audio accompaniment. 'Dammit Heartless, I'm not a pudding!'
    "Ah, the dead pudding riseth," smirked Heartless Angel. It was good to see Chaos again, and there was a lot to talk about.
    He settled into his chair,placed a napkin over the smoking ... stuff... and smiled to himself as Chaos started berating him. Friends might be annoying, thought he, but they're a damn sight better than loneliness.

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