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Other OC in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Pub Crawler, 17 September 2013.

  1. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    "...whaaaa?" Ember was, for once, not ready with a semi-witty retort for that, and before she could even draw her breath to say 'Who's Tina?' Tango was gone.

    Nevertheless, this was certainly not the norm, judging by the look on Dusk's face. "What in the name of all that is orange and flickering was all that about? Should we go after him?"
  2. Sharpster25

    Sharpster25 Honorary Pony

    18 August 2012
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    Silent almost laughed at the Stallions question “Nah i'm not alwigh', i'm absolutely useless at protectin' the ponies I love” without thinking he pulled his hoodie aside and ripped the bandages off his side “Ya see this?” he said pointing to the hoofprints buried in his side “This is wot that bull zony did ter me, But I got off lightly compared ter Nightwin', the batpony 'oo was wif me” Silent was almost shouting now, “She lost 'er leg and almost died, and it was my fault, I let 'er face it alone, I said nuffin' when she said she'd be fine. It was MY fault!” he shouted, tears flowing freely. “And na i've let 'er go off wifaht me again” he muttered.

    Something in the back of his mind told him to stop talking, he didn't even know these ponies, but nothing was stopping him now and the words flowed freely.

    “I couldn't even protect me wife 'n' daughter” he muttered through tears as he pulled his family photo out of his pocket and dropped it at the stallions hooves “They both got bit, I was there but I couldn't stop it in time” He slowly looked them both in the eyes “there were nopony else 'round, I 'ad to ….I 'ad ….to” Silent finally broke down and sobbed freely in front of these two strangers.
  3. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    A cool shot of air from the north punctuated a early morning as the sun crept over the horizon way off in the distance. The light rustling of leaves across the sidewalk, and the faint sound of a car or two, rolling down the street were all that were heard in an unusually calm morning in Riversdale. Tango awoke from his bed and staggered slowly down the stairs of his townhouse while rubbing the dust from his eyes. He was cotton-mouthed and stiff all over. He rubbed his neck trying to remove a knot. He was on his way to the kitchen to make himself some coffee when he heard a knock at the door. Tango let out a short groan, and then went over to answer it. He opened the door. A lazy yellow face greeted him.

    "Hey." Maria said weakly, her raspy voice breaking the silence. She looked almost as afflicted as he did.

    "You stay up all night again?"

    "Yeah." Maria replied slowly, her voice lacking the fiery passion it usually had. Tango had never seen her like this before, but Tango had never seen her up this early either. "The Lakers played Delta City late last night."

    "They win?"

    Maria slowly shook her head. "They lost by three. Pete Maravich, 27 points, 12 assists, Gail Goodrich, 9 turnovers including one with 10.2 left on the clock in the 4th." Tango smiled. Even in her sub-awakened state Maria could still rattle off basketball stats as if she were a game ticker. "So, are you gonna let me inside, or are you just gonna leave me out in the cold?" Maria's feistiness was desperately trying to make a comeback. Tango opened the door wide and let her in.

    "I think some coffee will do us both some good."

    "Speaking of coffee, Romero and the others said they'll be by soon. I'm kinda surprised they didn't beat me here."

    Tango was already at the kitchen counter pouring the first batch of morning coffee. Maria had found a blanket and wrapped herself in it, and was seated on the living room sofa. "It's a good thing they didn't. I just woke up myself." Tango walked over and gave a steaming cup of coffee to Maria. She blew on it, and took a small sip.

    "I would've waited, but they insisted that it'd be 'oh so super important to come by and see you'." Maria followed the remark with an eyeroll, and took another drink. "Oh, well. I wanted to come by and talk to you alone for a little bit anyway."

    "Oh, yeah? What for?" Maria set her coffee on the table and readjusted her blanket. Then there was a long pause, and Maria wouldn't look directly into his eyes.

    "That whole thing was really scary, y'know..." Maria's voice trailed off, she was still looking down. Tango chuckled.

    "Really now, was it? I don't remember you being there." Maria looked at Tango with supreme intensity, as if she were going to strangle him for laughing at her.

    "I'M BUCKING SERIOUS! YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HORRIBLE IT WAS FOR THE REST OF US! THEY TOLD US YOU WERE DEAD! THEY HAD A FUNERAL AND EVERYTHING!" Tango backed off, eyes wide from the sudden outburst. Maria then went back to looking at the floor. "I'm sorry, but promise you won't say anything stupid like that again."

    "Okay." Tango replied softly.

    "Y'know at the funeral, I made a promise that if you ever came back I'd tell you something... and here you are...." Maria took a deep breath still refusing to look at Tango. She took Tango by surprise by quickly embracing him, causing him to nearly fell over. His coffee spilled on the carpet. Maria was breathing harder now, and if he didn't know any better he'd say she was sobbing. Tango had never seen this kind of emotion from her before. They held each other for a minute or two. Maria was still avoiding eye contact. Maria planted and innocent kiss on the lips before Tango knew what happened. Maria then pulled him up with her hooves, and looked him square in the face. Tears filled up in the wells of her eyes. She suddenly shouted. "AND BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING, I WANT YOU TO THINK FOR ONCE! I'M TIRED OF YOU BEING IMPULSIVE AND MAKING STUPID DECISIONS!"

    Tango shook his head quickly trying hard to digest all the information before him. Before Tango could render a thought, his front door flung open. Risky and Jamaal burst in, not even bothering to knock. Tango knew he was blushing and he tried his best to hide it. Tango got up, and Maria fell face first into the sofa trying to hide the fact that she was crying.

    "Oh look, Maria actually turned up early for once. She even beat us! Oh, look at this. What a shame. It's not even nine in the morning and Tango is already getting yelled at by Maria. Give the guy a break, will ya?!" Risky and Jamaal then went over to Tango's gun case. "Ooh, they don't have guns like this in Equestria. You could get rid of zombies like nothin'!" Risky opened the case and pulled out a rifle, and pretended to shoot. "BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! ALRIGHT YOU ZOMBIE SCUM I DARE YOU TO STEP AT ME!" Jamaal stole the gun away from Risky and also pretended to shoot.

    "BRRAP! BRRAP! BRRAP! I take out everyt'ing dat com 'round here. I make all dem ahndead bodies feeahr meh!" Tango quickly snatched the gun away from the half-zebra.

    "Stop it! don't you know not to play with guns?"

    "I danno wot jer buzzin' 'bout, mon. We juss havin' littahl fun wit eet."

    "They aren't loaded are they?"

    "Yes, they are! You could've blown Jamaal's head off!"

    "Was his idea anyway..."
    Tango let out a large harrumph, and out the gun back in it's case. By now Maria was now sitting up on the sofa hooves crossed, and frustration painted thickly on her face. Tango made his way to the kitchen to make himself another cup of coffee. There was a knock at the door and Jamaal answered it.

