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Post-Series Finale Rewatch - Season 4

Discussion in 'MLP: Re-Living the Journey' started by Bridle Timeout, 1 February 2020.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Royal Twilight HD by MrCbleck
    Remember the Twilicane? That thing was everywhere for a while. :p

    I still remember the excitement I felt on the day of the Season 4 premiere, as it was the first episode that I watched as it came out. (I got into the fandom shortly after the S3 finale)

    For reference, here are the episode names and numbers for this season:

    E1 & 2 - Princess Twilight Sparkle, parts 1 & 2
    E3 - Castle Mane-ia
    E4 - Daring Don't
    E5 - Flight to the Finish
    E6 - Power Ponies
    E7 - Bats!
    E8 - Rarity Takes Manehattan
    E9 - Pinkie Apple Pie
    E10 - Rainbow Falls
    E11 - Three's A Crowd
    E12 - Pinkie Pride
    E13 - Simple Ways
    E14 - Filli Vanilli
    E15 - Twilight Time
    E16 - It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
    E17 - Somepony to Watch Over Me
    E18 - Maud Pie
    E19 - For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
    E20 - Leap of Faith
    E21 - Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
    E22 - Trade Ya!
    E23 - Inspiration Manifestation
    E24 - Equestria Games
    E25 & 26 - Twilight's Kingdom, parts 1 & 2
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  2. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    I have been watching the episodes, I’ve just been really bad about writing my thoughts down. :p

    I hadn’t seen many S4 eps in quite some time, and I kind of forgot just how good S4 was. :)

    “Princess Twilight Sparkle” is definitely one of the stronger premieres. It also holds a special place for me as it was the first episode I watched “live” with the fandom. :)

    I liked that it showed that although Twi has new responsibilities, she’s still the sweet adorkable pony she always was. :) Although I do have my complaints about her characterisation in a few later episodes, I think they generally did a good job in keeping those aspects of her personality.

    I also like the world building this episode did, thanks to Zecora’s potion. Not only did it introduce the Tree of Harmony and explain where the Elements came from, we also got to see just what happened when Celestia and Luna fought Discord, what happened when Luna turned into Nightmare Moon (the animation in that scene is still incredible) and Nightmare Moon’s subsequent banishment.

    I also like the scene where AJ and the others sent Twilight back despite her protests. It’s an interesting contrast to the first episode when Twilight planned on going into the forest alone and the others insisted on coming with her. AJ’s reasoning was understandable, if short sighted. Twi was the only Princess left, but they do need her too.

    The scene where they rescue Twi from the “rabid rhododendrons” is really good. I forgot about the bit where Pinkie blows a party whistle and it caught me off guard. :p

    A lot to like about this episode, I could probably go on for ages. It definitely proved that Twi becoming a Princess wasn’t the end of the world. :p It’s also one of Discord’s better showings. It also started what is probably the best season arc in the show.

    “Castle Mane-ia” is hilarious. :p I loved all the unintentional ways that the ponies ended up scaring each other. I remember at the time S4 was airing, it really did seem like The Castle of the Two Sisters might be restored and become Twilight’s castle or at least play a central role.

    “Daring Don’t” was a bit of a controversial episode, but I like it. One of my favourite scenes is when Twilight and Rainbow argue over plot details of the Daring Do books while the other four look on. I probably like “Read it and Weep” a bit more, but it was enjoyable to see Daring Do again.

    “Flight to the Finish” is one of my favourite CMC episodes. I especially like how Rainbow Professionalism Dash ( :p ) gets Scoots’ spirits back up and inspires her to go back to AB and Sweetie with their original routine. Bit of a tease moment at the end where it almost seems like Scoots’ (at least) will get her cutie mark, but she misses the point. :p

    “Power Ponies” and “Bats!” are episodes I wasn’t too keen on the first time around, nor on my last full rewatch. They’re not “bad” or anything, I think I enjoyed them a bit more this time around.

    “Rarity Takes Manehattan” is a different story though... this is a wonderful episode. I remember the speculation at the time of whether or not the rainbow thread represented the first of the “keys” to the Harmony Box or not. We also see the adorable Coco Pommel for the first time. :D

    “Pinkie Apple Pie” is a fun episode. I remember they released an animatic of “Apples to the Core” during the hiatus, and I watched it several times before the season started.

    “Rainbow Falls” turned out to be the second “key” episode and is another good one. I always feel bad for Soarin’ though... he seems like such a nice pony and the other Wonderbolts were such jerks to him. Other highlights are the cheerleader background ponies and Pinkie, and Twilight getting in on the cheerleading too. I like how at first Twi seems a bit confused by the cheerleading, then there’s a brief shot of her looking curiously at some pom-poms and then she gets a cheerleader outfit of her own. :p I also like how she made the point to Rainbow that she had to choose between Cloudsdale and Ponyville, but left it up to her, knowing she would make the right choice in the end. :)

    Also, the return of Derpy. :D

    “Three’s a Crowd” is good. It’s nice to see Cadance again, and Twilight is adorable as always. I like how Discord sneezing or blowing his nose resulted in something random, like that house floating away or his tissue taking flight. :p The Tatzlwurm is just plain weird though. :p

    “Pinkie Pride” is definitely a good episode. It’s kind of heartwarming looking back at it, since Pinkie and Cheese end up together. :) Lots of silliness and good songs, and of course, Pinkie’s key to the Box. :)
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  3. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    I recently finished my rewatch on this, although I was annoyed to see that my Season 4 box set was missing the Bats! episode for some reason. I can only guess it got censored for cider references, but given that Super Speedy Cider Squeezy was released on DVD with no problems I don't know why Bats! had to get the axe.

    This is possibly my favourite season of the show though. It certainly has the moment that gave me the biggest laugh, that being Spike singing the Cloudsdale anthem at the Equestria games. I was rolling around in laughter seeing that the first time and it still got me on the rewatch.

    Some the key episodes are real gems too, with Rarity in Manehatten and the debut of Coco Pommel, to Pinkie Pride and the wonderful goof off and the antics with Cheese Sandwich. I also forgot that Diamond Tiara had a singing part in that episode.

    Although speaking of Diamond Tiara, it was really adorable seeing her and Silver Spoon fangirling hard when they met Twilight for the first time.

    There was also Maud. She rocks. Rock.

    The finale really ends the season with a bang too. I still can't believe we got an epic Dragonball style beam fight in My Little Pony. This was also followed by my favourite of the Equestria Girls films in Rainbow Rocks. The Dazzlings really stand out amongst the villains in that world.

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