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It's a Dam shame.

Discussion in 'In The News' started by Mare Serenitis, 4 August 2019.

  1. Mare Serenitis

    Mare Serenitis Night time is the right time.

    20 July 2014
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    So... There's been a bit of an issue with a local Dam.
    Which has led to the town 'next door' (so-to-speak) being evacuated. Just in case.
    There's lots of uncertainty going round, especially with the latest forecast of yet more rain. Because there's not been enough of that lately.

    I've not been directly affected, yet. But there's a ton of roads closed, including all the local bridges over the Goyt.
    Which has had the interesting effect of cutting my town in half, with neither side having vehicle access to the other. Fun!
    All the trains on the Stockport/Buxton line aren't going past Hazel Grove either. And the Stockport/Sheffield line is just closed.

    This all kicked off on Thursday, and after a bit of a 'organised' collective panic seems to be simmering for now.
    We've all been doing some 'just in case' stuff, to try and minimise the damage from any future involuntary swimming.
    It's been an odd mix of busy, and quiet. Honestly, walking down the normally busy roads right now is like stepping back in time 30+ years when there was far less traffic in general.
    It's an unusual experience to be sure.
    And police everywhere. Not seen any popo for ages, and the place is full of them now.

    Hope all these people can get back home soon. Preferably without scuba gear.
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