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Season 9, Episode 24 & 25 - The Ending of the End

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 7 October 2019.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Frenemies by SoundwavePie
    Air Date: 12th October 2019

    Written by: Nicole Dubuc (part 1) & Michael Vogel (part 2)

    Synopsis: A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria and it's up to the Mane Six to save the kingdom.

    Note: Due to the fact that Discovery Family are airing this episode (along with "The Last Problem") as part of a 3-part Primetime Series Finale event, it will not be broadcast until 01:00 BST Sunday morning. (Yes, this affects the spoiler rule. :p )

    Here we are, the final 2-part adventure of the series. Hard to believe that the ride is almost over, however, IDW are going to do a "Season 10" in the form of comics! (Check out the thread for that over here: https://ukofequestria.co.uk/threads/season-10-is-coming-in-the-comics.19837/ )

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24-hours after this episode airs on Discovery Family. Thank you.
  2. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    This is the big night.
  3. Wonderbolt

    Wonderbolt Honorary Pony

    27 May 2015
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    Well that was
    Epic!!! I think that sums it up to be honest a great final battle!
  4. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    It's the ending and yet I don't really have a detailed blow by blow to add! All I can say is when the words "that was unexpected" are uttered..... yes, yes it was :p
  5. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    Just finished watching it (and ep 26), so some off the cuff spoilery filled thoughts below:

    Discord was Grogar! Didn't see that coming. Simplifies the story enormously too, with one less character to deal with. My prediction had been that ultimately Tirek, Crysalis and Cozy would team up with the Mane Six to defeat Grogar and that they would be at least semi-reformed. But no reformation here.

    I loved bringing the windigos into the show as actual "real life" villains rather than just legendary/ mythological ones. A really nice way to bring about the ending of the message of friendship being spread to all species, and all the species coming together, which I loved.

    A very nice reference to Season One's finale with the ponies going to eat donuts at Pony Joe's after all the chaos is over.

    38 named speaking roles? That's an academy record. And for the most part the very large cast was well used.

    This could easily have been the finale on its own without any need for an epilogue.
  6. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    Oh my gosh! What an epic two parter!

    I did not see Grogar being Discord in disguise. A little disappointing to not have another G1 baddie face the mane 6, but it did keep the focus on the legion of doom. It also explained why Grogar was absent a lot of the time. Still, it is kinda funny to note that Equestria nearly ended due to Discord "helping".

    It was funny to see that only Discord and Pinkie could control chaos magic. A nice nod to the comics there. Having the fabric of the universe turn to cookie dough is quite a scary thought. :p

    We also got a Pinkie and the Brain reference at long last, even if it was a season too late. A shame Chancellor Neighsay wasn't involved in it.

    Alicorn Cozy Glow!? Darn you Larson!

    Sweet Celestia! Canterlot just exploded! Sheesh, Tirek is getting quite the track record for destroying landmark locations in Equestria!

    I liked seeing the students have some influence in uniting all the races together to face the villains. Having all the characters stand at the mountain to face them was epic. We even got a cameo from Tempest! Nice to see her finally make an appearance in the show, even if she didn't get a speaking part. I also spotted Capper at the coronation.

    And the three villains get turned to stone. I feel a bit sorry for Cozy Glow. She was never given a chance at redemption, and she is just a filly. A severe talking to and some harsh lessons might have made her see the error in her ways. Chrysalis was offered a helping hoof from Starlight, but refused and sought revenge, insisting friendship was a corruption. Tirek presumably had his brother and family trying to show him the right path before he went into the deep end, so that just left Cozy without a chance to see the light. Maybe one day she can be released and given that chance like Discord was.

    Then we have Twilight's coronation, and it was sad to see her and her friends crying over the possibility of drifting apart after all they've been through. I thought Applejack cried on the inside though? Her coronation was a disaster... a total contrast to the celebration of her becoming a Princess back in Season 3! Still, seeing Twi trip and fall before apologising was utterly adorkable, and reminded me of her in the early seasons.

    Then we finish it like we ended Season 1, in the donut parlour. I'd say the Mane 6 have earned it.
  7. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Wrote down some stuff while I was giving these episodes a second watch:

    Grogar was Discord, and there's growing mistrust between the Pony Tribes, due to Chrysalis and Cozy Glow's influence.

    Very sweet speech by Twilight when she appointed Spike as her Royal Adviser. She's also sitting on the Equestrian throne for the first time and seems unusually calm.

    I love when Twi trolled Rarity with the "Royal Marshmallow Eating Contest gown". It seems she really is relaxed.

