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Job lot of commons/uncommons

Discussion in 'MLP Collectible Card Game (CCG)' started by Tak, 25 April 2016.

  1. Tak

    Tak In love with a star gazing fool

    30 April 2013
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    @Stargazer is getting rid of all of his MLP cards. He has some up on ebay here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/peso7924/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=12&_rdc=1

    I'm not quite sure how many other cards he has but will find out tonight. He is after offers on it all as a job lot + postage.

    I know most of the regular players won't need so many commons or uncommons, but it could be a fantastic starting place for people getting into the game, or people who want to have several complete and active decks :)

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