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MLP Episode creation game

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by Recurrent Trotting, 1 May 2020.

  1. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Hey ponies :) The game is simple and based on the CCG which you probably shouldn't play if you have an addictive personality :p

    Anyway, create a mini episode of MLP from Mane characters, problem elements, character and character theme elements.

    • The mane characters are the protagonists.
    • There must be two problems that each mane character would prefer to solve. These problems must be made of the problem elements. The problem elements are associated with a particular mane character. The problem elements are solved by one mane character (indicated in brackets). The mane character who does not solve the problem elements overall is the junior mane character (eg Twilight in Pinkie Keen) while the mane character who solves the problem elements is the senior mane character (eg Pinkie in Pinkie Keen).
    • The character and character-theme elements both compose the character themes that form the characters and themes that the mane characters explore in the episode. The character and character theme elements are associated with a mane character.
    • Miscellaneous elements can contribute to both problem and character theme elements. You will need CCG knowledge to understand these...
    • The senior mane character provides an overall resolution to the problems. This resolution must be complimentary to the junior mane character. The resolution must involve a ‘Dear Princess Celestia’ type resolution with a message.
    • If you are confused about any of the characters, problems or themes listed then type it into google along with 'CCG pony' and you should find the card it is referring to with a nice pic from the episode the card is based on :3

    Ok then the elements for the first game:

    Fluttershy (mane character) - Nurturing Nature (mane character theme):

    Hooffields & McColts (character element) - Uneasy truce (character-theme element); Winona (character) – Best Dog (character-theme element); AJ and Flutters (character) – treading water (character-theme element). <-- these elements are all associated with Fluttershy - Nurturing nature.

    Smolder (mane character) - Culture Shock (mane character-theme element)

    Limestone Pie (character element) - Cpn Grumpy (character-theme element); Twillight sparkle (character element) – growing up (character-theme element)

    Fast game
    Fluttershy: Flutterholly was discarded; Fast Food used.
    Smolder: Big Mac – Big eater was discarded

    Fluttershy solved: Bunny Breakout; Too Many fluttershies (Discord encounters Fluttershy impersonators); This way, little ones; Sanctuary construction; Traitor (Smolder); Caught off guard (movie – seapony intro) (Smolder); Accident at the Pear farm (Smolder); Runaway cart (mare-do-well) (Smolder)

    Smolder solved none.

    The story therefore must involve Fluttershy and Smolder and include themes that reflect the character and character elements listed and reflect the fact that Flutters solved all the problems :p Smolder wasn't very helpful this ep. Still it will come to a resolution that Flutters and Smolder can appreciate.
  2. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Smolder's burning secret

    Smolder seeks guidance on her feelings and reveals that she has a crush on Gallus to Starlight (Accident at the Pear Farm). She is initially boastful (mare do well) but eventually says she has never had these feelings about any-creature before (Twilight - Growing up).

    Starlight mentions Smolder's affection (Smolder) to Fluttershy (Fluttershy, Traitor). Fluttershy wants to help (nurturing nature). Fluttershy asks Solder about her affection for Gallus, but Smolder is uncomfortable about talking about her feelings 'like a pony' (culture shock).

    Fluttershy goes away determined (Winona - Best dog) to get Smolder to open up. She decides to invite Gallus and Smolder to a tea party (fast food) with her and a reluctant Applejack. At the party Fluttershy and Applejack struggle to make conversation (AJ + Fluttershy - treading water). Gallus makes an off-colour joke about Smolder and she reacts badly (Limestone Pie - Cpn Grumpy). Things begin to escalate (Bunny Breakout), Fluttershy tries to calm her down but Smolder says she is her least favourite teacher and she is glad not all ponies are as feeble as her. Just as Smolder seems about to storm out (Runaway Cart) she suddenly reveals her feelings to Gallus (Caught off guard). Flutters is crying and AJ and Gallus look unimpressed but Smolder tearfully apologises and they relent.

    "Dear Princess Celestia": Smolder recognises that Fluttershy is not 'feeble' but rather that Flutters' aversion to anger is based on a genuine care for all creatures, even angry ones like her. She says that genuine kindness takes on a challenge - Fluttershy had no reason other than kindness to try to help in a difficult situation like this, and admits that she is grateful. She does not simply fall for Gallus though :p
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  3. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Princess Twilight Sparkle - Ambassador of friendship:

    Shining Armour - Crystal Prince; Daring Do - Crafty Collector; Tank - Burrower; Minuette - Time will tell; Princess Twi - Cover to cover; Rainbow Dash - growing up; Storm King - Conniver; Spike - Festival assistant; Moondancer - page turner; Twi + Spike - Ultimate organisers

