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Post-Series Finale Rewatch - Season 1

Discussion in 'MLP: Re-Living the Journey' started by Bridle Timeout, 1 November 2019.

  1. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    I'm not as far along as I'd like to be! Clearly this is going to be a bit of a challenge...

    BTW great points above on how the ponies are most definitely ponies in S1 and eat very pony things etc.

    Ticket Master
    Straight away some AJ/RD interaction where anyone who's watched the finale is now constantly going to be scrutinising their every past interaction ...
    Classic season 1 "they're all terrible to somepony until they learn something then it's massively heartwarming"

    The friends not really being friends yet and trying too hard
    Celestia clearly knowing exactly what she's doing setting up Twilight with the problem of only having 2 tickets.
    Celestia also knowing all in terms of Spike also secretly wanting a ticket.
    Benny Hill sequences make their first appearance
    Lots and lots of background ponies like Colga...Minuette, Berry Punch, Bonbon etc copied and pasted

    Memes born:
    Fluttershy hugging angel gif
    Oatmeal? Are you crazy?

    Applebuck Season
    The ultimate "AJ is stubborn" episode. Learns that it's okay to accept help. I think many of us struggle with this at times!
    Twilight after learning to teleport in the previous episode (and burning Spike in the process) now can't get enough
    Rainbow Dash is blasting off again.... (missing "ting!")
    It's a fine line (hurr) between lines under the eyes for tiredness and lines under the eyes to denote about 20-30 years timeskip...

    Memes born:
    Literally the entire obsession between Derpy and Muffins is made out of this one episode where she (underped) says "muffiiiins". Her entire 9 year identity born from one word in one episode.
    Dashie's "wub woo" / "so awesome" face
    Pinkie as an alarm clock

    Griffon the brush off
    It was a bit saddening really that nopony seemed to want to be near Pinkie.
    I used to think they were a bit harsh to Gilda but nah, she was a MEANIE.
    Pinkie channels a bit of Minty with wanting things a bit to the left and a smidgiemeter(lol) to the right
    I thought this ended with one of the better lessons. You can't control who other people hang out with, but you can be better yourself.
    Edit: I also love what Culdefell said on the matter, about how you're forced to reevaluate Pinkie unexpectedly. Heck it still got me today.

    More of them really not being good friends yet, or Twilight would've just taken Pinkie's side rather than saying it might be her problem
    Love and Tolerance is not actually always the way if you're loving and tolerating bullies
    No one can stand seeing Fluttershy being hurt emotionally.

    Memes born:
    You've got mail. You've you've you've you've you've got mail!
    Dashie the prankster in general
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  2. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Boast Busters
    tl;dw: 6 ponies and a baby dragon heckle a stage performer
    To be honest, I've always found this a bit of a mean spirited episode. Trixie is clearly an entertainer, she's not 'boasting' any more than any other entertainer does (and not nearly as badly as their own friend Dashie), and reacted as stage performers do to being heckled.
    'Dumb boy' stereotypes (Snails especially)
    I enjoy watching it still, but it's definitely not a favourite of mine due to how it portrays the mane 6 and how it says it's okay to heckle a stage performer and chase her out of town for daring to embellish a bit

    Fun bits: The cows getting milked
    Memes: I moustache you which ones to list

    This is "My Episode", you know how people often have the episode that endeared them to a particular character because they identify massively with them? No? Well this is mine anyway

    From start to finish she's the embodiment of a lot of my own experiences. Being softly spoken and timid, and unable to get anyone's attention or be taken seriously (only for someone else to come along and accomplish it instantly). Fine with mountains but scared of heights even if it's just a hop skip and a jump over some BIG SCARY CHASM. The occasional paralysing phobia with the sense of letting everyone down. And also the sudden unexpected snap from timid to aggressive when friends/family are under attack and really giving the aggressor what-for (though my language on the couple of occasions that's happened has been a little more er.... colourful. Both times it's been in defence of friends/family, nothing physical but a lot of verbal. I tend to feel ashamed while others say "good for you" *shrug*)

    Not keen on Dash in this one, she's a bit too bitchy about Flutters.

    Memes: The carrot kick which I still have on a t-shirt. Angel being a little (censored) as he was early on. That cough. Dashie being adorable (when she's attacking that bust thing and then lands on her head looking cute), making up a little for some of her later attitude.

    A solid favourite of mine.

    Thanks, I never thought of it like that, that gives me a new, less mean headcanon for Dashie's reaction here. It's well within her personality not to admit to weakness or sentiment, which she may at this stage of the show see as her concern for her friend.

    Season Observation
    Lots of use of the MLP melody back then in the score. That it was toned down a lot over time (that I noticed anyway) made its use all the more special for the transition between the show's final song and the final credits, which yes Jim Miller confirmed directly to me on Twitter was Daniel Ingram's idea :)
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  3. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Sorry for the triple posting monologue :p

    Look before you sleep
    Classic "opposites" (AJ+Rarity) episode. It's still clear here that they're not particularly friends yet beyond saying they are
    There's something lewd about the title "Everything you wanted to know about slumber parties but were afraid to ask", or maybe it's just me ;)
    It's nice really to see AJ being the one to apologise seeing as she's the stubborn one generally. Fits in well with the episode. I liked it, it was more classic S1 "they're all horrible to each other then they make up" d'awws.

    Memes: OH IT IS ON (actually the first was Boast Busters but I forgot to mention it), the long running (right into the finale) trope of "Is there anything else that can possibly go wrong?"

    Bridle Gossip
    I don't want to get overly political, but I bet this if aired now would go down like a lead balloon due to being "heavy handed" and such.
    This was actually a very well done racial prejudice episode, I thought. It laughed at prejudice, rather than putting up people's defences like a modern version would along the lines of "if you prejudge this zebra you are EVIL and just a horrible person". It says look, it's not right to react this way, but please just try to learn something.
    I love this as Apple Bloom's first proper episode also, she's the youngun who hasn't yet learned prejudice and who can easily be in danger but also the voice of reason

    This sets up the Everfree Forest as the freedom zone where things work like they do in the real world

    No comment on the slightly questionable imagery of Twilight's flaccid horn ;)

    I loved that Zecora stood up for herself with a HOW DARE YOU before softening up,

    Memes: FLUTTERGUY <3, everypony showing their butts (my version from 'yay' seemed to be cropped?! I have wider angle screenshots), second instance of "THE HORROR THE HORROR", Twilight waking up in bed as memed with several shipping images.

    Enjoyed them both. Wholesome S1 stuff.

    Season observations
    They were terrible at being friends back then - but that was required of course for the show to do its thing.
    Twilight back then was sooo heavy on the "consulting the books for everything including pretty much how to breathe in and out". Also as mentioned upthread, soooo snarky! I did like this version of Twi. Long way from her future self.
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  4. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    The Stare Master:

    This episode had some interesting development for Sweetie Belle, especially at the start. It's the first we've really seen of her outside of one scene, and it already hints at her relationship with Rarity being a bit strained. Sweetie really just wants to be like her sister, but Rarity is too absorbed in her work to be flattered by it. It's also a continuation of Rarity's tendency to overwork herself. It might not be the healthiest thing, but I suppose it's possible that her success depended on having that kind of attitude. I also noticed that at this point, Fluttershy's instinctive reaction when Rarity snaps at her is still to apologise and leave. While she clearly underestimated the demands of looking after three hyper fillies, she wasn't intimidated by them, like she is with adult ponies. Another little detail I missed is that she apparently can't control her stare, which does explain why she doesn't sometimes. And I think that when her confidence grows later, she never really feels the need for it anymore.

    For me, the scenes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Yay!) playing around in Fluttershy's cottage really defines the time when they were very definitely children. The moment when they play creature catchers is especially full of innocence. While Hush Now, Quiet Now isn't quite a great song like Winter Wrap-Up is, it is a really nice moment. I love that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle already know to cover their ears before Sweetie starts singing. I do have to wonder if the CMC felt responsible for losing Elisabeak, although they clearly don't quite understand how dangerous the Everfree Forest is. I know this was also the origin of Scootaloo being reimagined as a chicken. I never quite got that, but I suppose this was when the fandom only had 26 episodes, so everyone had to pick each one apart.

    Obviously, this is the second time Fluttershy blows her fuse in the defence of someone else. I had to notice how easily she was flying before that when she sensed that the CMC were in danger, though. I actually quite like her idea of a good night in, though I couldn't handle it all the time. I'd rather tell fairytales than scary stories any day, that's for certain :p. Can we also just appreciate that Fluttershy has little mouse holes in all the doors and walls of her cottage? It's adorable, and it speaks volumes about her character.

