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Nopony can take away the good times

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by Danishbrony2011, 8 June 2017.

  1. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    Part 1

    Applejack and Pinkie Pie had been busy all week before the day of the Summer Sun Celebration. It was not only the first celebration since the defeat of Discord but some other things too. The morning sun were rising over Ponyville while everypony were busy with setting up for the yearly celebration in Ponyville. As everypony knew were it the time for them to try and stay up all night, and see how Princess Celestia raised the first sumnmer sun over Equestria. It was the time of the year that Applejack loved most beside Hearts and Hooves Day.

    "This will be some celebration and at first there is the Summer Sun Celebration, then the party at the schoolhouse for the young ponies and my own Birthday." Applejack told Pinkie Pie and gave a sigh.

    "We had a busy week, but this will be the best party ever." Pinkie Pie told Applejack and smiled.

    Both the families of Applejack and Pinkie Pie arrived at the celebration, and they came from the villages around Sweet Apple Acres and Manehattan.

    "Hey, it's nice to see you after so long time." Applejack told her family from Manehattan as she cried.

    "Mom and dad you're here at last." Pinkie Pie told her parents and smiled.

    The two Earth Ponies talked in long time about their defeat of Discord, and how they got their ceremony. Later that day were Applejack, Pinkie Pie and their family helping each other with the decorations. The farmer pony sand her friends had heavy saddlebags with lods of balloons, streamers and more. Applejack and the other ponies inflated the balloons, sat up streamers and banners all around the town. Trixie she showed up while the families were busy with decorating.

    "Hey Trixie I haven't seen you since Twilight banished that Ursa Minor." Applejack told Trixie.

    "Hello, and it's nice to be back at last." the unicorn pony said to the farmer pony.

    "I'm sorry for what I did the last time under my show." Trixie told Applejack and nuzzled her.

    "Yup that's long time ago, but let's celebrate this big night together." the farmer pony said to Trixie and smiled.

    So that afternoon were Trixie helping her friends with decorating the town. At last had the last balloons, banners and streamers been placed all around. Mr.and Mrs. Cake was busy with the food in Sugarcube Corner. In the meanwhile did Cheerilee throw in a party with 1980's music for the young ponies in the schoolhouse.

    "So I heard this Discord that you and your friends defeated." Trixie said to the farmer mare after the decorating.

    Applejack told a long story about how they defeated Discord, and got welcomed as heroes in Canterlot.The farmer pony told the story while they took a walk down the sunny streets.

    "I have my own show ready soon later." Trixie said to the Earth Pony.

    "And you must be sure that the scary bear won't return to Ponyville, as what happend last time." the farmer pony said to Trixie.

    "Yeah I heard that the Ursa Minor had moved to the distant mountains above Canterlot." the unicorn pony told Applejack.

    Later that day had Trixie made a show in front of the Ponyville crowd, while Applejack helped with the rope tricks. After the applause that ended the show, were Applejack asking how Trixie met with Snips and Snails.

    "I met with Snips and Snails under a performance while I were younger, and it was at the moment for the Summer Sun Celebration." the unicorn pony said to Applejack.

    Trixie then told a long story about how she and the two unicorn ponies traveled around Ponyville.

    "Well I have another town to perform tonight, so see you again tomorrow." the unicorn pony said to Applejack.

    "And thanks for hosting the show." Applejack said to the unicorn pony.

    Later that night were Applejack going to Sugarcube Corner, and there her Birthday celebration was going to be held.

    "Here is your surprise party, and congrats with your Birthday." Pinkie Pie said to Applejack and smiled.

    The farmer pony took a look a round, and the boutique was filled with ponies from the town.

    "I will like you to welcome the Birthday pony Applejack." Twilight said as the ponies greeted the Earth Pony.

    Sugarcube Corner were filled with balloons in all shapes on strings and there was cupcakes, bowls with punch and more. The Earth Pony got a bunch of presents too that night. The ponies danced to Applejack's records, and Applejack and Fluttershy got some balloons to play with too. Applejack could recognize her aunt in the big crowd, and her aunt were a vet in Manehattan. Applejack's five friends had the same dresses on that they had used at the Grand Galopping Gala. It was that Gala where Princess Celestia and The Mane Six had fun over the many incidents that happened under that Grand Galopping Gala night.

    "Hey aunt long time no see." Applejack said to the vet.

    "Hello again Applejack and congrats with your Birthday." Applejack's aunt said to the farmer pony.

    "I hope you will enjoy the records I gave you as a present." the vet said to Applejack.

    "Yup, sure." the farmer pony told Applejack.

    The party went on that night while the crowd of ponies danced to the music, got a drink and took bites of the many cakes, Everypony they waited for the countdown of the first sun under the yearly celebration. Later that early morning were everypony gathering at the Canterlot fair to see Princess Celestia raise the summer sun again. There was rides, games and more as Princess Celestia arrived later on. The farmer mare had always been with Twilight at that celebration fair since they first met in Sweet Apple Acres.

    "Here comes Princess Celestia at last." Twilight said while she stood in the flock of ponies.

    So the alicorn flew up in the sky, as the sun were rising over the fair. The flock cheered loudly as the celebrations went on thereafter. Later that day were Applejack going home to Sweet Apple Acres to get some sleep.

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