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UK PonyCon Photos?

Discussion in 'Conventions Discussion' started by Stormblaze, 13 March 2018.

  1. Stormblaze

    Stormblaze Purple song pone

    14 September 2013
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    Hey guys a little off topic but I hope you can help. Trying to track down an apparent only photo of me from UKPC 2017. I was pretty ill that weekend so wasnt up for many photos anyway, but I was in cosplay on day 1 as Sunset Shimmer. ONE PERSON did ask to take a photo of me with my sunset plush, but ive not seen any photo threads around or links or what.....very odd and I do not remember who it was who took the photo.

    All i remember is that it was one of the staff or voulenteers. Taken on the first day, behind my table in the vendor area.
    Its literally the only photo of me in cosplay and i'd very much like to have it. Or if you have any photos with me in them from day 1 that I wasnt aware of then please let me know! .....same goes if you took any during mine and Mad Munchkin's panel on day 2.

    Added selfie i took a few days before the con, so you have an idea what to look for in your photo collections.

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