    "Welcahme een!" he said letting Romero and Mimi in.

    "This isn't your house, don't start letting ponies in!" Jamaal replied by sticking his tongue out at him. Romero sat on the other side on Maria on the sofa. Mimi galloped into the kitchen giving Tango a big bear hug. Tango almost spilled his coffee again.

    "Ohhh, wemissedyou, wemissedyou, wemissedyou, wemissedyou, wemissedyou, wemissedyou, wemissedyou!" Mimi squealed jumping up and down while squeezing Tango so tightly he felt like he was going to pass out.

    "Yes, I heard you the first time..."

    "Is that generic brand coffee I smell? Really, Tango?"
    Tango sighed as unsettled commotion vibrated through his once quiet home.

    "How does it feel to be a national hero... um... again?" Risky asked as Tango sat back down next to Maria.

    "Oh yeah, they're doing a big parade just like they did when you got that Medal Of Honor thing, remember?" Tango remembered. For once Tango would like to accomplish something great for his country and be left alone in peace. Heaven forbid, he gets to spend time with his friends like he wants to.

    "Every time Tango comes home from something it has to be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deal...." Maris gave another one of her signature eyerolls.

    "Ant you haff to be early. More dan tree owahs before da whole ting begeens." Jamaal said with a smile, plot planted firmly on the floor.

    "Ugh, don't remind me..."

    "Dees time howevah, you haff won tee battahl ant dee war!"
    Jamaal's remark brought something quickly to Tango's attention. He walked over to the half zebra.

    "Hey man, do you think we can talk about something? ...alone?" Tango then motioned to the stairway. Jamaal rose up, his tall thin figure towering over Tango. They both went up the stairs and around the corner to his bedroom. He placed a hoof on Jamaal's shoulder, and breathed in heavily. "Listen, I'm sorry about how they things turned out..."

    "About wot?"

    "The war."
    Tango voice was soft and sincere. "I've done a lot of thinking, and I'm stallion enough to admit that I was wrong. I was wrong about what I had said, and I know I said things that were very hurtful. You had every right to go down there and defend your family, and your way of life. You deserved your freedom. You were willing to die for what you believed in, and feel dumb for being too blind to see that. I didn't see that then, but I see it now. I respect the Rebels now, and I will never stand in the way of freedom again. All I wanted to say was that I'm sorry."

    "Tank you." Jamaal with a big smile. He then bought Tango in for a big hug. "We wahr bess frands befahr da war, ant we be bess frands now, ant we shall be bess frands until dee end off time. Nevar forget dat. Ant aftar all dees years dats all I evahr wanted to hear." He gave Tango a pat on the back and they went back downstairs. Risky greeted them once they came down.

    "So, how far did you guys go on the first date?" Tango replied with an facehoof, and Jamaal gave up a hardy laugh.

    "I... I... don't feel so good..." Maria said weakly while she clasped onto her stomach, rocking back and forth.

    "Are you alright? Was it something you ate?" Maria proceeded to moan and dry heave. She fell onto the floor and the others gasped in shock.

    "Maria...?" She lied there motionless for a minute. She then began to shake violently, and made a hissing noise.

    "Stay back!" Tango slowly back away himself. Maria got up, and turned around. The blanket fell slowly off of her. When it did it revealed her eyes were blood red. 'The kiss!' he thought. 'She got infected by the kiss!'

    "I thought you got yourself vaccinated!"

    "I did! But, I guess it didn't work!" The newly zombie-fied Maria rammed the kitchen counter. Tango galloped to his gun case, and pulled out his rifle. Maria staggered around a bit, allowing Tango to get a good shot. BAM! He got her point blank between the eyes. She fell over on a bloody heap. Tango was crying now. 'I'm so sorry for doing this to you...' "Jamaal! You're good with a gun, I want you to shoot me." He threw the gun to Jamaal and he caught it.


    "I'm the reason the virus is here. If you don't kill me, everypony in Cavalla will have it! We can't let it spread here, I won't allow it! When you're done, I want you to behead the both of us and cremate the pieces. It's the only way." Jamaal raised the barrel of the gun, trembling badly. The let out a huge sign and put the gun down.

    "I cont."

    "You have to! If you don't, millions of ponies are gonna die!" Jamaal was crying now too. He raised the gun again, and after a few breaths... he shot.


    Tango awoke in his cot in a cold sweat. The awakening was so violent he nearly fell out of the tree. He was gasping for air, shaking, and almost in tears. He tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. He tossed and turned for a while, but soon gave up. 'There's no way I'm going to sleep after that.' He untied his cot, stuffed it in his saddle bag. The quickly made his way down the tree without thinking. He forgot to tie the cloth around his hooves. On the way down, he cut his left back hoof. When he got to the ground he check to see if it was bleeding. It wasn't. 'Good.' He then surveyed his surroundings. 'I must have been asleep about an hour tops. There's no sense in wasting time, if I can't sleep then I must keep moving.' Tango proceeded to walk though the thick dark forest.
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  4. Fridge

    Fridge Live, Learn, Laugh, Love.

    17 May 2013
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    Dusk watched Tango as he walked away with a confused look.
    "Tina?" He mouthed silently.
    'That stallion has major trust issues.' He thought to himself.
    "What in the name of all that is orange and flickering was all that about? Should we go after him?" Ember Asked.
    "I have no idea, and I wouldn't bother. That stallion is paranoid, I was hoping he'd warm up a bit once he met the others." Dusk said with a shake of his head.
    "Either way." He turned to look toward the edge of town.
    "We should get moving. It's going to get dark soon, and there's no sense dwelling on it, if he wants to die alone, let him."
    He turned to face roughly northwards.
    "If everyone is meeting at the North road I suppose we should head that way. Lets go."
    Dusk didn't wait for a response and began to walk along the roof tops.
    'Damned fool, he'd better not die or I'll kill him.'
  5. Mista Squishy

    Mista Squishy (ThatSquishyGuy)

    16 December 2013
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    Eliser managed to scale a house blocking her from where she heard the scream, as she climbed onto the roof she was Anna fleeing from a large male zonified minotaur, Eliser didn't have the time to see if she recognised who the zonie once was, Anna was about to be mauled by him.

    "ANNA!!!" Eliser yelled as she slid down the side of the roof, landing in between her and the zonie. The zonie turned it's attention to Eliser. The beast was standing at about 10 feet in height with a slight slouch. It's horns were massive and curved with them spraying outwards before retreating in, having the points facing the top of it's head, making it easy to impale something... or somepony. The Minotaur's fur was all matted and filthy with bold patches where it had been attacked before.

    The Beast gave a ear jerking roar, lent over, and scraped one hoof against the ground three times before charging towards Eliser.

    "get out the way!" Elise ordered to Anna as she raised her axe and braces for impact.

