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Season 9, Episode 26 - The Last Problem

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 7 October 2019.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Mane Six Cuddling by bluemeganium
    Air Date: 12th October 2019

    Written by: Josh Haber

    Synopsis: Years from now, Princess Twilight is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together.

    Note: Due to the fact that Discovery Family are airing this episode after "The Ending of the End" as part of a 3-part Primetime Series Finale event, it will not be broadcast until 02:00 BST Sunday morning. (Yes, this affects the spoiler rule. :p )

    I'll post a full review of this episode next week, but for now, the non-spoilery version is: While I can see how this episode may cause some mixed feelings, I enjoyed it very much and it will likely be my number one pick for this season. :)

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24-hours after this episode airs on Discovery Family. Thank you.
  2. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    It's only just kicking in that once this weekend is over.. My Little Pony Frienship is Magic will officially be joining the likes of Adveture Time, Regular Show and Gravity Falls in Cartoon Heaven.

    I mean let's face it, this show was never going to be around forever.

    A day most of us I imagine have been dreading for a long time, Personally I am perfectly at peace with the show ending.

    That doesn't mean I'm not slightly sad about it on the flipside I would rather it finished now before it started to do a Simpsons or SpongeBob and out stay it's welcome. Whilst I certainly would have welcomed a Season 10, I do respect the decision to end it now.

    I have actually watched these eps already but not in English.

    One more time :(
  3. Mane25

    Mane25 Honorary Pony

    9 November 2013
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    I often get this thing where I'll put off reading the last chapter of a book I've enjoyed because I don't want it to end... The same seems to have happened to me here, I've not watched the last few episodes of MLP yet and don't think I'll be getting to this one soon either. I never planned it like that but I'm not surprised.
  4. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    Oh man...

    I don't believe this.. I'm having to try and failing miserably to hold back the tears.. I was not expecting to be like this at the end.

    I already watched the leaks and didn't act like this then... But somehow The water works is kicking in after this showing.

    I think it's the fact that that is officially it... Was not expecting this.

    Great endng.. Don't feel like talking in spoilers.

    Wow.. This show really means more to me than I expected.. Was not expecting to be like this at all.
  5. moody magpie

    moody magpie One shall stand, one shall fall.

    8 October 2013
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    Well here we are the final episode of FIM (in animated form) did it end in a bang or a whimper?
    Personally I thought this was a great way to round off the series, it may not be the best episode the show has produced, but it did the job it was set out to do. Quite an interesting thing having it set in the future, with Twilight's coronation being shown as flashback, which in itself was a massive disaster, (still it wasn't as bad as Starscream's in Transformers the Movie.) Speaking of Transformers nice reference from Spitfire there saying "Wonderbolts roll out." And despite them going their separate ways, it's nice to see that the Mane six will always remain close friends. As for the last song, well let's just say when the final part was being played and we see our pony pals moving along backgrounds of all the other characters that made an appearance, the waterworks started flowing and this was only the second time this has happened to me watching the show (the other time being when Big Mac poured his heart to Appleblom in the highly underrated Brotherhood Social as I know how he feels!) And as we see Twilight and her friends look on to see her student go off to have her own adventures, and the book closes (with a nod to very first episode), I found it hard to let it sink in that there will be no more after this, and then the waterworks increased in volume. So in the end it gets an 8/10 from me, which leaves my to say, thank you to all the people who put their blood, sweat and tears into this show! The writers, the directors, the producers, the animators and of course the voice actors and actresses who gave personality to the characters we know and love from the bottom of my heart. And a big thanks to Lauren Faust for creating the show in the first place. Over to you Boulder Media.
  6. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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  7. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    I’m not crying. You’re crying. :p

    I actually watched this episode for the first time last weekend, and I honestly went through a few tissues. This morning, I decided to watch it again and same thing.

    As I said in the first post, I really loved this episode.
    I’ve seen a lot of negativity online about it (and unfortunately some people don’t know how to express those opinions without being nasty.), but I really like the way older Twilight looks. She looks very beautiful (as always) and regal, and I like her ethereal mane. :)


    Spike looks good too. It seems he got the body-type that appeared in his fantasy sequences. :p

    While she carried herself with the royal authority one would expect, she was also gentle and warm with her student. Just like Celestia was with her. :)

    With that said, I will always have special affection for the “smol Alicorn” she was since the end of S3.