    Discord returns to Canterlot and confesses that he set up Sombra's return and released Chryssy, Tirek and Cozy Glow to "build Twilight's confidence." This admission pretty much destroys Twi's confidence, but Celestia, Luna and the others reassure her, and she sets about making plans and contacting others for help to take on the Legion of Doom.

    Meanwhile, the Legion of Doom are bickering again. :p Cozy Glow tries to harness Discord's Chaos Magic, but is unable to control it, so they decide to leave it in the Bell.

    Cozy easily invades the throne room in Canterlot and knocks Twilight out, while Tirek takes out the Pillars.

    Chryssy goes to the School. Trixie helps the students escape to safety and although she ended up losing to Chryssy, Starlight was awesome in this scene. :)

    Chryssy: Ah, just the headmare I wanted to see.
    Starlight: You didn't make an appointment.

    Chryssy: You'll pay for that!
    Starlight: Put it on my tab!

    She even has "action hero" one-liners. :p

    Chryssy: You know what's stronger than friendship, Twilight? FEAR!
    Tirek: Because when you have to protect yourself, you don't have time for anypony else.

    Tirek is just about to sap Twilight's magic, but he suddenly gets hit with a large stone. Then the "camera" angle changes to show Rarity straining and exhausted. That part was really well done. :)

    In Part 2, the pony tribes mistrust for the others has grown to the point that the Windigos return. They each declare that they're going to look out for themselves first. Sandbar doesn't seem convinced this is the right way, and neither does a pegasus colt or a unicorn filly...

    Twilight is holed up in Cadance and Shiny's palace, her confidence shot, and is very upset with herself that she couldn't see the growing mistrust growing between the pony tribes.

    Twilight: What kind of princess does that make me?! I'm scared!

    When she started crying, I cried too. That scene broke my heart. :(

    Twilight: Thank you. Sometimes even the Princess of Friendship needs a reminder that there's more to the magic of friendship than rainbow lasers.


    Pinkie: What are we gonna do, Twilight?!
    Twilight: The same thing we do every time, Pinkie. Try to save the world.

    Best. Reference. Ever. :p

    I love when the Mane 6 think they're just about to get defeated, that shield appears around them, and a massive army of ponies, changelings, yaks, griffins, dragons and hippogriffs appears on the hill, thanks to the efforts of the Student Six and that pegasus and unicorn from earlier. :)

    Twilight: ENOUGH! Because of you, I almost lost my way, but every creature here has reminded me of the true power of friendship. There will always be darkness in the world, but there will always be those who find the light. The Pillars knew this, that's why they created the Elements of Harmony. The Elements showed me how strong our friendship could be. Together we worked to bring Harmony to Equestria, but there will always be more to do. Which is why we teach others about the magic of friendship. Others who will continue our mission after we are gone. Now I truly understand: The Elements were just symbols. The real magic has been right here and the more who understand how powerful friendship is, the stronger we will all be. Together.

    I lost it when Chryssy got flattened by that giant cupcake during her angry rant. :p

    Twilight: Pinkie? You took Discord's magic from the Bell? How do you feel?

    Good lord, I think Pinkie filled with Chaos Magic is the most frightening thing about this episode. :p

    Aww, Celestia's little speech to Twilight after Chryssy, Tirek and Cozy Glow were defeated and turned to stone was very sweet. :)

    Twilight decides to postpone the coronation for a bit because she has something more important to do: Spend some (mostly) quiet time with her six best friends in the donut parlour. :)

    Like "The Last Problem" I originally watched this two-parter a week early. I would have written about it then, but even though the forum has the spoiler tags feature, I didn't want to post something full of spoilers so early.

    I was spoiled on the fact that Grogar was actually Discord. Maybe it was for that reason that when I watched Part I for the first time, I felt really "meh" about it... the whole thing being orchestrated by Discord as a "test" felt really unsatisfying.

    However, I enjoyed Part 2 a lot more. The three villains were obviously completely outside of his control, and we saw the true power of Twilight and her friends... the ability to inspire others. :)

    "Twilight's Kingdom" is still my favourite two-parter, but this was a good story to act as a final "adventure" story for the series. :)
  8. Blissful690

    Blissful690 Insert image of Starlight Glimmer here

    6 August 2018
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    Don't forget about Princess Skystar and Queen Novo making a quick cameo as well.
  9. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Okay I did probably have quite a lot to say about the episodes but was too reeling from the one after :p @Bridle Timeout saved me a job with that list.
    Many many feels when the entire world showed up to help defeat the baddies. I'm sure many out there will be mad that the "aha! The elements aren't needed as we have the magic within us! *rainbow blast*" thing has been repeated yet again xD But at this point especially with all the EQG movie endings, it's kind of tradition and would almost be disappointing not to. It'd be like Team Rocket not blasting off.