    The Show Stoppers:

    It's actually really sweet of AJ to pass her old clubhouse down to the CMC. I wonder if she just used to hang out there alone, with Big Mac, or if she used to be close to anyone else. Equally, I can see why the CMC were unimpressed with it. The montage of them trying everything they could to get their cutie marks is an absolute classic moment, and the music kind of exudes childlike wonder, as well. I like that, in that direct season 1 style, we're shown that Apple Bloom is good at fixing things, Sweetie is a good singer, and Scootaloo has great balance. And that for the first of many times, the three of them completely misinterpret/ignore advice about doing what they already love, and waiting for their cutie marks. But even so. when they grow up, they must just have the loveliest memories of these carefree days, running around trying everything under Celestia's sun. Anyway, their decision to each do something out of their comfort zones reminded me of The Cart Before the Ponies, but they had some bizarre reasoning here for why they thought they were within their comfort zones.

    The CMC Theme Song is quite a strange one. I actually love the sound of the instrumentation, and of course I like Scootaloo's vocals ironically. I kind of wish I could see hear them doing their KISS tribute act "properly", in the roles the other ponies suggested to them. This and the last episode really did a lot to set the tone for CMC episodes for seasons to come. The other thing I'm trying not to think too hard about is how pianos work in Equestria. I'm pretty sure there were intervals of only one or two black keys...

    A Dog and Pony Show:

    This was another one I hadn't rewatched in quite a while, but I had more fun than I expected, the most fun rewatching since Bridle Gossip. I'd forgotten that this was the first appearance of Sapphire Shores, it seems that Rarity was already making massive waves in the fashion world after impressing Hoity Toity. I think this was a better example of Spike working with Rarity, in that he got some gemstones to snack on. Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but it actually seems a bit disturbing, the way the diamond dogs talk about Rarity before capturing her. I wonder if their fantasies of Rarity freaking out are shared or individual. It stands to reason that after Look Before You Sleep, Applejack would see her as a pony who freaks out over the slightest dirt. And Fluttershy may well have projected her own feelings about the situation onto Rarity in her fantasy. All I have to really say about Spike's fantasy is that I think he does grow up to eventually look something like that. I find it it interesting that unicorns can apparently show each other how spells work. So many mysteries to ponder. I also love that, true to form, Pinkie is having the absolute time of her life.

    This was an important part in Rarity's character development. It wasn't so much that she learned or changed, but more that the mane six, along with many viewers, learned that she's far from helpless, and that she's a strong woman in her own way. That's definitely an important moral regardless of gender; you don't have to hide any femininity, or even create any artificial masculinity to be capable of handling yourself. The scenes of her doing just that are still so much fun to watch, even now. I suspect that she started genuienly complaining, but when they showed irritation, she saw an opportunity. I love the escalation from refusing to chip a hoof, to complaining about the conditions, to whining instead of complaining, to finally fake breaking down in tears at being called ugly. She's really clever in the way she twists their words like that. she also gave my favourite line in a while, even out-sassing Twilight: "Good heavens, what is that smell?... Ah, mystery solved. It's your breath." Burn!

    Green Isn't Your Colour:

    Much like the last episode, it seems like Rarity is going places in the fashion world, attracting Photo Finish. I find it amusing that she practically got Fluttershy to model for her the same way she got the diamond dogs to release her, though nowhere near as intense, of course. It's interesting that Photo Finish saw Fluttershy's natural timidness as a marketable look. It's actually a bit messed up when you think of it that way. As far as I can tell, Rarity assumed most ponies would love to become a big name in the world of fashion alomst as much as she would, hence why she insisted on Fluttershy taking the opportunity. Fluttershy still didn't feel like she could refuse that at this point, even though going against her entire nature like that just to avoid disappointing Rarity is quite excessive. But she felt obligated to go that far here. In turn, Rarity grew jealous of seeing her friend live her dream, but she equally felt determined to support her. From the first season, these are possibly the most complex, nuanced emotions we see.

    I'm not really sure if Twilight should've just told them both how the other felt, if not for the pressure Pinkie put on her, but maybe the two of them did need to work it out for themselves. It's hard to believe Spike actually thinks anyone doesn't know he likes Rarity, especially after he got caught in his own fantasy and almost kissed Applejack. I had to notice that Bon Bon here... kind of didn't seem very nice. It's not too much of a strength to think that she matured over the seasons along with the mane six, though. Maybe spending all that time with Lyra rubbed off on her?

    Incidentally, do you think the way Photo Finish says Fluttershy's name is how it would sound if it wasn't with two Ts? Maybe that's why she felt the need to clarify later :p. The other moments that stood out to me in this episode were Fluttershy being so frustrated she could just tear the place down. Or so she thinks, but to anyone else, she just looks slightly flustered. Maybe she really had been holding in how she feels for too long. Of course, Pinkie's claim that sharing a friend's secret is the fastest way to lose a friend FOR-EV-ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. In later seasons, Twi would've rolled her eyes at that, but she was still quite insecure about friendship here.

    Another random thing I noticed is that ponies seem to stand up on their hind legs and do this galloping motion when they get excited. I don't remember seeing that so much in later seasons. Sorry if someone else already said that, I can't remember right now. And that Rarity seems closest to her dream of any of the mane six at this point. Most of the time, I see these episodes in my current mindset, but every now and then, there's a moment when I could swear it's the end of 2015 again...
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    24 March 2013
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    Swarm of the century
    The only problem with episodes like this is they rely on really poor communication. There were plenty of opportunities for Pinkie to explain what she was up to!
    However, great episode overall particularly for a Star Trek fan (Trouble with the Tribbles). I sometimes think it'd be nice if the parents saw what the fuss is about (they usually like the same things I do, but I kept it "my thing" and was always worried they'd watch and be like "nah I don't get it") and if I did, am not sure if I'd start at episode 1, at Dragonshy (because it's me) or this one because it's something familiar i.e. Star Trek episode.
    One thing is for sure, they're the most destructive villain we've seen - they destroyed Ponyville! But unlike say with the tree later on, they can just rebuild it by the next episode..

    Memes: Fluttershy's entrance which was used for the "hey guys what is going on in this.......... o.o" reaction image, Zecora's "you're doomed"

    Running themes: Celestia clearly knowing everything that's going on, again. This is SO obvious in hindsight.
    Things going limp, this time the dandelion. I'm sure the animators had nothing on their minds at all. ;)

    Winter Wrap Up
    Worth it for THE FIRST SONG! I mean there's things like Pinkie Pie's little ditty in episode 1, but this is the first proper full song.
    I don't have a huge amount to say about this one, it's a nice episode and highlights Twilight's strengths, laying the foundations for her future. Her use of magic, if it was later on when she was a little more talented, is something she could've got away with. I do feel for her when AJ tells her off.
    Interesting bit of (probably unintentional) foreshadowing with "right, no wings"

    Memes (well, ships): Colgate (or bleh... Minuette..) and Berry Punch have their little moment during the song and then that ship sailed

    Call of the Cutie
    Ah poor little apple blossom. What seems to be the problem?
    This episode has an absolutely lovely end where it introduces Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. It must be one of the most heartwarming moments of the show, come to think about it - here poor Apple Bloom is feeling so alone and isolated and then these two come along and announce all the great things about her being a blank flank <3
    Dashie saying she can make a cutie mark appear "like that" - technically she can, as we learn later on when we find she triggered the entire mane 6 all at once. Plus, her thing of having AB try lots of different things rapidly is what the CMCs then end up doing, so Dash really played a huge part in this episode when you think about it.
    Genius of Apple Bloom to deflect attention from her by playing to Diamond's ego and saying the attention might not be on her.
    One concern: why in the hay are the adult ponies at the party also chanting and mocking Apple Bloom when the rest are? Sheesh, grow up! You should know better!
    I find it interesting how Celestia reflects on her own mark after reading Twilight's letter. She has a story to tell there.

    Memes: Introducing Doctor Whooves!, AH WANT IT NAO, cupcakes (*shudder*)

    Random observation: the music during the party always makes me think of Final Fantasy X-2. I'm sure there's a track somewhere in that game very much like that, it's one of the YRP/Gullwings girl power themes.

    Also, possibly the first name drop of "My Little Ponies" in the show?
  6. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Fall Weather Friends
    Tortoise and the Hare in a nutshell.
    Also pretty much the quintessential Appledash episode when you think about it. They're adorable in this and have the whole "bickering couple" thing going on.
    Rather enjoyed it but the race dragged a bit.

    Dash's lap was 18 seconds? That was a very quick 18 seconds!

    Fun little moments:
    Years of apple buckin'
    Fluttershy catching a rose. Cute.
    "You're not an athlete you're a egghead"

    Running themes:
    Hoof spitting. Man, they seemed to do a lot of this is S1.
    Spike begins his recurring role as announcer
    Another MLP name drop

    Suited for Success
    I was never a big "Rarity episode" person, and the way the other 5 behaved didn't do this any favours. Then again, this was season 1 so really designed to be the six at their worst and having things to learn from.
    The dresses were lovely so it was a bit of an odd situation to begin with that they didn't like them but hey, that's what's required to make the episode work, along with the 5 being cringingly ungrateful.
    LOL at the kitchen sink.
    As with many S1 episodes, it can sort of be a hard watch seeing them behave in... ways to learn from, but massively heartwarming at the end.
    Also this is an episode I can heavily identify with from web design, although I don't get as involved with it as I used to. Any designer (web or otherwise) knows the pain of knowing what good design actually is but having clients that insist on having things you know are bad design and won't listen, offer feedback like "just make it 'pop' by about another 20%" etc.

