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Season 8, Episode 16 - Friendship University

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 5 August 2018.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Charting the Stars by ElErmita800
    Air Date: 5th August 2018 (Australia) / 11th August (Discovery Family)

    Written by: Chris "Doc" Wyatt and Kevin Burke

    Synopsis: When Twilight Sparkle discovers there's another School of Friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discover that Twilight's idol and Pillar of Old Equestria, Star Swirl the Bearded, is enrolled at the school.

    Those Australians are at it again, with their early episode broadcasts. :p
  2. Solar Wind

    Solar Wind Bring back Robot Wars

    25 April 2013
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    Ah Flim and Flam. Back to their old ways again. I could not be happier. We have continuously complained about so many bad guys turning good, and to see Flim and Flam convert back to their old ways, I could not be happier. chancellor Neighsayer is aslo clearly out for, I wouldn't say revenge but spite at the very least, and he's as prejudice as ever. It is also nice to see Starswirl back. It is nice to see that the writing team have not forgotten about the legendary 6. Good episode, but I do wish that Flim and Flam's song was catchier.
  3. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    I loved this one. :D

    Rarity and Twilight are an underused duo in the show, and I'm glad they got an episode together. I also liked that there was some good old-fashioned Twilight snarkiness in this episode too. :p

    I liked the fact that Rarity used her own bits to purchase the sewing machines, even if she didn't know how to use them for teaching friendship lessons.

    Ah, Chancellor Neighsay is back and he seems rather spiteful towards Twi, not to mention his usual racism towards non-ponies.

    I loved Rarity and Twilight's "disguises". When Twilight came out with that eyepatch and a drawing taped over her cutie mark, I had to pause and giggle for a couple minutes. :p

    Twilight: *dryly* My name is Eye Patch. I wear an eye patch. :p

    Flim: Twilight Sparkle! Did you really think an eye patch was enough of a disguise?
    Twilight: No! I didn't!


    I liked the fact that Twilight was willing to entertain the idea that she was just jealous of the school, at least until she found out that they charge for the worksheets. I love Rarity's moment of realisation at that. :p

    I also liked that when she was able to expose Flim and Flam's scheme, that letting ponies know the truth was more important to her than the possible risk to her reputation. Fortunately, Rarity had let Star Swirl listen in on them, so there was pretty much nothing they could do other than give the bits back.

    So, yeah, really liked this one. Definitely one of my favourites for this season. :)
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  4. Steamworks

    Steamworks Active Pony

    7 March 2017
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    So does this count as me getting caught up, or are we being America-centric and counting it as me being early?

    Did Twi assign these postcards to Starswirl?

    Friendship University sounds like a degree mill type school.

    Ah, more Las Pegasus. I do love getting to see it since Steamworks there is a native of it.

    New Flim Flam song.This one seems a little scaled down.

    They keep lying about Twi endorsing the school. She's a princess. Just throw 'em in the dungeon.

    And there's Neighsay. Still racist.

    They're playing Twi like a fiddle.

    That look on Rarity's face? Is she planning on bringing back Detective Rarity?

    There's Shadow Spade, even if the disguises are bad.

    And there's the angle.

    Are they really trying to blackmail Twi? I think she needs something like from The Dark Knight when Batman's identity is discovered and blackmail is attempted. She should remind them of that time she beat the crap out of Tirek.

    These levels make it sound like Scientology. I wonder if that's intentional.

    I do like that Twi learned so much magic from Starswirl, and now he's learning so much from her.
  5. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    Only highlight

    The only highlight was Plainity for me.
  6. Streamline

    Streamline Active Pony

    19 March 2017
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    Seemed rather predictable but it had its moments.

    So its back to Los Pegasus where once again Flim and Flam are conning somepony out of their money, and their plan is scuppered. We've been here one time too many with this and I do feel it gets a little bit boring. Even the song didn;t particulary thrill, apart from Twily's moments. Chancellor Nasay sounded different to what I recall from the earlier part of the season, he sounded less threatening and more sarcastic, it didn't seem to suit him. The only bit in this that I liked was the Twily eye patch thing, simply because it kind've acted as tribute to the earleir Twilight years when she magically went into the future and came back with one. As for Starsworld, well, I never did care for the 'Pillars' thing last season, to me that just introduced a load of stereotypical characters to us that is an opposite to what this show is about, and Starsworld in the 'updated era' for me doesn't work. He is way too 'easy going' and a bit naive in this. I like the idea of an old fashioned out dated, perhaps possibly bigoted character who's personality nowadays would not fit in at all but back in his day would have been legendary. Again just my opinion on that. It was OK to watch it had some funny moments but certainly not one that is a must watch.
  7. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    It was good, I think.

    I had been spoiled on Flim and Flam being involved, but I didn't know anything else outside of the synopsis. I enjoyed seeing Shadow Spade referenced again, and I was half expecting Rarity to take on her detective persona again, though it seems that even she thought that would be too obvious. Plainity is yet another look I think Rarity pulls off well, despite the contrast to her usual personality. Is it just me, or does bubblegum quite suit her, at least in that guise? The clothes make the pony, indeed. I'm a little surprised she thought an eye patch would be enough, though the call back was fun. She should've at least had the spy suit from the same episode to go with it. I'm also quite surprised Flim and Flam didn't see through Plainty, given their experince in running scams themselves.