    Unease at Cozy being an Unredeemable is a common theme. I like to think the stoning was just an emergency measure to keep Equestria safe and give them a chance to rebuild and get in a strong position again then maybe do a bit of selective 'thawing' and give her a chance - guess we'll see in the comics. Though, the idea of sending her to the friendship school for re-education under Starlight Glimmer has a few worrying undertones :p Perhaps it's best that she's "free" to be evil and to have traditional consequences, one day hopefully learning by herself.
  10. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    Okay, so I enjoyed that. Might need to give it a rewatch, but I haven't seen the epilogue yet, since I'm saving that for after this little review. I was a bit disappointed to find that Grogar was just Discord, it felt a little bit like a plot point went to waste. Still, it was certainly a plot twist I didn't expect, and I was kinda hoping for a different explanation. I thought for a moment that maybe Grogar had secretly been a different draconequus or something. I can see Discord's point, but even I felt quite angry at him for that. Even so, he somewhat made up for it by getting Starlight released (to be fair, if you're gonna release one pony, it might as well be her), and sometimes you just have to forgive.

    I do like the one on one rivalries that were set up at various points. As I think I've said before, I think the biggest difference between Starlight and Sunset, and even Twilight, is that she's still a little bit of a rebel. She can still be just as nasty as she used to be, but this time, she's doing it to protect her friends. I did have to suspend my disbelief that the three tribes would turn on each other now, but it did draw some striking parallels to our real world. The division and the fighting, but I think the thing that hit hardest in that regard, was the feeling that our contributions are too small, that we can't make a difference. I do believe that however slight it may seem, we can spread joy and friendship, much as the episode demonstrated.

    I'd heard a "spoiler" that Twilight would "give in to her dark side", so I'm quite glad that didn't happen. It was hard to see her freak out, and I mean genuinely freak out. I could just tell there was something different from the usual comic overreaction, that her world genuinely was falling apart around her. Hearing her outright admit "I'm scared", without trying to soften her phrasing or cover it with a long winded explanation was quite powerful for me. While it required a slightly questionable characterisation of Discord, I can appreciate the writing undoing all of her certainty that she was ready to rule. In her despair, she forgot about all the times before Discord did that. They even genuinely beat him outright once.

    I loved seeing everycreature come together, and that the friendship school was the indirect message from Twilight to every ally Equestria has gained. I particularly liked the changelings morphing into the mane six as a force of good this time. Having them channel the power of everyone to beat both the windigos and the villainous alliance may have been predictable, but it was basically the ultimate version of what stared with Nightmare Moon being defeated. I did love the moment at the end, just seven best friends hanging out.

    This one line really stuck with me, though: "lean on your strengths to counter your weaknesses"
  11. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    I actually caught the finale in a stream, which was a first for me. Also had the misfortune of the stream crashing right as the Mane 6 were about to get defeated. That was a pretty dramatic moment to get cut off. Swapped to alternate sources after that, but yeah. That was my first live stream pony experience.

    As far as the episodes, I'm not sure I could add much that hasn't been brought up here. Did anyone else think of Fallout: Equestria when the pegasi closed up the sky?

    I've been doing my usual "live reaction" type posts about episodes for years, and it's weird not having a chance to do that for the finale since I couldn't pause a stream to type. Maybe I'll have more to say after another rewatch or two.
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  12. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion Active Pony

    11 June 2018
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    Ok, getting to this very late, had work during the finale airing and I decided to give all 3 episodes a second watch just to be sure.
    Turns out I hit the character limit with my original post so that's why I've separated 24 and 25.
    Episode 24 was a heap of exposition but it was done very well.

    Episode 24:
    - Frenemies Trio.
    So then we start with a check up on the Frenemies trio, long name so I'll use Trio at times to reference them.
    First up I like that we got a reminder of the trio planting seeds into the individual races of pony and how they've worked together, looks like "Grogar" finally got what he wanted just not in the right way.
    I like the idea of turning ponies against each other using limited resources and how everypony plays a role, poor Mrs Cake though maybe that's the fandom getting sick of seeing her over Mr Cake lmao.
    I do almost wish we could have seen Cozy scaring the pegasi but I assume it'll be similar to the Summer Sun Setback, same with Tirek's disruption of the crops.

