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Kamari Kiama Character Application

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Sharpster25, 3 January 2018.

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  1. Sharpster25

    Sharpster25 Honorary Pony

    18 August 2012
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    Name: Kamari Kiama (usually shortens it to 'Kia' for ponies who struggle to pronounce his full name)

    Race: Zebra

    Gender: Male

    Age: about 30 in human years

    Physical Description:

    Special Talent: He is a skilled alchemist and potions maker, having mastered his chosen crafts over his years spent with his tribe in his homeland. Always seeming to have the right spell or potion for the job, whatever situation he finds himself in. From healing unwell ponies he comes across to having to defend himself from the more, unwelcoming, creatures found in the wilds of Equestria.

    Primary Residence: He has no 'permanent' residence as such, he spends his time travelling between the towns and cities of Equestria, carrying everything he needs in his saddlebags, making his living through trade.

    Personality: A free spirit at heart, Kamari feels most at home alone in the wildlands of Equestria, he's always willing to lend a helping hoof to any travellers he comes across if they're in need of help. He speaks fluent equestrian and the tongue of his native land (I based this on the Swahili language from Africa) and has a tendency to automaticly switch between them as he speaks, causing confusion most of the time to whoevers listening. While his heart is in the right place, he's good, probably one of the best, in his craft and he knows it, coming off as quite proud of his abilities and not afraid to show it.

    Past/History: Kia grew up in the zebra homeland with his family in a small tribal village community, he enjoyed his life there but never felt completely satisfied living in one place. He longed to explore beyond what he knew, visit new lands, and discover more about potion making and new forms of alchemy.

    Once he became an adult he left his village and travelled to Equestria, and discovered a land almost completely alien to him. Determined to further his craft he elected to explore Equestria until he had discovered all it had to offer to his craft.

    Written Sample:
    (Do I really need to still do this bit?)
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Don't worry about the written samples. It's more for new users.

    Kamari looks great. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in the roleplays.
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