    Anna ran and hid behind a nearby crate, shivering from fear, "Be careful Elise!" she shouted towards them, hoping that it would help.

    Orb was closing in on where he heard the scream from Anna.

    "you wanna fight!" Eliser yelled in taunt towards the Zonie. "Come and get sum'!" she bellowed and let out a battle cry as the Minotaur slammed into her, she managed to block it's horns with the axe's handle, preventing her from being impaled. She swung her head and smacked the Minotaur in the eye with her horns, causing the beast to let out a dual scream of both a low cry of pain and a high pitched screech at the same time, as if there were two beings inside the minotaur's body at once, both screaming in pain, like a parasite had control of the dead body and it's vocal chords.

    Eliser kicked the large bull Minotaur, causing it to stagger backwards. The Beast roared shortly after, having recovered from the loss of an eye, and charged again. This time Eliser barrel rolled to the side, evading the Bull's attack.

    The Captain galloped down a alleyway, heading to the source of the scream. He got to the other end of the alley and saw Eliser fighting the bull Minotaur. "Eliser!" He exclaimed with surprise as he saw them fighting with Anna behind a nearby crate. "Hold on!" He shouted as he charged towards the bull, about to strike the undead monstrosity, who seemed to not notice him. But suddenly when Orb came within a few inches of the bull Minotaur, The bull kicked his hoof out striking Orb in the chest with a leg of steel like power, sending the Captain soaring over the nearby house and crash landing, forming a small crater, next to three ponies on the north road. The Captain's Vision was blurred, He felt like he had just been hit by a train... a train going at a high enough speed to make a sonic boom that is.

    Eliser roared in anger towards the Bull after seeing it kick Orb off the scene. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT MEAT SACK!!!" She Screamed charging towards the bull, axe in hand, ready to swing. The bull in question looked back towards Elise and it too charged towards her. a few meters before they collided, Eliser threw the Battleaxe at the Bull, impaling it into it's skull, causing the Beast to fall towards her at full running speed, Elise dropped down to her hands and Bucked the Bull with both legs launching him through a nearby well and landing him onto a broken lamp post, impaling him onto the said post. The beast gave one last roaring screech like sound, before dying.

    Eliser walked over to Anna, huffing from the rampage that was now over. "Are you ok Anna?"

    Anna stood and slung her arms around Eliser "yes, i'm glad you came... i.... i thought i... i was going t-t-to-"

    "i wouldn't have let you," Elise interrupted. "you're safe now, that's what counts." Anna released her from her grip and smiled "let's go find Orb, i hope he's alright."
  6. Bronti97

    Bronti97 Double Rainbow??? what does it mean?

    23 July 2014
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    Soft, sad music plays in the background :p

    The kindness which Anna saw in Ferrum went almost as quickly as it had came, she has witnessed everything he has been through and knows that he has to try and get around it somehow. Anna had no family, they all left as soon as the apocalypse came. turns out people would do anything to survive.

    "Well, i have been through exactly the same, I was outside my house, just come back from work and ready for my dinner, i could smell it the closer i got to the house. then i saw a pony go flying through the window, i was unsure who this pony was and i walked up to it and tried to help it.

    Anna sat down, tears started to form and she could help but feel sorry for the stallion.

    "The reply i got was not one i was expecting, this pony started to try and bite me, i was able to move away quickly because i knew this was not normal. the pony was injured because it went through the window so i could easily evade its bite, my sister Mercury however started running towards the pony and I figured that she thought it was hurt so ran outside to help it, so i stood in her way to stop her from getting hurt, what i didn't know was that there were three others inside the house, one came out growling and started running towards us.

    Anna walked up to Ferrum and hugged him, she didnt want to see any of her friends hurt, especially Ferrum the only friend she has at the moment. She could see that saying this was hurting Ferrum on the inside, but she knows that talking about it would make things easier.

    "I knew that Mercury couldn't outrun the pony, so i picked her up onto my back and started running, however the second ponys teeth caught her leg as i picked her up... i couldnt... i couldnt help but think if i had let her run away, she could be here right now, by my side, being happy and cheerful in these situations. she turned before my very eyes and all i heard was a gun shot. Mercury, or what took her place, was lying on the floor with no life left in her. i sat near her body crying for several days straight whilst Ponyville held off the zonys. a few days later Marr went away to help find a cure or something and left me alone in the house, i knew she was doing the right thing but i wish she didn't. we both thought that Ponyville could last longer then it did, it got overrun within a week and i had to leave Mercurys side. i have no idea where mum, dad or Marr are, all i can assume is that wherever they are, they are kept safe.
  7. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    Ember briskly trotted off after Dusk, noting the skill with which he traversed the rooftops. Hmm, thought Ember, either a thief or an acrobat, and you don't usually see acrobats survive the apocalypse. Better keep my bags safe.
    "So, where exactly are you headed? Off-continent? Some forest someplace?" Ember had decided it was best to stick with a group, because at least then there were more targets for the zombies to disperse to.
  8. Eiro

    Eiro Cutie Cuddly Wuddly Huggily Princess

    14 April 2012
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    *heh, at least somepony is staying cheerful* Eiro said looking down to breeze before turning to look at the sky, 'no matter what happens bellow the sky always seems so welcoming' Eiro thought to herself before laying down wandering how long the nightmare would last if it would ever even end.
  9. Fridge

    Fridge Live, Learn, Laugh, Love.

    17 May 2013
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    Dusk trotted at a steady pace, very aware of how late things were getting.
    "Canterlot. Against my better judgement. Last time I was there I barely survived getting out of that place."
    "If it were only for my sake I'd head toward the sea, try and catch a ship out of here... Assuming there was one left."
    He paused, debating whether he should mention why he was going to Canterlot.
    'Seeing how Tango reacted perhaps, I shouldn't play my cards so close to my chest this time. But is she trustworthy?' Thought Dusk.
    "But I owe a buffalo a favour and you don't welch on a buffalo." He said.
    Dusk stopped for a moment to view the state of Ponyville. He could see a large cloud of dust not too far from where they are.
    "There must be hundreds of them in the streets, where in Tartarus did they all come from?" He squinted hard, scanning the air above the dust as best he could.
    "And between the fading light and the dust I can't tell how many fliers are with them. " He turned to face Ember.
    "I think the time for light footsteps might be over. Let's go." With that said he started to gallop across down the walkway.
    It didn't take long before they were within sight of the meeting point, night had fallen quickly and the air had a sharp bite to it.
    Dusk stopped briefly to catch his breath and wrapped his cloak around him, he slowly made his way forward.
    "Does something feel a bit off to you? I mean besides the usual 'dead pony walking' thing." He asked Ember, hoping he wasn't the only one who felt something was wrong.
    She shook her head in between light pants, Dusk was impressed. 'Clearly she's one who's used to some exertion.'
    They sat on the roof top for minute in silence, eyes watching the growing scene on the road as they allowed their bodies to recover.
    Growing bored Ember stood up and walked to the edge of the rooftop.
    "It looks clear." She said, "We should make our way down while we have the chance."
    Dusk gave her an appraising look.
    "I'm just waiting to see who else turns up, there's a lot of people I don't know there."
    "Well you don't know me either." Ember retorted angrily.
    "Very true, I don't." Dusk replied, standing back up lazily. "But there's only one of you, which makes my life that much easier." He said with a weary smile.
    Dusk stood next to Ember, peered into the gloom and sighed.
    "But I suppose you're right. We need to get going, but I want to take it slowly."
    She flung herself from the roof in a gesture that Dusk could only assume meant that she agreed.
    "I really don't like this." He muttered under his breath.