    - The Bell.
    Nice hiding spot for the bell, really love the way the bell works, how it stores and keeps magic until a certain spell is used.
    From the looks of it, the spell does require powerful magic to use since we only ever see Tirek and Chrysalis work together to use it.
    Also, Tirek kissing the bell, based on Cozy's reaction, it seems like he's done it before.

    - Alliance values.
    God I love just how far they've come, and yet they stay true to their ideology that Chrysalis set out that they "won't reform or do friendship" cause even here, they hesitate and don't take Tirek's hands when he offers and I love it.
    And yet they continue to showcase how their alliance is different to friendship rather than wanting to be together they have to fulfil a mutual goal.
    I know she's evil and all but damn, Chrysalis is just trying to get back her kingdom, the cry in her demand as she tells Cozy and Tirek, it's clear it means so much more to her than it does to them.
    Though if she cared she'd go after King Thorax with her new powers, they're pretty underpowered though Pharax is there to lend a helping hoof, could have been an interesting battle but oh well.

    - Although I've never been a big fan of the opening song the idea that I'll never be able to hear it again soon enough is so heartbreaking in such an annoying way.

    - The new upgrades.
    Jesus Chrysalis you will never not be creepy, great power reveal though.
    Tirek being big and strong is always a delight to see and ALICORN COZY GLOW!
    Ok, so I had an idea of this like when typing in her name but I honestly thought it was a fanfic idea, never would I have considered this to be true like wtf!??!
    My favourite villain gets a powerful boost to finally stand her own with Tirek and Chrysalis, I was both so happy and terrified for the Mane Six who weren't even aware they've even escaped Tartarus at this point.
    Ah, I love the poetic irony of the Frenemies trio working together just to betray "Grogar".
    It's so well done, love Cozy's nonchalant nature.

    - The reveal...
    And so we get to Discord... what the actual hay!?!?!?
    Like this entire time... it was freaking Discord, man.
    I do hope this confirms he knew Grogar in the past at some point, likely before he was turned to stone.
    Love Cozy's reaction, so on point with me at the time.
    The reveal does bring a lot of clarity to "Grogar"'s actions, why he never tried to confront any of the Mane Six and why we hadn't seen him till now.
    Although the fact that Discord can snap anyone out from Tartarus easily this entire time is very concerning.

    - Meanwhile in Canterlot...
    And now moving away from the Frenemies drama we get to parental support Celestia and Luna, love how proud they are.
    Love that a pony is moving away Luna's throne rather than giving it to Spike.
    God, I adore just how far Twilight has come, shows true character development which makes sense after 9 long years, she's finally all grown up.
    Adorable moment between Spike and Twi, royal advisor makes sense for him, considering he's been doing that for years, might as well make it official.

    - Downtown drama is lurking.
    Damn those "taters" look nasty!
    I just love how powerful this plan of the Trio was and how its the little things that were set in motion for the big picture.
    Twilight threatening Rarity is both a treat to watch and also quite harsh on her part since she knows how stressed Rarity gets.
    Like damn, just look at Rarity's face, she's defo just had a mini panic attack but she's keeping it in.
    I do adore her blush, looked good on her human form but way better on her pony form.
    Loved the thread exchange, nice way to show a shady deal in a Y7 show, especially with Rarity's reaction "exquisite", hmm... indeed Rarity, so "exquisite"

    - The plan makes sense.
    I do love how the Mane Six hadn't noticed the slow split between the races.
    It makes sense they'd mistake it for the coronation and I think it is clever to put it in.
    The Trio wouldn't strike at Ponyville because they know they can't risk running into Twi and the other Mane Six.
    I do have to wonder if during food fights Pinkie just opens her mouth to catch incoming treats?
    Also, poor Mrs Cake, that baker that Chrysalis spoke to took it hard and took their chance, again no Mr Cake to save her... I'm starting to question whether the show forgot about him or killed him off...

    - Ah, Discord... my word.
    I love how he starts with King Sombra the least of their worries currently.
    Now I do kinda get where he's coming from, saying that I do not think his actions were at all warranted.
    Like bruh, this is like if Iron Man broke a villain out of prison just for Spider-Man to fight to become more confident as a superhero.
    I'm tempted to rewatch the premiere now just to see how Discord acted knowing what we know of his plan now.

