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Iron Fist MLP tote on sale!

Discussion in 'My Little Pony G1-G3 Merch' started by lilwitchygirl, 2 February 2016.

  1. lilwitchygirl

    15 October 2014
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    Just a heads up to everyone that the MLP tote is on sale at Ironfist.co.uk . It was £49.99 now £24.99!Pretty sure it was priced near £100 when it was first released.They have the MLP 'UGG' style boot on sale too.The American site has a few more products.Anyone found any other MLP clothing?On the look out for more items with BUCK coming up :)

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  2. brucecore dazzle

    brucecore dazzle Plastic pony painter!

    6 January 2013
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    Wish I'd seen this over two years ago when you posted it

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