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Season 7, Episode 19 - It Isn't the Mane Thing About You

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Loganberry, 13 September 2017.

  1. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Air date:
    16 September 2017

    Writer: Josh Haber

    Synopsis: "When Rarity's shampoo is accidentally switched with Zecora's magical remover potion, she does everything she can to fix her devastated mane in time for an upcoming photo shoot."

    It's nice to see Zecora return to front-line duties after quite a long break -- but I really don't know what to make of that synopsis. On the face of it, it seems a very thin premise for a 22-minute episode -- but I'm sure we can all name many good episodes where the synopsis didn't seem too promising. As many people will know, a clip from this episode was played at HasCon, and here it is thanks to Borg from EqD. Be warned: it's a fairly long clip (2'44") and so gives away more than a typical short teaser. Anyway, please discuss away!

    Please use spoiler-cuts until 24 hours after the episode has aired. Thank you. :)
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  2. moody magpie

    moody magpie One shall stand, one shall fall.

    8 October 2013
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    Well this was the first time I was able to watch a livestream since episode 3. This one sees the return of Josh Haber. How did this fair?
    It wasn't bad at all but it was basically a filler, which did make me laugh in places. It was nice to see Zecora who we haven't seen for a while and there was some callbacks from previous episode (Granny Smith working with Grandpear and Big Mac with Sugarbelle springs to mind.) Expect a lot of artwork of Punk rocker Rarity from the fandom. This gets a 7/10 from me.
  3. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    7.5/10 good pony fun and a sweet message
    shining from the inside is a good thing to say - they've said a few ways in the show but never like this. In a way this was a very s1/2 feeling ep.

    Pinks and Rarity were also on point this ep - I can listen to Tabitha all day :3

    punk Rares was a surprise too :D
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  4. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    This was a fun episode :)
    It was good to see Zecora again. :)

    I love that expression Twilight made when Starlight made a comment about Rarity's mane. :p

    Punk Rarity did look awesome, and I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of artwork of her in the coming days.

    Over all this was a pretty sweet episode and fun. :)

    Edit: Big Mac and Sugar Belle made a very brief appearance walking together in the establishing shot for Sweet Apple Acres. :D
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  5. Cendaquenta

    Cendaquenta Honorary Pony

    22 February 2013
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    A fun, simple little episode - quite enjoyed it.
    The whole ep I was thinking "Why doesn't she just style it a bit and say it's a pixie cut" - and then the ending happened. :rolleyes: Failing that, are wigs not a thing? Or as a very last resort, during the mane-spell section, couldn't Twi or Starlight have donated a little of their own hair to try and fix Rarity's? The purple in their manes isn't entirely dissimilar.

    Very happy to see Zecora back. :D Her house looks way different, though.

    "Early-onset mare pattern baldness", hee.

    Liked the running gag with the bird, it was cute. And the Spooky-Eyes - poor things though, hit with a stick by Pinkie then yelled at by Rari.
  6. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Well, that was nice.

    One of those episodes that reminds us that MLP can still do sweetly domestic stories, even in S7. A nice change of pace from last week's action. I was pleased to see Zecora back, and as has been said Punk Rarity looked really good. Considering I don't usually like the Cake Twins, they didn't annoy me too much. :p It was also good to see speaking parts for quite a few secondary/background characters -- Rose, Carrot Top, Bon Bon, Davenport, even Mr Breezy! Overall, another for the "filler, but good filler" box. :)
  7. sten whik

    sten whik Space

    25 March 2013
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    Well rounded, well written. Very enjoyable.
    Rarity handing out business advice to the benefit of both parties shows that the writer truly understands her character (which is something I realise that I really needed to see after the mess of writing that was "Fame and Misfortune").

    Was expecting her to just go for bald at the end but this is equally fine.
    With all the background continuity going on I was hoping she would keep the look for at least an episode though.

    Enjoyed the gags. Also enjoyed more Zecora. I don't see how it wasn't her fault that the potions got mixed up, she should have labelled them. :p

    Nobody thought to ask Discord for help. Speaking of magic it looks like the laws of pony magic might have just become one big Fullmetal Alchemist reference as matter now needs to come from somewhere. Have they mentioned such a limitation before?
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  8. Solar Wind

    Solar Wind Bring back Robot Wars

    25 April 2013
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    Ok, what is up with Rarity this season.
    When did this punk rock version of her appear? Is this going to be a plot point next series? Are we going to find out what Rarity did during her teenage years? Writers, where are you going with this? I want to know!
  9. Wonderbolt

    Wonderbolt Honorary Pony

    27 May 2015
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    This was a great episode, maybe my favorite of the season, lots of Background ponies including punk Derpy, loved the scene of Big Mac and sugar belle. Punk Rarity was awesome and should have kept the look for the rest of the season for better continuation, Rairity and Pinkie were in top form, the episode had a very early years of the show vibe about it.
  10. Alliminaro

    Alliminaro Old Man Minaro

    23 October 2013
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    Jeepers it's been a while since I last made a post, but I felt I had to for this one. (I became King of the Lurkers)

    This was a solid episode for me (No surprises there, right?) - So many callbacks and continuity pieces in this episode, just coming out of everywhere. Also the fact mane magic is ridiculously difficult, but we can regrow teeth and stuff from nothing just fine amuses me. Just how difficult is mane magic? Defeating monsters is easier than keeping your hair looking good, which I guess sounds about right now that I say it!

