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Risky, The Unicorn

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Rare80, 2 May 2013.

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  1. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    Name: Risky

    Race: Unicorn

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Young Stallion (late 20's - early 30's)

    Physical Description: He stands at an average height for a stallion, and is a lanky, skinny fellow. He has a bight orange coat, which stands out from the usual dark shaded coats of ponies living in Riversdale. He as dark brown eyes, and a black mane, but you really can't see his mane, because it is mostly covered up by a khaki cap. He also wears a corresponding khaki sweater-vest, and white dress shirt underneath. (His dress style bears resemblance to "Rudy" a character from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids") A large consensus of fillies, and mares in Riversdale consider Risky to be devilishly handsome. As Risky often says: "If you can look sharp, you can think sharp." And, he'll will do whatever it takes to make his mind work at peak efficiency. (and look good doing it) He often brings along with him, a grey cart full of all kinds of things that may or may not be valuable. (with Risky, you never really know) He is also normally wearing a big, wide smile, and it is nearly impossible to catch this guy in a bad mood. His cutie mark is a yellow question mark outlined in back, which also adds to the mystery of the colt they call "Risky".


    Primary Residence: Unlike many in Riversdale, Risky is a wanderer. But recently, due to the bad economy, he's been staying in the Riversdale area. He still travels, but just not as far. You'll often see him pull his grey cart from street corner to street corner, and from hotel to hotel.

    Past/History: A mare unicorn living on the outskirts of Ponyville is pregnant with a foal. She is told that due to a rare blood disorder, that when she gives birth, she'll lose so much blood, that she likely won't live long enough to even hold her son or daughter. This news leads to months of anguish and stress in the household. Her husband, Chance, reassures her time and time again, that he is ready for whatever life throws at him. Chance's kind words miss their mark, and his wife, Destiny, continued to worry. It all came to a boil on the day of delivery. An impatient Chance paced outside of the hospital room, in the lobby, as he awaited the news of his wife and baby. Upon hearing the news, Chance cried the tears of a thousand rivers. Destiny has given birth to a son, and both of them are doing fine. After the risk taken during his birth, Destiny came up with a name for their foal. Chance agreed is was the perfect name for their newborn son. They named him "Risky".

    When Risky was two and a half, he attended an older cousin's birthday party. During the party the small foal saw that the "Princess Celestia" that was at the party: was a fake, a rental, a phony. Risky did his best to articulate this as best as his then limited vocabulary could allow him, and he did it so loudly that everypony could hear him. It was at this moment that Risky earned his cutie mark, but due to the commotion of the party, and Risky's big mouth, nopony noticed. Destiny and Chance didn't notice thier son's cutie mark until the next morning. They where horrified. Why did he get his cutie mark so early? What prompted it? Is it the Cutie Pox? Why is it a question mark? Does this mean he'll get nowhere in life? Does he have no talents? Despite what everypony told them, they kept their hopes high that their son will be somepony. While growing up, he got teased and bullied a lot by the other fillies and colts. It grew worse when they got older, and everypony had a cutie mark and a talent to go with them. During his teenage years, the teasing prompted bad behavior, and it seemed that Risky was just a born trouble maker. He took a liking to games of chance, and taking risks. He would often trick ponies into giving up thier lunch money, or bartering with somepony until he completely ripped them off. In class, Risky would often defy the teacher. Often times he would shred a teacher's whole lesson plan because of his unconventional logic. Then it hit him, he could see what other ponies couldn't. He could spot a phony or a fake far and away, and his attention to detail was near supernatural. He later proved it to himself during a school dance when a certain white, purple-haired unicorn sported a fashionable dress she made. He had a crush on this filly, and was hoping to empress her with his keen eye, and attention to detail. After spotting the dress as being made of a rare synthetic material, not fine woven silk, (and proving it by showing everypony how fast it could catch ablaze), Risky received a prompt back-hoof across the face. But Risky had something better than love, he had a talent.

    Risky then decided that he had nothing more to learn, and dropped out of school. His parents didn't like his choice, but supported him nonetheless. If he could see things others couldn't, why not take advantage of it? So, Risky found and old wooden cart, and started his career as a traveling sales pony. He went from town to town taking as many bits from other ponies with his dirty business as he possibly could. Prompting many complaints, many stints in jail, and being thrown out of many towns. By the time he was an adult, he had had grown bored of the petty thievery. So, he set is swindling hopes high. He wanted to fool the granddaddy of them all -- Princess Celestia. Late one night in Canterlot, Risky masqueraded as a Royal Guard. He snuck into Princess Celestia's living quarters, and swapped the royal jewelery for some impressively made fake ones. Risky got away cleanly, and nopony questioned a thing. When Risky went to a refinery to have the gold melted down and the jewels removed so he could sell it, the owner noticed the jewels. He quickly got the attention of the authorities, and Risky was quickly arrested with the Equestrian crime of the century.

