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Lancashire Brony: Easter Season 9 Premier: Saturday 6th April 2019

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by HypnoHooves, 15 March 2019.

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    23 November 2016
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    Lancashire Brony: Easter Season 9 Premier: Saturday 6th April 2019
    75 church street 14:00 to 19:00pm
    Every local pony is welcome to this gathering of the Lancashire herd- but we know many of you travel hundreds of miles for our events, expecially the premiers

    Our venue is probably 75 church street a local gaming cafe that serves coffee, burgers and beer to the gaming crowd. We have a reserved bank of tables- ok to be honest most of the ground floor. for what will no doubt be another friendly gathering. Be aware these venue may change to preston!!! if we can't confirm some details - so dont book those trains just yet.- updates will be provided

    our 19th meet!!!! wow

    The plan is to meet up at 14:00am at the venue, but is open from 12:00 for chat and discussions - later time as show is on later than usual.

    14:30 Chocolate egg swap!
    13:00 BUCK legacy, and also some unstable unicorn game play!
    16:30 Estimated show time of the new episodes- but could be later
    17:30 beers and chat and plan for Griffish Isles convention
    19:00 expected end


    Chocolate Egg Swap!
    Yes it is back! Bring an unwrapped chocolate gift (egg or others) worth over £5 and we put them in a pile. You get to roll and get a random chocolate gift! So treat your fellow ponies to something sweet

    Buck Legacy

    A single card based pony D&D game, with all your pony races...plus griffons... how could we forget griffons?.

    Griffish Isles
    We have our convention in manchester in May, so we might as well discuss, see which ponies want to get in free and help

    Plush Con.
    As usual... Bring your plushes, see if they can enjoy being part of the celebrations!

    Venue map
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