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Hi Y'all!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Nekky, 26 January 2014.

  1. Nekky

    Nekky Inactive Pony

    20 January 2014
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    Hiya Y’all!
    My names Stephen I am 26 & I am from Leicestershire.
    But most my friends just call me Nekky, which dates back to my times on World of Warcraft... >,<
    It is from there through some guild mates, shortly after the 1st season aired, that I discovered MLP and the Magic & Joy it brings me everyday. =3

    The only bronies I've met/know, are my friends from WoW, though there interest in MLP has dwindled over the course of the MLP for some of them, mine is only ever growing stronger. =3

    I’m a Avid Gamer, Steam ID & XBL Gamer Tag are linked in my signature, Feel Free to add me. just let me know you added me from here.
    Main games I am playing currently are; League of Legends, World of Tanks, Payday2, & I'm working through Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, & Xcom Enemy Within, Single Player Campaigns.
    If I own it, I'm more than likely happy to play it, in most cases I'm always up for a game or two. =3

    I Dabble in Pony Drawing thou most are scribbles, & Recently I have noted down some thoughts on a few fic idea's that formed in my head. though I very much doubt any/all of these fic's will ever see the light of day. ^,^"
    I don’t like to admit it, But I enjoy singing, although I don't think I have the voice for it, nor do I have the courage to sing in front of others. But I do enjoy it a great deal.
    I also own an Electro Acoustic Bass & Regular Acoustic Guitar, thou I suck at playing them both... 3=

    I have an Eclectic taste in music & can listen to Almost Anything, bar some "but not all" rap & dubstep.
    I LOVE pretty much all the music the fandom has to offer. Be it, The Show's Original pieces, or Remixes/Original Content by the fandom.

    I don't have a Favourite Main Six or Background pony, as I stand by the fact that Everypony is Bestpony. ^,^'
    Although that said, I do have a Enormously Huge Soft-spot for Luna, I still have no idea why, but I don't question it. =3 she's just, the best, if I had to pick, but... I don't do I?
    I also love the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Specially Scootaloo, although, sometimes its Applebloom, or Sweetie Belle... x'3
    I would totally watch a spin off series, where they try & fail to get there Cutie Marks, but all the time learn something new by there experiences. =3
    As for favourite Episode, I'm not sure I have Favourite Episode? I would have to get back to you on that, though I don't think I could pick just 1.
    As for Favourite Moment? I guess that’s easy I guess, it's the moment I Accepted, That I liked my little pony & every moment there after. xD

    Being a Brony so far? I'm not sure how much brony I am on a scale of 1 to 10, but MLP brings me great joy & I'm a avid fan of Almost everything G4 MLP related.
    MLP has a knack for lifting me up when I'm feeling down, it brings great joy to me every day.
    So yeah, its p awesome, since I've fully accepted that I like MLP, "I’m Proud to be a Brony". =3

    Gonna share a story with you, about a time... ^,^"
    I was out with couple friends, that know that I like the show & accept my love of it, & have both watched it & like it too.
    Anyway we was just walking through the shires shopping centre, browsing as you do. & we passed Build a Bear Workshop, I peeked in at the pony plushes, but. grown up guy, colourful pony plushes, nope... embarrassed, not going in there. 3=
    Store Guy outside the door was like? wanna come in & build a bear guys? =)
    we was like, lol naa sry... I said maybe later! >.>' he just replied, ok then. clearly thinking that we wouldn't be back, as did I.

    I WAS SOOOOOOOO WRONG...... soooooo sooooooo wrong........
    on our trip back with my friends (just gonna call them by there online aliases) , we past again, & Furaiya said "lets go in a mo, I wanna look for something for a friend", leaving me & Wolfaye just standing around, so I say ok & follow in feeling soo out of place, but wanting to look at the pony plushes... ^,^" teehee...
    Wolfaye joins me & messes around, picking up the pony plushes, pretending they was saying silly/stupid things at me, etc... >,<'
    Then Furaiya comes back over...
    I ask her if she found what your looking for.

    she just says...
    "erm I know its already gone you birthday" (I was feeling butterfly’s)
    "& I know you been looking at the plushes before" (I knew what was coming)
    "I wanna get you one as a late birthday present." (“Eeyup”)
    I, left speechless, feeling awkward, but not wanting to say no at all.
    I of course accept. xD
    As this happens a lady from the shop comes over to ask if she could help, & well yeah... of course she could!
    We went through the whole process in store too, deciding & picking a plushie pinkie pie, to stuffing & even the heart ceremony, to naming + birth certificate. The whole thing. x'3
    The Store Guy from the door earlier came out from the back room gobsmacked to see we was back, I just grinned & said, told ya i'll'd be back. xP
    we chatted to the store lady for awhile as it was quite'ish, then we was on our way.
    I Then Proceeded to Walk through the shire's, With a Pink Pony Plushie, Not Giving A Single Buck What Anyone Thought, With The Biggest Smile on my Face.
    That smile has come back right now, as I share this story with you & look at my growing collection just waiting for the next one too come along. =)

    I would very much like to attend the Leicester meet-up at some point, but I can get a bit anxious & feel a bit awkward around new people, till I get to know them of course. ^,^
    once I get to know someone as a friend, your as close to me as family, I love & live for my friends and family, & I put them before myself most the time. ^,^"

    All that said, in closing.
    I have been as passive observer/lurker, in the community for a long long time, but this is the 1st time I'm actually speaking up, saying hi & contributing. ^,^'
    I can't wait to get to know some of you, hang out here on the forums, & hopefully meet some of you when I can get along to a meet-up.
    that is, if you would have me along, if I wouldn't be intruding, if I wouldn't be too much trouble...