    And obviously, Punkity/Raripunk/Top-Waifu-Material-Joke-Here; no prizes on guessing how I felt about that one. :p I just wish we got to have it for a bit longer, rather than having a "Months" time-skip thrown in there! :eek:
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  11. Steamworks

    Steamworks Active Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Onward to ponies

    Now are we gonna see Bon Bon give those to Lyra?

    A fan shop? Ponyville is kinda dedicated to specific shops.

    And there's Quills and Sofas.

    So does Pinkie have a song for everything yet? Also, the Cake twins are at least a year old now. It's only taken how many seasons?

    At first I thought the party string was cheese whiz.

    Kinda surprising Rarity would be willing to be seen in public like that.

    Zecora's hut got an appearance upgrade in the last few seasons.

    Oh my, watching a lady in the shower.

    Mare pattern baldness? Sounds awful. Also must be awful for Rarity to know that's in her future.

    Is that Caramel's foal?

    And there's good ol' Carrot Top. Don't think she's spoken before that I can remember.

    Shut up, Berry Punch, you're drunk. Don't be drunk offering on couches.

    And now she's losing it.

    Does Equestrian magic work like alchemy in Full Metal Alchemist?

    Aww, come on, Starlight, you can time travel one last time.

    And that harlot, Sugar Bell. Hmph.

    Is cloudmane some sort of pegasus fashion emergency trick?

    That's a lot of ice cream in a short period of time.

    Punk Rarity is a pretty nice look.

    And there's Rarity dipping into rhymes.
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  12. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    Classic slice of life. 10/10
  13. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    Another really good one.

    That was fun, and with quite a nice moral, as well. The very beginning was the best side of Rarity we probably don’t see often enough. It was awesome to see Zecora again after so long, and I did miss her rhyming. To be honest, it’s nice to see something Twilight and Starlight can’t do, even when they combine their powers. Proficient as they both are, they still can’t do everything. I also have to wonder if Trixie would’ve been a better pony to ask. It’s possible she could’ve created some kind of illusion to last a while. Really loved the scene with all of them going to cheer Rarity up, reminiscent of both Suited for Success and Tanks for the Memories. Punk Rarity does look awesome, and it was actually really sweet to see to look had caught on at the end. This may be the only time an episode’s title has also been its moral, interestingly.
  14. Streamline

    Streamline Active Pony

    19 March 2017
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    That was an improvement on some of the previous episodes we've seen of late. Nice to see Zekora return. Rarity with the lampshade moment was classic. Nice to see mane 6 all together for a change as they've been split up in individual episodes for a few weeks too, although if that episode was anything to go by more mane 7 now.
  15. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    Yep, this one was great fun. I had a grin on my face pretty much the whole time :D.

    Lots of cute background ponies given attention. The rest of the mane 6 and starlight were lovely. And Rarity was an absolute star.
  16. Snowyshy

    Snowyshy A UKoE US Poster

    28 December 2013
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    Well.... that was a hairy situation.

    Loved the episode. Rarity somehow managed to find a way to be fabulous without her mane, even if it was hard. Seriously Zecora had to not label them. XD
  17. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    • Mares Day, cool... ooh good idea Rarity on mane colour flowers!
    • Stallion spotted with a cutie mark similar to Twily's (early on, bottom right corner)
    • Pinkie is crazy (stating the obvious). Sneezaversary :p
    • Lol, Pinkie crowbaring the babies
    • Aww, the spooky eyes just want to be loved!
    • Yay! Zecora
    • Uh ok the baby pones are going to end up erasing each other?
    • Oh Rarity lost her hair instead. Oopsie
    • She should go see Steven Magnet and borrow a moustache
    • Ooh cloud mane :3
    • I quite like her tree look - Flutters is best non-Rarity fashion designer :D
    • Aww these supportive friendship speeches :3 And Steven Magnet did get mentioned :p
    • She really nailed it with the punk chick look!
    • She should have kept that look :D
    • Timeskip of "months" o.o
    That was a good Rarity episode (one might say... a rarity!)
  18. ponePete

    ponePete Well-Known Pony

    28 October 2016
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    Dragon Lord Ember totally agrees with you there ^^
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  19. Starscream759

    Starscream759 Honorary Pony

    21 June 2014
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    I really enjoyed this one, nice to see Zecora again it's was a great change of pace from the last ones we've had this season I'm loving the punk look that Rarity just a shame it only lasted for this episode I would've loved to have seen that mane hairstyle again. Good callbacks to previous and I defiantly was laughing throughout the majority of that episode. A fun episode I'd say.
  20. Mane25

    Mane25 Honorary Pony

    9 November 2013
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    Just seen it, I really like this one.

    I found it amusing that, even with ponies that can travel through time and do age spells an the like, there's apparently no magic in all of Equestria powerful enough fix a mane! Of all things that would require some super-advanced level of magic that hasn't been attained.

    Fun episode and lots of laughs throughout.

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