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Season 9, Episode 16 - A Trivial Pursuit

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 12 August 2019.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Watch out Pinkie! by SammyGeeArt
    Air Date: 17th August 2019

    Written by: Brittany Jo Flores

    Synopsis: Twilight's hopes of keeping her Trivia Trot winning streak alive are waylaid when she is paired up with Pinkie Pie, who has never been to a trivia night before.

    This episode was written by the same writer that did the excellent "Once Upon A Zeppelin" back in Season 7. :D

    I have a feeling that this will go for a "having fun is more important than winning" moral, but it would be amusing if Pinkie was secretly a trivia genius. :p

    Please use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24 hours after this episode has aired on Discovery Family. Thank you.
  2. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    This would be a great ponycon idea.
  3. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    You know for being the Princess of Friendship, she sure does suck at it sometimes.

    Apple Fritter
    Coco Pommel
    Allie Way
    Sunset Shimmer
    Miss Harshwhinny

    There 10 Characters.
  4. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Points for that. :D

    Anyway, as for the actual episode...
    That felt in some ways like a modern-day "Lesson Zero". Which meant it was funny but didn't really feel right for Season 9. Twilight took the role Rainbow had last week, of being a bit of a jerk, albeit for different reasons. I found her characterisation to be at least borderline flanderisation, if I'm honest, and at best a regression to her "Lesson Zero" days. It's a shame Spike didn't do a bit more of the "Snap out of it!" stuff he did manage back in, well, "Lesson Zero".

    What lifted this episode above "2, 4, 6, Greaaat" was that it was actually entertaining, whereas I found last week's episode a chore for the first two acts. The Applejack/Rainbow feud was amusing, as was Granny's disapproval when AJ failed to win a question about apples. I also liked the way Pinkie was written: she's always best when she's something more than just "hyper party pony". Sunburst wasn't bad either, especially when he beat Twilight at her own game over rules-obsessiveness.

    I would certainly watch Brittany Jo Flores' other episode ("Once Upon a Zeppelin") over this one, though, unless I wanted pure silliness and didn't care that much about consistent characterisation.

    Also, where the hay is Mister Cake these days? We only ever seem to see his wife!
  5. Streamline

    Streamline Honorary Pony

    19 March 2017
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    Great idea for an episode that was well executed. The choice of characters and the lines for them were spot on.

    The idea of an entire episode focused on one thing in one room with the same group of characters not really going anywhere at first felt like a long haul, but actually this was pulled off nicely because of the character choices.

    We get Twilight being.....Twilight :D

    The bit where Apple Jack didn't know the question about apples was classic.

    I take it Dashie won the point for the question on the 'history of the Wonderbolts'

    Maud and Mudbrier gave their usual dry comedy.

    If TwiPie as a new team part way through had to have their score reset, how come new team of Twi and Sunburst didn't when they were paired up?

    So for the end we don't actually find out who wins, but to be honest, it didn't matter anyhow. After all, it's only a game :p.
  6. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    That was more fun than I thought.

    Firstly, I seem to have a lightly different interpretation to a lot of people. I don't think Twilight was freaking out the same way she did in Lesson Zero, or even in The Point of No Return. She knew full well it was just a game, and she was just really, really into it. Her excitement the night before reminded me of when she adorable called to spike for quills and paper so she could research Gabby during The Fault in Our Cutie Marks. Even if she'd lost without getting Pinkie disqualified, I think she would've taken it gracefully, even if it took her a moment to put aside her disappointment and frustration and come back to reality. Having said that, I think she did cross a line when she got Cranky disqualified, and then Pinkie after him. She was too involved at that point. I think the other half of the issue is that Pinkie is very sensitive and takes things to heart, which isn't her fault. If it had been Rainbow Dash, for example, I think she would've been pretty annoyed, but she probably would've been over it by the end of the night. Pinkie took it more personally, but on the bright side, she didn't go all the way off the deep end, like in Yakity-Sax. She's actually highly intelligent, but it can't always be measured in ways like this. I'm actually quite glad Twilight got what she deserved when she was paired with Sunburst, especially after she'd stated earlier that he'd give her the best chance of winning. If anything, I think Applejack and Rainbow Dash demonstrated how she should've been; still very immersed, but without taking it too far.