    Pinkie pie - pokey pony

    Mega mare - watch your step; Pinkie pie + rarity - ocean currents; Sugar belle - takes the cake; Cheese sandwich; Berry punch - all night partier; Berry punch + ORange swirl - drinking buddies; Cherry Berry - chocks away; Bulk biceps - extra strong masseuse

    Slow game
    Twilight: Monstrous Manual (VIP); Tricksy Hat (ViP); Tirek's reign of terror; Frozen in magicite.
    Pinkie: Sorry stamp (ViP); Dip in the pool; Party hat; Party of one (VIP); Jet set and upper crust; Yellow parasprite (ViP); Pinkie pie - grump (ViP); Cheese shoes

    Twilight solved of her own problems: Ancient research; Halfway across equestria; Under lock and tree. She also solved: Trading traditions; Unreasonable demands; Awkward cutecenara.

    Pinkie solved none.
  4. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Twilight is summonsed by the map to Yakyakistan (Under lock and tree) to organise a festival for prince Rutherford (Shining Armour - Crystal Prince; Spike - Festival assistant; Twi + Spike - Ultimate organisers; Party hat; Jet set and upper crust; Cheese sandwich - all night partier). Twilight needs to learn a Yak birthday song (Trading Traditions). The festival is for the birth of Prince Rutherford's daughter :3 (Rainbow dash - growing up). Pinkie learns of this and is scandalised that the map did not summon her (Pinkie pie - grump)! She agrees to let Twi do it her own way, but as soon as Twi leaves, Pinkie follows (Cherry Berry - Chocks away; Rarity and Pinkie Pie - Ocean Currents), determined to get Twi to accept that a Pinkie party is the only way :p

    Once Twi is with the yaks she goes about attempting to organise things. Twilight sensibly has already searched Prince Rutherford's lineage (Ancient research; Princess Twi - cover to cover; Moondancer - page turner) with the help of the crystal kingdom (Shining Armour - Crystal Prince) to look for olden yak lore/treasure she can bestow on the young royal (Daring Do - crafty collector; Half way across equestria). Pinkie knows she can't directly interfere, so she tries to organise things in the background (Storm King -conniver). She sneaks into Prince Rutherford's council and quaffs with him (Berry Punch and Orange Swirl - drinking buddies; Berry Punch - all night partier) and agrees to give him a yack massage (Bulk biceps - extra strong masseuse) including a hoof massage :p (Cheese shoes). They get drunk together. When it comes to the festival Pinkie and Rutherford are still drunk and end up tipping the cake on Twi's head and scaring off a number of her invited party guests (Mega Mare - watch your step; Sugar belle - takes the cake; Party of One; Yellow parasprite; Awkward cutecenara). In all the confusion a Polar monster steals the daughter in the midst of all this planning/arguing (Monster manual).

    Pinkie says she is sorry to Twilight (Sorry Stamp).but Twilight is angry and demands that Pinkie leave (Unreasonable demands). Pinkie leaves and on the outskirts she finds a lair of Yetis who seek to return the Wendigos to power. They trap Pinkie and try to turn her into a Frost pony (Dip in the pool; Frozen in Magicite). When the frost Pinkie returns to Yakyakistan for the festival Twi recognises the signs and calls out the imposter (Monstrous Manual) and sends her out of yakyakistan telepathically (Tricksy hat). Pinkie thaws after a massage (Bulk Biceps - Extra strong masseuse)and apologises.

    "Dear Princess Celestia": Trust different groups of friends with each other. Also: Never get between a gift horse and a yak's mouth. :p
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  5. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Applejack - Apple Vendor

    Rarity - Element of Generosity; Matilda - Full of hope; Aloe - Magic touch; Sweetie belle - most traditional; Igneoous Rock & Cloudy Quartz - rock ranchersf; Applejack's Hat; Redeeming qualities

    AJ solved: Out of control; Trading Traditions;

    Rarity solved: I can fix it; Fruitbat roundup; Hay bale monster stack.

    Rarity - Mover and Shaker*

    Saphire shores - glitz and glam; Fashion show; Plaid stripes - spoony*; Photo finish - snapshot; Photo finish Picture perfect pony*; Ten carat hat; Pirate couture; Rarity - breezified

    Rarity solved: Utterly transformed; A stitch in time; Grand opening;

    AJ solved: Gunked up gala; Under lock and tree

    The tale of Applejack's Hat

    Sweetie asks Rarity to support Plaid Stripes to become a designer (Plaid Stripes - Spoony; Rarity - Mover and Shaker). Rarity suggests hats (Ten carat hat) and themes (Pirate couture) but nothing but spoons will do. She has an ingenious thought - to challenge her competitive friend Applejack to make the unmarketable mare saleable (Applejack - Apple vendor; Trading Traditions). Applejack agrees.

