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Season 9, Episode 3 - Uprooted

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 8 April 2019.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    The Young Six by Winterwithers
    Air Date: 13th April 2019

    Synopsis: The Young Six respond to a magical summons from the Tree of Harmony, only to learn it has been destroyed.

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24 hours after this episode has aired on Discovery Family. Thank you.
  2. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    I know it's only a TV guide, but it does look like "Young Six" is at least a semi-canon term now. I've decided to shift over from "Student Six" as a result, even though I prefer that term in itself. Anyway...

    Interesting that there seems to be direct continuity from the premiere to this episode. At the end of the premiere, we didn't really know what the Tree's destruction meant. Maybe we will now. I'm looking forward to seeing the Young Six again, as they were some of the best things about S8 in my book. Something interesting I noticed in a slightly longer synopsis I found was...
    "...and it is up to them to figure out how best to memorialize it." That word "memorialize" suggests the Tree won't be coming back. At least, not any time soon and/or not in its present form. Does that mean the Elements won't return either?
  3. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    Oh hey another episode.

    So the breakfast club gets mixed reactions.. Some good some not.. I personally like them.

    To be honest this episode kinda felt like a mix of past episodes.. We had Castle sweet Castle mixed in there with others.

    That said I did enjoy it..I do enjoy a break from the Mane 6.

    Also good to see characters we haven't seen In awhile like Thorax and briefly Ember

    and it's good to see my favourite Yona was right all along.. Never doubt a Yak.

    All in all it felt like your typical 3rd episode of the Season to me.

    Nothing Groundbreaking but still good fun.

    Oh apart from that fact that we now have a new crystal palace.. I guess that might be groundbreaking..It even broke some ground.
  4. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    It was all worth the wait.
  5. Streamline

    Streamline Active Pony

    19 March 2017
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    I liked this, great to see the return of the Student Six and a few suprises here and there.

    Also it now appears that even Equestria isn't free from visitor briefs and paperwork :p.

    So the Student Six are sent a message from the Tree of Harmony to attend immediately to it, only to realise it has been destroyed.

    All our group are in form with their usual traits, Silverstream still my favourite with her take on everything :D.

    Whilst the rest of the group are off back to their homes acquiring the necessary signatures to return back to Equestria :rolleyes: Sandbar has removed the remains of the Tree of Harmony to the dissapointment of the others, and they each have their own ideas of what to put in place of the now removed tree remains.

    After all having their own ideas and not working together at first, it's straightforward to understand where this storyline is going.

    By the end it is Yona's idea of using the Tree remains (which Sandbar had conveniently left not too far away after removing in a wheelbarrow) to build a treehouse.

    Then, the unexpected part, magic happens, and we suddenly are introduced to the creation of a huge magical tree with a treehouse, or more a mansion to be honest.

    So now, we have a Tree Mansion of Harmony, which offers a place of "solace" as described by the magical elements.

    One wonders if this place will provide solace in the wake of perhaps Equestria being temporarily taken over by Grogar, Chrissy and Tirek. All sorts of possibilities this could have now.

    Overall enjoyable episode.
  6. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Okay, a few quick thoughts:

    I thought it was good. Not great, and maybe not quite as feelsy as I was hoping, but still decent. It was very reminiscent of "Castle Sweet Castle" in places, perhaps even a little too much so. That being so, I was a bit surprised that Twilight at no point even mentioned the integration of her old home's roots in her castle. Even the song had echoes of the song in "Castle Sweet Castle", as did the section where all the students were complaining that the others had messed things up. Except Yona, who was clearly MVP this episode. I hope the other students get their own time to shine during S9, especially Sandbar who got a little bit of the rough end of the stick today.

    We got a Young Six song! That was something new. It was... good. I can't say it struck me as an instant classic, but it was pleasant and fitted the scene quite well.