    "A tank" is mentioned in context of Dashie
    Fluttershy suddenly shows massive knowledge in fashion and stitching etc. This as far as I can think of is never revisited again.
    This is about the most I can recall seeing Opalescence actually do in the show.

    Well here it is. The one we were all waiting for. The Brony meme that endured for 9 years and is probably the quintessential Brony meme. TWENTY PERCENT COOLER

    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Do I even want to go there? The infamous episode, probably the first major Brony Drama. It's been debated to death over the years and apparently despite quotes like "take a leap of faith" its writer says it wasn't meant to be religious. No idea, I don't care enough, to me it's alright to acknowledge that there's something you can't (yet) explain but as someone non-religious you'd word it that you don't understand it yet and there's much to learn about the world that might not be accomplished in our lifetime, rather than to just 'believe'. But I have religious friends and it's all cool, it's no biggie at the end of the day.
    Not a favourite but didn't mind it overall.
    LOL at the literal soap box.

    Running themes:
    INTRODUCING DERPED DERPY!! And her role in logistics. Yeah this is the episode where the animators had seen people's comments about their error and decided to make it permanent.
    Introducing Gummy! In a very strange way :p

    AJ's incoming uh... muckstorm image
    Okie Dokie Lokie
    Can you explode twice?! (confession: I thought this was a reference to something else. Nope it originated with MLP)
    One heck of a doozy
    Twilight Rapidash
  7. Steamworks

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    7 March 2017
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    Not sure how to structure my rewatch posts, especially with the early seasons since I've rewatched those a lot and have said everything I can say about them already, so expect something loose with my structure (not that my posts ever had much).

    I swear S1 and S2 had more noticeable background music. Not saying it's better, it just seems more pronounced in these early episodes.

    I'm just starting my rewatch now, but I am kinda curious to see if Ashleigh Ball transitioned into the AJ voice of later seasons or if there's a definite line that can be drawn.

    The animation and art seem a tad rough compared to later seasons.Not to mention all the clones in crowds. Lots of static ponies in crowds, too.

    AJ's honesty moment is a tad contrived. She could have just mentioned Dash and Flutters being ready to catch Twi.

    Too bad we didn't get a last look at Steven Magnet in S9. Come to think of it, Lee Tockar doesn't seem to get the same love from the fandom as other VAs anymore. With pony cons downsizing, I wonder if more of the side VAs will start getting more con love.

    It's kind of weird how Twi forgot she'd had the elements with her all along by S9 and needing that reminder from Discord (probably doesn't help that I just watched the clip of the Mane 6 taking out Sombra last night).

    I swear Pinkie has access to Summon Party and Summon Parade.
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  8. Loganberry

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    16 May 2012
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    Lee Tockar was the guest of honour at Griffish Isles this year, and he was pretty popular; I certainly thought he was a fine choice. (Also he told me he liked the name Logan. :p ) I can't speak for America, but over here the cons that have VA guests at all have side VAs anyway. GalaCon is really the only convention in Europe that can afford the real big hitters.

    Going back to S1 rewatching, though: I'd forgotten just how many gags there were in "Griffon the Brush Off". It's easy to remember Gilda's notorious moment of making Fluttershy cry, but the episode is actually really funny. There's more Looney Tunes stuff going on there than you might imagine for an early S1 episode.
  9. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    Over A Barrel:

    So this was... very strange. I just don't really feel like this conflict really fits in the world of Equestria. Rainbow Dash and Applejack came off looking especially bad for fuelling their conflict and it's a very sad real world problem that people get thrown into all kinds of conflicts because their leaders won't see reason. I'm not sure if I really buy that Pinkie singing would enrage Thunderhooves when he's about to stand down, and I don't care much for the scene that follows, either. I think I would've rather seen how it ended if they had stepped away from the brink of fighting each other, and decided to talk it out because they don't really want to hurt anyone. I think that would've really complimented the show's themes, especially this early. Ignoring any real world historical implications, creating a route through the orchard for the buffalo and sharing their produce seems like a good solution, though.

    In spite of that, I was surprised by how many fun moments there were in this one. From that discussion about whether Fluttershy is a tree (I'm still not quite clear on that :p), Applejack reading Bloomberg a bedtime story, Braeburn not giving AJ a chance to speak to Thunderhooves' legendary summary of genealogy; "and his father before him, and his father before him...". It occurs to me that Rarity would've been far less irritated by Bloomberg having his own train carriage in later seasons. I did quite like Pinkie's song, it's one I often forget about. She has quite a nice outfit for that as well, though I wouldn't wear anything like that, personally :p

    A Bird in the Hoof:

    I enjoyed this one more than I remember. There was actually quite a lot of character development to go around, and I felt like this almost was the Celestia episode people kept asking for. In hindsight, Applejack could remember from her time in Manehatten that there was a "proper" order for eating things, but she couldn't quite remember it, so that understandably caused her some stress. I like that Pinkie has no sense of the occasion being formal, even snatching a cupcake right out of Celestia's telekinetic grip. And I love that Celestia is clearly amused by it, you can practically see her wishing her time in Canterlot Castle could be this much fun. I also think it's very telling that Celestia is visibly disappointed that Mayor Mare requested an audience with her when she would've rather just hung out in Sugarcube Corner.

    I think this is the first time we really see how good Fluttershy is at what she does, and the lengths she'd go to for any creature who needs her. For the most part, the episode wasn't about her struggling to assert, which is a refreshing change, at this point. I also found it adorable that Philomena seemed to genuinely get along with Hummingway. I'm not entirely sure if Philomena was just messing around on top of the fountain, or if she was faking dying the whole time. In the case of the latter, that seems a bit much, when Fluttershy was genuinely freaking out a bit. But come to think of it, it's possible that the reason Philomena didn't take any medicine was because she knew there was nothing wrong with her.

    I couldn't help but notice Twilight having another low key freak out here. She wasn't exactly hallucinating, but she did prove why she's not a vet, and her fantasy about Fluttershy being severely punished is quite reminiscent of what's to come in Lesson Zero. I don't think Celestia set the whole thing up; she's just getting to know Fluttershy, so she doesn't know that she didn't feel she could ask about Philomena, nor that she'd go as far as to steal her, just to try to nurse her back to health. Celestia was a little bit mischievous in not clearing up that Philomena is a phoenix straight away, and I think it's clear where Philomena learned that behaviour :p. It also occurred to me this time that when she says "Where on Earth would you get such an idea?", she recognised that kind of hyperbole as a textbook example of Twilighting. The only other thing is that, during Molt Down, I'm pretty sure having a phoenix feather caused Rarity temporary hearing loss. It can be inferred that Fluttershy wakes up the next day struggling to hear, goes to Zecora and gets a remedy for it, though.

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles:

    This always stood out to me as an absolutely legendary episode. I find it interesting that Applejack once wanted to leave the farm, and thought that high society might be for her. She seems to think it's "being a city pony", but that seems like a really posh part of Manehatten, especially after what we see of it later on. I do have to wonder where her desire to fit in with Aunt and Uncle Orange came from, and if that has anything do to do with what happened to her parents. I don't think I quite understand what kept her there when she clearly wanted to be home, but which she overcame when she saw the sonic rainboom. Fluttershy must've felt so out of place growing up in Cloudsdale. I can imagine that things like weather production didn't interest her in the slightest, and she was clearly afraid of flying in front of others, which implies that the only reason she went to flight school was because she didn't feel like she could say no to her parents. She must've felt so lost, even after making her first friend in Rainbow Dash. After she finally discovered animals on the ground, she must've been impatiently waiting for the day when she'd be old enough to go and move to the edge of Ponyville. At least learning to fly has served her well in taking care of her animals.

    I think Pinkie's cutie mark story might be my favourite. I have to wonder what she was like before seeing the sonic rainboom, since her family seem to be all kinds of emotionally repressed. I also think it's really impressive that she was able to put that party together overnight, as a kid. She even got Limestone to enjoy herself. But beyond that, she's clearly carried that desire to share the happiness well into her adulthood, and it's the very reason she acts so silly most of the time. I do wonder where Maud was at the time. If memory serves, she's older than Pinkie but younger than Limestone. It's possible that she was already off studying rocks at this point. It seems that Rarity had already decided on fashion as a filly, but I suppose finding that many gems opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for her. Again, she clearly still uses them for her most expensive designs as an adult. I also love the irritated expression on her face when her horn is dragging her across Equestria.

