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Season 9, Episode 7 - She's All Yak

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Loganberry, 9 May 2019.

  1. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Yona by UniSoLeiL
    (cc by-nc-nd 3.0)
    Air Date: 11th May 2019

    Written by: TBA

    Synopsis: "When Sandbar asks Yona to a pony dance, she goes to Rarity and her friends for a makeover in appearance and personality."

    Well, this is interesting... do we see hints of romance among the students? Or is this just a simple friend-asks-friend thing without any other relevance? I suspect this episode may split opinion within the fandom, though as ever it will depend on how well it's executed. Yona is generally more popular with fans than Sandbar -- will the pony catch up to the yak a bit this time, or will the gap widen still further?

    Discussion time! :)

    Please remember to use spoiler tags as appropriate until 24 hours after this episode has aired on Discovery Family. Thanks! :)
  2. Pigasus

    Pigasus Hogs the bed

    29 September 2012
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    As a Yona fan, I'm a little concerned about this one; I think she's great as she is! Hopefully the moral will be that she didn't need to change in the first place
  3. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    This must be the one with
    Spike as a DJ.
  4. Candy Yunagi

    Candy Yunagi Wishes she could be a cat

    6 January 2017
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    I had pretty high hopes for this after Uprooted. I wouldn't really say I'm disappointed, but I think it's a slight step down after a run of really good episodes.

    I feel like Yona's characterisation was pretty mixed throughout. I like that she was capable of learning to change, even though it really wasn't necessary to. Yaks in general have been portrayed as stubborn to a fault so far, so this is some form of progress. I can also understand why she felt the pressure to do so, especially since they all but stated that she does like Sandbar. I still feel like I preferred her as the level headed one, as we saw in Uprooted, though.

    As for the mane six, I would've expected a bit more reluctance from Rarity before she agreed to help Yona change. It would've been a minor detail, but an "I think you're making a mistake, but if that's really what you want..." would've been more like her, I think. I was impressed that Applejack was actually quite flexible about Yona's lucky pot; I'm pretty sure she had an apple pie in mind, but after Yona crushed an apple, she found a good use for that. I do like how Pinkie takes muscle memory to the extreme with that cupcake baking, although I did feel quite sorry for her when she was unpleasantly shocked that she was helping to change Yona. That was clearly not what she had in mind at all. Rainbow's dance music was nice, but I feel like rock would've suited both her personality and her "Don't think, just do it!" approach to dancing. I actually really think Fluttershy's cross between DDR and Twister looks really fun. Seriously, that should be a thing IRL!

    I was kinda hoping for a Ponyville tradition we already know about rather than a new one, but this is pretty nice, and it feels very Pony. The lucky pot in particular seems like a really nice, ice breaking thing, and the trophy for best pony partners is a nice touch. I wonder who won that before... I'd like to think Lyra and Bon-Bon, or maybe Octavia and Vynil, if the latter wasn't DJing. Speaking of which, it would've been nice to see some townsponies around, rather than just the students. It makes it a bit less believable as a Ponyville tradition. When there was mention that a pony would help Yona learn to dance, I was hoping for an appearance from Tender Taps, as well.

    I'd had a theory before this that characters weren't given a serious love interest in the show unless they were notably older than the mane six. While this didn't exactly disprove that, it's looking less likely now. I'm glad the treehouse has had its first use a place for the student six to escape to. I think it was clever to take the Yak Song Yona mentioned in The Hearthswarming Club and make something genuinely sad out of it. And I also appreciated the similarity with Filli Vanilli, in that even though Yona felt embarrassed, everyone else kinda liked it. With DJ Scales and Tail dubbing it The Yakyakistan Stomp, I had only this image in my mind:

    sorry not sorry
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  5. Streamline

    Streamline Active Pony

    19 March 2017
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    Yay more time for Student Six, I felt this was a little too predictable but there was some good humour and heartwarming moments.