    And the ending... I'm honestly not sure whether I like it. Until then, I thought we were actually going to get a "Losing someone doesn't mean you have to lose them from your hearts" message, but I suppose "The Perfect Pear" already did that. The heavy implication was that we'll be seeing more of the Young Six's... sanctuary, I suppose. And maybe it's just me, but I also got the strong impression that the students are indeed on their way to stepping into the Mane Six's horseshoes as Equestria's greatest defenders, whether or not the Elements themselves return.

    After one viewing... I think this goes in the "solid" category rather than anything extreme either way.
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  7. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    I had to watch that twice, because the stream I saw it on the first time was interrupted by US weather warnings. Thanks, Storm King!

    As for the episode itself, I liked it.

    I always think characters' dreams are a great way to get more insight on them, and that opening was similar to What Lies Beneath, but also different. Yona's apparently afraid of falling as well as spiders. It is understandable, though, she's already had at least two close calls so far. Nothing much to say about Ocellus' fear, but Silverstream's was interesting. I'm not quite sure what it even is, but I don't think that's a side to her we've seen before. Gallus' claustrophobia has been covered before, so there's nothing new there, and I think it's pretty clear that Smolder isn't afraid of liking what she considers girly stuff, but getting caught, and others knowing. As for Sandbar and his indecision, that's... basically me, most of the time :p. Incidentally, this is the third collective dream we've seen, after Bloom and Gloom, and in Magic Sheep. This one didn't involve Luna, so I'm guessing the spirit of harmony can do that?

    The parallels with Castle Sweet Castle are pretty obvious, but the first time, I felt like it was more emotionally charged, with the tree and spirit implied to be dead. The second time, I felt like some of that was lost, but it could still explain some of their motivations. It might seem weird to have the student six argue so much, but I think there are two things that separate them from the mane six in that way. Firstly, this is basically early Season 2 for them; they've come to know each other but they're still nowhere near as synchronised as their professors. Secondly, they each come from different cultures, and there are some differences there which they wouldn't even think about most of the time, but which come out in situations like this. Ocellus wanted to bring the changelings' values of shared love, and Smolder's first thought about the tree was its power, having been raised by dragons. Silverstream was probably just being Silverstream, though I did actually quite like her art. It seems that different colours represent different elements to her, and that she has her own way of seeing things like that. I'm not really sure what Gallus was trying to do, but I have to wonder where he picked up showmanship like that. Has he been talking to the Flim Flam Brothers :p ? I feel like Sandbar's idea of moving the tree's remains and planting a new tree could've made sense and been more meaningful if we knew more about him. I get the idea, but it's hard to see why that was his first thought without understanding his motivations.

    And then there was Yona. I spent the whole of the last season hoping for some real development from her, and this was it. I finally feel like I actually like Yona. I think it's especially effective, given that the writer could've given her viewpoint to Sandbar, and have her be stubborn like the others. Not only her attempts to keep the group on the same page, but when she said her line about how yaks destroy things because nothing lasts, but you can always rebuild them, that really changed the way I see her, and the yaks, for the better. I'm kind of hoping for a similar moment with dragons, and maybe griffons, because I really do feel like I get the yaks now. It kinda makes me wonder why none of the yaks said that before, but they probably thought it was obvious. That's what I mean about the student six and their different cultures, which is a very relevant theme in today's world, as well.

    I actually liked their little clubhouse the way they built it. It looked a bit worse for wear, but it was theirs. Even so, I do like the look of the new... castle? Sancturary? I don't think it would be right for that to replace the Castle of the Two Sisters, and maybe it's a little bit close even if it is outside. It's clearly being set up for something important later, but I actually wouldn't mind seeing the student six use it as a hangout in the meantime. Kinda like Golden Oaks, or the CMC clubhouse. It's nice to see that the spirit of harmony lives on, but I feel like that could've been and indirect enough way for the show to address dealing with the loss of someone. The Perfect Pear was an amazing episode, but that was about Bright Mac and Pear Butter's love, with the Apple siblings missing them as a minor detail.