    It seems that Spike being a dragon who wanders around in pony civilisation is still a rarity, so that implies they don't just have a dragon egg for each potential student at Celestia's school. It's possible that they sswitched the usual exam out for her, but I'd always imagined that this event caused Celestia to notice her. Unless Celestia was just that impressed by Twilight's application. Of Course, Rainbow Dash's is the story that links them all together. I love that she probably couldn't have beaten them if she was just racing for herself, but to defend what could be her first friend gave her the push she needed. It's also quite interesting to think that "Rainbow Crash" refers to that time she crashed into a dustbin.

    It's really lovely that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle instinctively think their sisters are the coolest pony in Ponyville. Scootaloo being bored out of her brains by "uncool" stories also amuses me, and I don't think she would've had that attitude in later seasons. The ending where they all realise their connection is so heartwarming, as well.
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    I'm now at the point where I can enjoy Friendship is Witchcraft! for the first time ever. Why did I not watch this at the time, it's brilliant

    Struggling to get through S1 "in time" (determined to stick to the month! Also hoping to watch the first Anthology tomorrow if I finish the season) but if I crack on....

    Sonic Rainboom
    Special shout out to this episode as it's the one that got me into the show and fandom.
    Erm, this'll be long as I love the episode and it has that history so I guess I'll drop the full thing into a spoiler. In a nutshell, THE Rainbow Dash episode of the time. Also pretty much the Fluttershy episode of the time in terms of memes and such. Great one.

    After I googled "what's with the pony avatars EVERYWHERE" (this was 2011 after all) and clicked on a link to a thread where someone asked "why is this show so great?" one of the replies was "because Rainbow Dash." and compilation video which featured lots of her kickass moments including her sonic rainboom. That's what got me convinced that this iteration of MLP was COOL and worth checking out. I distinctly remember half the reason I got so far into the show is I was waiting for this episode to turn up!

    Such a quintessential Rainbow episode but also just shows how she's developed from being uncertain whether she could repeat the move she did as a filly to the point of her (of all ponies) having stage fright, to how she is later on where she really can pretty much do them in her sleep.

    Lovely way to achieve it of course, saving her friend.

    Season 1 Dash is so gosh darn cute. Kicking her legs about, the occasional ... how to describe it, like little voice breaks, the ohmygoshohmygoshohmyboshohmygosh... the swooshes of her tail.... ahhh stop being so darn adorable :D
    Quite surreal at this point seeing her meeting the Wonderbolts for the first time.

    Also a great Fluttershy episode, where she does so much of her "look at me, I'm being assertive... um... if that's okay...." thing :) And of course when she's stopped trying to *perform* a cheer and actually cheers from excitement EEEEEEEE :D

    Rainbow's got plans with the Wonderbolt guys. Nope my mind didn't go to the gutter, not at all.

    Not fond of Rarity in this one but then that's the point. I really looked forward to this episode the first time around and it still doesn't disappoint.

    *inhaaaaaaales* YAY. So yeah pretty much also the episode that put the yay in Fluttershy. I mean that's such a part of her now that if I'm roleplaying her in some way it's the first thing out of my mouth. Also common Fluttershy memes like "you rock woo hoo" and "were we arguing? I'm sorry" :D
    Rainbow crashing into the Golden Oak... she seems really good at homing in on it
    Super-derped Derpy
    Rainbows are spicy
    Rarity gets wings.... hmm who wrote this.... LARSON!!!
    Pinkie the instant librarian.

    Stare Master
    There's not a lot to say about this one thinking about it. Fluttershy looks after the CMCs and stares at some chickens. But it's adorable how by the end the CMCs totally respect her and as a result are well behaved around her... to Rarity's shock :p
    I think it's the first time Sweetie Belle is shown to be Rarity's sister? It's neat seeing all these first-times.
    Hush now quiet now....

    Memes (I say memes, a lot of these are "images I collected on ponychan way back when and have just stuck with me"):
    Flutters holding her breath
    Scootaloo as a chicken (I used to think this was a fandom invention based on her appearance until I rewatched this a few years ago)
    Scootaloo in a tree
    The snail crawling over Twilight xD

    The Show Stoppers
    Forgot what this was even called, this title is a complete fog to me, I thought it was another with 'Cutie' in the name. Unless it's a Mandela Effect thing!
    Didn't really like CMC episodes at the time, I don't know why. I think the voices grated on me with being so self-conscious about watching the show at first. Being so young or something. And they just never really clicked with me. But I grew to like them and going back on these episodes is good stuff!
    It's evident back then that they were aiming for Scootaloo eventually earning her mark in something scooter/agility related, Sweetie in singing/songwriting and Apple Bloom.... I don't know, construction? I think that's what they were getting at. So basically they do the things they're no good at instead of playing to their strengths. Bit like that infamous cutie mark swap episode I suppose.
    Interesting seeing the clubhouse for the first time, all worn out.
    I love the song, you can sort of detect the girls cracking up as they're trying to sing it and that just adds to the utter charm of it
    Cool to give them an award for best comedy!

    Memes etc:
    "My Little Ponies" gets TWO namedrops this time
    AJ's various "peeking in" d'awwfaces, cringes and lurks that I have a number of saved images for from the early fandom
    The buttons that got turned into an "unsee" button in an image meme
    Dumb fabric!!

    Dog and Pony Show
    Oh boy the Diamond Dogs one. Not my favourite. At least we get a sneak peak of grown up Spike, minus the wings, though I think most of us put it down to fantasy for him to have that build! But yeah much of Spike developing his crush and some annoying dogs.
    Looking back I actually like Rarity in this one, she does really wind those dogs around her hoof, and I like all her amusing, absolute cutting criticisms/complaining (less so her whining)
    Notable is one of MANY instances (I guess a show meme/trope but I'll leave it here) where 5 of the 6 are "AAAAAAAAAA!!!!" and scared, and Pinkie is "WHEEEEEEE!" and enjoying herself plummeting to her doom, lol
    One thing that hit me was seeing the colourful six (well 5 of them) standing in that drab cave of grey and brown. It really stood out after all the scenes in there.
    Nice moral. Just because sompony is ladylike doesn't make her weak. Wholesome classic-feminist MLP message

    Spike's "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
    When Twilight and Rainbow crash into each other, the creation of the Powerful Internet Hug! (idk, either you've seen this image or you haven't)

    Green isn't your colour
    This is pretty much the "Flutters is cute and picturesque" episode that sort of reflects the state of my pony folder...
    Interesting one to reflect on - us Fluttershy fans are basically that crowd chasing her around :) If she could see us.
    Big ask of her... big ask of Rarity... and all they had to do was be honest and communicate. Classic S1 goodness. Don't know about the German stereotyping with Photo Finish, I'm not faux offended on their behalf or anything daft like that, it's all in good humour, it's just a little... strong? Totally forgot that Bon Bon spoke any time before she was famous. Decent-ish episode in general.
    Good on Spike for calling out Twi for outing him :p

    Memes (some of these ones from my pony folder but some from Ponies the Anthology also):
    Fluttershy reading "that" magazine (another amusing 2011 meme, a little adult for here)
    Spike is being used (as a pincushion). It's okay because he likes the abuse!
    Pinkie Pie's FOREVERRRRR is going to follow her around.... FOREVERRRRRRRR
    Fluttershy's graceful sneeze :) I'm sure someone embodied that at work at one point not so long ago.
    Fluttershy's adorable screaming and kicking.
    Pinkie's always watching from impossible places. {Metal Gear Solid 'spotted' noise}
    A pizza hut a pizza hut kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut (I've seen Anthology loads of times but most of S1 only once or twice so it's odd seeing the reference material now. Totally forgot why Pinkie was doing all that weird miming)
    Fluttershy barking? Okay that never made it into a meme that I saw.
    Twilight headplant
    "And you were doing so welll...." {Metal Gear Game Over music}

    Goodness, that episode was RIPE for memes wasn't it.

    Well, like 7 to go in a day and 2 hours.... tricky...

    Haha yeah, many many copies of Colgate (as she was known by the fandom at the time), Berry, Bonbon etc. It was always funny when people shared still screenshots of the crowd clones

    That bit always bugged me a little too
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    I was going to put here some quote from FiW, but as I don't know how far you've got I'll just say yay. Because I know a lot of people prefer Mentally Advanced Series or Scootertrix or whatever, but FiW has always been top of the abridged-series pile for me. :)
    Ironic really that you get to write so much about Fluttershy after your very-long-standing Flutters avatar is replaced! :p

    On "Green Isn't Your Color" specifically, I've always felt that episode is very underrated. I think 'Shy and Rarity make a fun team, even if they aren't entirely seeing eye-to-eye. I get the feeling they're very good friends and value their tea parties and spa chats an awful lot. It's a reason I was disappointed that "Fake It 'Til You Make It" all those years later had so little of those two ponies on screen together.
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    Over a barrel
    Right we're definitely onto episodes I've only seen once.
    AJ talking to a tree, okay. Anyway. I seem to have this recollection that a lot of the American fans hated it? As they saw it as a heavy handed "guilt trip" message about the natives. I don't know, there's some historical education value but the general message I get from it is you don't have to be how the settlers vs. the natives used to be, you can share and compromise. The whole episode has a message the world REALLY needs right now with how culturally and politically divided it is.
    Huffy the magic dragon. I'm sure I remember that being a sad story.
    In this one, it's confirmed that the characters are all vegetarian.
    At least the leaders agree the "gotta shaaaaaare" thing was awful.
    Moment at the end where Thunderhooves gets slapped in the face with a pie and "dies", currently a theme of the show seems to be death but not death, and has his epiphany when tasting the pie.