    I found the random assortment of participants quite interesting, and I think this is the first time we've seen ponies write/draw their cutie marks. I have to wonder how that works with the post. how would they find a pony whose cutie mark they didn't recognise? Anyway, who knew Sunburst was a Daring Do fan? I'm actually tempted to say that answer was wrong. I believe Rainbow Dash discussed that with Quibble Pants, and I don't think it was 20. I could be wrong, though. It's kind of a shame there weren't any questions which might have revealed little details for the fandom to read far too deeply into. I actually found it a little bit sad that Derpy had been shut out in the end. Though it's very possible she was just trying to pull a push door...

    I feel like the second half of this season hasn't come close to the first so far. They'd still be good by other season standards, though.

    Come to think of it, we never did find out what that giant rock in Griffonstone was called :p.
  7. sten whik

    sten whik Space

    25 March 2013
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    Just wanted to point out that this episode is one big ad within a show that is an ad. However it has some good character based comedy so 8/10...

    You get shows like Teen Titans Go (and later episodes of the the Simpsons/Family Guy/Fairly Odd Parents etc...) where most jokes are made for the sake of jokes irregardless of character identity, sure you can find them funny and laugh your head off but you gain nothing you can look back on and say "Silly Applejack", and then yo get the good stuff like this.
    I added .5 alone for that last shot of Derpy.
  8. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion Active Pony

    11 June 2018
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    So Twilight, Pinkie and Trivial Pursuit, interesting combo at first.
    I went in knowing just that and after watching the episode I felt it was alright.
    A good lesson to learn now of all times with Twilight taking over Equestria soon, she needs to remember to have fun and not get so caught up in the moment.
    Pinkie really was perfect for this, so sad when she left to sit by herself and the balloon of Twi blows away.

    Sunburst was perfect in this episode, he was still his character but he pulled off that whole "reflection of Twilights actions" role so well.
    Love seeing him again since I felt he was so badly used in Student Counsel.
    Speaking of mistreatment, poor Derpy, she did not deserve to be locked out, we all know she would have cleared the tables in trivia.

    I did think a small part of this episode was just the show making fun of all the ship names people have, heck Granny calls Spike AppleDash at one point, like damn.
    Speaking of, I like that as a team they work well together, love how AJ choked on the zap apple question, respect to Flutters for getting it right.
    I'm almost glad Rarity or the Student Six weren't here, it would have been too out of place for either.
    Love that Dashie and Matilda were in the lead, defeats the stereotype of who you'd expect to be top of the table.
    Poor Flutter, taking that impact from Bulk head-on, she's a trooper though.

    I am very curious how long Trivia Trot has been around.
    Based on this episode we know that Twi's won the previous 2 Trivia Trots with different partners.
    Flutter, AJ, Dr Hooves, Dashie, Bulk, Matilda and Maud are all regulars based on Twis chart. (she doesn't have Sunburst or Mudbrier who we know are also regulars, I think Sunburst is only semi-regular due to travel whilst Mudbrier is pretty much male Maud)
    AJ says "...think you can win again this week..." which means this is a weekly event hosted by Granny Smith.
    Twi makes a big deal about being "the first pony ever to win 3 consecutive trots in a row", she'd only make this big a deal out of it if others such as the other regulars had won but no one has done it in a row.
    I'm assuming based on what she said, AJ and Dashie as AppleDash have won before maybe even twice but not 3 times in a row, same could be said for Maud and Mudbrier.
    So I'm just curious how long this has been a thing, I wish we could have seen more of this same set-up since I think a few types of lessons could have come out along with the one we got.

