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more styles of competitions

Discussion in 'Community Suggestions' started by Patrick Rowberry, 14 June 2016.

  1. Patrick Rowberry

    Patrick Rowberry waits for series 9 of robot wars

    24 September 2013
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    when we do something to win a dvd it is most the time a take a pic or do a cossward comp
    but because the the evolution of discord we should do tournaments of games (manly free easy to play multiplayer games e.g brawhalla, transformice and more
    if you have a game that is( free, easy to play, and multiplayer )please suggest it
  2. Arc Light

    Arc Light Caffeine levels discharging: 68%, mood lighting

    29 August 2013
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    It is an interesting idea but, speaking as a gamer, it would be a slightly biased competition. Users who have never played the proposed game would be at a major disadvantage or not feel like participating if they have tried it in the past.

    Free to play games include games such as LoL or HotS which are fairly skill based games.
    Transformice, a game I have played and know it's still difficult to play as a novice and even worse when you become the Shamen.
    There's no real such thing as an easy game to play that is based in the multiplayer realm. At the end of the day, the more experienced you are, the easier it becomes and the better you are at winning.

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