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Meetups In Scotland?

Discussion in 'Proposed Events and Requests' started by GeodesicDragon, 23 January 2021.

  1. GeodesicDragon

    GeodesicDragon Prince Brublood

    12 January 2013
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    (I hope this is okay to post; if not, delete it and feel free to slap my wrist.)

    Is anyone out there running a meet anywhere in Scotland? I don't have the guts to run one myself, but it'd be nice to know if there are some being organised. Lockdown may have put an end to public meets, but the power of the Internet means that virtual ones are more common, and I'm trying to come out of my social shell and actually interact with people while I'm furloughed.

    I'm being optimistic about my chances of there being any Scottish meets, even though all of the Scottish area brony groups I could find on Facebook seem to have been inactive for a while. The main Scottish Bronies group is also guilty of this, but that is something I am trying to reverse, hence why I'm making this post.

    So, if you run a meet, please let me know; if you're happy for me to share the details of your meet - day, time, who to contact and how to contact them - on the Scottish Bronies website, then send me a PM.
  2. HypnoHooves

    HypnoHooves Honorary Pony

    23 November 2016
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    greetings from england.. and who organised the brony meet at mcm scotland in sept 19. Bronyscot is alas no more, last in 2018 but there are alot of bronies in scotland. let us hope you get going with meets and if we get over covid soon, perhaps i can pop up for some!

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