    Applejack calls in a favour with her friend Rara's celeb pals (Saphire Shores - Glitz and glam) and sets up a fashion show (Fashion show) in a newly opened vintage farm store (Grand Opening). She invites Photo Finish to publicise the event (Photo Finish - Picture perfect pony; Photo finish snapshot). Applejack thinks that the problem is that the spoon-obsessed pony should make hats her focus (Applejack's hat). Plaid goes for the suggestion wholesale (utterly transformed; rarity breezified), much to Rarity's chagrin. AJ is so impressed she lets Plaid borrow her closely guarded hat (Under lock and tree). Unfortunately, under the pressure of the fashion show Plaid caves (Sew tired) and the hat that Plaid designs is made of pudding, with a number of spoons in it (Gunked up gala) and when she presents it at the show a number of hungry fruitbats descend upon her (Fruitbat roundup; Out of control) and she falls off the stage in a heap (Hay bale monster stack). Rarity jumps to the rescue and uses her magic to cleanse the fashion disaster (I can fix it)

    "Dear princess celestia" When pursuing your dreams you have to be honest with youself and your friends, otherwise you court disaster. The nicest thing you can do for a friend who is struggling is to give them your best and most honest help - if that doesn't work it is ok, trust them to find their own way in the end, and always be there for them :3
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  6. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    These are really good! I don't seem to have a moment when the time and motivation come together at once, but I love the concept. Actually I could see this doing nicely in a Fimfiction group. :)
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  7. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    thanks Logan! that means a lot coming from you too :3 I'll put this on fimfic too and see if any of the ccg pones bite. It's surprisingly fun coming up with these synopses!

    I played another game today and it was a doozy. Still thinking of a way to go with it
    Discord - bending the rules.

    Dream network; Twilight - element of magic; enchanting duet; rock, paper, scissors, shoot; scope things out; Berry punch off balance; royal guidance; ponyville emergency; cutie mark vault

    Trading traditions (rarity solved); concerning cutie marks; deep dark forest (discord); squizard; cutie pox outbreak; frozen in ; rarity hoarder; magicite; twittermites; AB Shadow

    Rarity - Dress maker*

    Sweetiebelle - just a snag; Heart of the sea; Saphire shores - costume changer; Matilda - full of hope; Photo finish - fashion forward; Magic wings; Saphire shores - glitz and glam* Prince blueblood - loudmouth*; Saphire shores - star of the show; Fashion show*
    Winter wrap up*; A stitch in time; Invasion of the changelings; Cold wave
  8. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
    Likes Received:
    Rarity in the sky with discord

    Rarity wants to publicise a concert headed by her sister (Sweetie-belle just a snag; enchanting duet; Rarity - hoarder). She knows better than to support her sibling directly and reaches out to her friends for help, but unfortunately they are busy (A stitch in time; Rarity - dressmaker) - all, that is, apart from Discord, who seems to be all too ready to help (Discord - bending the rules).

    After Discord relates one of Sweetie's particularly chaotic practice performances to Rarity (Berry punch - off balance; Rock, paper, scissors, shoot), Rarity is dubious about Sweetie's success and seeks to help in the only way she can: costume (Saphire shores - costume changer). Rarity asks Discord to suggest a better costume (Magic wings; Fashion show) and he thinks for a while and talks to Sweetie about a radical new direction...

    The next day a new exclusive release of the latest band is announced in Ponyville - the Bluesbloods (Prince Blueblood - Loudmouth). Rarity watches in horror as her magically changed (Frozen in magicite; Twilight - element of magic) sister arrives at the venue looking like the lead singer of a Colt Band (think Justin Bieber), with a big diamond hanging by a chain round her now stallionly chest. 'She' appears every bit like a bratty colt band member - down to the luggage 'she' has in toe (Stack of suitcases). Rarity's horror deepens when she sees Sweetie croon like a stallion in front of the mares in ponyville (Saphire shores - star of the show; Photo finish - fashion forward; invasion of the changelings). Rarity storms to Fluttershy's house (Rarity - truly outrageous), where he quips that he was just following Rarity's advice of radically changing Sweetie's costume which incidentally also involved changing her gender and personality. Eventually, with Fluttershy acting appeaser (Enchanting Duet), Discord tells her that to remove the curse she needs to shatter the diamond around Sweetie's neck (Heart of the sea).

    Rarity shatters the diamond and the glamour is lifted. Rarity is about to commiserate about Discord's perfidy but Sweetie slaps away her hoof (Cold wave). Sweetie explains that she had not been enchanted by Discord and did not want to appear like a stallion, but was happy with the glamour. Sweetie had hoped that Rarity would see the funny side and not take her singing too seriously (Matilda - full of hope).