    "I really don't like this." She muttered under her breath.
    "Be that as it may, that is the decision."
    "But it makes no sense!" She exclaimed, lightly batting her brown mane away from her eyes with a hoof. "You know as well as I do that there are survivors still out there. If these measures are put into place we may as well execute them ourselves!"
    The white stallion before her exhaled deeply.
    "Look, we've been over this before. And no matter how much you complain, this is what's going to happen."
    "But..." She began.
    "But me no but's. The only but I want to see is your's leaving my office! Some of us still have a job to do."
    "Yeah, condemning the innocent.." She said, her horn glowing as the door slammed behind her.
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  10. Bronti97

    Bronti97 Double Rainbow??? what does it mean?

    23 July 2014
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    "I think thats enough emotions for one day" Anna says trying to brighten the mood a little, it is obvious that both of these ponys have been through a lot but they cant think about that now, they have a horde of zombies coming their way and they have limited time to get away from here.

    "Ferrum, we have to go!"

    Ferrum just sits there, obviously grieving.

    "Ferrum! there is a massive horde of zombies heading our way"

    He just sits there, not moving a muscle


    She stomps over to him and grabs his hoof to make an attempt of moving him, but she cant. the weight of Ferrum was too much, she couldn't even lift him up by flying. Finally she has one last attempt and sighs because she doesn't agree with it.

    "Marr might be in Canterlot"

    Ferrums eyes widen and he jumps up quickly

    "We have to go and find her"

    Anna swears he is going crazy and tries to calm him down

    "But we have a group now, we cant just leave them yet"

    "Of course we can"

    "No we cant, being with this group we have a better chance of surviving."

    Anna sighs, she knows Ferrum is right but she also knows they cannot wait long, the horde is on its way and they need to leave soon.
  11. Pub Crawler

    Pub Crawler Prince of Pints

    3 September 2013
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    A chill wind brought Crawler's senses snapping back to life, much to his brains disappointment. Grumbling to himself, the blue unicorn burrowed down into the warm embrace of his sleeping bag, but no matter how deep he went, the cruel eddies followed him. Sighing, he poked his head out the bag and squinted round the early morning scene.

    Light was just breaking over the horizon, a weak golden glow diffusing through the tree tops. Now that he looked at them, Crawler saw that the leaves were starting to turn reds and yellows but hadn't fallen yet. Without the annual race round Ponyville, he didn't even know if they could fall on their own. What would happen to the tree then?

    Tugging on one of the ropes, he undid a knot and took up the weight of himself. Slowly letting it out, he lowered down to the forest floor, stretched and got out of the bag. Only to jump back into it seconds later. Sweet Mother that's cold! Steeling himself, Crawler got out slowly this time. It wasn't much nicer, but he staid out. A light frost covered the ground beneath his hooves, some mist still milling around.

    Swiftly gathering some fallen wood, he got a fire started. Muscles loosening as the warmth around him built, Crawler sat down and started to make himself some breakfast. Looking up, he saw the cocoon like forms of his friends, and heard at least one of them still snoring.

    They can have 10 more minutes. He thought to himself, pouring some oats and water into a pan. Nice warm porridge, that's what you need on days like this, something to keep your ribs warm.
  12. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    Tango's legs had gotten extremely weary. Every step felt like as if his hooves were going to collapse out from under him. The lack of sleep wasn't helping either. He stopped walking for while, and sat down on the ground. He got out a water bottle, and took a drink. He stared up at the stars, or least what little of them he could see through the tree branches around him. The sound of the forest were minimal, and it was a still and cool night.

    'Judging by what I can see, I've probably gone 60 to 80 miles.' Tango took another drink and looked onwards, wondering how long it will take for him to get to Canterlot. He had no idea how far away Canterlot was away from Ponyville. Canterlot could be just right around the corner or another 100 miles as far as he knew. Not knowing frustraited him. Tango took one last swig and then put the lid back on the water bottle. 'Well, I'm not getting anywhere sitting on my butt. I better get moving.' Tango collected himself, feeling a little rejuvinated from his little break. He sped up to a trot, and moved along. His legs were still hurting, but he simply winced through the pain.

    The night itself was seemingly endless. Tango had no idea what time is was, and he had no idea how long he was asleep. Many times during the night, he thought to himself that the sun was soon to come up over the horizon, but it never did. Without adequite moonlight, he couldn't make a moondial to tell the time. He just simply had to spitball it, a task that is difficult when your tired, hungry, sleepy, and fighting for your life.

    'Just a little while longer now, Tango, and the sun will finally start to rise. Just a little bit futher... Just a little bit longer... Just a little bit. A little more. C'mon, Tango. You can do it. Just keep pushing. That sun'll come out, you're so close...' After a few more minutes of trotting, he noticed the sky above him starting to turn a brighter blue. A smirk planted on Tango's face. 'C'mon, Tango. Push just a little harder, just a little deeper...' Before he knew it, yellow beems of light started to poke through the trees, the sky grew brighter, and Tango quickened his pace. He didn't feel the pain anymore, adrenaline rushed through his viens. 'A little further. You can do it.' The yellow in the sky became more pronounced, orange now came through at the horizon line showing that the sun was soon to follow, the clouds now painted themselves pink. Tango was now in a dead sprint. He ran faster and faster and faster. Just as the sun showed itself, peeking above the forest, Tango collapsed. He lied there, gasping for air. After lying for a while, he collected himself enough to look ahead of him. There was a small two story house about 40 feet away.

    'Canterlot, at last!' He celebrated in his head. He rolled over on his back, and finished his bottle of water while lying there. He then slowly got up. His legs were in immense pain. He panted loudly. He moved methodically towards town. He hadn't realized he had ran so far away from the forest. It was so far behind him, that he couldn't see it anymore. Then, suddenly the front door to the house before him opened. A unicorn mare walked out. She had the typical Equestrian color palette of bright colors: a white coat, a bright yellow mane, and pink eyes. However, her mane was an absolute mess. It was messy and in many tangles, bunched up, and falling hazardly to her shoulders. She wore a scowl on her face. She walked out to a shed, was in there for a moment, and walked back out holding a few jars with her magic. She and Tango locked eyes for a few seconds.

