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Other OC in the Zombie Apocalypse!

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Pub Crawler, 17 September 2013.

  1. Bronti97

    Bronti97 Double Rainbow??? what does it mean?

    23 July 2014
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    "Yeah, there is a horde of zombies steadily heading towards us" Anna stated sarcastically, many ponys would have thought she had given up.

    "Anna, i think somepony is watching us too" he slowly begins to stand up, holding the momentum hammer firmly in his hoof. Ferrum throws the heat hammer up in the air and Anna bolts up to catch it. The heat hammer is always her weapon of choice, the fact it could go straight through a zony was amazing, unfortunately it overheats extremely quickly.

    "Whatever it is could be a live pony"

    "well unfortunately thats not a risk i want to take at the moment, once we confirm its a live pony and a good one at that, then ill put my weapon down."

    That was strange, Ferrum has always been kind. Losing his family must have taken a huge impact on this poor pony.
  2. Vianessa

    Vianessa Something terrible’s happened, no idea what it is

    15 July 2014
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    Wolf Rayet was awoken by somepony calling his name in the late morning, nearly noon. He looked to his left, noticing the absence of a pony replaced with a well made half of the bed. He yawned, looked to his right out the window to see a sunny day. His smile was interuptted with a shout of his name again. Rayet got out of bed, crushing an invention he was working on the night before. Rayet let out a small yelp then placed his hooves into the now-considered-to-be-heaven soft slippers, put on his housecoat and went downstairs.
    "You wanted me?" He asked the yellow maned white unicorn, who was faced away away, already working on the evening's meal.
    "Yes, Sprocket left that for you, it's on the table." . Rayet walked over to the table, examining it whilst the mare asked "And can you go out and get some carrots?".
    "Yeah, sure." , He replied, still trying to figure out what it was that was given to him. "OH! I know what this is, it's the module I need for the contraption... That I just stepped on." , he muttered a curse word as he levitated the module with his magic back upstairs. The mare rolled her eyes and walked to the fridge in need of of lettuce as Rayet told her "I'll go get washed and get the carrots."

    Rayet pushed the tap on, letting out warm water and billows of steam into the bathtub. Whilst the bath was running, he decided to go and see if he was able to put the crushed thing back together. Noting the parts he'd have to replace whilst he was out, Rayet heard the smashing of windows and a loud scream emanate from downstairs. He dropped the objects from the vivid gold aura his horn was producing and galloped back downstairs. "What the buck?"

    "It's too late for me, run, save yourself!" Shouted the mare, cowering on a sofa surrounded with zonies.
    "HEY! Leave her alone!" Rayet jumped across from the stair's banister and into the mare, just as a zony attacked her. All three rolled into the kitchen, Rayet ending up on top of her, and the zony besides them, crawling towards them. The mare opened her eyes to reveal they were not the beautiful golden they were 5 minutes ago, but instead were blood red.
  3. Pub Crawler

    Pub Crawler Prince of Pints

    3 September 2013
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    Ladling out a bowl of thick grey mush for himself, Crawler tucked in with gusto. As always, it would have been creamier with milk, but anything warm this morning was welcome in his books. Looking up at the sound of creaking branches, he saw Breeze lowering herself to the ground. Unlike him, she elected to remain in her bag and instead crawled like a caterpillar to snuggle up next to him.

    "M-M-Morning" She managed between yawns.

    "And good morning to you. Here."

    He deftly served up a second helping for her. Breeze went at it face first, literally. Only to pause a moment later and stick her tongue out panting like a dog.


    At moments like this it was hard not to facehoof, but Crawler did his best to remain taciturn.

    "Try blowing on it." He suggested, finishing off his own bowl as Breeze huffed and puffed at her own. Soon enough the little one had managed to scoff down the lot. She smiled at him, flecks of porridge splattered all over her face. He couldn't help but smile back. Levitating a cloth from his bag, he wiped her clean, despite the squirming.

    "That was nice, but a bit bland. Do you have any sugar?"

    Crawler kept his face neutral, he hoped. As it happened, he did have a small quantity of sugar hidden deep in his bags. But firstly, that was a valuable resource in these times. And secondly, he wasn't sure if he could handle Breeze in the throws of a sugar rush.

    Looking back up the tree, he tried to cover the awkward moment by calling to Eiro .

    "Come on Sleeping Beauty. Grubs up!"

