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Question RockNessie & con questions

Discussion in 'BronyScot Convention Discussion' started by Melgarh, 31 August 2017.

  1. Melgarh

    Melgarh Dragon of Czequestria

    23 November 2012
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    Seems like lots of Czequestrians will be flying over to BronyScot this year =)

    Got couple of questions if you don't mind about the RockNessie;
    - out of experience, when does it usually end? (eg. about 3am?; to plan flights)
    - are glowsticks OK?
    - what are the booze prices like?
    - will there be lasers? (can offer my hardware control units and software including pony laser stuff like Cutiemarks for the event for free, but my lasers are in Prague; example

    And couple of general ones ;-)
    - on the Sunday day, since there is no con, is there any organised meetup or its the best day to investigate Glasgow?
    - will there be Friday pre-meet? (to plan flights)

    Cheers & good luck & patience with organizing the event!
  2. MattBas

    MattBas Recognised Pony

    18 November 2015
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    There should be a Friday pub meet, but I think the organizers still need to figure the venue. Last year it started at ~16:00.

    I don't think there's any official activity on sunday morning but there are going to be several groups of bronies wondering around the nerdy places in Glasgow.
  3. Silver Broom

    Silver Broom Tireless Traveller

    29 January 2012
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    @MattBas answered this well.
    Friday pre-meet venue is still to be confirmed.
    Sunday daytime, there is no official event but many bronies will take the opportunity to explore Glasgow.

    As for @Melgarh's questions about Rock Nessie:
    - out of experience, when does it usually end? (eg. about 3am?; to plan flights)
    Should be around 2am. Performances may finish before then, but we will still have music on for a while afterwards.
    - are glowsticks OK?
    - what are the booze prices like?
    A pint (568 ml) of beer should cost around 3.50 - 3.80 GBP. This applies at the Hilton on Saturday as well as at Rock Nessie.
    - will there be lasers?
    I don't believe so (space is fairly limited), but still thank you for your offer.


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