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Discussion Pony Sports Teams List

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Rizae, 24 August 2012.

  1. Rizae

    Rizae Rainbow Swag

    22 March 2012
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    General thread for any sports teams you may wish to use relating to your character to enable others to integrate them into the world if they so wish, can just be names but a description helps.

    As you may have seen, I use Heartstoker and Curveball who both have ties to the Ponyville All-Stars, who I consider the big league team of Ponyville. Others include the Trottingham Trotters and the main rivals of the Ponyville All-Stars, the Canterlot Clo-grr it makes me mad just saying it (this is somewhat of an injoke, take a guess at the full name of the team but for obvious reasons if you figure it out don't post it in full past the 'o'). There are hints of their backstory in my characters' various posts and bio, but feel free to add to them if you wish, teams are made of many players so heck you could even be a member.

    So there we have it, give a mention to any teams of any sport etc. you have in your character's canon, may well get some people including it into their own stories or even signing up!
  2. Pon4

    Pon4 Unloved by Al

    13 June 2012
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    The Crimson Arrows and the Wonderbolts are both aerobatic teams. Feel free to join them, the former is definitely looking for recruits.
  3. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    The Riversdale Pistons are a basketball club from Riversdale (obviously), and are a part of the CBA professional basketball association. The Pistons came into existance when the then-successful Ft. Gary Pistons relocated to the thriving city of Riversdale twenty years ago. They had recently won the CBA championship, and moved to the larger city to take advantage of the larger market. Since the move however, The Pistons have struggled. Their lack of success is the result of one boneheaded move after another by the management. Whether it be a head slapping trade, or a less-than-stellar draft pick, the Pistons seem to always have the citizens of Riversdale left scratching thier heads. To say that the Pistons are a terrible team would be an understatement (much to the joy of those living in Ft. Gary). While things may taken a turn for the worse lately for the city of Riversdale, fortune came the way of the Pistons a couple of years ago when they drafted guard Dave Bing. Bing, an exciting player with almost unreal speed, agility, awareness, and flare, has pumped new life into the lowly Pistons. However Bing's play may be selling game tickets, but it's not helping the win column too much. Basketball is a team sport and one pony cannot do it alone. The Pistons are still looking for additonal players so they can become the great team that the city desperately wants them to be.

    The Pistons are not looking for recruits, they aquire new players via the draft, and the Pistons are pretty much a discussion topic among those in Riversdale. Some are hopeful fans that believe that the Pistons are a few good players away from being a playoff team. Others think that Bing is a showboat, and is hurting the team with his fancy play. Whether somepony is a fan or a critic, the Pistons are a main topic inside Riversdales's pubs, resturaunts, pool halls, barber shops, and other hangouts.

    I was going to post the Riversdale Pistons, logo and uniforms, but apperantly I can not do that.... oh well. Thier colors are White, Crimson Red, and Royal Blue (in that order).

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