    "What would you have me do, Rainbow Dash?"
    Okay that's a reference and I feel I should know what the reference is.

    Not my favourite and I'm not big on "Western style" in general but I liked it more than some of the US did ;)

    Interesting points?:
    Pinkie called Dashie Dashie. I think that's first I've heard of any of them calling her that.
    Trains were pony drawn originally?
    This is very much like a.. which season is it they get the map, 6?7? anyway, one of those episodes. They have to travel to some faraway land to figure out a friendship problem. Who'd have expected the future of FIM to be modelled on Over a Heckin' Barrel?

    Braeburn in general.
    Fluttershy being a tree (seriously what the heck? That whole sequence with Dash "thinking she's a tree".... I don't get it, did I miss something? Is it a mean dogwhistle for being lumbered with Fluttershy like back in Dragonshy or something? I never understood this and guess I never will)
    Are you loco in the coco?
    Tackle hug (is a gif) as Flutters hugs Pinkie
    Move...pony.... get out the way, get out the way Pinkie get out the wayyy

    A bird in the hoof
    Right I forgot most of this episode. Basically the entire thing is Princess Trollestia and her phoenix troll :p But as she says, if Flutters had just asked instead of assuming the worst none of it would've happened. Something for animal rights people to bear in mind.
    Take a note, Angel was nice in this one.
    Seem to recall the actual royal guards in London hate the whole thing of tourists trying to get them to crack :p
    After my friend has 'trained them up' the staff at our Indian restaurant do the same thing with drinks - the second your beer is drained they're swooping in with another!
    Having your eye on a buffet and then it gets cleaned up just before you finally decide to move in? Oh the pain is real :p
    Twilight being very pragmatic with the Tough Love approach, and hilarious seeing Phil scooting around with the cone of shame.
    Even Twi wasn't close enough to Celestia back then to trust her not to throw one of her friends in a dungeon in the place she was banished to xD But it's also funny seeing her like "Fluttershy, was it?"
    Lots and lots of the Fluttershy in my pony folder came from this episode too. It's amazing how many expressions people extract from these. Now I remember why she had so many different expressions in that image of her front hooves on the table...
    Well, lesson learned for Flutters, the hard-ish way but could've been worse! Anyway no letter needed here.

    Benny Hill theme again
    My Little Ponies - check

    Dashie waving her tongue about, right that's where it came from
    Move, pony, get out the way (part 2)
    Fluttershy's "oh.... my" - I made a gif of that! It was mostly as a response to innuendo though xD
    Flutters clutching the ashes. That's been used as a reaction image quite a bit also.
    And AJ trying to eat.

    The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    Oh I love this one! The more you think about it the more special of an episode it is, as it's the moment the girls first realise that they have the very special connection of all having got their cutie marks at exactly the same time and sparked by the same thing. I mean, that's huge! In fact I would've made that the season finale it's that huge, but I suppose like the CMCs much later in the show it's nice to get something unexpected. You're kind of expecting things to happen for finales. Another huge moment in this one is Celestia first noticing Twilight. Considering her ultimate destiny that is also a massive milestone in FiM history

    Love it so it's another long one.

    Is this the first time we really see Scoots idolising Dash? I think. Either way, yay.
    AJ's attempt to become fancy, yeah that was never going to happen.
    Flutters: "You'd never guess but when I was little I was very shy" - hmmm would never guess :p It was adorable that Dash stood up for her like that, and learning that they were already friends from way back. Must admit I always shipped these two but don't mind how things ended up. They made great friends!
    What is this place filled with so many wonders~ .... I teared up, this whole thing was just too special as a Flutter fan.
    When she settled with the animals, I fed that image into Google Deepdream and made a few horrors.
    Wonder if that was Angel who saw her mark appear or just some random bunny.
    Rarity: "I had no idea where my horn was taking me" - oh_my.gif
    "A ROCK? That's my destiny?" - fairly famous quote :p
    Twilight: Special moment for her there seeing the sun being raised, so that's what inspired her to study. Also yay, Summer Sun Celebration logo from BUCK :p Those judges when she's trying to hatch Spike though, come on. Nasty, give 'em a slap. But woohoo, Spike is born (sucking on his tail, aww). And that big moment when Celestia first notices Twilight (HUUUUH). Plus them proud parents! Can't remember if we saw them in the series finale.
    Pinkie: Feeling joy for the first time and wanting to make others feel the same way. Aww, that's real nice. Here we also learn her full name.
    Rainbow (finally): Oh the proud feeling of her defending Fluttershy's honour. Also lines like this are in the various remixes I have of her song and it's kind of weird once again only seeing the source material for like the 2nd or at most 3rd time and seeing that she said it long after the song.
    So yeah they all learn something amazing, look up at the sky, maybe you and your future friends are all looking at the same rainbow. Cheesy says Spike... maybe.... but I love it, that's a really nice comment :3 And I think we can all live by that.

    Of interest:
    Derpy was derped in the past even though she was un-derped for a bit in the show. Errrr best not to think too hard about that one or we'll end up with the Star Trek "now the Klingons have ridges, now they don't, now they do again" thing.
    The one scene where they realise Rainbow brought them together - two comments. 1) Her cutie mark is missing, which is super ironic. 2) She seemed embarrassed almost, you'd think that would've inflated her ego to the size of Blythe Baxter's head.

    'This thread is now diamonds' of Rarity's rock opening up
    Twilight will cast a come-to-life spell on this thread.
    Twilight: YES YES YES (and generally lots of adorkable)
    'And that's how Equestria was made!'
    ATTACK HUG (another longstanding pony folder member). Actually why don't I post these sometimes instead of just talking about them

    Owl's well that ends well
    Well isn't that a foreshadowing... er... forelightening?... title.
    Basically, introducing the owl and Spike being worried. I can relate, sometimes things happen in a workplace for example where you're worried about that and it can get you a bit irrational.
    Second time in a few episodes that something has been depicted as 'dead' - they definitely weren't as afraid to deal with death really were they? First the buffalo, then the phoenix, and now quite gory (albeit not real) scenes of a mouse!
    "I've got eyes in the back of my OW" - reminds me of the Star Trek scene where Scotty is like "I know this ship like the back of my hand" and immediately walks into a bulkhead.
    Nice use of Fluttershy here in instantly knowing what's up with Spike (but Twi not listening to her)
    "The store's called quills and sofas..." - lol.
    A bit ouch at Twilight being super angry with Spike, but aww at "this is not the Spike I know and love"
    Buuut he takes it the wrong way. Let's be honest, having done it for like an hour myself as a kid - running away is such a cheap and mean way to reaffirm your parents/guardians love for you and stop them being angry. But eh, all's well that ends well and she kindly explains she was just disappointed and no one can replace him. Aww. <3
    (Also let's get a sad aww for when he said his tummy was full but the rest of him was empty)
    Big of Owlo to be the one to rescue him, too. And uh, didn't he think that if there's a massive hoard of gems there's probably a big mean dragon there?
    Nice moral, there's plenty of love for every friend to share. Shame the Changelings weren't around to hear this back then, but in retrospect it makes it all the more cool that Spike is the one who effectively started their reformation later

    Spike being asleep and Twi saying "haha, aww Spike" - okay this seems to happen a LOT in season 1.
    "Could it get any worse?" - at least they start acknowledging this in like season 9.

    'Dude that's creepy' - used many many times in the fandom ;)
    The punch has been... Spiked! (casual alcohol reference slips under the radar there)

    Phew, just 2 more for later. Gonna make it!

    I haven't seen as much fan content as I should! Like none of those xD Dunno I just never found the time and have clearly missed a heck of a lot.