    While in Canterlot Prison, awaiting a trial conducted by the princess herself, Risky learned that his beloved father was ill. Risky was able to sneak out of jail with a help of some other ponies, and he made his way to Ponyville to see his sick father. As he made his way to the hospital room, a nurse told him that there was nothing more they could do for his father. Chance looked up to the eyes of his son. They talked for a while, and Risky said he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused, and that he merely wanted to have a chance at life like everypony else, and that he wanted to be treated with fairness and kindness."I've always believed in you, son. Since the very beginning we knew you where a fighter. I never doubted you, not for one second. Even when everyone else said otherwise. Don't see this as an end son, see this as a new beginning. You'll get the chances you deserve, just remember. Remember to treat everyone fair, with kindness and respect. Remember that every day you are given a clean slate to use it to build yourself however you please. Remember that there are those willing to love you, if you are willing to love them back. Remember to do all of this, with a smile on your face. " And with that, he father breathed his last. Risky made his way out of the hospital room, he fell on his flank in disbelief. In that same lobby, Risky cried for his now diseased father, just as his father cried once cried for his newborn son.

    Risky was quickly arrested afterwards. He was brought in front of the Princess immediately. She brought judgement on him then and there. His sentence? To be striped of all money he may have earned in conducting his business. Plus, ten years of banishment from Equestria. Risky was taken to a dock in Vanhoover to be put on the next boat leaving Equestria. As he got on the boat, he got boos, hisses and plenty of tomatoes from a jeering crowd. It got worse. Nopony would tell him where the boat was headed. He also left before going to his father's funeral, something else that always bothered him. So, he sat tight and hoped for the best. He wound up in an odd place called Independence. He was in awe of nearly everything he saw. What he saw most were advertisements. They there on walls, on signs, in stores, in the paper, coming out of speakers, in lights, on the ground, in the air, and especially on this weird talking plywood box everypony called "Television". It seems like everypony selling something. Not only that, a lot of these ponies were GOOD salesponies. They were kings of their trade. How is Risky going to compete with that? Discouraged, he begged for whatever money he could, and rented a hotel room for the night. The next morning he was bored, so he decided to watch some of this so-called "television". He watched commercial after commercial. As those black and white images danced on the screen, he noticed something. Most of the stuff these ponies were selling -- was crap! They just made it SOUND really good, and everypony's falling for it! At this moment Risky took a vow. "As my father as my witness, I will do all I can to make sure nopony gets a raw deal again! Uh... as long as it's not from me!"

    Risky spent the next seven years travelling from town to town, and traded that old wooden cart for a brand new gray plastic one. Did he still rip ponies off? Sure! But now he offered a new service: Bring anything to Risky, and tell him how much you paid for it. Risky will tell you whether or not you got a square deal. Risky's new service was in badly needed in this new land, and sent him from city to city. In the meantime, Risky took notes on how to be a good sales pony. He learned the lingo, the jive, the sales pitch, he watched commercials and read ads. Wait! Doesn't that make Risky a hypocrite? Does he hate who he is, or what he has become? Nope. If you where to ask how he could possibly live himself. He'll tell you that he's better than those smooth talking sales ponies on TV or radio. Why? "Because, I give refunds." But the years have softened the colt's heart. He just wont rip somepony off, he now gives ponies an opportunity to either win or lose, in games of chance. If you are like him, and can see where the error is, or which one is the fake, you'll win big. If not, tough luck. "I think that I'm teaching ponies how to look out for themselves. 'Cause a smart pony, doesn't believe what he everything he hears, and can spot a fake. And, if we all can learn to be a little smarter, than I'm making my world a better place. Besides, what's the difference between me, and one of them fancy game-shows on TV? We both do the exact same thing!" It's easy to get mad at Risky, but hard to STAY mad at him. His new found friendliness and a big, wide, white smile he often wears in memory of his father. Have made him a somewhat lovable attraction everywhere he goes (for better, or for worse). Risky was passing by Riversdale when the economy went down, and that hurt is income. He still travels around Riversdale, and surrounding cities like, LakeShore and Ft. Gary. Risky has slowly become a part of the slang in Riversdale. That new diamond ring that your husband got you seem a little strange? Go see Risky. You think you got a raw deal for that rusted bucket of nuts, that you bought from the car dealership? Go see Risky. Did you buy something from the TV, and you wonder if you overpaid? Oh, you better go see Risky. He loves it in Riversdale because the ponies here where able to give him a chance at a great life, unlike back at Equestria, but Risky's ten year banishment is nearly over. He hopes to go back to Ponyville to go see his now elderly mother. Something he's waited for, for a long, long time.

