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'Nigel Thornberry' custom at ponyrehab.co.uk

Discussion in 'Customs and Plushies' started by ponyrehab, 12 October 2012.

  1. ponyrehab

    ponyrehab Pony

    9 October 2012
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    Hi guys, due to the overwhelming response to our asking for suggestions across the Pony universe, www.ponyrehab.co.uk has the first wave of G4 customs poised for release (well, wet in the workshop at least)

    The first: the 'Nigel Thornberry' is up there now and these are to come:
    'Ichigo' and 'Hollow Ichigo' from 'Bleach'
    'Dr Hooves' (with Tardis and sonic screwdriver)
    'No Face' and 'Haku the Dragon' from 'Spirited Away'
    'Ryuk' from 'Death note'

    So to those who know what I do from the UK Ponycon (sorry for the awards ceremony screaming) you know what's coming, for everybody else please check out the website galleries. www.ponyrehab.co.uk

    Big love, and any G4 100_3349.JPG suggestions guys please let me know as they have been awesome so far...
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