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Rate the last film you've watched

Discussion in 'Audio/Video/Books' started by finalsight, 24 September 2012.

  1. Cendaquenta

    Cendaquenta Honorary Pony

    22 February 2013
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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - A profoundly daft movie (lava doesn't work that way, neither does blood) but very entertaining. Much better than the first. Has flaws - the Claire/Owen romance is still being shoehorned in even though it really doesn't work, and there's a bizarre plot twist at the end involving one of the new characters which comes out of nowhere and is glanced over waaaayyy too quickly. Would recommend the movie, just try not to get frustrated at the weird plot and focus on enjoying the dinosaurs. :D
    There's an after-credits scene (well, a 5-second clip), but don't bother staying for it, it's really nothing.
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  2. Golden Star

    Golden Star Formerly ChrisDilke

    24 September 2013
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    Incredibles 2 - 9/10

    The 14-year wait was worth it! With excellent animation, great humour and characters, this isn't quite as fantastic as the first, but it's certainly a very worthy and enjoyable sequel. And be sure to get to the cinema in time for the short film "Bao", a quite different and really moving story.

    I also think it should be noted that our version has been modified from the US release; after the health concerns they caused, the strobe lighting effects have been toned down in our version.
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  3. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Coraline (on the plane). 6.5/10
    What I liked. This was all about the atmosphere, since really all this film does is take you to the same 3 places 3 times, each time with a crazy difference. I think the film succeeded with its simple mission, since the evil dimension was generally genuinely affecting (although the first part of the movie was kinda slow as a result). Also. Those. Freaking. Buttons D:
    What I didn't. The message. In the latest pony ep we had an overly simplistic message and no genuine character autonomy, and Coraline is pretty much exactly the same with its protagonist stumbling through the boring and later interesting landscape without being presented with any meaningful choices (apart from the juicy decision of whether or not to friggin sow scary buttons into her eyes, which apparently was tempting to the other kiddies... because of course). That decision should have been the kiddie staple of whether to follow one's conscience or whether to have fun, but that totally did not come across. It seemed like a straightforward decision between boredom and fun, and if I was a kid I'd have chosen fun.
    The world-building. Nothing made sense. Ok so it was a soft magic, mysterious sort of kiddie film, which is fine... but some idea of what/who/why would have been nice. Even a lil hint. Maybe just a little story-book opening, like Pony S1 started with; the opening could have said something about demons nicking children and that would have been enough. The fact that I didn't know anything at all about the magic left me wondering:
    • "Why button eyes if demon-spider can make literally everything else in her dimension non-creepy - does it just have a button fetish?"
    • "Why does it need to sew buttons into children's eyes? If children go into its lair can't it just lock them in? If spider-demon just needs them to 'love' it then why not just keep on being nice to them?"
    • "How does spidey befriend rats and bugs if it never comes out and how does it keep an eye on them? Does it have little rat dolls?"
    • "Is it actually a spider?"
    • "Does it power its magic using kiddie souls? If so, how did it capture that first kid?"
    • "What happened to those kids? Did they just get to die?"
    • "What's up with that cat? If it's so good why didn't it stop 3 other kids dying? Why not capture the rats in the first place and stop Coraline going in there?"
    • "Did Coraline go into the evil dimension in her sleep the first times? If not, was it just hiding from her parents? If the spider-demon can make it disappear at will then why not close it off when she wants to keep Coraline there?"
    • "Why did the spider-demon let Coraline return at first if she just wanted to keep her? If it's because she needed Coraline's love then why bother trying to keep Coraline once she'd refused her lovely button-eyes?" etc etc
    Maybe these questions are answered somewhere, but not understanding this basic stuff on first watch diminished the impact of the story for me.
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  4. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    Ponyo 8/10

    This was a rather adorable film, although it did have some strange parts, such as the army of mini Ponyos throughout the movie. Ponyo herself also looked rather freaky at parts, mainly in her mid transformation. Still, she was rather cute, and I liked her obsession with ham.

    I just wish the conclusion of the film had been a little more dramatic. Sosuke wasn't really tested much at all. It was more of a case of "Oh, you accept her, so everything is fine!" A bit more tension would have been better. Still, this was rather fun to watch, and I've been singing a bit of the end credits song to myself over the past day.
  5. sean retro

    sean retro Honorary Pony

    27 November 2012
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    my hero academia: two heroes
    Plus Ultra

    When I went to VUE they showed the sub version, I thought they the dub version not that it maters it was still great.
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