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Pillow Paradise

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Snoozy, 3 December 2013.

  1. Snoozy

    Snoozy bleh

    18 April 2013
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    Early morning. With a soft fizzle of magic, Snoozy gently turns the shop sign hung on the door around, Changing the status of the small shop from closed to open. It had been a few days since she had arrived, News had hardly spread so far... A shop specializing in pillows? well it was a long shot. would it take off in such a small town? Unlikely. The quality of her product was high in ponyvilles standards, however, considerably lower and much more amateur when compared to the quality of canterlots standard product.

    The shop was just on the edge of ponyville, the side of the market closest to the everfree forest. a bad location, However, it was affordable to rent. for obvious reasons.
    the building was quaint, the downstairs was the shop, the upstairs was the place she called home. The exterior of the building itself was attractive and lovely, Quaint looking and pretty. The windows were clear, yet the corners were lightly dusty. she hadn't quite gotten around to thoroughly cleaning the old shop quite yet, however it wasn't filthy to an unpleasant extent. more, rustic and aged. On scrap wooden boxes and cheap slat shelves were where she had her products displayed neatly, In the center of the store was a large open top crate, deep, completely filled with cushions of various shapes and sizes, the bargain bin obviously, Pillows she didnt figure would sell, Had flaws, Had an uneven stuffing, you name the problem, It was there. Each shelf had a variety of different shapes, sizes, styes, colours, etc, of the higher quality pillows. the flawless ones. impeccably stuffed, with exotic, wondrous hoof embroidered patterns or weaves, works of art that could be slept on. Designs that could give Rarity a run for her money.

    Snoozy sat at her desk behind her counter. Sewing together a square of green velvet, to another panel of blue. Her head in her hoof as she used her magic to stitch in and out along the seam slowly. She was in no hurry at the moment.
  2. James Dark War

    James Dark War Shadow Pony 34

    7 March 2013
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    As Patients was a young stallion zebra new to Ponyville he though about getting new things for his new home he had just bought walking about the town with out a clue what to get he saw a shop selling pillows this gave him a thought "Mm I know I will go and see about a nice new pillow for my new home and get my old one a little repair" he said to himself holding his pillow as it had rips and holes in to it as he walked up to the shop he could see all these wonderful nice pillows through the shops window.

    as he open the door and walked in he saw some nice pillows all in this bargain bin and he then saw the mare using her magic to make a pillow as he walked up to her
    "Um hello there" he said to her in a nice and calm voice.
    #2 James Dark War, 7 December 2013
    Last edited: 7 December 2013

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