    "Well, are ya just gonna keep standin' there or what?" Her voice was low and raspy. Her tone was unpleasant. Tango contemplated leaving her alone. She spoke up again. "I was 'bout to make breakfast. Iunno if you could use a free meal..." her voice trailed off. Tango wasn't sure if he could trust this mare. However, after the rough night he just had, he really couldn't turn down an offer for a free meal either. With a knot in his stomach he gave the mare a nod, and followed her inside the house. 'I hope I don't regret this.'
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    Silent snapped out of his daze as he heard the two ponies with him talking, he quickly wiped his eyes and picked up the photo he'd dropped and slipped it back into his pocket.

    “'e's right” Silent pointed out “Safety in number wite?” he paused to light a cigarette “Though you're welcome ter try it alone 'cause i'm not leavin' wifaht me group”

    As he said that he heard a distant yelling getting quickly louder, he turned towards the noise just in time to see a pony wearing similar armour to Nightwing land in a cloud of dust at his hooves.

    Silents mind took a few seconds to register what just happened, then he quickly helped the pony to his hooves “You're lucky ya were wearin' that 'rmour mate, that fall might 'ave killed ya otherwise” His armour had taken most of the force, and was now covered in quite a few dents and scrapes, looking him over it suddenly clicked that he'd seen this pony before “Wait, I remember ya, ya 'elped get us back ter the guild 'all after aw that trouble wif the bull” He paused and took a breath “Wait ...where in the bloomin' name of tartarus did ya fall from?” he said as he looked up hoping to see wherever this pony had come from.
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    "ugh... by Luna's beard that hurt, i'm getting too old for this~" Orb muttered as he lay on the ground, he noticed that there were three ponies around where he landed, the darker pony helped Orb up after taking a minute to stare. The Stallion was talking to his as he got up, with assistance, but Orb only heard the last few words, which were "-where in the bloomin' name of tartarus did ya fall from".

    "uh..." Orb blinked a few times and wracked his brain, "ah... a zony minotaur kicked me over a house, whilst i was trying to help Eliser."

    Eliser jogged out from the direction in which Orb was flung from, Anna was close behind her "Orb! are you okay?" they both quickly rushed over towards him.

    "yeah, you know me, tough as nails" He replied with whilst rubbing is aching head, "ouch... mostly"
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    Tango had already make it inside of the mare's home and was seated at the kitchen table, legs still throbbing in pain. The mare was at the stove preparing the pan with oil before cooking. This pony was really giving Tango some bad vibes, and his gut told him he had made a bad decision coming inside. However, it was too late now. He really did need a good meal, perhaps he could make a quick escape after he ate. That would be a best case scenario at this point.

    There was still an awkward silence between the two of them. The mare dug out some waffles from her freezer and put them in the toaster. Suddenly, the mare spoke up "You're bucking welcome, by the way..." the mare said sarcastically.

    "Oh, I apologize. I am thankful you brought me in."

    "Uh-huh..." the mare replied in a bitter tone, uninterested. Tango could feel the tension in the air. He really didn't want the situation to get any worse. So, he figured some friendly conversation could help.

    "I... uh... never caught your name there..."

    "That's because I didn't throw it!" the mare rudely interrupted. Tango sucked his teeth and slouched in his seat. He felt like getting up and leaving then and there, but he knew his legs wouldn't take him very far. He let out a quiet growl. The mare stared at him for a moment. "The name's Trisha, Trisha Johnson." Tango was shocked. He gave the mare a confused look, mouth agape. Curiosity had him now.

    "A Cavallian name?" Tango finally managed to ask.

    "Yeah, I was a Bane for about six years in Ironsburg. Of course, Tango knew that Banes (short for banished Equestrians) in Cavalla often changed their names in order to assimilate to their new environment. Trisha then began to curse Celestia's name for a couple of moments. This did not surprise Tango. Banes usually had very negative opinions about Celestia, Luna, the royal government, or even all of Equestria; for obvious reasons. Some so mush so, that they never even bother going back when the banishment time is up. She then took a long sigh and continued cooking.

    "So you were banished then returned, but you kept the same name? That must get you quite the looks from the ponies around here. Why not change it back?"

    'My name change means a lot to me. I took a lot with me from my time over there. It's not the bad place some ponies think it is, but it sure is rough. You really have to earn your keep." Tango nodded in understanding. "The good thing is that my daughters name is common in both countries. Not that she'd be smart enough to memorize a new name anyway..."

    "Rose? Amber? Ruby? Daisy?"

    "Lily. She's quite the hoofull, and a headache. She rarely listens to me if ever. Damn brat. She can't even dress herself in the morning." The mare then grumbled to herself. Tango decided it was best to avoid the subject of loved ones for right now. Just in case they weren't around anymore. Trisha was now digging through the fridge. Pulled out a egg carton and cracked a couple of eggs. Tango quickly became uneasy.

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you eat... MEAT?"

    "Yeah. I don't see what the big deal is. Lots of ponies in Cavalla eat meat." 'Lots of ponies' was a vast overstatement. Ponies that eat meat are vastly outnumbered by those who don't. You might be able to find it in some grocery stores, but most ponies frown upon the practice. Most of all, meat really isn't good for a pony's digestive system, which is why Tango stays away from it. "You'd better eat meat. I'm serving the waffles with eggs and sausage.

    "Look, I'm thankful that you've brought me into your home, but I refuse to eat something that used to be a living thing." Trisha got within an inch of Tango face.

    "It's MY house, and you'll eat what I give you!"

    "I'm not eating it!" Trisha spun around away from Tango, and slammed her hooves on the kitchen counter. She took a few deep breaths.

    "Fine! I thought you were some big, strong, military pone and could take in some bucking eggs. Whatever. I'll make some bucking toast for the big bucking wuss." Tango took offense to Trisha's words, tone of voice, and vulgar language. As soon as the waffles were done, she popped in a couple pieces of bread. There came a noise from up above. The noise moved around, and then came down the stairs. There, stood a filly at the end of the steps rubbing the dirt from her eyes. She was an earth pony with a bright pink coat, a long, flowing, yellow mane and tail, and lime green eyes. Tango was surprised by how old she was. He had a hard time believing that this was the mare they were talking about earlier. The way Trisha described her, she'd have to be somepony much younger, maybe only a year or two. This filly was much older than that. This pony should already be in school, and it's almost a surprise she doesn't have her cutie mark yet. Perhaps this is some other pony.

    "LILY, DID I SAY IT WAS TIME TO GET UP YET? NO, I DIDN'T! GET BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND GO TO SLEEP!" The mare's screaming was like a dog barking mixed with dragon claws on a chalkboard.