    Overall, it had a really nice feel to it. I do like these lower key episodes; early seasons were practically made of them, and I don't feel like MLP should be epic adventure all the time.

    On a completely random note, am I the only one who finds the sound of creatures flapping their wings in the background quite relaxing? I kinda thought that about the scene in Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 where Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Fluttershy are all hovering above the ground, as well...
  8. Steamworks

    Steamworks Habitual Pony

    7 March 2017
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    With any luck, my viewing won't be interrupted by weather warnings.

    The Student 6 are already getting a combined dream? We had to wait 5 seasons to get a Mane 6 shared dream.

    Good to know at least the soul of the tree survived.

    I'm surprised no one tried cleaning up around the tree or something.

    At least the failed attempt at bringing the tree back went over better than that first attempt at using friendship magic back in Rainbow Rocks.

    I do kinda wonder if Gallus walks around with forged permission slips.

    All 5 plans mashed up sounds pretty sweet.

    Of course Gallus would be attempting to monetize the museum.

    Loyalty is yellow?

    I actually kind of dig Ocellus's idea.

    Student 6 song.

    Were those the original elements or were they facsimiles?

    Would it be unfair to compare this song to Raise This Barn? I mean, they're both building songs...

    With the tree upgrading itself so much, does that mean the bonds of friendship have grown stronger? Does it know Equestria will need something stronger than a tree to weather an upcoming storm?
  9. Recurrent Trotting

    30 March 2012
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    Not my fave Student 6 but was a good ep 7.5/10
    basically what @Candy Yunagi said. Also loved the permission slip montage. Yona shone again in this.

    Silverstream apparently enjoys painting. Not a very aquatic past-time :p maybe she was more suited to land afteall. On the other hoof the swirly paintings are quite watery. Sandbar likes growing things. I suppose he is an earth pony. Liked the tree ear muffs - maybe it was a relative of Bloomberg? Gallus wanted to show how much he cared for the tree by doing a big flamboyant show for it. Maybe harking back to griffon greed?
    Anyway in terms of parallels with the Mane 6's elements of harmony: Gallus = generosity/Rarity. He wanted to make the tree a fabulous exhibit.
    Smolder = Dash/loyalty. She wanted to make a tree statue to show off its power. Sandbar = honesty/AJ. He wanted to simply grow another tree. Ocellus = Twi/magic. She wanted people to learn about harmony. Yona = Flutters/kindness. She wanted ponies to work together.

    Not sure how Silverstream was Pinkie/laughter :p ah well. Actually she was the wildcard all the way through this. Why did she get her permission slip like that? Why was her dream about being unprepared?

    song wasn't a highlight. Nowhere near Castle a Home. Gallus cannot sing :p
    #9 Recurrent Trotting, 14 April 2019
    Last edited: 14 April 2019
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  10. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    Castle Sweet Tree


    So I guess the colours in this scene aren't a coincidence. Gallus as loyalty, Silverstream as laughter and Ocellus as kindness all fit their personalities and make sense. Yona as honesty and Smolder as generosity I can take or leave. Sandbar as magic doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. He obviously has no unicorn magic and he doesn't stand out as being important to the friendship of the group than any of the others. If I was reassigning them I might have made Yona kindness, Sandbar honesty and Ocellus magic, although that's a fairly literal interpretation of the word "magic".

    Anyway, on to the episode itself. It was more functional than a lot of episodes, seemingly existing mostly to cover a piece of continuity (the new castle) rather than because it was a particularly strong story as such. Friends not listening to each other is something we've seen before on pony, and although the execution here was fine that was basically all it was. The song was eh. The Tree of Harmony has survived and is now embedded in a castle. I'll be amazed if that doesn't turn out to be important. And it does seem the Tree has picked out the young six to be the next generation of element bearers, so I guess we'll see how that plays out.

