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Severn Bronies: The Season 9 Premiere Meet - 6th April 2019

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by Kim, 17 March 2019.

  1. Kim

    Kim Collargogglebirdhorse

    4 March 2012
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    Ooerr, it's been a little while since we posted here, isn't it? Let's see if I still remember how to do this...

    We're doing one of our meet things at our brand new venue of The Station. It's a bit bigger than Hydra, and there's a pool table! But like always, spaces are a little bit limited, so please RSVP before attending.

    Full day's plan will be up on the website: https://severnbronies.co.uk/meet/the-season-9-premiere-meet (you only need to RSVP for the 1-6pm bit, but that's most of the day, so you probably wanna do it.)

    When: 6th April 2019 from 11:30am
    Where: Starting on at Starbucks Temple Quay (just outside Temple Meads railway station), moving on at midday
  2. Ripp_

    Ripp_ Now in Smoky Bacon flavour.

    21 December 2011
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