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Nightwing Character Application

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Sharpster25, 12 December 2017.

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  1. Sharpster25

    Sharpster25 Honorary Pony

    18 August 2012
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    Name: 'Lieutenant' Nightwing

    Race: Negasus (more commonly called a Batpony)

    Gender: Mare

    Age: about 28 in human years

    Physical Description: Dark grey coat, greenish-blue eyes and a two-tone blue mane and tail both cut to a short, messy bob style. Has the slit pupils, fangs and ear tufts common in batponies. Lost most of her left foreleg during a military training accident and so is equipped with a military grade 'autolimb' prosthetic. This is replaced with a stripped down civilian version when she's off duty.


    Special Talent: Was a very late bloomer in terms of figuring out her special talent and earning her cutie mark, only doing so once she found she had a natural talent for aerial squad manoeuvres and tactics after joining the Luna Guard.

    Primary Residence: The Luna Guard barracks in Canterlot Castle.

    Personality: Has a blunt and 'to the point' attitude to ponies she doesn't know well and to her superiors in the military, though under this shell she puts up she has a soft spot that comes out for the squad under her command, as well as her family and close friends. She almost becomes a different pony in these situations, becoming quite the happy-go-lucky, energetic sort.

    Past/History: She grew up in Canterlot with her parents, after leaving high school at 18 and still not having found her special talent or earning her cutie mark, she decided to enlist with the Luna Guard, she found her talent early on in her training. This got her noticed by her superiors who saw fit to fast-track her training and she quickly earned the rank of Lieutenant along with a troop of 30 Night Guard to lead after only a few years. Shortly after this though was her accident in which she saved the life of one of her squad-mates in a training exercise gone wrong and lost her leg in the process. She was given the option of either an honourable discharge due to her injury, or to go through the painful process of receiving a replacement autolimb. She chose the latter and continued her service.

    Written Sample:

    Nightwing slowly paced down the line of the newest Night Guard recruits she was expected to evaluate, she stopped in the center of the line and turned to face them, "Recruits!" she shouted, all of them snapped to attention, some quicker than others and some only half-heartedly. She continued pacing, her mechanical legs servos quietly hissing and clunking with each step, "I am Lieutenant Nightwing, I'm here to evaluate you sorry lot". She heard a quiet snort from behind her and quickly wheeled around "whoever found that funny step forward". A cocky looking batpony stallion, easily a head taller than Nightwing, stepped out of the line with a small smug grin on his face,

    “I'm sorry, but I was just wondering when our real C.O. will be arriving? I signed up to become a night Guard, not play at one with a crippled mare” he said keeping the grin on his face.

    Nightwing raised an eyebrow at him “Ok recruit, you've just volunteered as my example, step forward and face me, in fact....” she took off her helmet and threw it aside and then opened a side panel on her autolimb leg and pulled a small lever inside it with her teeth, her leg went limp and detached itself from her stump, she dropped it to her side and adjusted her stance to accommodate her now missing left foreleg “.... knock me down recruit” he hesitated and looked around at the other recruits “come on, afraid you cant beat a crippled mare in a fight?” she grinned at him.

    The stallion shrugged and charged at her, he barely lasted 5 seconds before he was sprawled on his back with a bloody muzzle and a fresh black eye.

    “Get back in line recruit” she said sternly, he scrambled back in line nursing his face as Nightwing reattached her autolimb “you're on latrine cleaning duty, I want to be able to eat my hey fries off of that floor when I'm finished here” she shoved her muzzle in his face “Get moving Recruit!” He quickly saluted and scrambled away.

    “The rest of you! Drills for the rest of the afternoon, now March!”
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Looks good. Looking forward to seeing your posts in the roleplays once more.
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