    - The Shadow DM.
    So from what I'm understanding Discord is the secret Dungeon Master of Twi and the Mane Six's successes.
    Like damn, it's crazy that he thought this up so well and yet it ended so badly because he never considered the bell being used against him... or did he?
    I dunno he mentioned the bell to the trio so he was aware of it and he could have retrieved it himself so did he not because he wanted to test whether the villains could be reformed?
    I'm rather curious.
    Love that Rarity has the right priorities here and true words by Discord, "you don't take a final exam on your first day of class", it shows he did have the right intentions but in the worst execution possible.
    Ah, I do love how Discord acts despite his crazy plan he's still funny.
    He's right anything else is well different, not exactly better.
    Love his voices for the Trio, mainly for Tirek.
    Also, love the name "Lord of Chaos Training Wheels"

    - The Trio will never forget.
    Love that despite their ultimate powers, Cozy insists on keeping them "friendly" for lack of a better term.
    I feel bad for Tirek since Chrysalis easily got the better compliment and he simply got a statement.
    I thought to get Cozy as an alicorn was enough but NO, this finale was like "hold my cider" and damn, Cozy Glow fused with freaking chaos magic, what the actual hay!?!??!
    Like it was at this point I knew, I truly loved this finale!
    I loved her absurd design, it's made to mimic Celestia and that image of a powerful figure, I love it.
    I like that this tells us just how powerful Discord's magic truly is, that it overtakes even Grogar's legendary magic.
    Though that could just be because Discord's magic is more unstable than powerful, I dunno.

    - Cozy's spotlight.
    Ah, Cozy you never cease to amaze me, god I just adore her and her no-care nature with Twi's speeches.
    That one hit on Twi though, despite my love for Twi, I did indeed scream out in excitement for seeing that.
    I adore Twi in every way but Cozy is my fave villain, she's a pegasus with literally no motivation for evil other than "why not?" and I adore that.

    - The fights commence.
    Didn't care much for Tirek vs the Pillars, since they couldn't do much to him tbh.
    I guess it was just nice seeing the Pillars fight but yeah, wish they would have held up.
    If only Stygian kept the Pony of Shadows, it would have helped.
    I like that the Student Six helped evacuate the school, the hype for the rematch is unreal!
    That hug between Trixie and Starlight, SO DAMN CUTE!!!
    Aww, I love it!
    As much as I love Starlights plan, she really should have had a backup with Sunburst hiding at a location they prepared whilst Starlight teleports herself and Chrysalis there as she did to the snow area.
    "Put it on my tab", yeah it's that line and the action that follows is why Starlight is such a great redeemed character.
    Although I have been a strong advocate for loving her in her villain form, I hated her motivation.
    Hence why I love Cozy Glow who is Starlight 2.0 just much more evil.
    I didn't wanna root for Chrysalis but tbh kinda glad she got the chance to take out her revenge.

    - Crazy magic lasers.
    3 adult alicorns vs a single child alicorn... it genuinely surprises me they don't attack her first and instead let some lower guards do the work like what the heck are they gonna do?
    And thus Cozy has joined Tempest in the list of ponies who have sucked the magic out of the Princess's, a true accomplishment.
    I love that line from Cozy "unicorns rely too much on their magic they forget to use their brains", paraphrasing but still, she's so correct with how Luna and Celestia ran Equestria, I only pray Twi learns from this and uses her brain above her magic which I am sure she will.

    - Great combo technique by the Mane Six.
    Pinkie yelling surprise right into Cozy's face, simple yet hilarious.
    Flutters taming the geese, interesting, glad she has a powerful asset to add to her pet arsenal.
    Shows that together Cozy would not last, if only they did that at first.
    I love the way Cozy cowers realising she might lose due to the numbers not being in her favour.
    Lmao, Discord's little hideaway behind the single throne.

    - Goodbye Throne Room.
    They straight up just decimated the throne room...
    Yeah, I love this finale.
    I do find it interesting that in the blast, the orange from Tirek is the most potent colour whilst the red from Cozy is there but less outstanding, more like a compliment, the green from Chrysalis is nowhere to be seen in the big blast.
    Lmao, almost figured Tirek was gonna sing with his weirdly rhymed threat.
    Rarity with the clutch save, that's so tender and sweet, despite not being a combat unicorn whose magic is skilled and ready to cast spell after spell-like Twi or Starlight, Rarity is just an average unicorn when it comes to magic skills and yet she didn't care if it meant saving her friend, really love that from her.
    Also with the blast, it now looks more obvious that Chrysalis's green isn't in the blast exactly but more so around it ever so often.

