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[Helpful] How to identify the artist behind an Image.

Discussion in 'Character Appreciation' started by Ripp_, 30 April 2013.

  1. Ripp_

    Ripp_ Now in Smoky Bacon flavour.

    21 December 2011
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    OK so many people are here posting loads of images that others have drawn
    Nothing wrong with that, people can share artwork.
    However people seem to be forgetting to source their images which can result in the artist not getting the appreciation they deserve, in addition if someone likes the art and wants to see more it becomes hard to find it.
    Luckily this problem is easily solved, so here is the guide to
    Sourcing images
    For this guide we shall be using a Google's reverse image search.
    1. Go to Google image search
    2. Click on the camera Icon in the search bar to engage search by image mode
    3. Paste in the image's URL or select "upload an image" and then select it from your computer
    4. Click search by Image
    5. OK from here it gets harder, scroll past the best guess searches and the simular images till you reach "Pages including matching images"
    6. Next look for a promising URL, avoid websites where the image may have been reposted and focus on looking for a likely original source such as deviant art. Image boards may be helpful depending on how well they are sourced
    7. Follow likely links and check for more information, such as if it is reposted or the artists name.
    8. If you find an artists name it doesn't hurt to Google it to see if you can find the image in their gallery to double check.
    9. And eventually you will have the source of the image.
    They are also a few other short cuts, for example simply check the URL, DeviantArt automatically put "By_Artist" in the URL allowing you to jump straight to step 8, Many artists also sign their work making double checking the artist easier.
    So everyone got that?
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  2. Magpie

    Magpie Burd, Wielder of the West Country Logic

    1 October 2012
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    Thanks for the information Ripp_! :D
    I'll have to bear this in mind when I post future images in the character appreciation.

    Might be worth checking if you can get this stickied.
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  3. Dax

    Dax The Great and Powerful Daxie

    31 January 2012
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    Like like like! Thank you that's awesome :D ! I'ma gonna sticky it.
  4. Bert HM

    Bert HM A Loyal Subject

    26 June 2014
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    One thing that might be worth adding is this:

    If an artist has signed their work, or is credited with an old DA name, they might not appear in a google search if you search using that name.
    However, if you place their name into a deviant art url (e.g: artist-name.deviantart.com), it will redirect you to their newly name page. Replace any spaces in names with "-".
  5. Silver Broom

    Silver Broom Tireless Traveller

    29 January 2012
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    One shortcut which works if you use the Google Chrome browser is to simply right-click on the image (or press-and-hold on mobile devices) and select "Search Google for this Image".

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