    She looked great in her coronation dress and with that mane style. And she looks so gentle and sweet in that screenshot. :)

    I liked the flashbacks to Twi’s coronation. I really felt for Twi when she felt like the rest of the Mane 6 didn’t seem to care that she was leaving. But I can totally understand where they were coming from too. I have a hard time dealing with long goodbyes, so it’s easier for things to just “be normal”. Obviously they still care for each other very much, and the scene where they hugged up together was very sweet.

    Even though her coronation was a disaster, they got through it together and laughed about it. :)

    Star Tracker was in the crowd when she fell off the balcony. :D

    It was nice to see the mane 5 older too, and where their lives have gone. Pinkie’s foal is adorable, and the funny thing is, I never really thought about Pinkie settling down and starting a family.

    Strong AppleDash and FlutterCord vibes too. :p

    The song was wonderful too, as was seeing all the creatures’ lives they’ve had an impact on: Tempest, Sunset, the Student Six, and so very many others. :)

    I had some mixed feelings about “The Ending of the End” (which I’ll write about soon), but this episode was very heartwarming and contained so much about what I’ve always loved about Pony. :)

    It’s sad that FiM has ended, but I’m glad it ended on such a high note. I will always treasure and love this show and the characters that came from it. As far as the fandom goes, I’m not going anywhere. :)
  8. Wonderbolt

    Wonderbolt Honorary Pony

    27 May 2015
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    And that's that...
    Still can't believe it come to an end, but It had to happen sometime and what a great way to bow out. Twilight looks awesome now. I like the theme of change and how it's inevitable and that we should embrace it but we should never forget what was important in the past. My only real criticism is that the episode could have done with more time as the flashback took up most of it so we didn't get as much information about what everyone is up to now. (I kinda wish they had done a Fire Emblem style end credits where it shows what everyone has done in the last however many years its been.) Also Twilight, Spike and the CMC's have aged spectacually everyone else had not fared so well, poor Rarity is going grey and Applejack looks like she will be Granny Smith soon.
    Buts been a fun few years and am glad I was along for the ride!
  9. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    I watched the final credits roll over 2 hours ago and it's still not really sunk in that it's all over.

    Very satisfying end though

    I do have mixed feelings about it being set in the future and seeing them all old, but in the end it was nice to see that their friendships endured, and in some ways it feels like a message to the fans that just because it's over doesn't mean you have to drift apart. Even with the show finished, we'll still pony on and keep those friendships alive.

    Super strong hint at AppleDash which is interesting! Of course it's just loose enough that if someone feels strongly against it they can interpret it differently which is probably wise. I was always a Rainbowshy shipper, but am okay with AppleDash.

    Was NOT expecting any of the mane 6 to have a kid. I don't know why, I just thought they'd never go there. And certainly didn't expect it to be Pinkie. But hey, Little Cheese is a cutie. Recessive Fluttergenes in either Pinkie or Cheese Sandwich then, given that the little one popped out with her colours :) (Okay I have no idea how MLP genetics works)

    Lovely ending song, and finishing on the close of the book which I hoped it would, as it was going to originally at the end of S3. I'd have liked a flashback of everything the show's been through but to be fair we sort of had that just before the season premiere. It was just oddly timed. I was already in tears at that ending song, but a flashback compilation at the end would've been proper waterworks. Also missing a "The End" :p Just nitpicking.

    So the spoiler I thought I stumbled across ages ago wasn't true. I did think it was a bit outlandish but it was among things that came true. The person had written a list of things like "there's a school of friendship? Spike gets WINGS?! Twilight Sparkle flipping DIES?!" and my eyes got this far before realising it was a list of spoilers. Well turns out that last one didn't happen. Troll? Red herring? Rewritten idea? Who knows. Good, as I don't really like the military favourite of "the ultimate act of friendship is to sacrifice yourself for your friends" but I thought they might have done something like that (worded in a child friendly way like "she was defeated" to save them) and then episode 26 tacked on as a "no we should probably find a way for them to revive her". That's that mess averted, lol

    I heard people were nasty on Twitter about it, I don't really know why, it was a sweet ending. I guess some will have taken their preferred ships too seriously, or hated the anti-racism messages of the Ending of the End or whatever.