    Haha, maybe it would be rude not to have my longstanding stolen Flutterkiin here. But I was super proud of the combo of @MCtoastie's creation of my OC, Tina's artwork (could have sworn she was on here) and darling departed little Poppy in my hooves :3

    Yeah I never really thought much about Shy and Rarara as a team but they're quite good here. There's even a reference to "best friends" at one point (yeah I know.... they all are). They work well like this!
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    Owl's Well That Ends Well:

    I haven't seen this one so much, but I think it's slowly growing on me. In hindsight, it's clear to see that Owlowiscious never planned to undermine Spike at any point. He was just genuinely being helpful throughout, and even when he found the book Spike accidentally burned, it's easy to infer that Twilight had asked him to find it. Ultimately, Spike's own paranoia caused the entire plot to happen. It's understandable though; as we saw in Sparkle's Seven, he's always thought of himself as Twilight's family but it's like he's unsure if she feels that way. That, and let's not forget that by dragon standards, he's probably considerably younger than he is even in just another couple of seasons. He sees Owlowiscious getting the praise he got earlier, and honestly felt like he was in danger of being replaced. Already feeling that vulnerable, he obviously misinterpreted Twilight's anger and ran away. Let's not forget that, at that kind of age, having an authority figure be angry with you is really quite terrifying.

    I'm pretty sure Twilight just thought that most of the episode was business as usual. While it was clearly a spontaneous, emotional thing, I'm not sure why she got quite that upset over a burned book. I know he lied to cover it up, but that still seems like a bit much. Same again, when Spike tried to set Owlowiscious up. She did say she should've been more sensitive, which I think applies to this, as well as not noticing him feeling threatened earlier on. I do find it quite funny that Spike thinks Opal's toy mouse is lifelike, though.

    I actually think the meteor shower might be my favourite part of the episode. The way Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle climb onto their sisters' backs to watch it is so sweet. It also occurs to me that, at this point, Dash is still a bit oblivious to how much Scootaloo idolises her. On a separate note, the last shot of the episode implies that Owlowiscious enjoys deliberately confusing others with a "hoo?". And I'm guessing this is the episode that started the weird quesadilla meme?

    Party of One:

    This one was actually quite scary to me, the first time I saw it. I suppose it depends on my mindset as to whether I interpret it as funny or creepy, but I found it funny today. I somehow totally forgot about the singing telegram until it started, I must've heard that many more times than I've seen the episode. I also think it's totally adorable that when Pinkie's handing out invitations for Gummy's after-birthday party, she was so excited that she couldn't even wait for Rarity to open it before shouting about what it was. And that she found Dash and Fluttershy's to be the most believable excuse.

    The scene where the rest of the mane six try to sneak her birthday cake past her is quite fun, and the dialogue is ambiguous enough to lead Pinkie to jump to the wrong conclusion. The thing with Pinkie is that for all her craziness, when she gets upset, she gets really, really upset. She takes it really personally if people don't feel the joy she wants to share for them, and blames herself, in a way. I can somewhat relate to that thought process, and she has a massive case of confirmation bias here. Of course, there's the whole scene with her "going crazy"... I always thought that was a bit much, but a different interpretation hit me this time. Maybe she was just using these props to try to work through her own feelings. I don't think she really knows how to deal with them, and these props are a way for her to talk to herself, to externalise her own internal conflict. When Pinkie really gets her feelings hurt, the results could be anything, but this time, she ends up shutting her friends out.

    I do love the reveal that she forgot her own birthday. And the conga line at the end is actually one of my favourite little moments. They should've done that more often. I do also like that the references the scene from Griffon the Brush-Off where Dash just can't get away from Pinkie.

    The Best Night Ever:

    I always said this was my favourite episode, and that probably still stands, but I'm not quite sure where The Last Problem fits in. I've seen this one a million times, but it just never seems to get old. The fairytale imagery is obviously quite strong throughout, ironically used to support the message that when thing go wrong is often when they most go right. It's a really lovely moral to keep in mind. There's another moment early on when Rarity turns on that sass with her mock "whatever shall we do?". I don't remember much of that, so maybe she outgrew it. At the Gala is another legendary, fully fledged song, and I think it's also longer than many pop songs.

    Applejack clearly underestimated the snobbishness of the Canterlot crowd in general, not least because this was still before Rarity had the chance to influence that scene. I get why she wanted to capitalise on the chance to sell to this kind of crowd, but I have to wonder if she should've just tried to have fun instead. This was clearly still when Rarity was more naive, and seemed to almost believe that fairytales were real. As much as it was kind of harsh, maybe she needed to learn from the experience of trying to court Blueblood. I can understand the interpretation that he was just trying to show her he wasn't interested, but the way he talked about Applejack's food kinda wasn't okay. And he clearly wasn't paying either of them any attention if he didn't even know what he was biting into.

    Fluttershy in this episode is a strange one. I'm trying to understand why she went off the rails crazy like she did, and I'm still not convinced I understand. My best guess is that since she struggles so much with other ponies, she almost relies on animals as much as they rely on her, in an emotional sense. When none of them came to her, she felt rejected and alone, and her tendancy to assert too much when she feels emotionally trapped led her to snap. I do love how oblivious Pinkie was to the type of gathering the gala is. She just thinks it's the biggest party ever. What's even better than her spontaneously bursting into song is that she convinced Octavia's band to play the Pony Pokey at the Grand Galloping Gala. We see during A Horse Shoe-In that Octavia really isn't as stuck up as she might appear, so much like Celestia, she probably jumped at the chance to finally play something a bit sillier.

    Rainbow Dash basically spent the whole episode with a "notice me, senpai" mindset. What's even better about that is that she's too stubborn to admit it, as well. Her need for attention, especially this early on, is arguably keeping her from her own enjoyment. As much as she was invited to hang out with the Wonderbolts, they are an elite flying squad, likely with many other connections. It was never gonna be all about her. Come to think of it, we don't really see Twilight for most of the episode. The only thing she really does is express disappointment at Celestia being distracted.

    It is quite nicely done, how they connect the six of them together in the mane hall to make and absolute mess of the gala. And apparently, Celestia was counting on that, hence her biggest reason for inviting a bunch of misfits :p. She saw how Pinkie acted when she visited Ponyville, and she wanted some of that at the gala (at the gala!). That last scene with the mane six sharing doughnuts is still really lovely, and it's still just as effective and the end of The Ending of the End. Try saying that ten times fast. ;)
  14. Cloudane

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    Woohoo made it! I mean technically it's December but I've not slept yet so good enough :p

    Party of One
    This is better now than it was in 2011 (and for a bit after that). Warning: controversial opinions ahead and possible offensiveness but I mean none!
    This is the episode that spawned "Pinkamena" as in Pinkie's straight haired part-depressed-part-psychotic persona that half the fandom fell in love with and just... really overdid. It was like yeah guys I get it y'all have an array of mental health problems and seriously that's awful and I don't mean to downplay it and truly feel for you... but this is so cliché. And I've never read Cupcakes and have no intention to...

    The episode itself now that all that side of things seems to have calmed down - well you know, it's good Season 1 stuff. Pinkie is a derp who forgot her own birthday and thought her friends didn't like her any more. Awww.
    Generally good now and rather heartwarming when she's surprised and eventually realises.

    Funny thing is Harry the Bear actually is a character but it's played here like being made up.

    Slightly scary interrogation of Spike.

    Yet again we have lots of examples of Pinkie's ability to just.. lurk... anywhere.... and somehow be miles away instantly. Don't question it...

    Nice moral. Don't expect the worst from your friends.

    Everything Pinkamena and her little party
    'That's what we do with apples... we.. pick'em..'
    Twi's tin can horse face
    The 'Hay Guise'
    That entire bit with Pinkie trying to see in the barn
    The still image of Rainbow looking through the heart hole in the door. Adorable.

    The Best Night Ever
    Finally! Finale. I brushed my Fluttershy and put her gala dress on for this. She's welcome.

    So.... as season finales go, easily the weakest. Doesn't mean it's bad, it's just... a standard episode. But here we are after the build-up from like episode 3, so there's that ;)
    I didn't remember the mice being turned into ponies. Or them running off. Um... wonder if they ever came back, Flutters seemed quite unconcerned which is a bit out of character!
    Spike: "I've got to show Rarity the crown jewels" - OH_MY.gif
    There's no whipping these ponies along. Good on them refusing to be!
    Decent-ish song. Some good visuals and screencaps
    Dash saving the pie, in hindsight knowing her feelings towards pie... well, she's trying! Good also to see her next step with the 'bolts
    The whole thing is kind of "Expectations vs. Reality"
    But... how can animals not love Fluttershy? Weeeeeird.
    The groundkeeper guy.... I'm itching to troll him with an untitled goose. If this was out back then, it would've been a meme.
    In the end Spike was right - they should've spent the time together! But it's fair - look at conventions for example, we all generally go separate ways and do different things and it all works out fine but probably because we catch up with each other in between
    I do like that Celestia wanted some more 'down to earth' ponies to liven the awful thing up! Yeah suuuuuuure she only ever planned to give Twilight 2 tickets. Suuuuuuuuure ;)

    "It can't get any worse"

    Soarin's obsession with pies from this ONE time :p
    Fluttershy. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE ME!!!! And such. :D

    Season 1 overall comments
    I started the show in May 2011 just as season 1 had ended, and remember being very cautious about joining the fandom until I'd caught up. But boy did I want to join a fandom for it. Started with Ponychan, and this was its peak.