    - The desperate struggle.
    I love it, the representation of pure desperation.
    The fact that they all put their hope into Twilight is just beautiful.
    Her little tear just as she closes her eyes and teleports away.
    It is the little things that stand out.
    Well that's 24, a lot of great little things but overall, I would say rewatching works similar to rewatching Avengers Infinity War, you know who's gonna die yet you still are interested in rewatching their actions beforehand.
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  13. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion Active Pony

    11 June 2018
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    Ok so I had to split 24 and 25 reviews due to character limit, I can say that this was one emotional finale... cried up during this episode more on that later on but damn, so happy this happened!

    Episode 25:
    - The Trio of Doom!
    The typical villain set up, I do adore that they all have a different method that they each consider is correct.
    I think Cozy has it right, if anything they should have memorably killed off the main characters and then hunted down Twi but yeah, Y7 show, it ain't gonna be like that.
    Although we know that Twi is feeling defeated after knowing that Discord set in motion everything the Trio don't exactly know that, they know Discord freed them as well as Sombra but that is it so if anything they should be worried that Twi will pull something crazy.

    - Casual exposition.
    I do love the explainer about the shards of Chrysalis's throne.
    A great way to tie back Sparkle's Seven.
    As much as I love Discord he does kinda deserve it for what he pulled, yes it was within good intentions but it was not the right play.
    Cozy trying to gain that natural alicorn magic, I'm so curious what she'd look like with it since she'd still be an artificial alicorn but with that much power she would be unstoppable... well unless they made a weapon out of Chrysalis's throne.

    - Discord's epic make up!
    I loved it and felt it was well executed.
    Great aiming on his part, Starlight is such a tease.
    Once again showing us that she's just missing the wings, otherwise, she's an alicorn in magic power.
    The way he teased Tirek was just on point.
    Wish the word "cretin" was used more, such a polite insult.
    And the tie into the comic origin for Tirek with the King Vorak name drop, I love it.
    Recently read and adored the Fiendship is Magic series, Chrysalis easily had the best comic but I will say I enjoyed reading and learning about Tirek, his relationship with his parents and his brother.

    - "We aren't completely helpless"
    This is easily Celestia's best quote of the series imo.
    Feels like a major attack from the show staff to the fans, "these god deities aren't useless" so glad we had that moment.
    Discord knowing to look after his pony waifu, I respect it.
    Love how he gathers and starts throwing rocks at the trio, gotta do whatever he can to help.

    - Race wars.
    Celestia's school of magic is the perfect place for the Unicorns to go since her school always favoured Unicorns and if anything was the first glimpse at favouritism in Equestria.
    Looking at the Earth Ponies in Ponyville, the first thing that stood out to me was that Lyra was missing.
    We just had an episode where Lyra and BonBon proposed to each other... and now Lyra abandons her?
    Tbf we don't have the full picture, it's entirely possible that BonBon asked Lyra to leave her to stay safe in Cloudsdale.
    But considering that Sugar Belle, a Unicorn is still with her now-husband, Big Mac, I do have to question whether Lyra and BonBon's relationship is gonna be affected due to this split up from the Trio.
    The one thing I love from this gathering of Earth Ponies is confirmation that yes, Mr Cake is still alive and well, thank goodness.

    - Home retreat.
    Love that Spike knew Twi would teleport home to the Crystal Empire.
    I do wonder how long Pinkie has had that banner stored but this is Pinkie so I won't question it.
    At first, I thought this was too depressive of a reaction from Twi but really with the situation she's been thrown into, it makes complete sense.
    She's lost the belief in herself she's developed over years of training.
    I feel they portrayed complete hopelessness very well here with Twi's performance.

    - All hope is lost.
    I love the call back to the Windigoes.
    I hate that it wasn't part of the Trio's plan, considering Cozy Glow should have known of the story but I guess all things considered the situation did work out for them in a sense since summoning the Windigoes is a clear sign their plan is working.

    - True Friendship.
    I adore the speech about true friendship, it showcases that no matter what, they'll always be friends because of the impact they've all had on each other.
    This also feels like a message to the fans, that no matter how many years pass, we will never forget the lessons and the impact these colourful pastel horses had on our lives.
    Also love the "rainbow lasers" name drop, confirming their name officially, I prefered "pony-up" but yeah that wouldn't work in the pony universe.

    - The future is in the tiny baby's hoof.
    That dark but tender moment between Twi and Flurry.
    Loved how simple yet elegant it is, she's essentially saying goodbye to her niece, her sister in law and her brother because she doesn't honestly know she'll come back and be the ruler of Equestria.
    So sweet yet so dark, god I love how we can have something almost Game of Thrones like in a Y7 show.