    Special Talent: His special talent is obviously spotting fakes. It can be anything. Also, Risky is a self-taught fast-talking sales pony.

    Personality: Risky is a smooth-talking sales pony. He is also very handsome, and he knows it. Often using it again and again, so make mares buy whatever it is he's trying to sell. He can be sort of a "ladies-man" when around certain mares, and is always ready to "put the moves on." As of the past few years, he's been very friendly. He is also outspoken and ready to talk with anypony. He loves to meet other ponies that can use their brain. He also enjoys dressing nice, basketball, money (of course), and Romero's coffee.--

    Written Sample:
    Risky had set up shop at a familiar street corner. There was a bus stop nearby and ponies where walking to and fro. For the last hour he was delivering his famous sales pitch to anypony that would hear him. He had just thought about going elsewhere when he saw a familiar face.

    "Romero!" said Risky, waiving his hoof. "How's it hanging, brotha?"

    "Not much, how 'bout you?"

    "Oh, I wanna show you a little somethin', a game, if you will..."

    "C'mon man, not right now I'm on my way to work..."

    "It'll only take a second"


    "What if I told you that there's 20 bucks in it for ya? Huh? You game?"

    The ever frugal Romero thought about it for a while.

    "Uh... Oh, alright!"

    "Okay, I got 3 cups here..." Risky used his magic to get 3 cups from his cart. "...and I got a bean in my hoof. See it? See the bean?" Risky showed Romero his hoof. And yes, there was, indeed, a bean inside. "So, I'm gonna put the cups on the table top end down, like this, and I'm gonna mix up! I'm mixin' 'em up!" Risky used his magic to move the cups at nearly lightning speed, and then he abruptly stopped. "Now which cup is the bean under?"

    Romero stopped to think for a second. Risky closed his eyes, and his smile grew wider than normal.

    "None of 'em. You never put the bean under one of the cups." Risky used his magic to lift the cups one by one, and proved to Romero that he was right.

    "Y'see? That's why I like you, Romero. You use your head!" The two friends continued to talk as they walked along the busy sidewalk. They carried on for a few minutes before they were interrupted. "Y'know I got all the mares in Riversdale callin' me by name, Romero!"

    "Yeah, right..."

    "Naw, really though..."

    "RISKY! RISKY! HEY RISKY!" A brown unicorn mare with a pink mane comes running from across the street. Her hooves flailing around trying to get Risky's attention.

    "Y'see? What did I tell you? Here comes one now. Hey there, doll!

    "Risky! Risky, my boyfriend bought me this diamond necklace. He bought it from out of town. He spent a fortune on it, but a jewelry store owner down the street said it might be fake, so he sent me to you!" The mare seemed frantic, and really stressed out. Gasping loudly between sentences.

    "You have come to the right cat! Let me see this necklace here." Risky took the necklace, and used his magic to go though his cart to find a magnifying glass. He held it close to the necklace, closely studying every detail.


    "Uh, is that a good 'ooooh' or a bad 'ooooh'?"

    "Tell me that necklace is real!" There was a short silence.

    "Oooooh, nuh-uh. That's fake! Where did your boyfriend buy this thing, a gumball machine? Well, it's been nice talkin' to you. That'll be 35 bucks."

    "WHAT?!?! I'm not paying a dime! You're just saying it's fake just so you get your money!"

    "Okay then, let's test it!" Risky shuffled through his cart for a minute and pulled out a large mallet. "Everypony knows that only diamonds can cut other diamonds. So let's see, shall we?" Risky then put the necklace on his cart and proceeded to smash the thing to hundreds of pieces. *bat!* *bat!* *bat!* *bat!* *bat!* The mare was becoming increasingly frustrated with Risky, but Romero was enjoying the show.

    "UGH! FINE! HERE'S YOUR 35 BUCKS YOU CROOKED THIEF!" She turned around and walked off in fury.

    "Crooked thief?" I've never been called that before!"

    "Man, you crazy!" Romero and Risky laughed for a while. Then Risky turned to Romero, and flashed his 35 bucks. "Y'see, man? THAT'S how you make money!"
    #1 Rare80, 2 May 2013
    Last edited: 28 February 2014
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    A couple of minor issues with this app like with the references to Celestia but otherwise this app is fantastic. Your previous app and your posts show that you are competant at forum roleplay so I have no issues aslong as you stay within the rules.
  3. Rare80

    Rare80 His Rareness

    27 August 2012
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    I haven't RP'd In so long, I completely forgot I couldn't do that! My bad...
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