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Season 9, Episode 21 - Daring Doubt

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Loganberry, 17 September 2019.

  1. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Air Date: 21st September 2019

    Written by: Nicole Dubuc

    Synopsis: "When another author releases their own version of the events in AK Yearling's Daring Do books, Rainbow Dash is furious, while Fluttershy is curious to know the truth."

    All right! Finally, we get another Rainbow-and-Flutters episode! :D It really is about time, even if I do say so myself. Which I do. Anyway, I'm not always especially thrilled by Daring Do episodes, but I'll give this one a chance. The synopsis seems quite intriguing, actually; I wonder what the truth will actually turn out to be? Who is this other author, and what's the motive behind what they're doing? Anyway, it's discussion time once again.

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24 hours after this episode has aired on Discovery Family. Thanks! :)
  2. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    7 years of Daring Do. Time flies.
  3. Streamline

    Streamline Honorary Pony

    19 March 2017
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    Daring Damp Squib

    Bit narked when I saw this, yet another Daring Do, I've never liked the way the show glorifies (A.K Yearling - and yes they will probrably call it a coincidence) an author that isn't short on expressing her at times out of touch political views all over the place. Rant over.

    Back to the episode, it was rather predictable until at least the middle. The best bit about this was Fluttershy - with two T's. She brought something unique to this in what would have otherwise been another boring and predictable Daring Do episode.

    Again, maybe they are just going after an easy target for younger audiences, and a chance of easy action scenes as per previous Daring Do adventures, but I actually reckon they could have done something a lot more interesting here.

    Fluttershy mentioned that Daring Do was actually responsible for destroying animal habitats. Wouldn't it have been so much more of an interesting episode if say someone we didn't expect to be writing that book was writing it instead, say perhaps, Tree Hugger? This would have given us a chance to understand the importance of seeing things from a different perspective, in a way that would have worked better than the plot in this episode. Plus would have been good to incorporate some other different characters in this too.
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  4. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion Active Pony

    11 June 2018
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    Welp this was a thing...
    So first up I'm both confused and annoyed we got a Rainbow/Flutters episode since they've both had their solo ending episodes so why this was needed I dunno.
    It also felt like since they wanted Twi away busy getting ready to rule Equestria, they had to make Flutters into a fan, well that and because she's the only one able to emphasize with Dr. Caballeron.
    I dunno, I felt like maybe AJ could have been a good choice since she cares about hard work, understands teamwork well and is a skilled worker.
    Of course, it makes sense why they went with Fluttershy for the artefact but still, I think they could have adapted or just allowed Twi to show up, sure she's busy but she's also a major fan of Daring Do.

    Dr. Caballeron's plan was simplistic but rather enjoyable, heck through his interactions with Flutters I kinda believed his words a bit, in the sense that yeah, I can see his side and Daring Do isn't 100% good.
    However, I am annoyed he isn't good either since he did do it all just to get rich.
    I would have loved it if he was doing all of this to get money to help a relative or something, I dunno just something that is on the surface still selfish since he's selling the artefacts for money but he's using the money for a noble cause.
    That way Daring Do is still right that he's selling for money but he's also right in that he needs to pay for the treatment.

    Dashie was kinda meh in this episode, I'd say this was a much more decent showing from her since she comes across as ignorant rather than a bitch like she did in 2, 4, 6, Greaaat.
    Although Dashie was rather closed-minded here she still felt like herself, also loved how not much changed after A.K. Yearling's secret was revealed heck she changed into Daring Do right in front of a little kid and like zero reaction so yeah, not many care these days I guess in Equestria.

    I do wish the ending was sweeter, it felt so bittersweet.
    Sure, good on Ahuizotl on becoming a blockbuster author but damn, a beloved author and an up and coming author team up and they get no love?
    I dunno just felt like that moment where Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron sweared to never steal from the Tenochtitlan Basin was undercut because that was their first real alliance and yet they get cheated out of customers thanks to Ahuizotl.
    It felt like it was done for a cheap laugh when you could have had Dashie, Flutters and Twi reading the crossover adventure of Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron as they take on the world.

    Flutters was amazing in this, from her expert animal handling skills to her genuine kindness and compassion, really shows how resourceful she would be during an expedition into the wild.
    I do feel like her short time in Angel's body has given her a deeper perspective onto animals, heck it might even be why she was so adamant on listening to others since she learned from that experience with Angel that listening is key.

    Overall decent episode but felt like a downgrade compared to last week, I'd give it like a 5/10, I'd rewatch it but just one more time since the stuff with Dr Caballeron tricking Flutters to join him is a bit meh but Flutters showing her amazing level of kindness and compassion is worth the rewatch.
    I think this is ok as far as an ending for Daring Do and Dr. Caballeron but I'd rather we got intel on that crossover story since I'm curious, who's the big bad guy now, what do they do if they aren't stealing/saving artefacts and why not continue as they were but just not involve artefacts from the Tenochtitlan Basin?
  5. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    That was pretty good, actually.

    This is why Fluttershy is the element of kindness. I actually got Friendship is Magic vibes from the way she took the time to listen to everyone in turn, and it reminded me of her best moment from the Movie, too. When she decided to go along with Caballeron's group, I had the feeling she was essentially going undercover, but it doesn't seem like that was her intention. In any case, I'm pretty sure she could find her way out of a difficult situation, that she'd have some kind of preparation in case things had ended badly for her. With her confidence in recent seasons, and this demonstration that she still holds the same values as ever, I don't think there's much more that could've been done for her character arc. Sometimes, we all just need to be shown a little kindness.