    "Dear princess celestia... wait what could I, the spirit of Discord, possibly teach a pony about friendship?" Rarity begins to object, but Discord continues. "Well we learned that fantasy is fun (Squizard; Twittermites) but real friendship is better than fun. Rarity's real sister isn't anything like the fun fantasy sister in Rarity's head (Invasion of the changelings; AB - shadow) - even ponies need to be careful not to let their fun fantasy replace the real ponies they have in front of them." He drops an imaginary mic (Winter wrap up :p ).
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  9. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Standing Harmony

    Discord – no trouble


    2Mob mentality* (solved),equal or else(not confront), blankest flanks (no), trading traditions (solved)

    Disruption and trouble

    1Tough love* (vs aloe), 2foodfight* (vs Pony joe)

    Spike – excessive (dismissed)


    3Starlight glimmer – exposed inequality*

    Industrial revolution*

    Critters (music in treetops)*

    Discord - Sneaky snake*

    Big mac – bark worse than bite* (vs Pony Joe)

    Tom – roling rock *2 (vs hughbert jellius and royal peacekeeper)

    Defenders of equestria

    Sonata Dusk – siren’s call (vs lilly etc)*

    Octavia – standing ovation


    Emergency dress order (no);Unreasonable demands (solved 1); Utterly transformed (solved); pony napped* (confront only)

    Friends and facilitation

    3Daisy, lily and roseluck*


    Royal peacekeeper*!

    Rarity generous pony*

    Matilda full of hope*

    Dance fever – dancing machine

    Fancy pants – respected aristocrat*

    Aloe - magic touch*

    Braeburn – good seed

    Hughbert jellius – sticking around

    Joe – sticky glaze*!

    Solo performance

    Hearts as strong as horses*

    It’s gonna work*

    Discord (Discord – mostly harmless) complains that Equestria has not sent a friendship ambassador to the chaos dimension and accuses Celestia of negligence in failing to appease a dangerous neighbour (Defenders of equestria) as well as bias against chaotic creatures (Starlight – exposed inequality; Equal or else). Against the advice of her royal guard (Royal peacekeeper) Celestia decides to send a delegation (Rarity -generous pony), but – not knowing much about the chaos realm - she consults Discord on the sorts of creatures that live there and what they would like to see (Trading Traditions).

    Discord tells her, truthfully, that chaotic creatures love music and so Celestia decides to send a musical delegation (Octavia – Standing Ovation; Emergency dress order). Discord invites the delegation to the premeire event of the chaos realm’s calendar – the “Great Gallumping Laga” (Dance fever – dancing machine). What Discord fails to mention (Discord - Sneaky snake) is that the patrons of the Great Gallumping Laga, or Gaga, are extremely snooty about harmony – which they see as the height of bad taste (Fancy pants – respected aristocrat). At first all is well as the patrons applaud the soloists (Solo performance) but as the band begin to join in the song (Hearts as strong as horses, Its gonna work, Music in treetops) the crowd begin to praise their talent (Blankest flanks) and even applaud (Mob Mentality) – a sign of deep disdain in chaos-land.

    The ponies stubbornly play on (Hughbert jellius – sticking around) until the crowd become so incensed that the ponies begin to be pelted by missiles (Foodfight; Tom – rolling rock) and some of the more nervous members of the delegation try to bolt (Daisy, lily and roseluck – wilt under pressure). Discord is angry both that the patrons don’t understand harmony, as he feels he does, and that the ponies would give up so easily. He sticks the scared ponies in place (Joe – sticky glaze) and scares the patrons into backing down (Big mac – bark worse than bite). He requests that the ponies try a new piece, which he invents on the spot, which requires ponies to harmonise and not harmonise at the same time (Unreasonable demands). The musical ponies try to learn the piece.

    Most of the musical ponies are unable to comprehend the piece and the frightened fillies from before plan to defy their orders and leave (Industrial revolution). Eventually only one virtuoso, a cellist named Octavia, remains (Braeburn – good seed; Matilda full of hope; Appblebloom - re-markable). Once Discord finds out what has happened he captures and returns the errant musicians (Ponynapped), transforming them into instruments in the name of promoting harmony (Utterly transformed; Aloe - magic touch; Tough love; Spike - excessive). Discord produces a few musicians of his own as replacements, including a siren singer (Sonata Dusk – siren’s call) and a squid drummer (Squizard). The opinion of the choas denizens is, however, unchanged… as to the music, but a new respect is in their assorted eyes for their leader and the brave pony cellist - who attempt to lead the leaderless and spread harmony in the void.

    “Dear princess Celestia” today I learned that it is when your friends seem most unlike you and when your are least connected that is when friendship is most important and when the struggle to understand each other must be greatest.

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