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Flash I would love to make a Christmas themed pony animation with people

Discussion in 'Flash and Video' started by MDW, 18 December 2012.

  1. MDW

    MDW Pony

    6 February 2012
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    The holiday is almost here and I can’t pull off an animation in that amount of time completely by myself so I would love to work with a team of people to get it finished.
    If you think you would like to get involved in anyway just message me or add me on Skype “mare_do_well” to discuss it further.
    You can help in anyway by backgrounds, voice acting, animation, character designs, basically in anyway you think you can help and want to get on board just… yeah…message me.
    I won’t get too obsessed over this project so if you feel overwhelmed with work it really doesn’t matter, it’s just for fun and it’s not aiming to look extremely professional.
    I will be animating and trying to fill in the gas of work that can’t be completing, I take soul responsibility to getting this finished if it gets started.
    The Christmas short’s details will be created tomorrow such as the plot and some rough ideas so if you’re good at the sort of thing and want to help I suggest you get on board quickly.
    I would love to keep this organised, fun and most importantly realistic.
    So again no matter your ability, if you feel you can help get involved.
    One more time:
    Message me
    Skype me "mare_do_well"
    Reference for work I've done in the past if you want some http://toastedgloves.tumblr.com/
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