    I thought the song was good, although I haven't heard their other ones recently for comparison. Maybe it wasn't as fun, but it was pretty hammy, at least. I spent most of the episode wondering which way it would go; if it was another scam or if they had good intentions. I also wasn't expecting Neighsay, and he's just as annoying as before, as he should be. I'm not sure if he accredited them out of spite, or if the brothers decieved him as well, though. I kinda feel like Cozy Glow may have deliberately spread word of the university around Twilight's school, but she may be innocent of that.

    I preferred the pillars as intangible legendary figures each of the mane six looked up to, escpecially Starswirl. That said, I think he may have had a point here. I think the moral of trusting our instincts and standing up for what we believe in is a good one, but should Twilight and Rarity have immediately assumed Flim and Flam were up to no good? Maybe they should've tried to see the good, as Starswirl said, before jumping to conclusions. It turned out well, and they were running a scam, but what if they hadn't been? Equally, she could tell something didn't feel right, so maybe it wouldn't have been a good idea just to ignore those feelings. I feel like it's a more complex matter than the episode presented it as, and there's probably no easy answer.
  8. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Quite entertaining, but I felt a step down from "The Hearth's Warming Club".

    Generally speaking, I like Flim and Flam episodes but don't love them, and that was the case here. Their scam this time was a bit of a rickety construction, given how it fell apart in the end, but that's par for the course for those two. Twilight not being recognised by the other ponies was just too much of a stretch, even for a joke. The eyepatch thing I can get behind as Rule of Funny, but I just can't believe the fact she's an alicorn wouldn't give her away to even the dimmest student. As for ruining Twi's reputation, if she can get away with "Lesson Zero" (I know she wasn't a princess then, but even so) she can come through something like this, surely. Plainity was fun, and she was as ever very well voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. It's also a little too convenient that she was placed in a generosity class, admittedly. If Flim and Flam had suspected her from the start and had done it deliberately, I'd have enjoyed it more.

    I didn't see the return of Neighsay coming, so that was a nice moment. I'm hoping he'll prove to be a clever villain, like pre-reformation Starlight, rather than turning out to be a lumbering idiot when it comes to the crunch. I'm convinced that it's no accident that Cozy Glow was in the final scene, where Twilight wonders where Flim and Flam got the lessons. My guess is that CG is a spy for Neighsay, though exactly why she's doing things like this I still can't work out. Starswirl was... okay. I preferred his jerk persona in the S7 finale, if I'm honest. All in all, a decent episode, with some good dialogue (especially a flash of the old snarky Twilight). Not going to challenge the best of S8 for me, but it's a reasonable effort.
  9. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    An interesting episode.

    I was wondering whether Flim and Flam had actually turned over a new leaf or not given the shows past for redeeming characters. Then of course they had the con of worksheets. If they'd only been up front about a tuition fee instead of charging through worksheets they would have had a legitimate business! It would also have been interesting to see Twi react to being in the wrong about her assumptions over the pair and learning the same lesson as Starswirl.

    Speaking of Starswirl, he didn't seem to do much in this episode. It's nice to see he hasn't been forgotten about though.

    Chancellor Neighsay returns too. When I saw him here I thought this would be his return appearance and the finale would be something else entirely, but if anything this episode seems to be setting that up. I also see why people think a certain filly is a villain now looking at that final scene.

    I did love Rarity's disguises in this episode. How she though an eyepatch was enough I don't know. At least cover up her wings! I loved Twi's reactions to it too. I also laughed at the fact that Flim and Flam didn't even know who Rarity was when she revealed herself, making her disguise pointless.

    Another solid episode, it seems the second half of this season is proving more consistent than the first. I hope this quality continues.
  10. GatewaytoGlimmer

    GatewaytoGlimmer Happy Happy Joy Joy!

    2 November 2017
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    I really enjoyed this one!

    First of all I love the dynamic between Twilight and Rarity, it kinda highlights that Rarity is not really the sane mare as I often think she is alongside when she's with Applejack. Her attitude towards Twilight's "disguise" was hilarious and she seemed obviously to it as well. Plus her own disguise was fantastic! The overall plot is pretty good as well, and I must be honest I didn't see the twist with the scam towards the end and I though both Flim and Flam were legit this time around. I do like the idea of Starswirl travelling as well as I do think it's an interesting interpretation of how he's learning about friendship.

    In conclusion, it was entertaining and I really liked it! I give it an 8/10.
  11. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    I'm currently away on holiday, but didn't want to keep avoiding spoilers so gave this a watch on my phone.

    I found this one a bit 'meh' mainly as I felt I've seen the general story done by the show before. Particularly with Flim and Flam involved. Not that there weren't things to enjoy; Rarity really shone, and was the highlight of the episode for me.

    I'll probably enjoy it a bit more when I can see it in better quality at home, but I don't think it'll threaten my top picks of the season.

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