    "But mom, I'm hungry..." Lily's whining wasn't like a normal's child's whine. Her voice was hollow, monotonal, almost lacking purpose.

    "Oh, so you're gonna make my day harder too? Fine! Trisha fixed a plate for Lily as well, and they all ate at the table. Tango powered through his meal, devouring it in mere seconds. Lily finished her waffles quickly, but wouldn't touch her eggs or sausage. She played with them a little, pocking them around with her fork. Trisha stopped eating and wiped her mouth with a napkin. She spoke up again. "Lily, why aren't you eating?" Trisha said calmy leaning forward in Lily's direction.

    "I don't want to eat it. Espeacially the pig thing. It's gross." Lily didn't bother looking up at her mother to talk to her. She continued to play with the sausage.

    "So, let me get this straight... you ruin my morning begging for food, but you WON'T EAT WHAT I GIVE YOU? IT TOOK ME ALL MORNING TO PREPARE IT, SO EAT THE FOOD! EAT IT!" Lily quickly stuffed the sausage link into her mouth. She looked like she was going to be sick. A tear rolled down her left cheek. She slowly, and begrudgingly ate the rest, gently crying the whole time. "That's better, but I'd prefer if you hadn't cryed like a baby while doing it..." Lily quickly dried her tears and then proceeded to act like nothing had happened. Tango watched the episode completely awestruck.

    'Just what the hay have I gotten myself into?'
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    "Y'know, the zombie apocalypse isn't really all it's cracked up to be in the movies." Dusk turned his head slightly in her direction, which Ember took to mean he was listening. "I mean, I was expecting a complete bloodbath. Of course, there's no heavy artillery in Equestria, but still. I don't really like all this skulking around. It's just so BORING. Most fun I've had yet is when I tore that zombie's throat out with my teeth." They were walking at what could be considered a relatively leisurely pace, past boarded-up shops and houses, the pavement full of potholes. "What were you expecting it to be like? The apocalypse, I mean." Ember was bored and considering more impressive, if slightly lesser, ways to mutilate the undead, and was asking questions fill the time.
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    Ferrum looked at the huge metal ball of armour fall from the sky and hit the ground quite hard,

    "What the hay just happened?"

    "Your asking me as if i knew"

    the three ponys start to walk towards the armored up pony on the ground, thankfully it hadn't been a lethal fall.

    “Wait ...where in the bloomin' name of tartarus did ya fall from?”

    "ah... a zony minotaur kicked me over a house, whilst i was trying to help Eliser."

    Ferrum looked at Anna "I havent seen one of them yet"

    "Neither have i" they both see another pony running towards them.

    "Orb are you ok?" this is a good sign, this could mean that the group are coming after all

    "So, how many others are there? i would rather not wait around for much longer, i ran out of noise machines trying to get here." he knows exactly how much damage a zony can cause and he would rather not have to witness it again.
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    Dusk viewed the various buildings as they passed, several of them had collapsed into the road creating barriers that really slowed their progress. Thankfully it worked both ways as the Zonies were also being slowed by them.
    "Yes, well this 'boring' skulking stuff is how I made my living before all this and have survived so long." said Dusk. He was tired, the sun was nearly up and they still hadn't made it to the meeting point despite the fact he had seen a group forming from the roofs.
    'And it says volumes about you that you call tearing a deader's throat out 'entertainment''. Thought Dusk.
    "As for what I thought the apocalypse would be like... Can't say I thought too much on it, too busy planning jobs and dealing with the N..." He stopped himself quickly. "... Other issues." He spoke carefully.
    "But if I had thought on it I would have put my bits on Discord releasing some evil monstrosity or that freak from up north returning."
    As he trotted around a corner he heard the 'WHUMP' of metal hitting the ground at high speed.
    "That sounded like it came from the meeting point... Maybe you were wrong about heavy artillery."
    The thought of heavy weaponry brought to mind a certain green stallion.
    Dusk scowled at the thought.
    'That idiot better be alive or I'll tan his hide.'
    That thought lead him to wonder on Raging Water's fate.
    'He's probably sealed up in the hall. He always had more brains than people gave him credit for.' The thought brought a sad smile to Dusk face as he lifted his head. He could see a large cloud of dust raising from the streets ahead.
    'Looks like I need another route.'
    "It looks like every street between us and the group is packed with deaders." He sighed with annoyance.
    It'd be better if we split up and you fly on ahead to the group, don't worry about me. I'll catch up. Just get those folks moving."
    He didn't wait for Ember's response and jumped into an alley. He ran through a broken section of wall and up a flight of stairs that groaned under his hoof steps. He didn't stop as he heard them collapse behind him. There was a open door on his left, he dived through making a bee-line for the rooms sole window. He glanced through the glass to the street below.
    He had been right it was nearly wall to wall with Zonies, hornheads and even...
    'Is that a freaking Minotaur? Wonderful, just wonderful.'
    Dusk sat on his haunches in thought.
    'There's no way, I'm going to be able to sneak past all those, I'm good but not that good. The alternative is to wait it out a bit and see if they thin out.'
    He glanced around the room, it had been some ponies bed room once. There was a single bed pushed against a wall, the wardrobes had been built into the walls, their doors hung open. Dusk could almost imagine seeing the shadow of a pony frantically packing, hurriedly flinging what they could into a suitcase.
    "I wonder how far they got?" He whispered to himself.
    The room smelled musty, but then it would after being abandoned for so long.
    'I could rest up here, push the bed frame against the door and sleep on the mattress. But there's no guarantee that the deaders will move on quickly.'
    He slipped off his pack, and did an inventory check. A single tin can looked back at him.
    'Kinda wish I hadn't used so many as distractions now.'
    "So, I can't just wait it out..." Dusk mumbled to himself.
    He sat for a moment, weighing up the pro's and con's of the various ideas flowing through his mind.
    'Fighting my way out is a non starter. Waiting is almost guaranteed to leave me stranded and slowly starving. Going out the window leads me to the streets which...'.
    Dusk got up and looked out the window again.
    'Yep, still lots of deaders on the ground, and Celestia knows how many above. Doubt there is any chance of a rescue either...'
    He began to pace between the door and the window.
    'I could try and sneak along the rooftops but since I can't see what's above that seems too risky. What else is there?'
    The floorboards under him creaked as he continued to pace back and forth, his steps starting to become more frantic.
    'Buck, Buck, BUCK! I don't want to end it here! Think, you idiot. Think!'
    He drew a blank, his pace slowed and he slumped down onto the bed, eyes blankly staring at the bedrooms wall ten foot in front of him.
    "What would Zina do?" He whispered, cradling his head in his fore hooves.


