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Pony Master Quest

Discussion in 'Games & Development' started by Sunamena Shy, 2 July 2020.

  1. Sunamena Shy

    Sunamena Shy Recognised Pony

    10 August 2012
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    So, I decided to post this here as well.


    We (with we I am talking about me and some good fellow dedicated fans) are creating a game.
    It takes a while but... we are slowly getting there.

    About the open beta
    As of now, we plan to go into Open Beta on October 10th 2020, exactly 10 years after the first episode of My Little Pony friendship is magic aired.
    If any of you would play the open beta, please note that...
    - Bugs will likely still be present.
    - Animation and art will not be fully finished.
    - Design will still not be polished or existent.
    - Not ALL content will be available.

    About the game
    Your story begins many years into the future, as you and your friends arrive at the school of friendship.
    You soon discover that there are many mysteries surrounding the school.

    It is played in your browser, it is a classic RPG game. It will have a story.
    In the game you can make characters, there currently are 10 species (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony, Dragon, Yak, Changeling, Gryphon, Hippogryf, Buffalo and Kirin).
    When they reach level 6, and have all their unlockable skills, they can choose a specialistion. The specialisation will put their focus on a specific role...
    DPS or Damage makes them good at dealing damage.
    Tanks are great at reducing damage, or taking damage for their team.
    Healers focus on recovery and healiing. They are great at dealing with nasty effects like poison.
    Special effects focus on giving special effects to the opponents, such as sleep, petrify, poison and many more.

    You can venture into dungeons, each dungeon consists out of several rooms with up to 4 monsters.
    You can enter each room with up to 4 characters. You can also choose to enter a dungeon with up to 3 other people. Then you fight them together.
    After completing a room, the next room(s) become(s) available.
    You also will get exp, bits and some loot. These will be boosted if you play with more people.
    Characters that did not fight in the room, will get some of their HP (Health) and Energy (used to use skills) restored.

    A dungeon has one, or more boss rooms. One of those boss rooms ends the dungeon (usually the boss on the bottom).

    Characters can have one weapon and one equip. which you either found or crafted.
    Each equip can get a certain number of upgrades (we call this slots), improving the item. For this you need a Power Orb. They affect stats such as Offense (Attack / Healing power), Speed, HP, Energy, Luck (determines the ammount of exp and bits you receive and the chanche to have loot), required level (decreases the required level), Accuracy or Avoidability.
    Orbs do have a successrate, and regardless wether they succeed or fail, a slot on the equip is used.
    100% = Always works, minor boost.
    60% = Works sometimes, good boost, on average better than using 100% orbs.
    10% = Works rarely, but a major boost.
    70% and 30% = Same boost as 60% and 10% respectively, but... if they fail, there is a 50% chanche that the immense power of the orb destroys the equip.

    We could always use some help
    Aside from that we are doing great at the moment, there is still lots of work to be done!
    If you happen to be great at something, like, but not limited to making icons, making art, making animations, CSS, ..., and you would love to give us some assistance, please feel free to contact me.

    Stay in touch
    Would you like to stay in touch?
    Join our Discord corner, or be placed on our mail list, or follow this topic. (contact me for the other 2 options)

    I will also regularly post updates we did on the game here.

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