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Other OC in the Zombie Apocalypse! (The Reboot!)

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Sharpster25, 11 December 2017.

  1. Sharpster25

    Sharpster25 Honorary Pony

    18 August 2012
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    Corps wandered aimlessly around the castle with a spring in her step, feeling much better than she had for ages which must have shown on her face as most ponies that past her were giving her odd looks, but she didn't care, she was going to a dance, with another mare no less! “Heh, if only the ponies back home could see me now, it'd be a scandal” she laughed to herself.

    After a while of her wandering she ran into Slate and Snow outside the main entrance to the castle, they appeared to be having quite the awkward conversation, “Hey you two” she greeted them, “What's going on here?”

    “Hi Corps” Snow said, appearing grateful at the interruption “Private Slate here was just trying to ask me to the dance.... and making a hash of it”

    His cheeks turned even redder as he stared at the ground “I....It.... seemed like a good idea at the time” he muttered.

    Corps nudged snows shoulder and grinned at her “well, why not? Not like there's many others here to go with, even as friends”

    Snow raised a questioning eyebrow at her “You're in a good mood” she said quizzically.

    Her grin widened “I've got a date for it.... and not just as 'friends', well, I'll see you two at the dance, and you'd better be together” she said as she trotted off. As she walked she heard Snow behind her.

    “Well, Private Slate, I suppose, yes, I'll go with you, as friends mind you” Corps swore she heard the grin on Slates face.
  2. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    It had been a few hours since Roseate had stormed out of the infirmary. Rose was inside the Radio Base Station and was actually up and about when a loud knock rang out on the metal door above her. Rose was in the middle of putting her black fleece coat on. Once she does, she answers the door and was unsurprised to see a mentally aloof Nurse Marie waiting for her. She was dragging a cart behind her with a hot plate on it. Roseate assumed that this was to be her lunch for the day. Also on the cart was what looked like medical machinery.

    "I know you don't want to hear this right now, but this is a bad time."

    "Too bad. The further you prolong this, the longer I'll stay."

    "Fine, let's just get this over with."

    Roseate marches back down the stairs and Nurse Marie follows after her. Rose sits in her office chair and waits for the Nurse to administer her blood check. She pokes Rose near the tip of one of her forehoofs with a small pin, and takes a small sample of her blood, drawing it into a small plastic straw. Once the sample was collected, she puts it into the machine. The machine hums softly as the nurse gives Roseate a cottonball to press onto her wound. As the machine goes to work, the Nurse decides to make small talk and she points to a large, dirty, water-stained, light blue banner hanging on the opposite wall.

    "I assume that's where you went to school?"

    "You better believe it, I'm a Bruin for life. I graduated with a M.S. of Applied Science in Physics with a minor in Electrical Engineering."

    "UELP, that's in..."

    "Los Pegasus, that's what the LP stands for."

    The nurse turns her attention back to her medical equipment, she pops the plastic top off of it and proceeds to take the blood sample out. She then examines the sample closely and then measures it. "Your current hematocrit level is 52. Not bad, but not good either. My goal is to get you as close to 45 as possible. Also, Dr. Tenderheart prepared a luncheon for you to eat." Rose begins to get up from her chair and walk away from the nurse.

    "Alright, cool. Just leave it on the desk, and I'll get to it when..."

    "No. She's ordered me to make sure that you eat it."
    Rose turns around and shoots the nurse that had interrupted her with a confusing look. The nurse responds at first silently. The nurse wasn't up for an argument about this. Her eyes lowered, frowning unpleasantly at the radio mare. "If it helps, I think this is as much of a waste of time as you probably think it is. I'd rather be in the infirmary DOING MY BUCKING JOB! In fact, I remember a certain mare in glasses getting really worked up this morning about being torn away from work. So the quicker we do this, the better it is for the both of us."

    Rose rolls her eyes and reluctantly sits back down in her chair. "This is the closest thing to a dinner date that I've had in years." Rose chimes in sarcastically.

    "Oh please, this is closer to babysitting."
    Silence fills the room, as Rose bites her tongue. She wants to give the nurse a piece of her mind, but stops herself. She decides to keep her attention on the hot plate of grilled hay before her. The nurse speaks up again. "Whodathunk, me having to pretty much force feed a mare with a Master's Degree in Science like a child. Why don't you want to eat?"