    - Next plan of attack?
    I love how I can't agree with either side in the Trio's argument, Chrysalis is correct to use the Windigoes as a way to emotionally extort ponies for eternal servitude but Tirek has a good point that the Windigoes are magic that can be uncontrollable.
    Cozy shivering is so cute if only she'd use a spell to change her body temperature to adapt to the harsh weather.
    Guess magic can't do everything.

    - Another Cozy spotlight... because she deserves it.
    Cozy's no talk nature is such a nice breath of fresh air to this series, glad they waited until the later seasons to introduce her and make her part of this finale.
    I like the plan idea but I am glad Chrysalis saw through it although I would have liked Tirek to since he's smarter or at least I assumed he was more tactical than the other two.
    When Pinkie was teasing Chrysalis I was so expecting a reference to the Mirror Pool, sure we got rid of most of the Pinkie's but we know for a fact that some still lurk around Equestria, would have loved that to come back up during this finale.

    - The plan... not as expected.
    Surprised it took them that long to tie a rope around a bell, figured with AJs skills she'd be able to hook it on quick enough.
    Love that Rarity used her magic to make a diamond shield, great reference to Equestria Girls.
    Love that Spike saved Rarity with his fire, shows his skills as a dragon have indeed come a long way.
    Cozy's so great at taunting, "we know you're not the fast one", it really feels like they spent a lot of time getting her character just right, sure she's evil but she's enjoyable as well.
    I'm sure all the Spike haters went crazy during that hostage scene, I admit I never liked Spike early on but within the recent seasons he did grow on me, he was like an annoying little brother, soon enough he grows on ya since you have to love him.

    - Pony Avengers...Assemble!
    Freaking loved this scene.
    Not only did we get all of the well known good guys back like Tempest Shadow, Gabby, Derpy, Pharax, Autumn Blaze and Moondancer but also Flim and Flam, wtf, that's just so awesome.
    Shows that even though Flim and Flam were at ends with the Mane Six the entire time they can create a truce to take down true evil.
    Smart idea to use Changelings and Yaks to confuse and disrupt.

    - It's a terrible day for rain...
    Ok, so as I said earlier I balled like a baby during this episode.
    It was this scene, the student six helping out.
    I loved it simply because and I cried this out during the episode "they're not useless, they did something!"
    Yes, I know the student six were the cause of Cozy's initial demise but still, that was a minor feat compared to the mane six.
    I feared we would end the series without the student six getting a major feat and thank god that didn't happen.
    They've done it, they saved the world using the story of Heartswarming Eve, it's so beautiful how that small part of world-building helped save the day, I love it.

    - Friendship always has been Magic.
    I do adore Twi's speech here, it's so true that the elements were just symbols the entire time.
    That the magic was always inside of her and will be stronger together.
    Cozy's little line, she knew the incoming pain.
    I do wish we got a climactic battle but tbh that isn't the kind of series that MLP is.
    At the end of the day, MLP wants to teach and allow their audience to learn from it.
    Friendship is the true power that is stronger than all, no matter what power the Trio had it never stood up against Twi's friendship.
    Discord finally giving back the punishment he suffered all those years ago, such a fitting punishment for the Trio that hates each other.
    I do like that it allows for their return in Gen 5.

    Yeah, this finale just couldn't end without giving me the greatest fanservice moment of all time.
    Pinkie is my fave Mane Six, Discord is my fave non-pony, combine them and I have my favourite scene in all of MLP history!
    I think this is by far my favourite Pinkie Pie moment in this entire series.
    I've seen it in comics and fanfiction but to see it canon, I cannot thank whoever made that idea possible, thank you so much.
    I agree with Rarity, a very interesting choice, though it does remind me of Equestria Girls, where they'd chill at a coffee shop right after Twi returned to the human world to give word about the sirens impending attack.
    Anyone else get some Friends flashbacks with Flutters and Dashie's "end of an era" lines?
    Such a wonderful and pleasant end to a beautiful era.

    - Thank you very much for reading this long post.
    I wanted to thank you in particular for reading this, usually, I try to cut and summerise my thoughts but with this being the series finale I had to spend time thinking about everything and couldn't contain my thoughts.
    I hope you enjoyed the read.
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  14. Streamline

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    19 March 2017
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    All I can say is..... wow...just...wow!