    I tweeted thanks to a bunch of people from the show and will have only barely scratched the surface of the people involved. Thank you everyone involved, any who may pop by UKofE from time to time to see what we're saying, it's been a brilliant ride. 9 years ago, just before I started watching, I never could have imagined being a 30something male with a My Little Pony obsession. Talk about left field. I don't regret a single moment, and long may Bronies endure. /)
  10. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Well, none of Twilight’s family really shares her colours, so who the heck knows? :p
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  11. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    I'm gonna need to watch that again sometime, but for now:

    Appledash, Pinkiecheese and Fluttercord are all canon, apparently.

    "Luster Dawn"- after "Sunset Shimmer" and "Starlight Glimmer" we ran out of synonyms for Twilight Sparkle, so her name can just be a synonym of Sparkle Twilight instead.

    Lots of cameos and characters here (and in the previous two episodes). I'm going to need to go through and properly pick them out, but Pound and Pumpkin cake appearing as adults, with cutie marks, running their parents' shop stands out.

    I'm in a real mixture of emotions right now. Mostly exhilaration. This is going to take a while to sink in.

    It was good though. Real good.
  12. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Pinkie thought

    what if her mane has all those toys etc on the surface because it's lost its storage properties with age and so now some of the contents just sit on the outside
  13. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    What a wonderful way to end the series.

    Man, Twilight looks like a full princess now. I do wonder though if she will outlive her friends given how she seems much better after all the years. That will be a lot scarier a thought for her than merely moving away from them. Interesting to see that things have come full circle and Twi has gone from being a student clueless about friendship to showing it to Luster Dawn.

    Spike's appearance took a bit of getting used to. I guess it does suit him though.

    So we have a few ships confirmed, or at least strongly hinted at. Nice to see the Student 6 teaching at Twilight's school. Looks like they stuck together as well. Starlight and Sunburst seem to have really settled in as heads of the school, and Sunburst has a full beard going on! Also, Yona is HUGE! I know the Yaks can pretty big, but yikes! :eek:

    Looks like the Student 6 saved Equestria from a villain looking at the stained glass.

    The final song was beautiful. The image of all the characters appearing behind the Mane 6 was very fitting, and shows just how many friends we've made along the way.

    And so the journey ends, and the book closes. I think I'm still getting to grips on how I feel about it. This show has been a beacon of light for me whilst I'll been frantically searching for a job and trying to find out what to do with my life. Hopefully it ending means I have a secure job now. That said, I do still have the final part of the Equestria Girls festival special to watch, and I'll definitely be hunting down any comics I can get my hands on. I have a lot to catch up on with them.

    Now that the show is over, there is just one thing that really bugs me, and anyone who has read my comments on the episodes this season can probably guess what it is:

    Where the hay was the episode about Spike's birth parents?! You mean that huge tease in Father Knows Beast was no hint for this season and all we got on this matter? Sheesh. I get a feeling the writers are just copping out with "Twilight is Spike's family", but that is just avoiding it. We could have had a really heartwarming story and resolution to the last big mystery of the show, but the writers just didn't bother. I guess we'll never know.


    It's okay Spike. You deserve better.

    Well, at least my fanfiction is never going to be debunked by the show.

    I also noticed that we never really saw the Treehouse of Harmony play any part in the finale, which is very strange.
  14. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Regarding unresolved questions and ambiguous ships, I know it's not to everyone's taste not to have all the answers but I quite like Jim Miller's take on it: basically that their parting gift is to give us plenty of freedom for headcanons and fanfiction. If everything was answered and neatly tied up we'd have nothing to debate, discuss and write about!
    I also like how AJ's parents deaths were purposefully never explained (paraphrasing) "because we wanted to let people imprint their own personal experiences on it", that's very thoughtful and just shows how personal they wanted the show to be to the fans.

    As for immortality, a theory/headcanon I've shared a few places: it's part of the crown's powers, in order for the ruler to continue to rule for as long as necessary to find a worthy successor. It took Celestia a while, with issues like Sunset Shimmer; how long it takes Twilight, who knows? Perhaps Luster Dawn is the one. But what this would mean is that Celestia and Luna are now mortal and will enjoy a long and happy but finite retirement at Silver Shoals. Twilight might have to go through the pain of seeing her friends go and that's sad... but perhaps, think of Doctor Who, you have a character who does have that sad undertone of living longer than anyone else but always manages to make new friends. As I'm sure Celestia did. But if Luster Dawn succeeds her, then perhaps she can retire with her friends as normal.