    "It's not that I don't want to eat." Rose replies calmly, looking up from her food. "I just don't have the time to leave, go all the way up to the cafeteria, stand in line, eat, and then come all the way back down. It's wastes too much time. Sargent Thunderstuck used to go up and fetch lunch for me..." Rose stops talking, her mind wandering off a bit before quickly snapping out of it. "Then he died."

    "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "Don't be, nopony else is."
    A hint of bitterness seeped through the mare's voice as didn't even bother looking up from her food. She finishes her hay quickly, showing that she was obviously hungry.

    "Still, it wouldn't kill you to go upstairs yourself and eat lunch. It's not like your holding the castle up with your bare hooves, you can take an hour off at least once a day."

    "Being confined to the infirmary all of last night made me miss three radio calls. I don't know who called, or where the calls came from, but whoever called that many times must've really needed some help. Listen, the dead are walking around, if you haven't noticed. There are literally ponies dying out there every night. A pair of watchful eyes needs to be on this station at all times. For all I know, whoever called last night could be dead now. If that's the price I have to pay just so I can go off and eat a stupid meal, then it's not worth it."
    Rose is putting her jacket back on as she prepares to leave.

    "But you're leaving now?"

    "Yes, I received a radio call this afternoon that one of the Captains needs to hear."

    "Why don't you use one of Night Orb's glowing thing-a-ma-bobs to tell him, rather than walking to his office and telling him in person? Everypony has one."

    "If it were up to me, everypony would have a repeater instead. There's a reason why I don't do intra-castle communications anymore, those communication orbs are trying to put me out of a damned job." Nurse Marie follows Rose up the stairs bringing her cart along with her.

    "I'll be coming by again for dinner."

    Rose responds sarcastically. "I'll be looking forward to it."

  3. Mista Squishy

    Mista Squishy (ThatSquishyGuy)

    16 December 2013
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    "Better do a double check for occupants, no reason to slack on my duties, eh Timmy?" Orb rhetorically asked his timber wolf companion sat at his feet whilst the Captain muddled through papers, files and reports on his desk.

    A few moments pass before he takes out a large book filled with tabbed pages poking out of the cover, to which he opened and began to write with a long sigh. "Poor sods, another 4 losses this week, two of which were damn good soldiers. i suppose we should arrange a short moment of silence for the ponies lost to us." He looked to his wolf who's leafy tongue was hanging out of his mouth as he panted and looked to Orb with a tilted head and goofy expression. "Maybe after the Ball, then, it's not the end of the week yet after all." He looked to his log book again and scribbled down the ponies names; Sgt. Thunderstruck, Pvt. Dusk, Civi. Pearl Stone and Civi. Autumn Sky. "Don't want to bring the spirits down with a memorial so close to the festivities anyway." He sighed to himself.

    Once Orb had finished with his documents and reports and had filed them away nice and tidily, He lent back into his chair with a dispirited look on his face. Orb pulled out a small chain broach from under his chest-plate and gazed upon it before slowly taking a hoof and gently gliding it down the metallic oval shaped necklace, not opening it, but instead closing his eyes and letting out a deep breath. "I miss you..." Three quiet and broken words left his muzzle as he stared longingly with sorrow in his eyes at the broach unable to bring himself to open it, yet somehow with a face as dry as stone, holding his composure together.

    His trance was broken by a weight that pushed onto his leg, catching his attention, it was Timmy. The timberwolf's expression was that of pity and sorrow as the wolf's head rested upon Orb's leg, his eyes looking up to meet his master's in reassurance. Bringing a halfhearted smile across Orb's face as the old Captain ruffled the leafy mane atop the wolf's head, "But i'm glad i have you boy..."


    Rosaline Packed up the last of her paperwork in her office ready to clock out when a knock on the door interrupted her. "Uh, ya, who iz it?" She called out not expecting anyone.

    The door slowly opened to reveal Nurse Marie, "Sorry to disturb you Doctor, just though i'd inform you on how Miss Light is doing."

    "Oh, yes of course, take a seat, how did it go?" Tenderheart gestured to the seat opposite her desk as she sat in her own chair. "she vasn't too much trouble vas she?" Rose asked with a concerned expression on her face.

    "Could have been worse..." She responded, taking up the offer to sit. "I feel the sass exchanged was equal on both sides." She smiled mischievously.