    There came back a garbled, sleepy shout and hoof gesture that he hoped Breeze didn't know the meaning of.
  4. Eiro

    Eiro Cutie Cuddly Wuddly Huggily Princess

    14 April 2012
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    stirring from her sleep after hearing Crawler call to her she looked down to see that he had prepared food and that breeze was already up and getting herself messy "will be there in just a moment" she called drearily before looking to the sky thinking about the last day and a bit, it had been quiet with little incident, but she knew it wouldn't last not until they found a way to fix things and break the grip the virus had over the country if there even was a way.

    looking back down she saw both crawler and breeze waiting so she rolled from her perch in the tree gently flapping her wings to slow her decent landing beside the both "morning" she said rubbing the sleep from her eyes before sitting down.
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  5. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    Lily had just finished eating and Tango was patting his stomach when Trisha spoke up. She said something that shocked the both of them.

    "Well Lily, today is the day you finally stop being a worthless twerp and you grow some respect for your mother. I brought this military pony in to train you to be a nice little pony, understand?"
    Trisha looked at Lily with complete dissatisfaction, mocking her with her eyes. She looked at Tango.

    "You. Name?"

    "Sargent Major Roger L. Tango of Riversdale, 144th regi-"

    "Yeah yeah yeah, you're a big shot. We get it. Anyway, Roger here is going to give you some good old fashioned discipline and hopefully something will stick in that silly little head of yours. Got it? You can start by covering the dishes."
    Tango didn't like being thrown under the bus, he already didn't like Trisha. He didn't want to do anything she asked of him. However, she did feed him, and he could maybe humor her for a while. Maybe then, he can finally leave this strange family and be on his way.

    Lily wasted no time and quickly went up to the sink and turned on the water. Tango was slow to follow Lily, and Trisha left the kitchen. The water was steaming hot, but Lily stuck her hooves in it like it was nothing. She didn't even flinch in pain, just a slight wince was all she managed. Tango had grabbed all the dishes from the table and started washing them in the sink. They both grabbed a plate and started working. Tango had two plates and a cup done, and Lily was still washing the same plate she started with. She vigorously scrubbed the plate trying to remove a very small stain. She began picking at it with her bare hoof. *scratch scratch scratch scratch scratch*

    "Listen, I think it'd be best if you just dried the dishes this time around, okay?"

    After a short while she finally nodded. They switched places. Tango was done with the dish when Lily finally spoke up.

    "Yell at me."
    the filly whispered, her eyes desperate. Tango was lost. Dumbfounded by her statement, he asked to hear it again.

    "You don't want her coming back in here, do you? Please, yell at me."
    This time Lily kept her eyes down, almost as if she were ashamed. Tango thought quickly.

    Tango looked at Lily as if he was seeking approval.

    "You did good, but swear at me next time, okay?."
    This young filly was a whole lot smarter than her mother was giving her credit for. Tango hated cursing needlessly. However this was important, or at least it was important to Lily. Tango nodded. Thankfully, Tango only had to holler at Lily a couple more times before dishes were done. The two of them went into the living room and turned to go up the stairs.

    Trisha screamed.

    "Well... um... I was gonna go up to my room and-"

    "Did it look like I was talking to you? No, I wasn't! GET THE BUCK UPSTAIRS!"
    A scared Lily scurried up the stairs. Trisha pointed to Tango. "You. Roger. What are you doing?"
    Tango quickly thought up of a lie.

    "I told her to clean her room, and I was going to supervise."

    "Good. The place could use a good pickup. That room of hers is always a pigsty."
    Trisha's face relaxed. She waived a hoof dismissing him.
    Tango marched up the stairs. He was glad that Trisha was out of his hair for a while. He found himself in a hallway. He opened the first door to the right and found Lily there, sitting on the floor. The room wasn't much to speak of. It sure didn't look like a little filly's room. The walls were completely bare. There was nothing in the room except the bed and one large dresser. There were no toys, books, clothes or anything else. The bed had no sheets or blankets, just the one pillow. Even the closet was completely empty and the door was pried off. He couldn't see how this room could ever be the "pigsty" Trisha described it as.
    Tango sat next to Lily on the floor.

    "Something's been bothering me..." Tango spoke up. "If you knew your mom was gonna yell at you, why even bother going downstairs to begin with?" Lily stared at the floor. It was about ten minutes before she finally answered.

    "Um... well, I have to go down for food. If I don't go downstairs every once in a while..." Lily looked up at Tango, tears filling up in the wells of her eyes. "...I'll be up here for days, sometimes weeks." Tango now confirmed what he had suspected, but had tried to ignore. He was looking at a severe case of child neglect.

    "Now what do I do?"
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