    It's special this season. It's pure Faust, of course, and entirely her vision which is quite special (I am NOT one of those people who thinks it went bad after she left! She left great foundations! But there's something special about Pure Faust here). It's also where the six are at their absolute most.......needing to learn friendship. Without the baggage of "this has already been learned".

    Back then they made heavy use of mythological creatures. Manticore, hydra, cockatrice... Final Fantasy does similar so it's pretty cool seeing them face off against FF bosses. It's cool as it teaches you something about them and you never know when they might come up in a pub quiz!

    So many things they feared or couldn't do then, which are a breeze now. The EVVVERFREE FORRREST?!?! - yeah, walk in a park now. Hell incarnate in S1. Rainbow doing a Rainboom? Meh, she can do it in her sleep.

    Lots and lots of meme/image/youtube material. Perhaps I'm biased because I made most of my pony folder during 2011-2013, and also had an obsession with watching the original Ponies the Anthology over and over back then. It's weird since I only saw most episodes of this season once or twice but have had all this fan created stuff about it all these years, so looking back and 'discovering' the source material was surreal at times.

    Season 1 Dash was so cute. I've mentioned before and will mention again. She was my favourite at first (partly because I wasn't used to liking girly things and she was the tomboy, but partly because of this cuteness), with Flutters if not taking over then at least equalising for 1st with her around S2.

    As has been noted upthread, applause in S1 was to stomp hooves on ground. Also, all the horse noises, snorts etc. For whatever reason it went more anthro later.

    Something that grates when you realise: every episode (or maybe just most) ends with them laughing. It's endearing, but when you realise, it kind of gets old!

    Oddly enough, in the opening, I don't recall really noticing the two ponies who whiz by in the air when the balloon lands. Blink and you miss 'em.

    Doctor Whooves gets around a LOT in this season. That TARDIS of his I tell ya.

    Rarity: IT. IS. ON. Only appened twice I think but yeah there it is.

    Funny to see the backgrounders everywhere really. Lots and lots of Colgate/Minuette, Lyra, etc. The fandom fleshed them out then the writers did some fanservice and brought them in officially.

    Neat to see the contrast between the timid, still nerdy, still a loooong way to go Twilight, and the one in the grand finale.

    All in all it's amazing how much the fandom (which was ridiculously huge at the time, like it took over the internet) milked out of these 26 episodes. Tens of thousands of screencaps and memes. Stories and personalities for background ponies that the writers never intended or thought about but later adopted. Songs, remixes, PMVs, compilations. The amazing Ponies the Anthology which I'll be rewatching next (UKofE people be sure to search for the clean version, okay?). I think that's one of the biggest things about it. The fandom coming to life, and making SO much out of it it was ridiculous.
    Can we just reiterate that in a year the entire fandom sprang up and EXPLODED with content? Absolutely ridiculous!

    A month well spent.
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  15. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    I'm almost done with this season (yeah, I'm a bit behind), but I haven't actually written much about the episodes, with the exception of "Boast Busters". :p

    Friendship is Magic
    Not the best season premiere, but definitely a nice start to the series. It definitely hooked me when I started giving the show a proper watch. :)

    It was definitely nice to see the book open again. :p

    "Moondancer is having a little get-together in the park. Wanna come?" There's definitely a distinct difference about how I feel about that line before and after "Amending Fences" aired. Amazing how one of the best episodes of the entire show's run was basically based around a couple of lines of dialogue originally meant to just establish the fact that Twi is asocial and doesn't understand the value of friendship (yet) :)

    Pinkie's initial reaction to seeing Twilight still makes me laugh, despite seeing these episodes several times. :p

    I love the fact that in the lead up to the first song ever in the show, they poke fun at the fact there's songs in the show. :p

    I kind of tear up when Twi realises "the spark" she was searching for was actually within her, when her new friends came back for her, because I now know how much they'll all mean to each other and all the adventures they'll have. :)

    And of course, the first instance of "rainbow lasers" :p

    The Ticket Master
    This episode is kind of the "true pilot" in a way, as IIRC, it was created first to pitch the MLP: FiM concept to Hasbro. It was also originally 11 minutes long, as the show was originally going to be 11 minute episodes, like the original MLP series and MLP: Tales. (So, yes, a lot of this episode is filler.)

    Fun episode though, and definite clues that the Mane 6 don't know each other that well yet. (I know when Celestia was telling Twilight how she felt about sending her away in "Celestial Advice", we see the five of them together, but I don't think that's meant to be taken literally. With the exception of Rainbow and Fluttershy, since they met at flight camp, they probably just knew each other a bit from living in a small town together, but weren't friends yet.)

    I love the chase sequences and the sort-of-Benny-Hill-music-but-not-really. :p

    It was fun seeing how each of the ponies sucked up to Twilight to try to get the other ticket, especially how Pinkie didn't even try to hide the fact that's what she was doing. :p

    Of course Twi ends up getting enough tickets for all of them, setting things up for the Gala later on in the season.

    Applebuck Season
    Fun episode, where AJ learns she should accept help when she needs it and not be so stubborn. Lots of fun scenes where a sleep deprived AJ causes a lot of problems. I particularly like the scene where Rainbow crashes into Twi's tree and "baked bads" :p

    Griffon the Brush-Off
    I actually hadn't watched this one in a while, and enjoyed it a bit more than I remembered. I do like the pranks Pinkie and Rainbow pull on the ponies around town. Of course Twilight jumped to conclusions (rather bluntly, I might add) when Pinkie was trying to tell her about Gilda, but at least she apologised later in the episode. :)

    Definitely one of the best early episode to focus on Fluttershy. :) I definitely like the contrast of their personalities when they try to deal with Fluttershy's fears about the dragon and the various things they encounter on the way up the mountain. Rainbow and Twilight seem the most impatient with her, the latter because she's focused on the mission at hoof, and the former because she's just generally insensitive at times early on. :p

    I also like the different ways they try to deal with the dragon. "We've tried persuasion, we've tried charm, we've tried.. whatever it is Pinkie Pie does..." :p

    The best moment comes when Fluttershy sees that her friends are cuddled up in fright and she gets the courage to stand up to the dragon.

    The dragon only has one line, but it's a good one: "But that rainbow one kicked me." :p

    Look Before You Sleep
    AJ and Rarity are rather childish in this episode, but Twilight is dangerously adorable. :p It is a rather fun episode though, with the various ways AJ and Rarity take jabs at each other, and Twilight innocently rolls along with it at first, and just tries to follow her book as closely as possible.

    Bridle Gossip
    One of my favourites (and not just because the title is similar to my OC's name. :p ). I love Pinkie's breathless rendition of "Evil Enchantress" and Fluttershy's version of it later on never ceases to crack me up. :p

    I love Twi's sarcasm, as the others describe the things that they've seen Zecora doing. The various things that the poison joke does to the ponies are also amusing: Twilight's floppy horn, AJ being tiny, Rarity entirely covered with dreads, Pinkie's tongue, Flutter's deep voice and Rainbow's upside down wings.

    Rarity: "Don't you know the meaning of personal space?!"
    Pinkie: "Nope!"

    Twi learns that she shouldn't judge a book by its cover, both literally and figuratively. Definitely one of the more important lessons illustrated in the show's run. :)

    Swarm of the Century
    Another fun episode. I believe this is the first instance of Twi casting a spell that has unintended results, as well as the first time we've seen her get a bit crazy when under stress. :p

    Of course, Pinkie could have avoided the whole mess if she just explained what she was up to, but where would the fun be in that? (And besides, it's Pinkie. :p)

    Winter Wrap Up
    A classic episode, with a classic song. :)

    I love Twilight's excitement in the opening of the episode, as well as her being crazy-prepared, even accounting for Spike wanting to go back to sleep. :p

    Twi's line that "Ponyville was founded by Earth ponies and that's the way they've been doing it for hundreds of years" is odd, given the revelation in Season 2 that Granny Smith helped found Ponyville, but it could be interpreted as Earth ponies in general cleaning up winter the way they do for hundreds of years, and not just Ponyville residents specifically. (A bit tenuous, admittedly, but it could also just be a ret-con.)

    The song is wonderful, and still one of the best of the show's run. :)

    I like the sequences where Twi tries to help the others, especially the hilarious-in-hindsight moment when Rainbow reminds her that she needs wings to clear the clouds. She makes a mess of things, and I do feel bad for her when AJ gets mad at her.