    Just my take on it - after all we're free to think of our own theories :)
  15. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Welp, it's over. Are we still doing liquid pride?

    As far as the episode goes, FlutterCord, AppleDash, CheesePie. Did Pinkie actually settle down, or did she just hook up with Cheese?

    For the immortality, does Twi have to live forever? Like, maybe transfers of power are going to be way more common now that Tia and Luna have stepped down. That still sets up Discord for being very sad when 'Shy passes, though.

    Have we come up with a name for Mac's foal yet?
  16. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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  17. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    Well, I had been thinking that if it didn't make me cry, it wouldn't be a good finale. Needless to say, I just cried an absolute river. The mane six crying in the flashback got me the first time, then the song with all of the characters associated with each of the mane six. I don't even have many more words right now, I just found it that powerful, but I will say that the future main six all look stunning. Twilight, Fluttershy and Applejack particularly strike me as real beauties here. I'm assuming everyone else got bigger, and Rarity didn't get even smaller :p.

    I do kinda feel like I've lost something with the end of the show. It'll be fine, we'll still have each other, but I guess it feels like we were actually forced to say goodbye to G4. As for the fandom, it feels like home to me, and I'll stick around if you guys will. /)
  18. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion Active Pony

    11 June 2018
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    So here it is, the final episode.
    Man, this was... well interesting.
    I did not expect this but knew we were getting a time skip of sorts.
    Similar with my 24 and 25 review, getting to it late due to work and wanted a 2nd watch over just to be sure.

    Episode 26:
    - The future is here.
    True harmony has been achieved, different races are interacting with one another, the Mane Six have their statue, it is a blissful beginning.
    Spike looks... pretty good.
    I will say it annoys me just how muscular he looks when the other dragons such as Garble look a lot slimmer but maybe that's because of his diet in Ponyville/Canterlot?
    Anyways I am happy to see him so full of life in this young adult form.
    Love the Abyssinian and Diamond Dog name drops, telling us that even with world peace achieved, cats and dogs will never get along.

    - New Princess Supreme.
    I adore Twilight, always have and always will.
    However, at first, it annoyed me that she looks exactly like Celestia, although as the episode went on I grew to understand why.
    I find that Twi is perfect in this form now, she's finally done it, she's become her perfect state.
    Although one point I will say is that her hair looks a lot bigger compared to Celestia and Luna, I adore seeing it ethereal and all since we saw that glimpse during the final premiere.
    I like that we got to see the new Head of the Equestria Education Association or at least someone dressed like Chancellor Neighsay.

    - The little things.
    I love the little details, like Spikes "throne" which looks like a royal dog bed and the way Twi sits as she speaks, she looks so natural and yet it feels like she's putting on a show.
    I dunno, something about these little things just tie the story together, I love that she's taken over Celestia's school.
    Gallus becoming part of the Canterlot guard is such a great development for his character.
    Simple and yet effective, he always was one for protecting his friends.
    Speaking of little things I'd only just noticed the murals and paintings in the background.
    Love the ones behind Twi's throne, of the sun, star and moon all together in space, representing Luna, Celestia and Twilight, respectively.

    - Luster Dawn.
    Welp guess we found the new protag.
    Tbh I wasn't impressed at first but yeah when she started speaking I could understand her and fall for her instantly.
    Since she reminds me so much of Sci-Twi.
    Iirc during Friendship Games, Sci-Twi meets with Principle Cinch because she wants to attend an independent course for extra credit, something along those lines and I can't help but see the similarities with Sci-Twi and Luster Dawn.
    Not to say that Princess Twilight is anything like Principle Cinch but just that Luster Dawn is having a very familiar beginning for us as fans.
    I am happy to hear that Twi hasn't simply overtaken Celestia's school of magic, she's adapted her methods of friendship into it.

    - The true meaning of friendship.
    Luster is not idiotic, she's rather intelligent as shown from her manner of speaking and her approach to thinking.
    It seems similar to Dr Whooves, albeit not as refined as she's still young.
    Hence why I draw the comparison closer to Sci-Twi than our Twi, Twi-Prime if you will.
    Twi-Prime was studious yes but never all that calculating hence why I love the spin they've given us with Luster Dawn already.
    Also her bold character, she seems to take facts above opinions which is a very interesting characteristic to give someone learning about friendship.
    I assume that is one of her characteristics because she's able to say that "friendship is ultimately a waste of time" to the Princess of Friendship herself.
    She does not falter when it comes to the facts because, in her calculating eyes, she sees nothing but data and friendship is a lot of work with very little reward on a surface level, hence why it makes sense that she'd consider it a waste of time if she cannot see any end goal currently.

