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Making custom ponies

Discussion in 'Customs and Plushies' started by tactical-nuclear-pony, 2 August 2016.

  1. tactical-nuclear-pony

    27 July 2016
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    Hi all

    Ok, I posted in the intro section to say hi but figured this was a more appropriate place to post questions about customs...


    I am looking to begin making customs commercially, to add, I am a professional model-maker by trade and my company manufactures resin collectable figures/miniatures among other things... plus I've been painting miniatures commercially and for International competition for 20 years so... it's kinda my thing :)

    I am wondering what MOST people do to make the customs I see on Deviantart? Specifically, folks who do customs to order of people's OC's and obscure characters, such as this guy: http://krowzivitch.deviantart.com/

    Does anyone know if these would all be based on a commercially available pony model (such as the Funko blind bags) and then be customised from that? Is it already a thing to silicone cast off those kind of existing toys/figures and use them as the basis for resin re-casts and then sculpt extra details on top? I am struggling to work out how people manufacture stuff as cheaply as they do :)

    My plan, for what it's worth is to digitally sculpt several bodies in different sizes and poses, then sculpt a few heads, different tails, horns, wings etc and then silicone mould them and cast them in resin to assemble the base model for any pony required, and add hand-sculpted details over the top where needed. This also allows me to sell 'DIY Ponies' ie: undercoated white blanks for people to do their own customs.

    I guess my question is: A: does that have appeal, B: is there room in the market for someone making customs in that way and therefore able to make customised (very specific) models to order for a pretty low price?

    I'm just trying to use the facilities open to me through my work and contacts to do something really cool and a bit different :)

    Thanks all!


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