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Lancashire Brony: The Feb LANCASTER meet: Sat 23rd Feb 2019

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by HypnoHooves, 10 February 2019.

  1. HypnoHooves

    HypnoHooves Habitual Pony

    23 November 2016
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    Lancashire Brony: The Second LANCASTER meet: Sat 23rd Feb 2019

    Welcome to the second LANCASTER meet!. Every local pony is welcome to this gathering of the Lancashire herd- but we know many of you travel hundreds of miles for these events.

    Our venue is 75 church street (with fallback of meeting in the sun hotel next doors bar in case of venue failure), this venue is run by the former Dice and Donut's For what will no doubt be a large and friendly gathering.

    The pub sells cider(hopefully now, they ran out last time), soft drinks and a good range of food.

    The plan is to meet up at 12:00am at 75 church street

    12:00 meet and order food

    13:30 MLP-CCG limited format new release! Plus old release available for limited tournament. Will be in and definate its a go. loads of free giveaways. if you never played before now is the time to give it a try!

    13:30 pony Unstable unicorns as a free games for those not playing the ccg.

    18:00 main meeting end- unless ponies want to go and eat


    CCG Limited Competition

    Friendsforever is released, we got the packs and can celebrate the new release! . Incase of problems we got foils for other releases and can run the CCG!

    Unstable unicorns

    Unicorns are your friends now, team up and play against everypony to ensure you win! (free games so you win zero bits)

    Plush Con.

    Bring your plushes, see if they can enjoy being part of the celebrations! (note : hypnohooves birthday means their might be cake... who knows?)

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