    The castle was going into full lockdown mode, no pony going in, no pony going out. She watched as a few guards rushed back and forth across the courtyard issuing the new orders to the scant few guards that were left.
    The portcullis for the inner gate had been lowered and its heavy wooden doors were slowly being pushed closed by a group of guards as she watched. From her vantage point on the balcony she could see over the inner gate and into the outer courtyard. Several tents, were scattered in clumps around the courtyard, she thought she counted thirty in all. That's it, just thirty. Those thirty tents held all that remained of Canterlot. She could see a small line of ponies waiting outside one of the buildings, every time one pony came out of the door another would enter. Besides the door stood a blue stallion, even from here she could see that this stallion was big.
    'Acting as a bouncer of sorts I imagine.' She thought to herself.
    She lowered her had at the thought that these few ponies were all that was left of Canterlot
    She turned away from the scene. The captain had just blindly followed orders, and now Celestia knows how many innocent ponies would suffer from this rash decision.
    "We should be sending out search and rescue parties, not closing the door." She said angrily to herself starting to stomp her way to her quarters.
    As she walked away she heard the loud and heavy clunk of the inner doors closing, the finality of the noise was not lost on her.

    Dusk was also stomping around the room he was in although a lot more lightly.
    "I don't know how to think like her!" He hissed to himself.
    He turned his back to the wall.
    "Gah!" He kicked behind himself angrily.
    There was a loud crack followed by the sound of falling wood. Dusk turned to face the wall.
    Where his hooves had impacted was now a small hole, and through the hole lay another room. The hole was too small for any pony but...
    He turned again and kicked back once more, this time below the previous impact. As more of the wall fell away Dusk smiled.
    'Never thought I'd be happy about shoddy building work.'
    The next room had obviously been used for storage, all the furniture had dust sheets over them and the room was bereft of any decoration. There was door on the opposite wall. As soon as he saw this Dusk headed straight for it inpgnoring everything else and swung it open. The door opened onto a U shaped landing, descending stairs facing directly toward him and a pair of doors flanking it's left and right corridors.
    Not being interested in getting trapped in yet another small room Dusk opted to take the stairs. He entered what looked like a lounge with a built in kitchen, the first thing he noticed was that once again all the furniture had been covered in dust sheets.
    'Perhaps that wasn't a store room at all, and this is just how they left the house.... WHO IN TARTARUS DOES THAT!? OH! THE DEAD ARE WALKING! BETTER COVER THE FURNITURE! WOULDN'T WANT IT GETTING DIRTY NOW, WOULD WE?'
    Thin curtains had been drawn over the windows, the only thing obscuring him from the dead's sight.
    He walked past all the furniture and continued to scan for anything that could be useful. A few minutes of searching proved to be a fruitless, sighing he settled on taking a few dust sheets off of the furniture and putting them in his saddle bags.
    "At the very least they could be made into bandages or something." He said to himself.
    Besides the stairs the room only had two exits, a door at the front and one at the back.
    'Well, from the shapes I can see wandering in front of the window the front door is out of the question.'
    Dusk walked to the back door and lowered his head to peek through the keyhole. Nothing appeared to be moving around out there, but he knew the limited vision was unreliable. He removed his head from the keyhole placed his ear to the door, still nothing besides the constant low rumble of deader hooves.
    Twisting his hoof as he raised it he extended his lockpick and quickly set to work. In a matter of moments the lock clicked and Dusk pushed it open.
    It was now why Dusk realised there had been no movement, the door had opened into a walled off area set in the alleyway. Whoever had owned his house must have been well off.
    'Probably some Canterlot Elite's holiday home or something. Explains the dust sheets over everything.'
    Withered potted plants lined the walls, it was clear that at one point this place must have been a lush hidden paradise for somepony. There was a small green shed in a corner with a bench beside it. The door to the shed was slightly ajar.
    'Must have been pretty damn idilic once.' Dusk thought as he walked toward a the far wall. This wall hadn't been built for the garden as it was for the building the garden backed up onto. He looked up, his mouth moving as he worked out a route up.
    It was then that he realised that he heard something, light creaking coming from his left. His eyes opened wide as he turned his head to the sheds now open door.
    In the door way stood a single desiccated looking earth zony, it's legs looking barely able to hold itself up. From its attire Dusk guessed that it must have been a gardener, caretaker or something. It reached out a bony hoof toward him and slumped forward into a heap, moaning pitifully as it tried to pry itself toward him on legs too weak to stand. Dusk watched a moment as it crawled painfully slowly toward him. He shook his head, it was no threat, least not to him but something made him watch the wretched thing inch it's way slowly forward.
    Dusk looked around the walled area, there were no tools or anything really of use to anypony. He walked calmly past the grounded zony and looked into the shed. A few sweet wrappers littered the ground and a open half drunk bottle of water sat on one of the shelves.
    'I think he must have tried to wait it out in here... With only his lunch and whatever he had stashed around the shed.'
    Looking around it didn't take long to find what he wanted. He grasped it's handle in his mouth and made his way back outside.
    It was the work of a matter of moments but now the zony was silent. He went back into the shed again and found a rag in a draw. He emptied the half drank bottle on to the cloth and quickly cleaned the blade. It was dull, but then it was meant for digging not slicing through a skull.
    He rummaged further looking for anything that could be of use, he found a few items that would help him. Some rope, a whetstone, a trowel and a tinderbox. He also found a small pouch of tobacco, matches and a pipe, he left the pipe but took the rest stuffing all but the trowel into his increasingly heavy saddle bags. The shovel now lashed diagonally across his back and the trowel in his mouth.
    "Right. No more dallying." He affirmed to himself.
    Dusk went back to face the wall, gave it a quick glance and took a few steps back. He bolted forward and leaped toward the wall. His quickly extended hook barely sank into the brickwork, but it gave him enough time to swing and detach. The hook still extended it this time hit a exposed wooden beam, sinking much more deeply than before. Again he used the momentum to swing, but when he neared the apex of the swing, rather than detaching from the beam he swung his head hard toward the wall embedding the trowel in the mortar between bricks. He swung up again this time hooking a leg over the trowels handle and detached the hook before quickly swinging it into the brickwork above him once more and using the trowel as a spring finally pulled himself onto the roof.
    With his back facing the garden below he sat and caught his breath. Behind him the faint thud of a trowel descending to earth could be heard.
    Dusk picked himself up and set a fast pace toward the edge of the Everfree.