    Overall a decent episode, usual Twilighting but in a fun way.
    Pinkie was great, as always.
    Sunburst was treated much better compared to earlier on in this season.
    I'd easily rewatch this, it's that level of around a 6/10, I only hope the quality improves from here since 6/10 is good but for the final season you wanna hit higher.
  9. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    "Trivial Pursuit" sounds like a good name for a game... someone (perhaps a large toy company?) should sell that... :p

    As for the episode... I have mixed feelings, certainly, and I'm not really sure what I think.
    The comedy in this episode was good. The use of shipping names for team names was amusing, as was the fact that Applejack choked on the question about apples. :p

    The opening scene was cute, with a "nervouscited" Twilight, but later on she seemed kind of flanderised and I guess that's the main thing that bothers me about this episode.

    That shot of Derpy at the end, though... :D

    I probably won't be in much of a rush to watch this one again, and hopefully next week's episode is better.
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  10. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    I gave this episode another watch earlier to see if my opinion would improve on a second viewing. I'm sorry to say it hasn't.

    Although there some funny moments, in general I just can't get on board with this one... It's easily the worst of the season, which definitely sucks to say since this was a Twilight episode.
  11. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Spoilering just in case it gets long.

    I see Twi is a DJ Pon3 fan.

    She at least seems happy enough.

    And Fluttershy with the pun.

    AJ and the Doc? That's an unexpected pairing.

    I'm sure the writers were having a ball dropping ship names.

    Now that's some hardcore rules there with negative points for giving a wrong answer.

    I do question the viability of randomly assigned teams. I remember when pugging, it actually ended being more balanced when everyone picked to win rather than trying to balance.

    Is Twi going rules lawyer on this game?

    Looks like she is.

    Chili pepper frosting? I don't know if I want that on chocolate or not.

    At least Pinkie didn't drop to Pinkamena.

    Does that make Team TwiPie canon?

    And poor Derpy left out of the fun.
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  12. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    Did I enjoy this episode?

    *Ding!* Yes!

    There was a lot of good humour in this episode, with Twilight freaking out over winning the trivia trot. I like how Spike tries to get her to go to bed and gets pestered for questions. It also seems that telling Twilight it is just a game worked about as well as telling her to calm down as it was just a test. You should've known that wouldn't work Spike!

    There was a lot of amusing facial expressions in this too, with Twi's fretting and Pinkie's excitement at thinking of TwiPie.

    I am curious as how Starlight would react to somepony saying trivia to her now. That said, that scoring didn't look too intimidating... Spike seemed to handle it just fine.

    You can tell Twilight is frazzled. She thinks excluding Pinkie Pie from the cupcake round is a good idea. :eek:

    Wow, that was some hoof bump from Bulk Biceps. Poor Fluttershy!

    And Sunburst gives Twilight a taste of her own medicine. Although I have to question the wisdom in getting your team mate disqualified when there isn't anyone else who can replace them.

    The rules for the trivia trot are rather convoluted. I do wonder how they got that way. Did Twilight have something to do with the writing of the rulebook or something?

    All in all this was a fun episode. Twilight did end up a little too deep in the zone to betray Pinkie like that, but she learned her lesson in the end. Plus we got a lot of laughs out of it along the way. This second half of the season seems to be going pretty strong so far.
  13. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    Late to the game hear, just slipping this in for the sake of completeness before the next episode rolls around.

    First time round I wasn't sure what to make of this, hence I've been waiting for a chance to give it a second watch. Overall I found it OK, and it certainly had some entertaining moments. Most of those involved the other contestants, with the Fluttershy/Bulk Biceps team-up being a personal highlight.

    On the other hand, Twilight was a tad grating to sit through at times. And I'm not the biggest fan of all the meme faces we were being bombarded with.
  14. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    Filling in here to cover the episodes I haven't commented on yet: this was a very funny episode. When I first watched it I thought it might be my favourite of the season, but reading other people's criticisms and re-watching it made Twilight's character exaggeration stand out a bit more and took a bit of a shine off the episode. Still, a very funny episode, mostly thanks to Granny Smith (an inspired choice) as the quizmaster. One I'd happily re-watch a few more times just for fun.
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