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Raripunk (Handmade Sculpture)

Discussion in 'Customs and Plushies' started by Dragon-Gear, 6 June 2016.

  1. Dragon-Gear

    Dragon-Gear New Pony

    6 June 2016
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    Hello, what´s up?. I want to show my Rarity´s sculpture. It´s a little punk version, I like Rarity for her glamour and did her a new rebel style was very funny to me. In fact this is my second Pony sculpture and I think they are very funny to work. She looks better is person because I suck taking photos Xp.

    Is for sell if anyone want her. She is 14cm and ony one piece $50usd (35pound) or better offer :D. Anyway I take commisions for custom pony works.

    I hope you like her [​IMG]
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