    There was a lot to like here though. All of the young six got great character moments- the dream at the start, Sandbar's tree, Gallus's racketeering, Smolder's arm wrestling, seeing Silverstream with her family for the first time and Ocellus's confrontation with Thorax. There was a lot to enjoy here. Yona undoubtedly did best out of it though as the voice of reason, and her speech about honouring what the tree is now, rather than memorialising it, was great.
  11. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    OK, first viewing complete:

    This was an episode of 3 parts for me. Or if you imagine an upside-down 'bell-curve', that's how my enjoyment went. I was really enjoying it early on, and I also liked how things worked out towards the end. However I wasn't keen on the middle part where they all started disagreeing. It was just too similar to Castle Sweet Castle for me.

    It's a joy to see the student 6 again (and yes, I'm sticking with that term). I think they all had moments to shine, even if most of them also lost the plot during the aforementioned middle part. The montage of their home kingdoms was really nice. And I really like the continued use of the 'ponified' Tree of Harmony. Her speech to them near the end was kinda moving to me.

    First student 6 song! This one didn't blow me away, but hearing their singing voices together for the first time was quite something. It's particularly interesting to have a mixed gender ensemble; not something we get very often in FiM. Gallus didn't sound all that great, and Silverstream sounded really low at times, but otherwise I liked them. Fingers crossed they sing again this season.

    I really like having a straight sequel to the finale. Maybe we'll be getting more of a continuous storyline this season? Not that I'm saying we won't also have standalone episodic stories. Time will tell. It's also intriguing that we're sticking in the school summer vacation for the moment. Will things shift to term-time mid-season?
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  12. Pigasus

    Pigasus Hogs the bed

    29 September 2012
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    that is all
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  13. Solar Wind

    Solar Wind Bring back Robot Wars

    25 April 2013
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    When I was watching the livestream of this episode, a lot of people said this felt like a filler episode. And, for the most part it is. But then again, going back of the previous 3rd episode of season episodes, they all seem to share this trait. Is it the worst No, not really. Is it terrifying NO! That will always be 'Too Many Pinkie's'. Was something established? Yes. That is what most of the 3rd episodes do. That and it made a new toy.
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  14. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    It's interesting to hear people's views on how this episode fits in as a 'third of the season'. Looking back at past seasons, that spot has really been filled with a mixed bag of episodes:

    S1 - The Ticket Master
    S2 - Lesson Zero
    S3 - Too Many Pinkie Pies
    S4 - Castle-Mania
    S5 - Castle Sweet Castle
    S6 - The Gift of Maud Pie
    S7 - A Flurry of Emotions
    S8 - The Maud Couple
    S9 - Uprooted

    A lot of them have been quite important in setting up things for future episodes. S2, the establishment of friendship letters for all the mane 6. S4, the introduction of the friendship journal, etc. But a few were also fairly standard filler, enjoyable or otherwise. I liked Flurry of Emotions a lot, but don't care much for The Gift of Maud Pie. Castle-Mania is a personal favourite of mine.

    Uprooted has given us something new that I'm sure will be utilised later in the season, even if it doesn't affect every episode. I'm not yet sure how it stands up on it's own though; will have to give it another watch or 2.
  15. Mane25

    Mane25 Honorary Pony

    9 November 2013
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    My prediction...

    This is a key episode which will set the theme and story-arc for the rest of the season. I've not seen any spoilers about later episodes.

    To be bold, I'm calling it: The student six will grow their friendship through the course of the season, as their friendship grows, the remains of the tree of harmony will become increasingly strengthened and will return to full strength by the finale and will end up saving the day. The student six will end up replacing the mane six.

    I think this would be an excellent final story arc and would be more than happy with that, though I have always been a bit confused by the role of the tree of harmony itself preferring to see the mane 6 as the 'real' elements - I think this could work though.

