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[Reading Group] - Submissions

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by fiyahsparkle, 19 May 2014.

  1. fiyahsparkle

    fiyahsparkle Plushie Army Commander

    11 April 2014
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    So guys, its time to open your read it later lists and let me have your suggestions, this will be a catch all thread I will use every session to accept submissions in. Two or three days before the start I will put a selection up for voting in a new thread.

    Basic submission guidelines, unless otherwise stated for that session

    • Only fanfictions between 10,000 and 60,000 words
    • No mature rated fanfictions
    • The fanfiction must be completed
    • Links must be provided (FimFiction link preferred) and please quote a short spoiler tagged synopsis.
    • Multiple nominations from different people will be noted and increase selection chance
    • Please keep this thread to submissions only, the discussion thread is here
    • [Further guidelines pending]

    Pending Submissions List

    Completed Submissions List
    • Fitter - Romance, Comedy, Adventure (31,000) - finalsight
    • There, They're... - Adventure, Comedy (30,000) - fiyahsparkle
    #1 fiyahsparkle, 19 May 2014
    Last edited: 19 June 2014
  2. fiyahsparkle

    fiyahsparkle Plushie Army Commander

    11 April 2014
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    So I will start off with an example of my submission

    There, They're...

    Adventure, Comedy (30,000 Words)

    Throughout all of history, one concept has kept both the written and spoken word from becoming an unintelligible mess. That concept is that most holy of grounds known by some as "grammar." It sets down rules for language to follow, and keeps it free of distortion.

    Yet something is wrong. The rules are failing. And only one pony so much as suspects that something is wrong. Something that goes deeper than a simple appearance of errors. Something that could be an attack on the very root of language itself.

  3. finalsight

    finalsight Honorary Pony

    18 May 2012
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    Okay just had a look at my read it later list and cherry picked a few based on the above criteria.


    Romance, Comedy, Slice of life.

    Octavia has a musical history and a side to herself she'd rather not have to explain outside of Ponyville. Inside Ponyville... well, everything was fine until she spotted Vinyl Scratch. What wasshe doing here?

    Don't panic, Octavia! Don't freak out, don't lose your mind, don't....

    Oh well.

    On the Line

    Sad, Random, Adventure.
    As a Royal Princess, it is Luna's responsibility to watch over the subjects in her kingdom. One of the ways she helps the common pony is to inhabit their nightmares, helping them to overcome their fears and anxieties in order to live stronger the next day. However, one night Luna steps into the dreams of a young filly and finds out that the pony is dying. With nopony else able to help the child, the Royal Princess realizes that she has no other choice but to help. Can Luna save the filly walking the line between life and death?


    Romance, Comedy, Adventure.
    A changeling who has lived at the side of an Equestrian mare for most of his life finds himself in the middle of the changeling invasion of Canterlot. He has no idea who the invading queen or hive are, and just wants to stay where he is, and more importantly, who he is.

    The spell that ends the invasion doesn't discriminate, though. With his old pony form irreversibly stripped away, and the whole kingdom out to hunt his kind, he tries to keep his family together, and struggles to find his place in the world.


    A thousand years is quite the generation gap, so Princess Luna decides she has to get with the times. However, this isn't quite as easy as she thinks it will be...

    My Roommate is a Vampire

    Romance Comedy Adventure
    There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Her irrational fear of the sun. Her nocturnal habits of locking herself in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing her sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.

    Adaptation - A Changeling's Story

    Dark Adventure
    Echo is a high ranking changeling officer. The Canterlot invasion was going perfectly, and her battalion had personally defeated the Elements of Harmony. Suddenly, she finds herself far flung from Canterlot, crashing into the Everfree forest. Now she is faced with a difficult reality - her hive, the only family she's ever known, no longer exists, and she must adapt to life as a pony. What she finds out about herself, though, will surprise her.

    Rated Teen for occasional suggestiveness and language, tagged gore for brief violence, particularly in later chapters.

    Dark because later chapters get pretty ... well, dark.
  4. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    My read-it-later list is mostly ineligible for being made up of short one-shots, and I've already read several stories I would have nominated! But I can still manage a couple of nominations:

    The Haunting in Ponyville

    Dark, Comedy, Slice of Life (18,000 words)

    There's something strange and unnatural living in Bon-Bon's house.

    Something *other* than Lyra.

    Honey Pie

    Romance, Sad, Adventure (31,000 words)

    The changelings are banished, the day is saved! Yet a victory for one must be a defeat for another, and this particular victory has left one changeling stranded in Canterlot, alone and broken. A certain pink party pony is also alone in the Canterlot night, hiding her depression from her friends. She cannot, however, hide her feelings from a changeling. What will become of this unlikely pair?
  5. Silvarrn

    Silvarrn Wonderbolt

    21 December 2011
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    I've got two here, the last one is over the word limit, but I adore the story so much :D

    The Council of Friendship by Drake Clawfang (10,000)
    E for Everyone
    With Twilight Sparkle as the newly crowned Princess of Friendship, she and her friends are to spread friendship to all of Equestria. She has a new duties to perform, not to mention a new throne room begging for meetings to be held. So it is Twilight calls to order the Council of Friendship, where she shall instruct her friends on running an effective government and discuss with them matters pertaining to their rule.

    In hindsight, she really should have realized what she was getting herself into.

    Treasure in the West by DiveBomb (75,000)
    E for Everyone
    When an unexpected heat wave scorches Appleloosa, Braeburn finds himself unable to save his family's apple orchard. That is, until he meets a certain pony whom he thought to be fictitious. The mare tells him of a treasure that is said to be buried in the town of Dodge Junction, and asks for his assistance in finding it. Will the tales of Cunning the Colt's treasure prove to be true, or were they simply folktale?
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  6. finalsight

    finalsight Honorary Pony

    18 May 2012
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    Good Morning Scootaloo
    Romance, Slice of life
    A few weeks after Scootaloo's camping trip, and her experience with those nightmares, Luna's concern for the filly still persists. Intent on making sure that Scootaloo is alright, she goes to visit her one morning.

    (This takes place just after Sleepless in Ponyville)

    (No icky pedo-junk in here.)

    (Not fanfiction on Equestria Daily)

    Mother of the Moon
    Slice of life, AU
    Luna is a happy filly, and wants her sister to be happy too. She doesn't know why Celestia cries at night, so she's going to raise the sun for her and let her big sister sleep in.

    You are all awesome! Thank you for the support!

    Celestia watches her waiting to raise the sun from inside her chambers, torn between a love that she wants to acknowledge and the machinations of politics that have kept her from doing so.

    If you're reading this, you're extra awesome!

    What would a good sister do?

    Because who doesn't like a good easter egg?

    What would a good mother do?

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