    It didn't take long for him to reach the Everfree's edge, he had no intention of actually entering it. It was just another waypoint to him, he knew the way to the path everyone else had been taking and circling the town a had seemed the safest option. The sky was still dark, he supposed that Luna had more serious matters than the celestial bodies to consider. He smirked at the term 'celestial body' as he walked.
    'After all I've gone through I think I'm allowed to have at least one dirty thought right?'
    He saw the roadway ahead and several dark shapes still milling around it. Still not sure of these new comers Dusk hung back and entered the bushes near the path to watch.
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    They came from the North, they did, about two months ago not long after Celestia had left. Nopony really quite knows where they came from, all the signs point to the relatively safe Cloudsdale. There were about 20 to 30 of them. None of them ever gave a name or a rank, their leader said he was some high-end officer. He only wanted to be addressed as "Superior Operative". Usually this would raise a lot of suspicion, but with the dead walking around, everypony was eager to return to some kind of structure. The only evidence they had of being legitimate, was that Superior Operative had a valid Royal Guard badge, and a good one at that. One wonders if this whole thing was a good idea anymore.

    Not that Radar's position had changed much. She was usually left to work alone in what most of the other Guard members jokingly call "Grouchy's Dungeon". She liked the cold, dark lab within the radio tower. Normally she'd be trying to contact the Crystal Empire or even the Cavallian government for assistance. A few days ago, the new command told her not to do that anymore. That was just another thing that struck her as odd. She'd prefer to be a little more busy, but she can't complain. Here in the windowless, underground lab, she'll sometimes forget the even is a zombie apocalypse.

    Although the memories still hurt. Having a lot of time to think isn't always a good thing. Some words still sting like they did when you first heard them. "I need to go off to Ponyville. I can't stand being in here safe and sound, knowing my parents are still out there suffering. I shouldn't have left them behind in the first place. Even if they aren't around anymore, I need make peace with myself." Radar could understand where he was coming from. She'd give anything to see her parents too. She gave him a Cavallian Radio, the same one Celestia herself had given Radar weeks before. "I'll dial you on the talk-box when I find them." He went off, knowing there was nothing she could say or do to stop him.

    She waited for him to radio in. The hours went by slowly, then a few days, then a week, then a couple of weeks. Three long weeks passed by pacing around the cold and lonely lab, and still nothing. Suddenly a noise finally came through the speakers. She plugged in her headset and tried to hone in on the signal. White noise filled the room, then a voice bearing terrible news.

    Thunderstruck was dead.

    This new stallion brought forth a new host of problems. A foreigner who is protected by law, authorized by Princess Celestia. It was one the last things she did before disappearing. This poor stallion had seen it all, too. His voice sounded more battered with every sentence that he spoke. There was no time to grieve over an old friend, she had a job to do. Over the past couple of days she had kept in contact with him. Slowly and carefully guiding him to Canterlot, to safety. But now, she was stuck waiting again. Her mind would wander again. She wondered if she was going to lose this new stallion too. She could still hear Thunderstruck, "I'll be back before you know it!" However this new stallion provided just a small glimmer of hope, and she could use something to believe in again. This new stallion's name was Tango.

    Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise was heard overhead, then a loud clang. 'What in Tartarus are they doing up there?' She paused for a minute to wonder if Tango might try calling soon. At this time of night it was unlikely. Radar got up and took off her breastplate, the only armor she bothered wearing while in the lab alone. She threw on a wool buttoned and collared jacket, and bolted up the stairs. This was the first time she'd has been out of the lab since Tango had first called her, and even before then she had only been out of lab a few times to eat since Thunderstruck left. As far as she was concerned, her job was more important than even the most basic of needs.

    When the heavy metal door swung open, everypony was shocked too see her exiting the lab. After her eyes got adjusted to the torch light in the hallway, she trotted to the nearest window and looked outside. The big, heavy wooden doors were being pushed shut. Radar gritted her teeth. She quickly filled with anger. Anypony that had considered approaching her were now backing away. Radar stood there silently fuming. 'This is despicable. Something needs to be done about this... RIGHT! NOW!' Radar quickly turned around and headed up the chambers, towards the center of the castle. She heard a familiar voice from behind her.

    "Where are you going?" said the voice.

    "They're closing the gates, Private Thorn."

    "Yes, I know this, but what are YOU doing?"

    "Somepony is going to hear about this..."

    "Somepony just got saw the Captain, and-"

    "I'm not going to see the Captain." The mare's voice got increasingly more intense the longer she talked. Private Thorn quickly snatched up Radar. Radar was now kicking and squirming, but the stallion's grip was far too strong for the frail mare. "LET ME GO!" the mare shouted.


    "Don't you dare 'Rose Rose Rose' me! Our crock leadership is making a terrible mistake, and I intend on letting him hear about it! Innocent ponies are being jeopardized, our connections are being cut, Staff Sergeant Thunderstuck is dead, and..." The busy hallway quickly fell silent. Private Thorn slowly and carefully put Radar back down. Radar fixed her jacket, and dusted herself off. Then, she proceeded to the Celestial Chamber.

    "Corporal Roseate Light..." the Superior Operative greeting her as she entered. "There's a face that hasn't seen the light of day in a while. I was beginning to worry. Why do you come to me in casual attire? Where is your armor? Have you even bathed?" Radar kept her head down staring at the rug beneath her.

    "Permission to speak, Superior Operative." her voice remained clear and respectful.

    "Hmmm..." The stallion waived a hoof nonchalantly in the air, thinking for a while. "Oh, I assume it's important. Permission granted."

    Radar rushed towards him, slamming her hooves on his desk. "I OUTTA KICK YOUR HEAD IN!"

    "How dare you come to me so disrespectfully!"

    "A member of the Cavallian caravan from Baltimare is alive! How dare you undermine Celestia's orders by closing that gate! Open it at once!"

    "What proof do you have that this Cavallian friend of yours even exists? Everypony in the hotel died, remember?"

    "My radio contact with him comes and goes, but I assure you he is ALIVE!" The was a slight pause.

    "Huh. Even if your little tale is true, the gates stay closed. That's final." Radar's jaw dropped.

    "How dare you ignore an order from our ruling Princess! When she hears of this-"



    "Guards! Please escort Corporal Light back to her quarters at once! I've had enough of her attitude, and utter disrespect." The guards grabbed her quickly and dragged her towards the door.

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    Silent was getting agitated, the light was fading fast and there was no sign of the rest of the group. He'd started pacing back and forth glancing down at Ponyville every few seconds hoping to see something, anything approaching.

    “Come on guys, where in the bloomin' name of tartarus 're ya?” he muttered, every fiber of him wanted to head back into town to look for them, only his common sense kept him where he was, knowing that, even though he couldn't see them in the fading light, the streets were crawling with the dead.

    “Gah!” he suddenly shouted in frustration and kicked a stray stone down the slope towards town “Damn it luna, where the 'ell's the moonlight when ya need it?”

    He sat down and, trying to calm his nerves, lit another cigarette. As he sat there he shivered and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end, he turned around and squinted into the darkness around them, somehow, he felt like they were being watched. It was just a gut feeling but he'd learnt that his gut was usually right these days.

    He reached for his crossbow and quietly loaded a bolt. He quickly went over to the others “Call me paranoid, but i'm sure there's sumpony ...or summit watchin' us”

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