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Ratchet and Clank Series (PS2, PS3, PSP)

Discussion in 'Games' started by Leon K Fox, 6 June 2012.

  1. Max Apogee

    Max Apogee Only medium sneaky!

    11 January 2012
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    I went to see the film yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! :D

    For what it was (a film based on essentially a kids video game) it was really good, definitely the best video game adaptation I've seen so far. That said, I can understand why it might not be getting the best reviews. It's not been promoted as well as it could have been, and it's releasing along side Civil War which can't be helping either. But I had a lot of fun watching it, and I think any fan of the series will also enjoy the hell out of it! :D

    I've also been playing though the game, on and off, and I've been really enjoying that too. I'm right at the end now and I was waiting 'till I'd seen the film before finishing the game. There a good mix of stuff from the original game and new material to help keep it fresh. It was good to get back into the swing of things and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take the series now :D
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  2. sean retro

    sean retro Honorary Pony

    27 November 2012
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    Just beat the game so I theirs challenge mode to do also I got the RYNO and it is wonderful.
  3. Leon K Fox

    Leon K Fox Your resident horse!

    21 January 2012
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    Started properly playing the Ratchet and Clank PS4 game on Saturday having seen the film and am so far absolutely loving it. The frame rate whilst 30fps is far more stable than it was in Nexus on PS3 and it has the graphical fidelity to justify it as well. Its art style in unison with its technical prowess make it the best looking game I have ever played, regardless of it being a console game and me owning a gaming PC.

    Now, there's the matter of the film...

    I just saw it for a second time to be able to know for sure how I feel about it.

    Final verdict is that it's a pretty good albeit flawed film for fans, but I can see why non fans might not like it. It all moves at such a fast pace and the new original characters besides Grim never get any down time to see their personalities delved into. I couldn't tell you more than a single about the new rangers that aren't Qwark.

    Brax is the muscle, Cora has a short temper, and the tactician I can't even remember the NAME of.

    The story told with Ratchet, Clank and the formers relationship with Qwark is quite endearing if you're invested in the series and longed to see the origin story done better, but I'm not sure how invested a non fan could get in it without prior knowledge of these two's encounters of old, and how Qwark's character changed over the years, and for the better in my opinion.

    I also love how they handled Qwark's "turn" here, it's far more interesting than whatever it was in the PS2 game, and a definite highlight of the film.

    Much of the humour sadly falls flat however. Chairman Drek is incredibly irritating, the Blarg obsession with texting gag was the antithesis of humour and an especially big sour point here.

    So yeah, final verdict is that it's a pretty good but flawed film. I'm sad it's failing at the box office, would have loved to see them take a second stab at it.

    It is a bit bittersweet that three years of hype have resulted in massive lost potential, the franchise could have had an awesome future in other mediums besides gaming, but alas it was not to be.
    #83 Leon K Fox, 3 May 2016
    Last edited: 3 May 2016

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