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Seasonal RP

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Blaze_Midnight, 11 December 2014.

  1. Privet

    Privet Pony

    7 February 2016
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    Both Stali and Privet heard a yell for their name and headed to the source.

    Stali was casting a heat spell at the forge when the shout sounded causing him to loose focus and singe some of his mane.
    Ahh crap! my glorious black and green mane!

    On arrival, Privet noticed the others seemed to be preparing to leave.

    What have you cooked up for us then? this is going to be good.
    Oh if your headed home, shall we meet back at the park after breakfast or meet on the outskirt of the city?

    Yea!, a bit of trickery is always fun plus Torx and Sky Fire might be on their way back soon, given the time. (thinking) Please dont see the singed hair....


    Torx and SF were at SF's place discussing CSME (Canterlot School for Mechanics and Engineering)
    Ok Its late enough, lets head to Privets place.
    Right you are, (they head outside) it got really dark.... how am i gonna see anything?
    Im sure you will manage, stay low if you have to, maybe use fireplaces as markers?
    Ok (grabs Torx) here we go.
  2. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    Marr's country did not celebrate Hearth's ing, or Christmas, or any of the number of seasonal festivals. It was a very work-focused place, to say the least, and her position as daughter of a company's CEO made her practically aristocracy.
    She, of course, had always been interested in national holidays. She was interested in everything, to be fair, but an occasion where everyone just didn't work was... odd. But odd suited Marr, and so she was going to do something unthinkable.

    She was going to try and take a break.

    So there she sat, or stood, or whatever it is ponies do at tables, awkwardly sipping some manner of festive drink. The drink involved a lot of cinnamon and she was sure it was almost a ritual at this time of year to slip alcohol into everything as well, so she was watching herself.
    And she had never been more... more bored. This wasn't the 'holiday spirit'! She was acting like the miser from that old book she'd read while researching the tradition. There had to be something to do...
  3. Privet

    Privet Pony

    7 February 2016
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    (narrator or something) Privet, Moonlight and the group make it home in one piece, more or less, from their trip to the Dragon Lands, even in time for Christmas!. It certainly was not uneventful.

    Made it back in time for xmas day! *opens front door and wearily trots into the hall to take off what remains of his gear.

    That was one epic adventure! ruddy good thing Moonlight was able to convince the Dragon Lord that this bunch of foreigners had no quarrel with the dragons.
    These stones will be PERFECT, my mane still smells of burn a bit from that initial encounter with that border patrol dragon and it will take a while to get the smell of brimstone out of my fur.
    I still don't understand why they demanded my fire retardant gear in exchange for the stones.

    I must admit, those dragons certainly know how to melt things as hard as stone.... if only i could breathe fire...... there must be a spell for that.

    Can you believe Torx and Sky Fire followed us all the way there and even attempted to convince the Dragon Lord we were spies disguised as tourists or something. Well they are now in Dragon custody for a while and we have some Dragon-Fire stones. Ahh Moonlight, if you want to watch an expert smelter and metal smith at work, you may want to stand behind the heat retardant glass or something, these stones, from what i understand, can reach temps of 2000oC and over.

    Me and Privet will take a few days to decompress after time in such a.... high temp environment after we get everything set up. feel free do do whatever till then.

    Oh if you wish to stay for the xmas dinner, feel free. it will be a day late but worth it.
  4. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    I'm gonna keep with the christmassy theme for a little while you want.

    Moonlight thought about the whole thing of Torx trying to convince the Dragon Lord of them being something 'evil' and 'nasty'... Moonlight couldn't help but shake her head after seeing the paniced look on the faces of the 'liars' as they were quickly chased off...

    Why must ponies make things more difficult than is really needed?

    "Thank you for the invite for Hearths Warming lunch... But I think I'm going to go pay Cascade, Midnight and Blight a visit before heading to my mother and fathers for our annual light snack...... it's not really light.... or a snack... Last year I couldn't move for 3 days... Fallen was in same position"

    The little dragon gave a squeek and remembered the mountain of gems he was given.... no regrets were made that week.

    "If you do find you need anything else from the dragon lands, just ask Cascade to pass a message on to me and Fallen. We'll see what we can do."

    Moonlight headed to the door. Fallen happily perched on her head.

    "We gotta go now... but it's been nice spending time with you both. Hope to hear from you again, and who knows maybe have another adventure... with less.... annoying moments."

    Cascade, Blight and Midnight had been away traveling many places to see what new things had cropped up in the last year or so. Aside from new owners to some places. Old owners returning to others and new lives being found with old friends. Things seemed to be pretty good in the world.

    Things got even better during the little cruise Midnight had set up though... For Cascades birthday at the end of their holiday he had gotten a boatload of friends from various places. All invited behind Cascades back during their trip. It was then that stood infront of her and lowered himself in respect and proposed to her. Blight appearing with a ring with an Emerald and Sapphire merged in the centre. With teary eyes she couldn't help but say yes.

    The resulting party lasted the entirity of the last 2 days on the boat.

