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Past Lancashire Brony Spring is On, On To The Future!: Saturday 20th May 2017 - 20th May 2017

Discussion in 'Previous Meets' started by HypnoHooves, 26 April 2017.

  1. HypnoHooves

    HypnoHooves Active Pony

    23 November 2016
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    Lancashire Brony Spring is On, On To The Future!: Saturday 20th May 2017 - 20th May 2017

    Dice And Donuts, Preston

    20th May 2017 @ 11:30

    4th lancashire brony meet. Playing roleplaying games this time and attempting to watch live a MLP season 7 episode

    Lancashire Brony Spring is On, On To The Future!: Saturday 20th May 2017
    Dice And Donuts, Preston, 11:30am-5pm

    Spring is here,, let is celebrate in a season 7 way!. Scheduling this has been a bit tricky due to it being a busy time of year.

    Welcome to the 4th Preston MLP meet. Every local pony is welcome to this gathering of the Lancashire herd in Preston. (This is not a large meet but a small meet. but is known to get ponies from far and wide)

    Our venue to Dice and Donut's a local gaming cafe that serves coffee, donuts, toasties and beer to the gaming crowd. We have a reserved table for what we assume will be a small friendly gathering. Hint their white chocolate eton mess drink is great

    The plan is to meet up at 11:30am at Dice and Donuts.

    Events: See further down

    Have a light lunch and drinks of real coffee's and/or beers.

    At 1:30pm we start the games

    4-6pm watch the live stream depending on time of broadcast (subject to change on US schedule)


    Tails of Equestria

    This is the MLP roleplaying game with simple easy rules. Create your own OC inside the rules and take it on an adventure with a group of ponies inside equestria. Should be fun! Hypnohooves will be the games runner.

    Remember Me Chocolate Game

    Use (hypnohooves provided, chocolate my little pony game, yes you can play and win MLP chocolate! Should be fun, pony themed and rewarding... unless you don't like chocolate... and if you don't like chocolate... don't let pinkie know!. (final copy of the game...so this is your LAST chance to win chocolate!)

    Watch live Stream of “Parential Glideance”

    The plan is to use the WIFI and a projector they provide to project the episode onto a wall for us to watch. This is an experiment but using a laptop with adblock enabled.. we hope to succeed. If so will this be the episode with Shatner in it? ...I think it may be...

    Small print

    Let me know if you are coming and need any advice. as nice to know how big a table to take over in the venue.

    (note: dice and donuts do charge a cover charge but that is Hypnohooves treat to everypony, and the cover is free with the purchase of a few of drinks per pony anyway- Jan only cost hypnohooves 9 quid – march was zero)

    Venue map

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