    General thoughts about the episode

    I really liked it actually, the beginning was a bit slow, perhaps could have done with a song at the beginning and a reprise towards the end instead of just the one song, like Castle Sweet Castle - to help move things along. I didn't immediately think of Castle Sweet Castle but now it's mentioned I see the obvious similarities... but I don't mind that much.
  16. Zero Motion

    11 June 2018
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    I was gonna post this yesterday but kinda forgot to lol
    This episode was as many others have said a callback to Castle Sweet Castle and honestly I did not mind that fact.
    Episodes of FiM referencing each other is nothing new, a lot of episodes have a similar or identical formula, for me, it's always the different characters that changes how I feel about that episode.
    With the Young Six, I want to like them, I really do but... I just feel like they've been brought into this whole show way too late.
    Oh well, I admit Yona being the voice of reason, I never would have expected but the reason they gave seems pretty logical.
    If this episode is meant to cement the idea that the Young Six are now the new bearers of the Elements, does that mean Twi can't do what she did to Sombra, you know when she held hoofs with her friends and got her ethereal hair flowing?
    Like... has she now lost that power cause she legit just got it. (I know it's a whole "she always had it within her" but only recently has she used it so... yeah)
    Anyways I am alright with the Young Six now being the official new bearers but I really hope they change the names, in the way that Star Swirl was Scorcery and Twi is Magic, stuff like that.
    The song was decent until.... it got to the moment where Yona and Silverstream talk cause Silverstream paints Yonas butt... yeah I just wasn't a fan of that whole small interaction.
    It just felt like the writers had no clue to extend to that point so they included a bit that really just takes away more than adding to the song, really wish instead they'd continue the song but I digress.
    Also, I feel like, despite his uselessness everywhere else, Sandbar does compliment the others well vocally, perhaps that is the only reason an Earth Pony is with them.

    Overall I'd say the episode was average and as pointed out above is what we expect from a 3rd episode.
    The song was not as catchy as previous 3rd episode songs but for the most part, it was fun to have all of the Young Six sing in unison.
    I do hope we get to see the Treehouse of Harmony some more, I know they teased that it'll be a hideout/gathering for the Young Six but I figured it'll also be a nice spot for Celestia and Luna to rest once they actually retire.
    Also, I really wish the Tree of Harmony would use a different character from the Mane Six instead of just Twi all the time.
    In What Lies Beneath they mentioned that they were only taking the form of Twi to make it more comfortable for the Young Six, so why would a sparkling version of any of the other Mane Six make the Young Six uncomfortable?
    If it's because Twi is a leader figure, why not represent yourself as any of the other princesses?
    I dunno, I just want something to change and it feels like, especially with the Tree leaving as soon as Twi arrived, it feels like they can't exist at the same time... which honestly makes no sense but neither does this premise when told to a non-MLP fan lol
  17. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    It seems a lot of people have already covered a lot of the points about this episode.

    It was nice to see Smolder still secretly enjoys her tea parties, heh.

    The permission slip segment was nice to see. I enjoyed Ember's brief appearance, I just hope that's not all we see of her in this season.

    Gallus seemed to be taking a page from the Flim Flam brothers with his museum tour. Particularly as he decided to make up all of his "facts" about the tree.

    I did wonder in my comments on the premier on whether the tree truly was dead. Looks like I was onto something, and it seems it is now the Treehouse of Harmony. Looks like Hasbro has a new toy lined up. It'll be interesting to see how this is used later in the season.

    This was a pretty solid episode, and it's nice to see more of the Student Six.
  18. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    I've been listening to the song a bit more; here's a high-quality version from the ever-reliable Rainshadow:

    As I said before, it didn't blow me away or become one of my favourites ever. But I do think it sounds really nice, particularly the harmonies between the student 6.

    Of particular interest; all the student 6 VAs have also provided the singing vocals for their respective characters, except for Ocellus. She's normally voiced by Devyn Dalton, but Shannon Chan-Kent (who also happens to voice Smolder) is credited as singing for her. And in fact, Ocellus's singing voice is rather similar to Silver Spoon's as a result. There's 4 different characters at least that Shannon's sung for (including Pinkie)!
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