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New MLP Movie announced for 2021 (release: US 24/9, UK 15/10)

Discussion in 'General My Little Pony Discussion' started by Danishbrony2011, 15 February 2019.

  1. GatewaytoGlimmer

    GatewaytoGlimmer Happy Happy Joy Joy!

    2 November 2017
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  2. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Release dates, INCLUDING UK, have been announced!

    Info via Equestria Daily. Dates given are:

    USA: 24th September 2021
    Netherlands: 13th October 2021
    UK: 15th October 2021
    Turkey: 22nd October 2021

    The three-week gap between US and UK releases is a real shame -- that's longer than the equivalent gap for the 2017 film -- but at least we know how long we have to wait now. :)

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