    After three seasons of what I felt were lacklustre finales (or at least the second half of them), we have been presented with one of the best ever done.

    I have to say I was pleased to find it was Discord all along pretending to be Grogar. I never really liked Grogar's character, no real personality and quite frankly it didn't feel fitting that he had the final say on our finale. I was pleased that at least two of our three villains, Tirek and Chrissy, had their right place as centre stage for our epic final battle.

    For me, I felt Chrissy and Starlight Glimmer owned the first half. Their 'duel in the snow' was brilliant.

    I liked the fast pace of this, also the music was good and the mood really felt set for the second half.

    Into part two, for me, Discord and Tirek were at their best here when it came to a war with words, reminding us of that finale we had over half a decade ago.

    But once again, Chrissy stole the show in many sequences, and she was more stragetic I felt than Cosy and Tirek when it came to working out what the mane 6 were up to. Also, Starlight once again showed she is the best with her epic escape.

    Did anyone noticed the odd 'Pinky and the Brain' reference?

    The ending was fitting bringing all of our non-pony creatures together, I reckoned it would end this way (after all, who best to stop a changeling than an army of changlings) and the way it was portrayed that in fact it was Twilight's school teachings that brought the creatures together ended this brilliantly.

    Great words from Twilight at the end, and Equestria is saved.

    For me, if anything I might have changed one thing:

    In earleir episodes had little sequences of differing pony types keeping away from each other (like we saw in part 1) just here and there but not building up to anything and being dismissed as pony's just having a 'off day', not realising there is a scheme being plotted to turn ponies against each other.

    Really enjoyable finale.
  15. Oilyvalves

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    Right, it's been over a week now. But I really wanted to get something down on here for the last few eps, to 'complete the set' (at least for this season). I first saw this 2-parter on the Thursday before UK Ponycon, so I just gave it another watch to refresh things.

    Overall, I think this was pretty solid. It was the sort of epic climax I was expecting, centering around a big final struggle against the villains. One thing I noted in particular was how action packed and intense this was; more so than anything we've probably seen before. The end of the first part left me in real shock, as the 'To be Continued' card showed. The second half also had a load of 'fight' scenes in them, but I enjoyed the bits towards the end the most. In particular, I really love the scene where the students gather all the creatures together, and rouse to them to come and help. That montage gave me feels, even on second viewing. The ending felt reasonably satisfying, although the fact we also have the Epilogue dampens the impact a bit.

    Grogar being Discord all along certainly came out of nowhere. I feel a bit mixed about that; sure, Grogar wasn't the best of characters and probably couldn't have carried the finale on his own. But I'm also not keen on how stupid a move it was from Discord, and kinda undermines the Premier. Talking of surprises, I was also expecting some of the villains to be reformed by the end, not turned to stone!

    There were plenty of little moments to entertain me. They finally fitted in the Pinkie and the Brain reference, and it was glorious. The stuff with the chaos magic was quite fun too. And the 3 main villains continued to be a joy bouncing off each other. On the other hand, the scene of Twilight wanting to give up was relatable, and a welcome change of pace. I really liked the choice of ending scene at the donut shop too.

    Apart from the thing with Discord, my main downside to this episode is the experience I had when re-watching it. A lot of it relies of shock moments and drawn-out actions scenes. Unfortunately, I didn't find these very interesting second time round. So I guess it's not the sort of thing I'd want to see over-and-over again.

    Finally, the animation and soundtrack was top-notch, as was to be expected. It was a particular treat to see characters from the G4 Movie make an appearance, even if only background filler.
  16. Parthidens

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    I was foolish enough to look up Grogar's voice actor earlier on in the series, so I had his true identity spoiled for the finale. Even so, that was a great reveal (loved the shadow effect), and while part of me is frustrated that Discord didn't have more of a plan (assembling the Trio to betray them later would have been great, and very in character for Discord - it could show that one type of evil can sometimes be used to fight another, and it also might have redeemed him from his actions in the S4 finale), I think what he did do was perfectly reasonable for him (if he can ever be 'reasonable'): while he is undoubtedly a friend of the Mane Six, he is still the lord of chaos, so it suits to have him attempt to do something good, but it not really be thought out. His whole 'evil plan' for the Trio to ultimately make Twilight look better reminded me of Spike's line much earlier on in the series about Discord having a weird way of being supportive (I think it was in the S9 opener, where Discord pretended to be injured by Sombra and then stormed off when Celestia changed her mind about the timing of Twilight's coronation).

    There are still many feels for these last few episodes, but those are some of my thoughts for now.
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