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Lots of merch for sale!

Discussion in 'The Trader's Corner' started by Stormblaze, 15 May 2017.

  1. Stormblaze

    Stormblaze Purple song pone

    14 September 2013
    Likes Received:
    I have a whole box of MLP stuff to sell! Whole range of ponies too, including some Rainbow Dash and Luna pieces.

    - From the UK
    - Smoke free home
    - Some items have been exposed to cats at some point
    - Paypal only payments please.
    - Please note that prices are WITHOUT Postage/shipping costs.


    Wonderbolts Brushies
    - Pinkie, Fluttershy, Derpy/Muffins - £12 each or all for £30

    Mint Brushie Rarity - £10

    Funko mystery minis
    - Cadence, Cheese Sandwich, Doctor Hooves, Pinkie Pie - £5 each or all for £20

    Kinder figures
    - EQG Twilight, Pony Twilight, Fluttershy x2 (one without base) - £2 each or all for £5

    EVERYTHING for £50

    EU Magazines
    - With just stickers 50p
    - With figures (Apple Bloom and Trixie) - £5 each or £10 for both
    - With misc freebies (including poster pack) - £3 each or all for £10

    EVERYTHING for £20

    CCG Posters
    50p each or £2 for all.
    £1 Luna card


    Misc Items
    POP Buildable figures
    - Twilight Alicorn, Metalic Rainbow Dash - £3 each or both for £5

    Sticker set £2

    Rainbow Dash colour in cushion £10

    Squirt/Bathtime fun ponies
    - Twilight, Pinkie Pie - £3 each or both for £5



    Clothing - Twi shirt worn once, but everything brand new - will wash before posting to you as theyve been in storage for 2 years.
    - We Love Fine Princess Twilight and Spike. Size L - £10
    - MIc the Microphone (bought at BUCK 2014) Size XXL - £5

    Rainbow Dash Hat £10
    - For kids or small heads (just fits me) and has tail extension.

    EVERYTHING for £25


    Luna lot
    - Large colour in figure - £10
    - "Snowglobe" figure - £5
    - POP buildable figure £2

    EVERYTHING for £15


    Flutterdash cushion (offcial) £5
    - no bags, some creases, but very good condition and super squishy

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