    - She has a valid point.
    It shocks me that in all the time of FiM we never did tackle if Celestia herself has real friends.
    Those she can be regular old Celestia around and not Princess Celestia.
    Hence why I loved the Reflections run in the comics since it tackled Celestia's emotions and how she is alone without any proper friends on Earth-prime.
    I think Luster has a valid point here, Celestia ruled by herself for the longest time, no reason why Twi can't do the same.
    Although I do think Gen 5 will be about learning friendship, I hope Luster's comment about "that was so long ago" holds up and we get some new technology or advancements that showcase a more modern setting for Equestria.
    Nothing too fancy, I don't want smartphones, Segways and virtual reality headsets but just something more fitting with a modern era.

    - Spikes reactions have been ON POINT!
    God, I love them, literally with every single one I was there with him, I adore it because Twi is being oddly calm about this, someone needs to scream and shout.
    Now for the Opening song, as much as I love hearing it... for the last time, I am annoyed slightly.
    I can understand if they didn't want to reveal anything about Gen 5 like the main opening song or animation but in that case, they could have just cut out the opening song.
    The Ending song I'm ok with because there are no visuals but the Opening song just kills the mood of seeing this epilogue episode and yet not feeling like it's even real.

    - The murals/paintings
    I love this because it is these little things made simply for us bronies and pegasisters.
    The actual targeted demographics won't notice them or understand them.
    Saying that, I find I can fully understand all of them except the Student Six one, they're out in space with some red monster below them?
    I dunno, it just confuses me.
    But I am happy to see teenage Flurry Heart taking the throne in the Crystal Empire.
    The Elements plus the rainbow lasers attacking Cozy Glow, Tirek and Chrysalis.
    And finally Twilight first becoming a Princess, I believe?

    - Time to move out.
    I like that we get this to tie into the Gen 5 backdoor pilot.
    I know this kinda justifies the need for the Opening video but imo I'd rather we didn't have an opening at all.
    My minor adjustment I would make to the finale.
    "Just because things change doesn't mean you leave everything you love behind", such a simple yet elegant way to express to us how Twi feels about moving away.
    Of course, this isn't really about the Power Ponies comic and I'm glad Spike realises that later on.
    It is such a big step moving away, I know how I first felt, never knowing if I'll see those close to me again, it sucks at first because that is all you can think about.
    However, as we learn, true friendship can survive until the end no matter the obstacle.

    - The other happy couple.
    So it took till my 2nd watch to notice that Lyra and BonBon did it, they GOT MARRIED!
    So happy for the happy couple.
    Man, they've had an entire relationship shown just in the background, that's incredible storytelling.
    I love how sweet they look together, shame we saw it in a black and white newspaper, would have loved to see a coloured poster or something similar.
    Also Derpy has her own muffin business now?
    Glad she gave up the post office work cause that was not helping her condition at all.

    - Future of the Mane Six?
    Strictly speaking, they could have all moved to Canterlot and had functioning jobs there.
    Heck Pinkie's in-charge of the Gallas from now on so she already has enough reason to stay in Canterlot.
    AJ would be difficult since Canterlot isn't exactly the right audience for her families produce but she could have created and worked the Sweet Apple Acres, Canterlot Branch.
    Rarity, obviously working her boutique in Canterlot as well as being the royal designer.
    Fluttershy could have opened a royal animal shelter, with the help of Princess Twi's approval.
    Dashie would have been the most difficult since I assume she's taken over from Spitfire and now teaches the Wonderbolts as well as performs.

    - The tension rises.
    I love how awkward that "bye I guess" from Twi is.
    And thus the kettle has brewed, she finally blew her top and it's come so naturally.
    I do admit that her friends had only her best interest at heart and if anything it's rather strong of them to choose to not show their true emotions to make the journey easier for Twi.
    Only something true friends would choose to do.
    Again, Luster gives me too much early Sci-Twi vibes, mainly with the way she speaks, I am loving it.
    Such a sweet and tender moment, pain is easier to swallow when there's less of it.
    Once the pain Twi felt was shared, she was lifted off its shackles.
    I find this moment, of them all, crying together really embodies just how we all feel about the series.
    Even though it has left us, we will continue the friendships and relationships we've found through our time in this fandom.
    It doesn't simply end, it marches forward, forever burning.

