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Season 9, Episode 4 - Twilight's Seven

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Bridle Timeout, 15 April 2019 at 6:10am.

  1. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Air Date: 20th April 2019

    Written by: Nicole Dubuc and Josh Haber

    Synopsis: Twilight and Shining Armor pit their wits against each other to settle a long-standing sibling rivalry, but they soon discover they are not the only competitors.

    Here we go, the 200th episode. :D (Yes, "Best Gift Ever" counts as an episode. :p )

    In case you haven't seen it, Big Jim announced that
    this episode is intended as a "thank you to the 5 voice actresses who brought us this far".


    So, while the synopsis only mentions Twilight, I think we have an idea of who the other competitors are, and an excellent "Mane 6" episode to look forward to. :D

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24 hours after this episode has aired on Discovery Family, thank you. :)
  2. Blissful690

    6 August 2018
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    A little something I'm thinking about:
    So, the title's an obvious reference to the Ocean's movies. Do you think the seven of the episode title consists of Shining Armor, Spike and the Mane 5?
  3. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    Time had been flying since episode 100 four sumnmers ago

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