    We're back at the School of Friendship, and hey, Twily is getting stuck into another project there. Where is Starlight? Shouldn't Twilight be spending more time preparing to take over the kingdom these days?

    Straight away you can see where the flaw is in the pony ball thing, OK, Twilight mentions it's for everycreature but the only thing that's changed is the name, all the activities are still pony based. As soon as Yona asks Sandbar to the ball and wants to 'fit in' then you know where this episode is headed and can work out the conclusion rather easily, as if we were back in season 1.

    I liked Rarity's awkward reply to being 'disturbed' :D. As soon as Yona asks for help from Rare for fasion, you know Yona is gonna be getting teachings on other areas from other mane 6 characters, as this idea has been used several times before.

    So the 'ponified' Yona doesn't go down too well at the ball, but got to give top marks for effort.

    Best bit in this was Twilight blocking the food from hitting her and the others nearby with her magic shield, yet many others were not so lucky to be in the right place at that moment :p

    Other students were cleaning up but the Student Six exluding Sandbar and Yona chillaxing playing cards, what happened to that lesson from season 8 before Heartswarming? :D

    Touching moment between Yona and Sandbar on acceptance, being yourself and encouragement. I actually felt this episode gave us more development of Sandbar as a character.
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  6. Zero Motion

    Zero Motion New Pony

    11 June 2018
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    Ok, just saw the episode, very different to what I expected.
    So for starters, I had seen a thumbnail from MoliminousTheater and from that image I thought the episode was Yona turning into a Pony for a short time with the help of a magic mirror that Rarity had.
    Even more so after the start with Twi announcing a ball happening, I thought they were doing a Cinderella-style story.
    But instead we got an enjoyable tale of Sandbar x Yona, honestly, I do think they look cute together, props to Sandbar for having the guts to do it and ask her without making it seem too weird amongst his friend group.

    Before this episode, I was not a major fan of shipping the student six, aside from Gallus x Smolder but more so because they compliment each other.
    I guess that leaves Silverstream x Ocellus now since apparently Sandbar x Ocellus was a thing, honestly, I never saw it, even after knowing it exists I'll still never see it like that.

    I'd say this episode was good because it touched upon an interesting topic with interspecies relationships but dealt with it in a nice, casual way.
    Yes, the show will constantly joke about Spikes crush on Rarity but outside of that, we don't have many Pony x other species couples.
    Most known couples are either pony x pony or other species x other species, so I find it refreshing to have a pony x other species as the main couple we focus on.

    That being said, just because it was refreshing and slightly new doesn't make it good.
    It was a fine episode, I feel round about the same as I did for last weeks episode.
    It was hilarious seeing the student six minus Sandbar and Yona play cards because they felt they didn't belong on the dance floor, with all those pony moves, what a great way to be "inclusive" head mare Twi.
    I will say, the song was pretty good, it felt like Rarity was in her zone on this one, surrounded by fashion and allowing her creativity to flourish, I enjoyed seeing her passion come through.
  7. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Predictable outcome, but still a good episode. :)

    It was cute how Sandbar got shy when he asked Yona to the dance, and the talk they had at their "Harmony Treehouse" thing was very sweet too. :)

    Asking Rarity for fashion tips? You know she's going to go all out. I loved her somewhat awkward response to being "disturbed". :p

    I liked the song. I saw a preview video of it earlier in the week, but it was nice seeing it in the episode.

    I loved when Twilight put up the shield, to protect herself and a few other lucky ponies from the food mess. :p

    Fairly simple premise, but I liked this one. :)
  8. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    10/10 Don't jump!
  9. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    I think this was one of the more enjoyable episodes this season. It had a lot of fun moments and it is nice to see more of the Student Six.

    It was certainly interesting to see Rarity's attempts to make Yona elegant, as the yaks are even less fancy than Applejack. Hearing Yona speaking in fancy was pretty strange too. Also, with all the costumes and hairstyles Rarity tried for Yona, I was rather shocked with the end result. Are yaks that hard to style? I'm amazed Rarity let her walk out like that. That outfit made Smolder's tea party dress look subtle.