    - Poor Starlight, I get they're in a rush and an emotional state but damn.
    Though I am curious why she didn't just teleport to the train station but the emotional pay off at the end was worth it.
    Dammit, Twi, didn't you learn from Dashie with the Windigoes to NEVER SAY THAT... I swear.
    Damn, guess Flutters was so busy looking for that one carrot, she couldn't help speed up the process with the sheep.
    That "NO!" from Rarity was just perfect, simply divine.

    - The Coronation begins.
    Love the quick shots of the familiar faces.
    I love that she straight up trips on her dress, such a Twilight thing to do at this point.
    Rarity was right, the sash does glow and helps illuminate the dress imo.
    That's so beautiful that Celestia and Luna's crowns combine to make Twi's.
    I am assuming this is how Celestia and Luna gained their crowns in the first place, their mother likely separated the crown of hers into two.
    Gummy coming through with the clutch fireworks although that was one trainwreck of a coronation.
    Love that we got to see more familiar faces.
    AJ trying to salvage the trainwreck, at least she tried, sadly she isn't rewarded for her attempt because Big Mac messed up the orders.
    Love the small glimpse we get of Lyra and BonBon holding hoofs, such a great background relationship.
    Only just noticed Sugar Belle wearing her wedding ring, guess it was too small to see during episode 25.

    - Luster Dawn analysed
    The more I rewatch this episode, I more I study Luster.
    Unlike Sci-Twi, she seems too focused and stuck in her ways, I guess you could call that her way of being immature.
    Not in a bad way, I don't think she's a brat or anything I just think she lacks the life experience to comment on certain subjects, something similar to early Sci-Twi the only difference is the environment.
    Crystal Prep was a prestigious school for the elite, where friendship was a secondary goal in service of power.
    Whilst with Twilight's school for Gifted Unicorn's, she's actively made friendship part of the curriculum.
    Well, I am assuming that at least based on Luster's earlier comment.

    - The actual future of the Mane Six.
    PINKIE X CHEESE BECAME CANON... what the actual hay?!?!
    Lil' Cheese is so adorable as well and damn Boneless 6, guess we know who was watching over Lil' Cheese then.
    I'm so happy and yet surprised at the same time, never did I expect them to be canon.
    Although after listening to "Love is a yummy smore" I wanted them canon more than anything.
    But like, they did first meet with Pinkie thinking Cheese was her replacement and ended up with them acknowledging each others skill set.
    It makes sense, heck they used each other to get their laugh back, both figuratively in Pinkie and literally in Cheese.
    So it only makes sense and I am so happy out of all the heterosexual ships, this one became canon.
    Rarity pulls off that silver mane looks so well, love the coat and that she's moved out towards Yaktakistan, makes sense since we see Yona running her shop in Ponyville, guess the two of them got closer after the "Fit Right In" episode.
    AppleDash... I can't even believe something like this could be canon.
    I say could be because the show knows it can't explicitly say "these two females are a couple" hence why they did such a good job with Lyra and BonBon.
    It is up for interpretation but the look on AJ and Dash speaks a thousand words.
    Plus their context does add to it, in my eyes, they are a confirmed couple.
    I know that hurts a lot of shippers as well, mainly the RariJack shippers but that is just another reason why the show decided to put little seeds without confirming anything.
    To those RariJack shippers they see this as Dashie and AJ becoming closer as friends that Dashie constantly helps AJ out and vice versa rather than any implication that they are a ship.
    I think this is also why Rarity is not mentioned with any partner because the show knows they can't take away creativity from the fandom, it's what birthed life into the brony fandom, to begin with, the fact that we fell for and created stories for characters without any.
    Flutters has a very appealing look, I'm glad they didn't confirm or deny Fluttercord either since it's a big ship, as big as AppleDash or RariJack I'd say.
    Also, love that Discord is still invested in Orgres and Oubliettes, I wonder if O&O Con is as big as Comic-Con/the Equestria version of Comic-Con, I wonder.
    I love how when the Mane Six all laugh, Lil' Cheese looks around and has a small laugh too, not because she understands the situation but the opposite, because she sees everyone else laughing and that joy brings a smile and a laugh to her face, ah, she really is the daughter of Cheese and Pinkie.