    Any questions, just ask. =3


    edit: being a brony so far? segment: "S4 to G4" to avoid confusion, can't believe I missed that... >,<'
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    Last edited: 2 February 2014
  2. Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia Honorary Pony

    2 June 2013
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    hello and welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy it here *leaves welcome muffins* and that's quite a textwall you have there :), I enjoyed reading through that^^
  3. Killergoose

    Killergoose Modest genius

    4 June 2012
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  4. EpicPhoenix

    EpicPhoenix Greetings, Jr! XD

    5 November 2013
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    Hello and welcome to the site! Hope you have an awesome time here! :D
  5. Spencer75

    Spencer75 Honorary Pony

    25 September 2012
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    Welcome to UKoE! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)

    That was a pleasure to read through. I've not been to a B&B workshop before but it sounds amazing, and I now want to get my own plushie because of it >.>. I'm sure you'll fit in here just fine. :D
  6. Nekky

    Nekky Inactive Pony

    20 January 2014
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    hehe thx! I hope so too. ^,^" also yay muffins.
    & ya sry for the wall of text, but soo much to say. ^,^' I tried to space it out as best I could glad ya enjoyed it. =3

    Thanks! I'm sure I will. ^,^
    Favourite Original song from the show? erm... ya know what I'm not sure, I don't like to keep favourites in anything.
    although Ponyphonic sing's a great Winter Wrap Up, & I really like Love is in Bloom & the Cadence Aria. & on that note, that was a awesome double episode, full of feels, especially in the song when Cadence is up against the mine-cart trying with all her strength to move it but falters. then twilight comes to her aid.
    yeah... breaks me every time... ='3
    I guess.. that could be, a possible favourite episode? maybe... ^,^"
    also thank for the links, FAQ page has helped me with this multi quote reply, & well I had to watch/follow the Luna Appreciation Thread. Teehee! ^,^"
    & your signature! I Like, I lol'd. x3

    Hello, Thank You! =D
    Will do! =3

    Hehe thx, I'm sure I will do too! ^,^'
    yeah it was, even though I was led in under a ruse. x3
    there all really nice & helpful cheery & seem to love there job. =3
    ill'd recommend it, there pretty nice, although there a limited run sadly.
    that said, there are some Amazing Talented people within the fandom, that do Awesome Customs.
    Browsing our forums quickly, we have sections for that!
    Customs and Plushies
    The Trader's Corner
  7. Eliki

    Eliki Element Of M&Ms

    5 January 2013
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    Howdy howdy howdy and welcome to the mighty site! :p
  8. Nekky

    Nekky Inactive Pony

    20 January 2014
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    Hehe, Thank you! =3
  9. I'dLikeToBeATree

    I'dLikeToBeATree Crystal Gem Pony

    31 July 2012
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    Hi there, welcome to the site! aww, that's a lovely story about your BaB plush ^.^ it's great to see people being happy and comfortable with themselves about enjoying ponies, who gives a buck what age or gender or you are, right? :p I also totally agree with you about "everypony is best pony" - even though I do have a favourite pony (can you guess which? XD), nopony is really "best" - they're all different and awesome in their own ways, they just appeal to different people and that's one of the best things about the show/fandom imo c:

    anyway, hope you have an awesome time here, get to attend some meets and make lots of friends! n_n
  10. Alliminaro

    Alliminaro Old Man Minaro

    23 October 2013
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    Welcome aboard the forums! :D I hope you'll enjoy your stay here and get to meet lots of great people here :D
  11. vaska00762

    vaska00762 R6 Siege fan

    19 September 2013
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    Welcome, and I hope you enjoy textwalling your time here on the site! I think @Cloudane may have some competition on his hands...
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  12. Alfie

    Alfie Banned User

    2 July 2012
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    Welcome aboard.
  13. Absentia

    Absentia Zero Zero Six

    14 March 2012
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    Welcome to the site. Hope you have fun here bruv'.*
    *very bad Alfie impression
  14. Nekky

    Nekky Inactive Pony

    20 January 2014
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    Hey, & Thank You! =3
    aww thx! I totally wasn't expecting that on the day! ^,^"
    But yes! its great to see, who cares indeed.
    Yup everypony bestpony! all special & the best in there own ways! do agree that's one of the great things within the show/fandom. =3
    Judging by Name & Avatar, I'm gonna have to go with fluttershy ofc! <3
    thanks again, & I hope soo too. ^,^

    Cheer's, I'm sure I will. =)

    ta' haha, was only a text wall as well, as I had quite a bit to say. I tried to condense it down and make it as easy to read as possible.
    I normally don't have much to say & will just smile n' nod & slink into the background, only coming forward & chiming in when I have something to say/contribute. ^.^'

    Cheer's! =3

    Thank you! sure I will. =3
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  15. bricky149

    bricky149 pone iz srs bsns

    2 July 2012
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    Welcome to UKoE! :D
  16. Animacomplex

    Animacomplex Caffeine Enthusiast

    1 October 2013
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    Welcome to UK of Equestria hope you have fun here. :D
  17. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Hi and welcome to the forums. Please enjoy your time here.
  18. F.I.N.E.

    F.I.N.E. Less than 50 characters.

    2 November 2012
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    Welcome aboard, and have fun! :D Do you have a favourite villain (either current or former)?
  19. Corduroy Road

    Corduroy Road Plug In and Power Up!

    20 May 2013
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    From one Stephen to another, welcome aboard to the forums!
  20. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Welcome to UK of E!
    That is for you, of course from me.
    I hope that fun is what you find
    And that you won't leave us behind. :)
    I'm pretty sure you;d be fine. I go to that meet sometimes (sadly couldn't make yesterday's) and I find it a really friendly group. I'm quite a bit of a Fluttershy in person, and everyone there's been really welcoming. So yep, when you feel ready for it, I'd recommend the Leicester meets. :)

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