    Rose giggled with a reassured smile, "zat iz goot, you've alvays been a no nonsense pony, you'd make a great doctor... if ze Universities vere still around zat is." She gave a half smile and a shrug.

    "Thanks Rose..." She smiled to herself at the compliment, "Anyway, she's had her first meal, didn't take long for her to get to eating it." She smirked, "You'd be surprised how annoying a little nagging can be."

    "vell i vouldn't know dear." She giggled in responce, "zat iz vere you shine, not me, Marie"

    "Well somepony has to be the bad cop." Marie laughed, "I'll let you go anyway, i'm sure you've got plans for tomorrow night..." She teasingly winked as she stood and made her way to the door.

    "As i'm sure you do too, Marie" She smiled, "I better see you zere tomorrow vis your fancy stallion!" She added just before the door closed, after a wave from Marie.

    After a few minutes Rose made her way out of the infirmary and... nowhere, "Oh fiddle-sticks!" she exclaimed 'she didn't say vere ve'd meet...' Rose stood for a moment scratching her chin, 'Perhaps she'd be in her quarters?' She asked herself with a puzzled expression before shrugging and making her way to Apple Corps's room, 'vould be a good place to start at least...'
  4. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    Roseate's hooves clack against the stone floor as she walks down one of the main halls of the castle. She is in her usual hunched over position as the rest of the guards ponies clear a bath for the corporal as she heads towards the Lunar Chambers on the West Wing. Once she gets to the Captain's office she knocks softly and then the mare patiently waits. Soon enough a muffled, defeated sounding voice comes through the closed door.

    "Come in."

    Roseate then opens the door, and sees General Dark Fire sitting in this big, black office chair, his head was in his hooves, and his mane was a mess. He then began cling to a cup of coffee that he had sitting at the edge of his desk which had large stacks of paper strewn about on it. As he watches the corporal enter the room. He breathes a heavy sigh and motions for Rose to sit, but she shakes her head declining. She chooses to stand in respectful attention instead.

    "Corporal Light, I've been meaning to talk with you. However, I had hoped that Lt. Nightwing would be joining us, but it seems that her health is declining and she won't be able to sit with us." Rose has no idea what health problems the Captain is referring to, physically or otherwise. He nods her head in understanding anyway. Dark Fire takes a quick swig of his coffee. "However, this confrontation between you and her was more of an inconvenience than anything to really reprimand you for. Ms. Nightwing has obviously been under a lot of duress lately and knowing as blunt as you can be, I wasn't surprised that you two butted heads. However, this other incident in the Infirmary with Dr. Tenderheart has me rethinking that. You really need start exercising better control of your anger." Dark Fire doesn't bother looking up from his paperwork as he talks to the corporal. He rakes his hoofs through his mane, sighing in disappointment. Through his golden-colored eyes, he looks up at the day guard, his eyebrows furrowed.

    "Understood, sir." Rose keep her gaze downwards, staring at the floor.

    "With General Night Orb being out of commission last night, that has dumped a lot of work onto my shoulders that I need to catch up on. That's good news for you, because I simply don't have the time to truly evaluate this situation right now, and reprimand you accordingly. Plus, I really don't need or want to put up with any more shenanigans. Considering that you don't have any previous strikes on you record going all the way back to your time as a cadet, Ms. Light, I'm willing to give you a pass. Do not waste this opportunity. Have I made myself clear?"

    "Yes, sir" Rose gives the General a reaffirming nod.

    "Good. You are free to return to your chambers, Corporal." Dark Fire then goes back to shuffling through the paperwork on his desk. He angrily grumbles to himself underneath his breath. "Celestia's pet..."

    "Hmm?" Rose looks up at the General, raising and eyebrow unsure of what he said, or if he said anything at all.

    "Nothing." The General shakes his head, keeping his muzzle buried in his work.

    "I do have something else I wanted to tell you, General. I received an important radio call this afternoon."

    "Go on."

    "It was a representative from the Cavallian Government, and they are planning on making a supply drop within the next five to ten days."

    "Oh? You didn't think this information would be better relayed to General Night Orb?"

    "Yes, but I like you better. General Night Orb is too... eccentric for me."

    "Very well, I'll pass on the message to him as soon as I can. You are dismissed, Corporal."

    "Thank you, sir."
    Rose swiftly turns and leaves, shutting the General's office door behind her.
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