    Spirit had her hat and scarf on and was happily travelling around Ponyville with Blight. She had an idea for today and decided that instead of making the lives of other ponies difficult for this time of year. She would try and bring a little bit of joy with her voice. Many ponies had said they loved to hear her sing so that is what she would do... But how would she do it?? What was the best way?? maybe stand in the centre of town by the tree?? Or... maybe try a couple of houses and see if she could personalise things a little... sing songs that the other ponies enjoy in a more personal setting away from all the eyes watching her.

    Yea that sounded like a good idea... She picked one house at random from where she was near and decided to knock and see who would answer.
  5. Privet

    Privet Pony

    7 February 2016
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    A few days had passed since the parting of Midnight and company, it had been an interesting week... meeting new friends of species he had never seen. But now was the time to work, new year was approaching (has arrived) and Privet wanted to deliver the new metal as a new years gift to Celestia so off they went.

    Alright lets get to work! I will activate the stones, you prep the metal, this HAS to be perfect. Privet ignites the stones at the bottom of the furnace causing them to glow with a blue flame. The heat grew dangerously close to the melting temp of the furnace itself which is designed to be twice as high as the metal they are smelting.

    Nice! that's far hotter than I expected! right I went ahead and created some ingots for you using the stones you gave me. The quality is amazing, 99% pure bronze.


    After several more days of intense work the blades and other sharp things were complete. This, I can safely say is the highest quality of weaponry I have ever seen, not an impurity or nick in sight and I finally got to use my goggles! . probably the effect of the stones magic to stay at the exact temp the user requires, you can even turn them off though its a bit tricky. The blade could easily cut through the armor hung from Privets wall. He gave the retractable sword destined for Celestia an intricate sun pattern.

    Right, we have stalled long enough and im sure im not posting as often as I should so lets get to the armor. The chest plate needs to take the force of a full force slash from a master soldier. Stali, you willing to test the final piece like you tested the swords?

    Ahh ok, im sure they will work.... we are giving them extra padding right?.
  6. Remy

    Remy Zap Apple Jammer Extraordinaire

    4 June 2012
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    Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the protagonists, antagonists or even supporting characters of this particular story: a lonely colt stared idly from out the front door of his house. To those who might have passed (though few ever did these days) it may just have looked like an unassuming boulder, set amongst an uninteresting canvas of grey, and brown and green. He stood and stared and stammered and pushed with all his might against his carer, who had had quite enough of his nonsense and was determined to see him take at least one breath of fresh air:

    "I d-don't want t-to go outside," he pleaded, "N-n-not today."

    "Do you know what, Glimmer," Rose said, brushing the sweat out of her eyes, "I don't care! It's been ages and you haven't...Get out!" With one definitive shove, I felt my hooves hit soft earth. A cool breeze brushed against his coat and the gentle embrace of the early afternoon sun sweetly warmed him. With every breath he could taste honeysuckle and dewdrops, and his eyes were alight with colours he had all but forgotten existed. This new world was purple and pink and blue and yellow and orange and all so vivaciously thrown together that it was almost intoxicating. He felt a little dizzy.

    "See," Rose said, taking his hoof. "It's really not so bad."

    "It's awful."

    "Then go back inside."

    "No...I don't w-want to." She smiled.

    "Shall we start walking? We can turn back at any time." He nodded, but his heart was spasming into tachycardia at the thought.

    "D-don't you dare leave m-me," he hissed.

    "It's been five years," she said, giving his hoof a squeeze. "You know I wouldn't. Now, come on. Let's at least get a little closer to civilisation."

    "I'm scared."

    "Baby steps, come on. Baby steps. One hoof at a time..."
    #66 Remy, 31 March 2017
    Last edited: 4 April 2017
  7. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    It had been a few months since the new year had begun and it wasn't too long ago that goodbyes were given to the 3 months of winter. The air was still cool and some days a little breezier than others, but that wasn't a bad thing.

    Spirit and Blight still bounded around town as if they owned the place. Moonlight and Fallen kept popping back and forth from the Dragon Lands with various things, and Cascade and Midnight were always thinking how the planning for their wedding day would work out. So many ideas, and all the time they needed to plan it out.

    Today was a nice spring day. Birds were chirping and flying around. Insects were buzzing and being annoying to the ponies who weren't really fans to creatures with extra legs. There was also the occassional shout from other ponies around town.


    Mr Stone Rose wasn't too happy at getting mixed up with the Equine Canine combo. Blight had recently got a little more into digging holes where ever he could. His find of a rather large bone a couple of weeks before had gotten him a little excited.

    "Sorry Mr Stone Rose... Blight just got a little excited when he saw you digging in your garden and wanted to join in."

    Dirt was everywhere, on the windows, splattered on the door the odd chunk had managed to lodge itself in the open mouth of one of the garden ornaments.

    "Please. Just clean up the mess.. It took me so long to get the garden looking like it did... now your little.... pooch, has ruined it in the space of a minute."

    "Don't worry. We'll sort it, right Blight?"

    Blight gave a little whimper.

    It took them a while but once it was done, the garden looked better than ever.

    "Thank you both... Guess something good did come out of Blight playing in dirt. Here, have some bits and buy yourselves a treat. You've done more than I wanted you to."

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