    At the time, I was thinking that this isn't the best side of Rainbow Dash, but that at least she didn't cross any lines this time. But a while after I saw it, I realised that she was just being as true to her element as Fluttershy was. She wasn't just being stubborn because she's a massive Daring Do fan, or because she'd thought that way for a long time and didn't want to even consider that she might be wrong. She showed her loyalty, standing by her friend when it seemed like everyone else was turning their backs on her. She didn't appreciate someone coming along and bad mouthing her friend like that. It might not be my favourite side of her to see, but I think she was well within her character. She'd never leave her friends hanging.

    The climax with that truth relic (the name of which I can't be bothered to look up again) was my favourite scene. I'm sure there are some continuity issues, but I honestly think I'd rather accept this version of events. Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone is the way Daring tells it as A.K. Yearling, so it's naturally heavily biased. I'm pretty sure Ahuizotl wasn't just the guardian in Daring Don't, and I'd have to rewatch Daring Done to try to read into Caballeron's intentions there. I like that for Fluttershy, it was basically the same thing as running her predator/prey support group, and that Daring Do wasn't portrayed too badly to make the others look better. And that Rainbow Dash was forced to reveal her love of spa treatments. What happens in the temple, stays in the temple, clearly.

    Incidentally, wasn't that the same temple as Daring, Rainbow and Quibble raided in Stranger Than Fanfiction? There was no real need for Quibble to be there, especially now that he has a family of his own, but he was the only other related character who was missing. The other episode this reminded me of was Over A Barrel, especially the resolution.
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  6. sten whik

    sten whik Space

    25 March 2013
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    Started off real shaky but the parts all fell nicely into place... (7.5/10)

    The shakiness comes from the setup. It's hard to side with Fluttershy's point of view in the beginning because she was written as being ignorant to Dr.Caballeron's trickery, if instead she was shown to be wise to him before going along on his adventure the episode would have felt more clever much like with how Rarity was presented in A Dog and Pony Show.
    I sussed the Ahuizotl reveal beforehand as I noticed how well he knew his way around the temple, I'm assuming it was intentional foreshadowing and applaud the writer/storyboarder for it.
    Dr.Caballeron's change of heart over the episode felt slightly rushed though perhaps the idea is that he's mostly the same and just treats everybody around him better.
  7. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Given this is the last Daring Do episode, we probably should warm up with some appropriate music (or maybe this one).

    Daring Do is big enough to have her own Equestrian hatedom. Neat.

    Caballeron is a history professor? That's a little more Indiana Jones than he should be.

    Would've been nice to see Quibble Pants in this one.

    They're really driving home the George R.R. Martin thing.

    Wouldn't "Flutershy" be some weird foreign Fluttershy?

    Seems really risky trusting Caballeron.

    That little filly's life has been made.

    Yeah, Caballeron sham.

    Did they reuse the big cat approach animations from the first Daring Do episode?

    So that's the inspiration for that daki.

    Now that's a locking mechanism.

    That was a lot closer than 'Shy usually comes to going down.

    Guardiangoyles are a neat enemy.

    I see Daring is in love with modern flashlights and how bright they can get.

    I like how Ahuizotal moves.

    Ahuizotal turning out not so bad is a bit of a twist. This does mess with my headcanon that Daring was one of the ponies who kept the world safe by keeping those artifacts under control and that her books were also her backup plan in case she ever failed since they seem popular enough that a huge portion of Equestria would know how to take down all of her enemies should one of them ever succeed.
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  8. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    Time for another daring adventure.

    Fluttershy seemed an odd choice to suddenly get into Daring Do. I guess it made sense to be her considering her role in the ep. I guess Dash's enthusiasm for the books convinced her to try it.

    Ahuizotl is a protector of artifacts? I thought he was trying to intensify the sunlight in Equestria. That was his goal in one of the Daring Do books. Has he had a change of heart since then or did this episode writer no realise all the history of Miss Do?

    Fluttershy and Dash were both showing off their element traits strongly here. It might have been a little naïve for Flutters to just follow Caballeron at first, but she won over his party through their adventure.

    It was a little funny seeing Ahuizotl overshadow Do and Caballeron's new book at the end. It seems being a writer is all the rage at the moment!

    This was an alright enough episode. Not quite as strong as some other recent episodes, but very watchable nonetheless.
  9. Wonderbolt

    Wonderbolt Honorary Pony

    27 May 2015
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    I don't know about this episode, I think it took the whole Devillanising a bit too far. I wish they had kept Dr Caballeron a villain at least. In fact I wish that it had a twist that Dr Caballerons book was right and the Daring Do was actually a treasure thief, leaving Rainbow with a moral choice to make on who to help.
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  10. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    I'm rather behind, so having a catch up session this evening. This episode was.. definitely a thing.

    There were quite a few moments where I was thinking "this is weird". Like Fluttershy (2 't's) running off adventuring with Caballeron, and Ahuizotl suddenly having a back story and redemption. Not to mention the book signing scene at the end.

    The funny thing is, early on in the episode I was thinking (like I imagine a lot of people) that this is just another Daring Do episode where villains are villains just.. because. So in the end, I actually found it quite refreshing for everyone's motives to be explained. Even if they were rushed and came out of no-where.

    The gaurdiangoyles were pretty cool, and Daring Do herself always looks pretty epic on screen (to me at least). The animation department always do a lovely job with her episodes. I really liked the little scene of her and Dash flying through the forest. Some of the background score was really nice. Particularly when Caballeron's motif was being used.

    Best bit of this episode was probably Flutters, injecting a bit of honest-to-goodness kindness. As for Rainbow.. well, she had a better showing than 2,4,6,Great at least. Overall, I don't know how to rate this episode other than "It's there".

    And now for an extremely obscure reference. The scenes inside the temple reminded me of an episode of Thunderbirds called 'The Uninvited'
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