    With the dance lessons I was also expecting a return from Tender Taps, but instead we got the most complicated lesson ever from Fluttershy. It seemed to work though, eventually.

    Wow, Pinkie is really fast when it comes to baking. I also noticed she's picked up a trick from Miles Tails Prower with how she was flying at one point.

    I wonder what Applejack planned to do with Yona's Treeroot stew. Although I thought Yona might have made something else. Wasn't there another traditional Yak food from when they first appeared?

    Spike as DJ Scales and Tail was pretty cool.

    So much for creature inclusion if the rest of the student six ended up playing cards. I guess Twilight really didn't think this event through did she?

    I'm not sure if Sandbar actually has a thing for Yona or just found it awkward to ask her to the dance. Either way, it's nice to see some more likable traits in him. We also got to see the treehouse used as a place of sanctuary too.
  10. F.I.N.E.

    F.I.N.E. Less than 50 characters.

    2 November 2012
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    A bit of deja vu...
    As much as I like the Student Six (especially Yona) I think the writers sometimes struggle to find plots that aren’t rehashes of lessons the Mane Six already learned. In this particular case, I was getting a very strong “Simple Ways” vibe. That said, the addition of the issue of inter species sensitivity stopped it being excessively repetitive, and was pretty well handled.
  11. Steamworks

    Steamworks Habitual Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Big Jim dropped a bit of trivia about today's episode that better deliver on whatever my brain made of it.

    Pony dance party. You know, Crusader! did just release a dance party EP.

    Sandbar's blush when asking. Is this canonizing Sandbar x Yona? Yonabar? Sana?

    Brussel sprouts for speech training. That's a new one on me.

    Did Rarity just use "summon clone" while singing?

    Side note, fitting in is kinda lame.

    Something tells me practicing this dance at 1/2 or 1/4 speed would help.

    Dashie's dance is a little subdued, and Yona's is a little slamdance/moshing for that style music.

    So where did AJ take Yona's bucket and dump it?

    Hey, been a while since we've seen the cider machinery.

    Wait, isn't Deadmau5 over or something?

    Spike was a little hype for that song.

    Way to save the punch.

    So, uh, do fancy parties ever go off without a hitch?

    Rarity, that yaxident pun was bad and you should feel bad.

    So is there any meaning to that shooting star?

    Big Jim said they used "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" as a standin for the music in the yak stomp.

    It is some nice drumming at least.
  12. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    So, gave this episode a watch this evening, and it was alright. The overall story was a bit predictable for me, with a moral similar to the previous episode ("don't try and change who you are"). But there was still enough to enjoy.

    It was great for Yona to have a starring role. Out of the student 6, she's probably a good choice to carry an episode. It'll be interesting to see if we get a focus on any of the others later. This was also one of Sandbar's best outings; he was rather sweet and supportive. The mane 6 (5?), whilst ultimately flawed in their approach, still came across quite well too. Loved Rainbow's 'pony prancing' :D

    Favourite scene by far was the moment at the Treehouse of Harmony. It felt perfect to use that location for the first time in this moment. Yona's sad singing that called back to The Hearths Warming Club. And a really touching moment between the pair of them. :)

    I wasn't really keen on the song, but I'll have to give it another listen.

    That closing shot of them all doing the Yak stomp cracked me up. :p
  13. Steamworks

    Steamworks Habitual Pony

    7 March 2017
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  14. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    Watched this last week but haven't posted yet as I didn't feel I had much to say about it. Definitely one of those episodes that just doesn't leave much impression. I liked the running thread of the non-ponies feeling unintentionally left out of the ball, and the ponies recognising that by the end of it. Yona continues to be adorable, and it's nice to see the Fortress of Solace make another appearance. Probably won't be one I'll be re-watching all that much though.

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