    She does find her place in helping to organise the others to do their jobs efficiently, giving an early clue to her leadership potential. :)

    Call of the Cutie
    While it's a fairly middle-of-the-road episode for Season 1, this episode holds a special place in my heart as it was the first episode of MLP I ever watched. :)

    We learn how ponies earn their cutie marks, and it establishes the friendship of the original three members of the CMC, as well as their long-standing quarrel with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. :)

    I forgot how high-pitched Sweetie Belle's voice was in early episodes. :p

    Also, if Diamond Tiara was having a party to celebrate her new cutie mark, why was she wearing a dress that covered it up? :p

    Fall Weather Friends
    Another classic episode, that establishes AJ's and Rainbow's rivalry. Lots of classic cartoon silliness as they try to trip the other up.

    I love when Twi joins the race, and AJ and Rainbow give her a hard time. Especially when Rainbow constantly laughs at her own jokes. :p

    I like the fact that Twi got fifth place, just by taking things steady. (A bit odd they have a fifth place medal though. :p She does look cute when she's proudly showing it off though.)

    The ending scene no doubt inspired a lot of AppleDash shipping. :p

    Suited for Success
    I think this is probably one of the episodes that made me start warming up to Rarity a bit more. Before I started watching the show, I wouldn't have thought an episode about dresses and fashion could be so good. :p This episode seems to be a favourite among many creative types, and I can see why as I'm sure they've had their share of overly picky customers. (Maybe also a bit of a dig at Hasbro from the writers? :p )

    A couple of hilarious-in-hindsight moments in the song:
    - "For Fluttershy something breezy"
    - "Rainbow won't look like a tank" :p

    I also find Twilight's pickiness for technical accuracy amusing, given the fact she referred to Chryssy (disguised as Cadance) as "Princess Demandy-pants" in "A Canterlot Wedding".

    Of course, this episode gave birth to the "20% cooler" meme. :p (Am I the only one who thinks the dress Rainbow designed for herself actually looks kind of cool?)

    Fluttershy: "All right! Since you really wanna know... *inhales* The armscye's tight, the middy collar doesn't go with the shawl lapel, the hems are clearly machine-stitched, the pleats are uneven, the fabric looks like toile, you used a backstitch here when it clearly called for a topstitch or maybe a traditional blanket stitch, and the overdesign is reminiscent of prêt-à-porter and not true French haute couture. *pauses* But, uh... you know... um, whatever you want to do is fine."

    Twilight: What do we do now?
    Fluttershy: Uh... panic?
    Rainbow: That's your answer for everything!
    Applejack: Well, we can't just leave her this way.
    Pinkie: She'll become a crazy cat lady!
    Twilight: She only has one cat.
    Pinkie: Give her time...

    I do like the way they come together to complete Rarity's dress for her, thanks to Fluttershy's "freaky knowledge of sewing". :)

    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    A fun episode, even if the moral is a bit controversial. I love when Twilight gets on her soap box, literally and figuratively, as she talks about magic.

    Sonic Rainboom
    Mentioned plenty of times already, but the scene where Rainbow coaches Fluttershy on how to cheer is an all-time classic in the show's history. Still amusing and cute, all these years later.

    Rarity got Larson-ed (temporarily) before it was cool. :p She was rather aggressive in getting Twi to find a spell to get them into Cloudsdale though, first poking her in the butt with her horn and then hip-checking her rather hard. :p

    Fluttershy "trying to be more assertive" with the bullies is cute and amusing. :)

    I love Rare's slightly crazy laugh when the ponies in Cloudsdale are fawning over her butterfly wings. :p

    I also like the fact that Fluttershy shouts loudly (for her anyway) when Rainbow pulls off the Sonic Rainboom, while the others stare in slack-jawed awe. :)

    Stare Master
    A cute episode with the CMC fillies being hyperactive and cute as they try different activities to try to find their cutie marks. Another bad-flank moment for Fluttershy as she talks down the cockatrice as she's being turned to stone. A bit of a disturbing thought: Given how afraid ponies are of the Everfree at this point of time, how long would Twi have stayed petrified if the CMC hadn't run in there after the chicken?

    The Show Stoppers
    Another fun CMC episode. The song is bad, but intentionally so, and it's funny. :p It's funny how the fillies don't do the things they're actually good at, making an unintentional comedy piece for the talent show. Of course, they completely miss the point and think they're meant to pursue comedy. :p

    A Dog and Pony Show
    The thing I like best about this episode is how each of the ponies stereotyped Rarity, even though she had the situation in her control the entire time. Rarity's "whining" is still amusing to me, and I love the fact she had her captors doing things for her instead.

    Green Isn't Your Color
    Again, before I started watching the show, I wouldn't have thought an episode about fashion and modelling could be so good. :) Fluttershy and Rarity make an excellent duo, and they both were great. Their conflict about not wanting to tell the other how they really feel was well presented, as was Twi's internal conflict about keeping their secrets. (As well as her increasingly desperate attempts to keep her mouth shut. :p )

    It's a small thing, but I get a small chuckle when one of the spa ponies (can never remember which is which), mistakenly brings a horn file for Fluttershy.

    Photo Finish: "Even her schneezes are graceful!"

    Pinkie: "FOREVER!"

    If you actually read all of this, you're crazy. :p
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    Well I've started my own pony rewatch after ordering some pony DVD box sets to complete my collection. The only drawback is the Season 1 DVD is in a random order and not the order it was broadcast, which makes my rewatch a bit of an odd experience.

    I've currently rewatching the premier episodes, Griffon the Brush Off and Look Before you Sleep. In the latter episode, I do have to wonder why Twilight had a frou-frou dress lying around for Applejack to wear. Did Rarity give it to her as a gift or something?
  17. Danishbrony2011

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    10 years of FiM.
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  18. Robshi

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    Well I've now rewatched the whole of Season 1 so I figure I should share my thoughts here. It's also hard to believe the show is ten years old now. :eek:

    I've had fun pausing at crowd scenes and trying to spot all the copy and pasted background ponies. It's also been weird seeing Derpy with normal eyes in various episodes. It's kinda funny how the last episode on the box set: Green Isn't Your Color, is the ep that really made Derpy popular.

    I got a laugh from a scene I forgot about, where Scootaloo is rushing the CMC out saying "We need action! We need Rainbow Dash!" only to then cut to Scootaloo looking bored as Twilight tells the story of her cutie mark.

    Fluttershy's tactic for getting the Canterlot garden animals to love her: run after them and scream at them.

    The credits have also bemused me, on the boxset you always see the same voice credits, for the Mane 6, the CMC and Celestia along with the singer credits for Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie Pie. I'm sure these aired with individual voice credits for each episode. Was this just edited for the DVD for some reason?

    Ah well, on to Season 2!
  19. Oilyvalves

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    Hey everyone! I waited around a year since the series finished, but a few weeks ago I started my own re-watch of the whole thing. I don't plan to write any episodic reviews; more just enjoying them for what they are. But I figured it would still be fun to rank the early seasons, as I did the later ones from season 5 onwards.

    I have to say, I've really enjoyed it :). Some of these episodes I haven't seen in years, and there's been plenty of moments I completely forgot about. Unlike the times when I dipped into the odd episode, going through them in order from the start truly feels like I'm, as the forum suggests, 're-living the journey'. :p

    So here's my fresh rank of Season 1 (with my customary categories):

    01. The Best Night Ever
    02. The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    03. Winter Wrap Up
    04. Friendship is Magic

    Really Good
    05. The Ticket Master
    06. Green Isn't Your Colour
    07. Fall Weather Friends
    08. Suited for Success

    09. Sonic Rainboom
    10. The Show Stoppers
    11. Look Before You Sleep
    12. A Bird in the Hoof
    13. Boast Busters
    14. Stare Master
    15. Over a Barrel
    16. Call of the Cutie

    17. Party of One
    18. Bridle Gossip
    19. Owl's Well That Ends Well
    20. Feeling Pinkie Keen
    21. Swarm of the Century
    22. Dog and Pony Show
    23. Griffon the Brush Off
    24. Applebuck Season

    Didn't Like
    25. Dragonshy

    There were some pleasant surprises in there; episodes I wasn't looking forward to, but actually turned out better than expected. These included Over a Barrel, A Bird in the Hoof and Owl's Well That Ends Well. On the other hand, there were a couple of disappointments. Sonic Rainboom and Party of One didn't do it for me like they used to.

    A few general notes about Season 1, off the back of the later seasons. I loved having snarky unicorn Twilight Back :p. Spike also played off her very well. Rarity and Pinkie weren't so great. Fluttershy was surprisingly nice to watch, when she wasn't being overly timid. Plenty of Celestia to enjoy!

    The lack of meme faces is very welcome. The animation is clearly a lot simpler, but didn't detract a great deal. The classic songs were glorious. The letters to Celestia took some getting used to again, although I was surprised how many episodes varied the approach of delivering them.

    I'm looking forward to enjoying more of the same from Season 2! :D
  20. CuldeeFell

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    Not too far off where I'd put them myself (apart from 25th place- that one would be a bit higher for me :p). "Best Night Ever" is an excellent choice for 1st place.
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