    - The Aftermath
    The casual laugh amongst friends after the train wreck just went down, nothing they can do but laugh about how ridiculous it was.
    I adore this lovely gift, mainly because it comes from Starlight.
    After she defeated Chrysalis, Twi got her a mirror filled with pictures of her friends, I find that this is Starlights way of repaying that kind gift to Twi.
    And thus the Council of Friendship was born!
    I like the idea, sure for looks, Canterlot follows a monarchy system but there will always be the Council of Friendship behind the doors, running Equestria, they've earned it after all.
    As much as I love these 3 episodes and I do, I have to point out a minor issue I have.
    I wished we got some insider scoop onto what happens with Celestia and Luna now.
    What I mean is yes we know they live out their days in Silver Soals but what about the fact that they're immortal?
    I believe it's been heavily implied that neither Celestia or Luna were born alicorns like Flurry Heart, which means like Twilight, they were transformed into Alicorns, so after relinquishing their power, should they not revert to their pre-alicorn forms?
    The same goes for Cadance, assuming she's still alive... that is.
    I do like this lesson because it shows with hard work no relationship will ever falter.
    I do have to point out that Starlight was there when Twi founded the Council and is not here when Luster is meeting them, I get that Starlight has to run the school but still, gotta point it out.

    - Luster's newfound goal
    As I said before I completely get what they're going for with Luster Dawn's character and how she's a lot more calculating than studious.
    Now that she's got a goal she can actively work towards she's changed her perspective which I think is natural because before this she never had the chance to understand it.
    Hence why she has to rely on others because she has no experience herself.
    I love this new song, it's so sweet, beautiful sounding, catchy and a great video.
    Exactly what I would expect from an MLP song.
    So glad to see Pound and Pumpkin Cake, mega Gummy, new Wonderbolts, CMCs as teachers, Trixie taking fashion inspiration from her father, Starlight's principle outfit and Sunburst's beard, Big Mac and Sugar Belle's son, Purple Mac?
    Huge Yona, different hairstyle for Sandbar, Angel Bunny and his family, so lovely to see all of his kids.
    THE NEW PROTAGS... assuming that is.

    - Anyways, I think this was rather expected, would be weird for a show focusing on diversity among other races to push for another main cast of one species.
    So we have two ponies, one male and Luster, a dark Gryphon, a Kirin and a Yak.
    I'm happy for those 5 to be the new Mane 5 of Gen 5.
    I think considering they've shown us them like this it has to be more realistic since it would suck to show us these 5 and then when Gen 5 cartoon comes out, it's nothing like this.
    I am expecting an art style change but I am expecting these 5 or something highly similar to our main characters.

    - The book ending
    So glad they did end off Twilight story how they began, with the book.
    Ah, it has been one heck of a rollercoaster and I am so thankful to have been on this ride.
    Wish I joined sooner, I didn't get into MLP until near the end of Season 7's airing, heck I believe it was 2 episodes before the season 7 finale that I got interested and invested.
    Nevertheless, I am so happy and more proud than I have ever been to be called a brony.
    This fandom has been incredible, I've been around a few different fandoms in my years but I have never found one more kind, considerate, charitable and unique like the brony fandom.
    Sure there are negatives as there are with every single fandom and sure some people within can get a bit sensitive and threatening, that doesn't take away from the large number of bronies that care for others, do the best they can and learn from the show.
    I admit I've been guilty of not exactly learning from the show, I'm 22, 23 next month and I find myself having to relearn the basic levels of friendship at times and thanks to that I'm happy with the friends I've gained and it's all thanks to this wonderful show.
    I can only hope G5 can create a once in a lifetime, magical experience the same way G4 did for me.
    Thank you for reading this.
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    Just a little point about G5... I'll put it in spoiler tags in case anyone is sensitive but TBH it's not a spoiler as we know nothing of the plot

    As far as we know it's set in a completely different universe with no connection to G4. So far all indication is that we'll see rebooted versions of the mane 6 (with different roles, voices, races and personalities) in a rebooted - but still quite mythological - take on Equestria, rather than a "Next Generation" style continuation in the same world with new characters.

    I don't think it's intended to replace the G4 canon or anything, just to take place in a parallel universe so to speak, much like with G1 and G3

    It's also probably still relatively early in development as it's not due to start for a couple of years, so anything could change or have changed already...
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    Is it just me or does the song sound a bit like Embrace the Magic from Legend of Everfree?
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